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Formas migratórias: casar com o passaporte no espa o Schengen: Uma introdu o ao caso de Portugal Migratory Forms: marrying the passport in the Schengen space: An introduction to the Portuguese case  [cached]
Marzia Grassi
Etnográfica , 2006,
Abstract: O artigo apresenta uma reflex o sobre um fenómeno ligado ao fluxo migratório mais recente para Portugal que se processa em moldes comerciais informais: o casamento como via para a imigra o (casamento com o passaporte). Esta prática migratória, considerada pelos próprios actores como uma actividade económica informal, é ao mesmo tempo referida como sendo ilegal e mormente tratada como um fenómeno criminal por parte das autoridades policiais. A diversidade da percep o deste fenómeno permite argumentar que o contexto migratório constitui um lugar privilegiado para discutir a no o de informalidade e tornar visíveis as atitudes normativas que cristalizam "formas" culturais e marginalizam os actores sociais que apresentam práticas diferentes. In this paper I reflect on a recent phenomenon in contemporary Portugal inside the recent migration flows: the "marriage as immigration gate", here called "marrying the passport". This is a migratory form whose actors recognize as an informal economical activity. At the same time this migratory practice is considered illegal and treated like a criminal matter in police procedure. I propose here a different perception of this practice that will allow us to argument on how the migratory context is a visible place for the complexity of the concept of "informality" and how the crystallized cultural "forms" may produce the marginalization of the actors that present "different" practices.
Bunea Daniela
Annals of the University of Oradea : Economic Science , 2012,
Abstract: Internal migration is a controversial topic among researchers because of both its determinants and consequences on the market economy. Different empirical studies have offered different answers to how migration is influenced and influences economic disparities within a country. As an introduction to a more comprehensive study about the determinants of this phenomenon, this paper carried out a quantitative statistical analysis of the main evolutions of domestic migration across and within Spanish provinces. The period of analysis is 1960-2010 during which migration patterns changed considerably from intense to moderate flows and from moderate to constant flows. Over the entire period, only seven provinces registered exclusively net inflows and only two provinces remained inflexible as regards their favourite internal destinations, inter-provincial migration dominated intra-migration only during the first decade, the provinces on the Mediterranean axis formed the main attraction pool due to their climatic conditions and tourism expansion, negative balances dominated positive balances except for 1981-1991, Madrid turned negative in the decade of the 90 ′s while Barcelona did it in the 80 ′s.
Formas migratórias: casar com o passaporte no espa?o Schengen: Uma introdu??o ao caso de Portugal
Etnográfica , 2006,
Abstract: in this paper i reflect on a recent phenomenon in contemporary portugal inside the recent migration flows: the "marriage as immigration gate", here called "marrying the passport". this is a migratory form whose actors recognize as an informal economical activity. at the same time this migratory practice is considered illegal and treated like a criminal matter in police procedure. i propose here a different perception of this practice that will allow us to argument on how the migratory context is a visible place for the complexity of the concept of "informality" and how the crystallized cultural "forms" may produce the marginalization of the actors that present "different" practices.
Matsyura A. V.,Matsyura M. V.
Bìologì?nij Vìsnik Melìtopol?s?kogo Der?avnogo Pedagogì?nogo Universitetu ìmenì Bogdana Hmel?nic?kogo , 2012,
Abstract: The results of the preliminary analysis carried out by Flight software for White Stork and Pelican that migrate within the Mediterranean-Black Sea Migratory Route were presented. Obtained results practically coincide with experimental results and data of radar observations. Optimum speed allows the birds to fly with a higher grade soaring and shorter distance between the thermal flows. Time to find the next effective thermals (thermal flux) is reduced by increasing the speed, which in turn reduces the average rise in thermal flows, increases the risk not to find appropriate thermal. Soaring birds reduce wingspan and wing area by bending the joints of the extremities at high speeds. This reduces profile resistance and increases the inductive reactance. Profile resistance increases and the inductive reactance decreases with increasing of bird speed. Under ideal conditions the birds try to find a position of wingspan, which reduces the difference between the values of profile and inductive resistance.
Familial Mediterranean Fever, Polyarteritis Nodosa and Mefv Mutations  [PDF]
Akpolat, Tekin,?zkaya, Ozan,?zen, Seza
The Turkish Nephrology, Dialysis and Transplantation Journal , 2013, DOI: 10.5262/tndt.2013.1001.09
Abstract: OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to perform a systematic review of the relevant literature aiming to assess the role of MEFV mutations on FMF-associated PAN.MATERIAL and METHODS: We conducted a comprehensive review of the literature with an attempt to analyze cumulated data regarding the role of MEFV mutations in the development of FMFassociated PAN.RESULTS: We found a total of 96 cases with FMF and PAN. MEFV mutations were available only in 28 patients of whom 26 have been reported from Turkey. Twenty-five (89 %) of the 28 patients had at least one M694V allele and 13 (46%) of them had the homozygous M694V genotype.CONCLUSION: Since M694V is accepted to be associated with more severe inflammation as compared to other mutations, one can speculate that this enhanced inflammation may predispose to PAN and MEFV mutations and probably contribute to the risk of developing PAN in areas where FMF is endemic. In addition, MEFV mutations, particularly M694V, might be searched in patients from certain ethnic groups, especially in young patients having PAN without any predisposing disease.
Common MEFV mutations in Egyptian patients with familial Mediterranean fever
M El Sayed, N Elazizi, AM Ibrahim, T Zaher, M Hashem
Egyptian Journal of Medical Human Genetics , 2010,
Abstract: Background: Familial Mediterranean fever (FMF) which is an autosomal recessive condition that primarily affect population of the Mediterranean basin. If undiagnosed effectively and treated with colchicine for life it may lead to serious consequences in terms of renal amyloidosis and renal failure. Objectives: We aim to check for the presence of FMF mutations in clinically suspected Egyptian patients, as an important step for family counseling and case management. Subjects and Methods: The study is a pilot study to check for the presence of FMF mutations among suspected cases (24 cases) from Sharkia Governorate. The control subjects (24) were selected from healthy volunteers. We examined FMF mutations by PCR technique for MEFV gene analysis in order to establish a diagnosis of FMF by examining two mutations, M694V and E148Q. Results: We found 58.3% (14/24 cases) of cohort were positive for M694V mutation, and all cohort were negative for E148Q mutation. The normal controls were negative for previous two mutations. Conclusions: PCR technique provides a rapid, reliable, cost-effective, noninvasive, and sensitive test for establishing a diagnosis of FMF in symptomatic patients and also provides a rational basis for medical and genetic counseling of FMF patients and their families. Key Words: FMF, MEFV, mutations, Egypt.
Linking processes: effects of migratory routes on the distribution of abundance of wintering passerines  [PDF]
Galarza, A.,Tellería, J. L.
Animal Biodiversity and Conservation , 2003,
Abstract: Movements of migratory birds across the Western Paleartic concentrate populations along Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts, thus producing flows of migrants that converge at both extremes of the Pyrenees. Here we analyse the effect of these corridors on the winter distribution of some passerines (F. Motacillidae, F. Turdidae and F. Fringillidae). The number of ring recoveries of migrants at the edges of the Pyrenees was higher than expected, a pattern that was also observed in the case of winter recoveries. In addition, there was a significant decrease in the abundance and species richness of the bird assemblages of the three families analysed wintering in the coastal farmlands of northern Iberian peninsula as their location was further away from the western corridor of the Pyrenees. These results suggest the existence of links between the routes of migratory passerines and their winter densities in northern Iberia.
Mountain accidents associated with winter northern flows in the Mediterranean Pyrenees
R. Pascual,A. Callado
Tethys : Journal of Mediterranean Meteorology & Climatology , 2010,
Abstract: The Mediterranean Pyrenees, at the eastern end of the range, is a very popular area. Its highest peak is at 2900 m a.s.l. and there are numerous peaks above 2000 m, with rounded relief and sparse vegetation on the latter height. One of its significant winter climatic features is the sudden entrance of cold air with violent northern winds, drop in temperatures and very low wind chill values. Such advections are established after the passage of a snowy cold front and, consequently, there is abundant transport of both new and existing snow that reduces horizontal visibility. The post-frontal conditions at high altitudes represent a serious threat to humans. The review done shows that the hikers immersed in an environment of low visibility, strong winds and very low temperatures can quickly become disoriented, suffer frostbite and hypothermia and slip on the ice. The characterization of a series of accidents occurred in this geographical area, identified in the press, shows in this paper that the phenomena associated with northern winter advections is an element of danger to be considered in the evaluation of natural hazards in that area. In addition, the multiple character of many of the events suggests that there is high vulnerability to such dangers. The climatological analysis presented suggests that such weather conditions are not uncommon in the winter, although the most serious accidents have been registered under especially strong and cold flows. The conclusions recommend that the weather conditions described, locally called torb, should be known by the visitors to these mountains in the winter, and its appearance should be announced in weather reports, which in turn must be sufficiently disseminated in the areas of greater abundance of tourists and hikers.
Efficient Detection of Mediterranean β-Thalassemia Mutations by Multiplex Single-Nucleotide Primer Extension  [PDF]
Biljana Atanasovska, Georgi Bozhinovski, Dijana Plaseska-Karanfilska, Lyubomira Chakalova
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0048167
Abstract: β-Thalassemias and abnormal hemoglobin variants are among the most common hereditary abnormalities in humans. Molecular characterization of the causative genetic variants is an essential part of the diagnostic process. In geographic areas with high hemoglobinopathy prevalence, such as the Mediterranean region, a limited number of genetic variants are responsible for the majority of hemoglobinopathy cases. Developing reliable, rapid and cost-effective mutation-specific molecular diagnostic assays targeting particular populations greatly facilitates routine hemoglobinopathy investigations. We developed a one-tube single-nucleotide primer extension assay for the detection of eight common Mediterranean β-thalassemia mutations: Codon 5 (-CT); CCT(Pro)->C–, Codon 6 (-A); GAG(Glu)->G-G, Codon 8 (-AA); AAG(Lys)->–G, IVS-I-1 (G->A), IVS-I-6 (T->C), IVS-I-110 (G->A), Codon 39 (C->T), and IVS-II-745 (C->G), as well as the hemoglobin S variant beta 6(A3) Glu>Val. We validated the new assay using previously genotyped samples obtaining 100% agreement between independent genotyping methods. Our approach, applicable in a range of Mediterranean countries, offers a combination of high accuracy and rapidity exploiting standard techniques and widely available equipment. It can be further adapted to particular populations by including/excluding assayed mutations. We facilitate future modifications by providing detailed information on assay design.
MEFV Gene Exon 2 and Exon 10 Gene Region Mutations of Familial Mediterranean Fever Patients in Trakya Population
Hakan GüRKAN
Trakya Universitesi Tip Fakultesi Dergisi , 2010,
Abstract: Objectives: The objective of the study is to explore the MEFV gene exon 2 and exon 10 gene region mutations which take place in etiopathogenesis of Familial Mediterranean Fever in the Thrace population with the DNA sequence analysis method and to compare the results with the other studies.Patients and Methods: The study included patients with Familial Mediterranean Fever who have no relative relationship, have the same linguistic characteristic and live in the Thrace region for at least three generations (34 females, 34 males). MEFV gene exon 2 and exon 10 gene regions multiplied with PCR and their nucleotids were determined with the DNA sequence analysis method.Results: G442C, T306C, A414G, C495A, G605A SNPs were found in MEFV gene exon 2 gene region and G2040C, A2080G, G2082A, A2084G, T2177C, G2282A SNPs were found in MEFV gene exon 10 gene region in the Thrace population.Conclusion: The T306C, A414G, C495A, G605 single-nucleotide polymorphisms in MEFV gene exon 2 gene region and the mutations in exon 10 gene region are not compatible in terms of their frequencies with the results of the other studies
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