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An Accounting of Pathology Found on Head Computed Tomography of Road Traffic Accident (Rta) Patients in Douala, Cameroon  [cached]
Uduma Felix Uduma,Motah Mathieu
Global Journal of Health Science , 2011, DOI: 10.5539/gjhs.v3n1p171
Abstract: Background: RTA is a serious concern to many developing countries with its untoward effects on the economy. In many African countries, this is due to recent invasion into transport system by motor cyclists. Objectives: To evaluate head computed tomograms (CT) of RTA patients in Douala in order to account for pathologies. Setting: Polyclinic Bonanjo, Douala, Cameroon is a tertiary care hospital. Methodology: A prospective study of non-contrast head CT of RTA patients from April to November 2009 was done. Results were evaluated with SSPS statistical version. Results: A total of 94 Patients were studied constituting 20.84% of total number of CTs done for whatever reason. Males were more affected than females, 62(65.96%) and 32(34.04%) respectively The highest incidence of 22 cases (23.04%) was found in 50-59 age range with no gender difference. The next in incidence was 30-39 age range but unlike the former, a male to female ratio of 5:1 was observed. Highest percentage of cases (26.59%) had normal brain CT scans. This could be false positive results since CT has a reduced sensitivity in detecting diffuse axonal injury and brain concussion. The commonest observed pathology (19.14%) was brain oedema. Conclusion: RTA in Douala, Cameroon using the percentage of brain computed tomograms as an index is common and needs government’s action.
An Example of DNA Detection in the Cognizance of the Driver of the accident

卢晓筱, 姜焰凌, 杨朔, 张柠, 黄仁武, 张寿勋, 夏生, 杨秀俊, 钟树荣
Open Journal of Nature Science (OJNS) , 2019, DOI: 10.12677/OJNS.2019.74039
Abstract: 目前DNA检测技术在交通事故案件中已得到广泛的应用。在交通事故案件发生时,肇事汽车驾驶员可能会在事故车辆上遗留可疑生物学检材,如毛发,血痕等。文章结合相关案例,根据相关案例中对检材的发现、提取以及实验室检测分析,对如何寻找可疑肇事司机及交通事故责任认定等问题,提供侦查方向。
At present, DNA detection technology has been widely used in traffic accident cases. In traffic ac-cident cases, the driver of the accident will leave suspicious biological materials, such as hair, blood marks and so on, on the accident vehicle. Combined with the relevant cases, according to the discovery, extraction and laboratory detection and analysis of the samples in the relevant cases, this paper analyzes and studies how to solve the problem to look for suspected driver and responsibility identification in traffic accidents.
Effect of Driver Strength on Crosstalk in Global Interconnects  [PDF]
Kalpana. A. B,P.V.Hunagund
International Journal of Advanced Computer Sciences and Applications , 2012,
Abstract: The Noise estimation and avoidance are becoming critical, in today’s high performance IC design. An accurate yet efficient crosstalk noise model which contains as many driver/interconnect parameters as possible, is necessary for any sensitivity based noise avoidance approach. In this paper, we present an analysis for crosstalk noise model which incorporates all physical properties including victim and aggressor drivers, distributed RC characteristics of interconnects and coupling locations in both victim and aggressor lines. Also shown that crosstalk can be minimized by driver sizing optimization technique. These models are verified for various deep submicron technologies.
Percep o do acidente fatal de trabalho para a família da vítima Percepción del accidente fatal de trabajo para la familia de la víctima Perception of the fatal work accident for the victim’s family  [cached]
Ana Beatryce Tedesco Moraes,Maria das Gra?as Barbosa Moulin,Mariane Lima de Souza,Cláudia Balestreiro Pepino
Psicologia: Ciência e Profiss?o , 2012,
Abstract: O trabalho humano constitui importante meio de inser o social, implicado na forma o de identidade e de reconhecimento social. Em caso de acidente de trabalho fatal, a família sofre os impactos desse fen meno em sua organiza o e dinamica. Esta pesquisa teve por objetivo investigar a percep o do acidente de trabalho fatal para a família de uma vítima no sul do Estado do Espírito Santo, cuja análise se baseou nos seguintes temas: condi es de trabalho do acidentado, impactos psicossociais gerados pelo acidente de trabalho e mudan as na dinamica familiar em fun o dessa ocorrência. Foram entrevistados três membros da família da vítima e seu empregador. Os dados foram analisados conforme os critérios qualitativos da fenomenologia semiótica. Os resultados apontam um paradoxo na percep o da família da vítima e do empregador sobre o acidente: enquanto sua repercuss o para a família se fundamenta na importancia social do trabalho, para o empregador, associa-se à defesa da empresa e de sua responsabilidade sobre a morte no trabalho. El trabajo humano constituye un importante medio de inserción social, implicado en la formación de identidad y de reconocimiento social. En caso de un accidente de trabajo fatal, la familia sufre los impactos de ese fenómeno en su organización y dinámica. Esta investigación tuvo por objetivo estudiar la percepción del accidente de trabajo fatal para la familia de una víctima en el sur del Estado de Espírito Santo, cuyo análisis se basó en los siguientes temas: condiciones de trabajo del accidentado, impactos psicosociales generados por el accidente de trabajo y cambios en la dinámica familiar en función de ese suceso. Fueron entrevistados tres miembros de la familia de la víctima y su empleador. Los datos fueron analizados de acuerdo a los criterios cualitativos de la fenomenología semiótica. Los resultados apuntan una paradoja en la percepción de la familia de la víctima y del empleador sobre el accidente: mientras su repercusión para la familia se fundamenta en la importancia social del trabajo, para el empleador, se asocia a la defensa de la empresa y de su responsabilidad sobre la muerte en el trabajo. Human work is an important means of social insertion, implied in the formation of the identity and social acknowledgement. In the case of a fatal work accident, the family suffers the impacts of that phenomenon in its organization and dynamic. The work aimed at investigating the perception of a fatal work accident for the family of a victim in the south of Espírito Santo, whose analysis was based on the following themes: the wo
Driver safety in relation to the post–accident vehicle reparation
Damian HADRY?,Micha? MIROS,Tomasz W?GRZYN,Abilio Manuel Pereira da SILVA
Transport Problems : an International Scientific Journal , 2012,
Abstract: The paper presents the basic criteria for estimation of the post-accident reparation of a vehicle body. The article made reference to deceleration during an impact, to deformation of the vehicle body (as a result of a collision) and to the coefficient of restitution that describes such a collision.
Comprehensive Evaluation of Driver's Propensity Based on Evidence Theory  [PDF]
Jinglei Zhang,Xiaoyuan Wang,Song Gao,Yiqing Song
Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/103582
Abstract: Traffic safety is related closely with driver’s physiological and psychological characteristics. And the influence on traffic safety is represented as driver’s propensity. Evidence theory is introduced to the evaluation system of driver’s propensity in this paper, and it is utilized to combine the expert opinions, which can eliminate unavoidable uncertain elements in the traditional appraisal methods. The appraisal problems of subjective index can also be resolved by this method in the appraisal system. Results show that the method is objective and reasonable, and driver’s propensity can be evaluated effectively. 1. Introduction Transportation is the fundamental industry, which plays an important role in the development of the national economy. However, with the progress of urbanization and the popularity of vehicle, the transportation problem is seriously increasing; road traffic accidents have decreased in China in recent years, but the trend of traffic environment deterioration has not been resolved fundamentally. The internal factor of the driver himself is one of the main factors causing traffic accidents [1–5]. According to the research of international and China domestic scholars, driver’s physiological-psychological characteristics are related closely with traffic safety, and the influence of psychological characteristics on driver’s behavior is more important than the physiological characteristics [6–10]. The differences of driving behaviors are caused by differences of driver’s gender, age, driving age, driving experience, and personality. All the differences can be summarized as driver’s propensity difference. Therefore, the impact of driver’s physiological-psychological characteristics on traffic safety performs primarily as driver’s propensity [11]. Driver’s propensity is driver’s attitude towards the objective reality traffic situations under the influence of various factors. It shows the psychological characteristics of the corresponding decision-making tendencies and reflects driver’s psychological emotional state in the process of vehicle operation and movement. At present, China domestic and international experts focus on driver’s physical and mental comprehensive evaluation [12]. A variety of evaluation methods are put forward, such as multiple regression, discriminant function, and neural network evaluation system. Wang and Zhang [13–16] had researched preliminarily driver’s tendency on special traffic scenes, such as free flow and car following; Feng and Fang had researched cluster analysis of drivers characteristics evaluation
Safe Horizon: Victim support service in New York
Milivojevi? Sanja K.
Temida , 2002, DOI: 10.2298/tem0202031m
Abstract: This article contains analysis of history and development of the victim support movement in United States of America, with particular focus on New York City. The analysis includes the causes of establishment, the history of the victim support services as well as today’s situation in the movement for helping victims of crime. Specific part of the article is dedicated to Safe Horizon, victim support service in New York, and programs this organization, known also under old name - Victim Services, Inc., is running today.
Time Required For a Drowning Victim to Reach Bottom  [PDF]
John L. Hunsucker,Scott J. Davison
Journal of Search and Rescue , 2013,
Abstract: This paper describes a mathematical model that can be used to provide an estimate for the amount of time a drowning victim takes to sink through the water and hit bottom, including a table for drift during the descent. A victim may be on the surface and then be on the bottom less than 10 seconds later. Search and rescue professionals need to be trained to understand the short time during which a victim can sink and drown and the need for immediate search and rescue from the bottom starting at the last point the victim was seen.
The role and importance of victim surveys in criminal research
Ahmet Polat,Serdar Kenan Gül
International Journal of Human Sciences , 2010,
Abstract: Due to increasing crime rates, insufficient policies and the limitations of the official statistics, victim surveys are being used as an alternative crime measurement technique. These types of surveys are inspired most of the criminological theories and regarded as a data source especially in shaping the crime policies of the Anglo-Saxon countries. Even though they have developed over time, victim surveys have limitations which create an obstacle in measuring crime. However, these surveys could be used as a useful data source in analyzing victims, their needs and behaviors. The recent victim surveys, which were conducted in Turkey, revealed significant findings. In the future, it is inevitable to use victim surveys as a management instrument in the field of security policies in Turkey. This study first examines the birth and development of the victim surveys, then it discusses the theoretical and methodological problems and the victim surveys conducted in Turkey. In conclusion section, this article provides recommendations related to the topic.
Golden Research Thoughts , 2013, DOI: 10.9780/22315063
Abstract: A Motor Vehicle accident has many dimensions. Primarily it individual a vehicle, driver, the road, adherence to traffic rules and the situation. Focusing on the human element in a given event, the driver and the victim are found to be traumatically engaged, there are alcoholics drivers, aggressive drivers, neurotic drivers,psychologically and emotionally disturbed drivers and so on. Besides, the state of mind a driver is in at the time of a given accident is also reckoned to be an important factor. But victims, they may have in some cases an active role in precipitating an accident however; in many cases they play only passive roles. Modernization is growing fast and peoples are adopting modern life styles. In this modern society there are many types of crimes are happening as a murder, abuse, rape, cheating and kidnapping etc. In these crimes, road accidents also one of the harmful act. This act happening in the society and it is unfortunate thing, and it is in because of crazy driving style of drivers, or road vehicle condition.
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