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Analysis of Strategic Emerging Industries and Economic Growth

LI Qiang,CHU Mingqin,

资源科学 , 2013,
Abstract: During the global economic recession, strategic emerging industries have become the primary means of inhibiting decline, transforming economic structural adjustment and industrial strategy. This has been a goal for China, but have strategic emerging industries really contributed to China's economic growth? Here, we establish a formula of new energy and conventional energy based on the energy industry, and calculate their contribution rates. We found that contribution of the new energy to overall strategic emerging industry economic growth is lower than the ordinary, conventional energy industry, but the growth rate of strategic emerging industries to economic growth is larger than conventional industrial. In order to increase the contribution rate of the emerging strategic industries and maintain growth, innovation in China's strategic emerging industries should be based on independent innovation, strengthening the research and development capabilities, and basic research. Regarding tax policy, policies should guide the consumer;encourage the development of new formats for specific characteristics;develop turnover tax, income tax, consumption tax, and business tax that form inclusive incentive policy instruments of social resources to the development of strategic emerging industries;and increase domestic demand. The nation should also be supporting the production and research for major innovation projects;improving the organization and management mechanisms of production and research with the National Science and Technology Plan;establishing the public information platform for production and research cooperation;and strengthening the production and research cooperation and the development of strategic emerging industries.
Local Officials’ Change and Corporate Investment—Evidence from Listed Companies in Strategic Emerging Industries  [PDF]
Jiang Zhu
Open Journal of Business and Management (OJBM) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ojbm.2017.52026
Abstract: Based on the sample of listed companies in strategic emerging industries between 2007 and 2014 of China Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Market, this paper tested the effect of the change of the local prefecture level city mayor and party secretary on corporate investment, and further studies differentiated different enterprise types. The results indicated that the change of prefecture level city party secretary will lead to the significant increase of strategic emerging industries listed companies investment and this effect occurs only in the second year; we have not found significant effect of the change of the local prefecture level city mayor. Further, this paper limited examples. We found that the investment of state-owned enterprises were influenced significantly by the change of prefecture level city party secretary and this effect lagged one phase, major’s turnover had no significant effect. Higher market degree companies and higher government subsidies companies showed similar results. The result of his paper has enriched the study of the relationship between local officials’ change and corporate investment.
Study on Structural Transition and Effect on Employment of Strategic Emerging Industries in China

周晓霞, 吴慈生, 孙尚
Advances in Social Sciences (ASS) , 2016, DOI: 10.12677/ASS.2016.51014
With the development of China’s strategic emerging industries, the structural transition of the emerging industries will exert direct impact on the employment and employment elasticity of the labor force. This paper analyzes the structural transition situation and employment status of Chi-na's strategic emerging industries, the promotion effect of industrial structural transition on em-ployment, the average employment elasticity of China’s seven strategic emerging industries, etc. Research results show that the transition speed in the emerging industrial structure is not smooth enough. The promotion effect on employment is not obvious. Therefore, it is important to reason-ably adjust strategic emerging industrial structure and strengthen the positive role of emerging industrial structure transition in employment, which will promote the orderly and smooth transi-tion of industrial structure and the rise of labor employment rate.
Dynamic Correlation of Chinese Strategic Emerging Industries and Financial Support--Based on the Shanghai and Shenzhen A-Share Listed Companies' Empirical Data

- , 2015,
Abstract: 金融是现代经济的核心,战略性新兴产业发展离不开金融支持。以近三年七大战略新兴产业400多家上市公司季度数据为基础,通过面板数据协整分析和格兰杰因果检验探讨两者之间的动态关联。结果显示:金融支持对战略性新兴产业发展具有正效应,金融机构的支持力度提高1%,战略性新兴产业发展水平将提高0.76%。短期内两者呈现单向因果关系,金融支持是战略性新兴产业发展的原因,在长期两者互为因果关系。
Finance is the core of modern economy, and it supports the development of strategic emerging industries. This paper analyzes the present situation of China's financial institutions to support the development of strategic emerging industries, and then bases on the quarterly data of 422 listed companies in seven strategic emerging industries during 2011-2014 to explore the dynamic correlation of strategic emerging industries and financial support by using integration analysis and Granger causality test. The empirical results show that financial support has a positive effect on the development of strategic emerging industries. Support to financial institutions increase by 1%, the level of strategic emerging industries will increase 0.76 percent. There is a unidirectional causality in the short term that financial support is the reason of development in strategic emerging industries. In the long run, there is a bi-directional causality relationship.
An Empirical Study on the Synergic Relationship between the Regional Sci-Tech Innovation Platform and the Development of Strategic Emerging Industries  [PDF]
Weiran Zhang
American Journal of Industrial and Business Management (AJIBM) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ajibm.2018.83051
Abstract: The construction of regional STI platform is a significant carrier for cultivating and developing strategic emerging industries, and the synergistic coupling between the layout of such construction and industrial development’s stage and demands is the prerequisite and basis for realizing industry support of STI platform. From both the width and intensity of the synergistic coupling, this paper constructs the synergetic relationship measure model, and verifies its effectiveness and feasibility through the example of Guangdong Province. The survey finds that in the synergetic relationship between them in Guangdong, there are large regional differences, embodied in four types: platform- driven, industrial spillover, synchronous development and benign interaction, and the width and intensity of the synergistic coupling is relatively low while a benign interaction coupling mechanism has not yet been formed. This study provides a scientific basis for effectively measuring the degree of the synergistic coupling between regional STI platform and industries, and optimizing the layout of STI platform construction.
The Effect of Financial Support on the Development of Strategic Emerging Industries: An Empirical Analysis based on Chinese Listed Companies

- , 2015,
Abstract: 基于柯布-道格拉斯生产函数的理论分析,建立面板数据模型并采用上市公司财务数据,实证分析了金融支持对中国战略性新兴产业发展的影响作用。结果表明:以资本市场为主导的直接金融体系相对于以银行信贷为主导的间接金融体系的正向支持作用更为稳健;固定资产净额和无形资产净额对战略性新兴产业发展的不同方面呈现出不同的影响作用;劳动投入水平对战略性新兴产业发展产生显著的正效应。
Based on the theoretical analysis on the Cobb-Douglas production function, this paper builds the panel data model to empirically analyzes the effect of financial support on development of China's strategic emerging industries by using the data of listed companies. The result shows that the positive financial support of the capital market of the direct financial system is more robust than that of bank credit of the indirect financial system; net fixed assets and net intangible assets both have different influences on different aspects of development of strategic emerging industries; labor input has the significant positive effect on the development of strategic emerging industries.
On the impact and optimization of regional economic environment on strategic emerging industries: based on the data from 428 companies listed on Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets

LIU Jiagang
, MA Chenyun

- , 2015, DOI: 1672-3104(2015)04-0113-09
Abstract: 摘 要: 将28个省区市作为研究对象,构建了和战略性新兴产业发展存在密切关系的区域宏观环境变量,并且利用文献法和内容分析法整理了相关数据库。在沪深上市交易所寻找了具有战略性新兴产业概念的428家上市公司,利用内容分析法分析归纳2003―2012年的各年度财务报告,构建了测量战略性新兴产业发展水平和发展效益的数据库。利用面板模型分析区域环境和战略性新兴产业发展的关系,研究结果表明:区域经济规模对战略性新兴产业发展的影响最大,而区域开放水平对战略性新兴产业发展的影响最小,且这种影响随着区域和产业发展阶段的变化呈现差异性,2008年的“四万亿投资计划”可能抑制了非公经济从事新兴产业的行为。
Abstract: This essay, by taking 28 provinces as representatives in China, constructs regional macro-environment variables which have close relationship with the development of strategic emerging industries, and by adopting literature and content analysis, sorts out related database. Then, it generalizes financial statements between 2003―2012 of 428 listed companies with the concept of strategic emerging industries from Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange markets and builds a database that is capable of measuring the level of development and effectiveness of strategic emerging industries, using panel model to analyse the relationship between regional economic environmental and strategic emerging industries. The results indicate that the scale of regional economy has the biggest impact on strategic emerging industries, while the level of regional openness has the smallest impact. What is more, this type of impact varies in different stages of regional and industrial development. “The 4 trillion investment plan” might inhibit that non-public economic engage in the emerging industries. At last, the essay puts forward policy recommendations
Research on Regional Strategic Emerging Industry Selection Models Based on Fuzzy Optimization and Entropy Evaluation  [PDF]
Xiuying Guo,Xiaofeng Hui
Journal of Applied Mathematics , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/120393
Abstract: It is with a great significance to discuss the selection model of regional strategic emerging industry. First, the paper uses the fuzzy optimization theory to select the central industry of area as the regional strategic emerging industry and try to optimize the weight’s calculation in the multistage fuzzy comprehensive evaluation to get more accurate results. Then it will do a strategic emerging industrial inspection about the advantage and ecological related index based on a multiobjective programming model and the maximum entropy. 1. Introduction Strategic emerging industry includes both the characteristics of the huge development potential and the strong leading ability as strategic industry and the highly innovative characteristics as emerging industry. After the financial crisis period, countries all over the world especially some major developed countries take the development of new energy, new materials, energy conservation and environmental protection, and green economy emerging industry as a key of a new round of industry development. In September 2009, China first raised the concept of strategic emerging industry and selected seven industries as the national strategic emerging industries. At present the provinces in our country also take a national strategic emerging industry planning as a guide and put forward the strategic emerging industry which will be developed in this area. Making a strategic arrangement in the development of national strategic emerging industry in 30 provinces of our country, we found that the choice of a regional strategic new industry convergence was serious that the choice of the new material area should achieve 29, new energy 26, and the choice of biological 25. But the regional industry structure characteristics and resources endowment difference are not taken into consideration, which will inevitably lead to three prominent problems that are serious industry homogenization phenomenon, excess capacity, and the waste of resources. Therefore, how to scientifically choose accurate selection and evaluation of regional strategic emerging industry is of a strong theoretical and practical significance. 2. Literature Review The American economists Hector Seaman (A. O. Hirschman), the first person to put forward the concept of strategic industry, has called the put-output relationship between the most closely related economic system “strategic department” [1]. Cambridge scholars such as Heffeman have carried on a deep analysis of the emerging industry characteristics, development, evolution path system, and so on. From the
Organizational Modularity Upgrading of Strategic Emerging Industries Clusters--A Case Study on Hunan Construction Machinery Industry

- , 2016,
Abstract: 产业集群组织模块化能打破地域和产业限制,形成一个低交易费用、高创新能力的模块化价值网络。湖南工程机械业集群存在协同创新能力差、同质化竞争严重、配套能力弱、服务模块发展滞后等发展障碍。鉴此,需要升级研发设计模块,提升协同创新能力;调整主机模块产品结构,实现全面优化升级;扶持配套模块发展,加速相关产业融合;建立模块化信息网络平台,提升资源整合能力。
The modular organization of industrial clusters can break the geographical and industrial restrictions and form a global modular network with high innovative capability and low transaction cost. Hunan construction machinery industry clusters has many obstacles including less collaborative innovative ability, serious homogenization of competition, weak supporting system and less developed service modules. It should upgrade R&D design modules and increase cooperative creativity; adjust hosting product's structure and achieve a comprehensive upgrading; support the development of matching modules and accelerate the integration with related industries; build a Modular information network platform and improve resources integration ability of clusters. Studying on Hunan engineering machinery clusters' upgrading has important enlightenment for the development of strategic emerging industries in central and western China.
A Review on Studies of Risks in Development Finance for Strategic Emerging Industries

王郧, 张宗成
Emergence and Transfer of Wealth (ETW) , 2013, DOI: 10.12677/ETW.2013.33006
This paper reviews on related researches of risks in developing finance for strategic emerging in-dustries. Firstly, we define the conceptions of development finance and strategic emerging industries, respec-tively and propose the key word “risk”. Secondly, according to the credit risk management of commercial banks, we review the latest literatures on risks of development finance. Thirdly, we review the previous re-search work on risks of strategic emerging industries. A brief summary and suggestions are also given.
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