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An interpretation of Ian McEwan’s works from the perspective of medical ethics: taking Saturday and Atonement as examples

- , 2018,
Abstract: 作家伊恩·麦克尤恩的作品《星期六》与《赎罪》中不同人物的医学伦理抉择与人际命运之间的关 系折射出丰赡的医学伦理意蕴。《星期六》中充斥的诸多医患交际是解读作品中医学伦理失范与人际危机之间关 系的关键线索,医学伦理失范能否得以及时矫正也是麦克尤恩小说创作的重要考量,传达出麦克尤恩对人性的关 爱与对医学伦理的珍视。《赎罪》以医学伦理的回归为叙事基调,揭示了护理伦理的践行与崇高的医学伦理人格 对人性复苏的重要价值。
The relationship between the medical ethics choices and the interpersonal destiny in Ian McEwan’ s Saturday and Atonement reflects the deep medical ethics implication of the novels. In Saturday, doctor-patient communication is the key clue to the interpretation of the relationship between the misconduct of medical ethics and the interpersonal crisis, and whether the misconduct can be corrected in time is also in the consideration of McEwan’ s novel writing, which conveys McEwan’ s love for human nature and his appreciation of medical ethics. Atonement takes the return of medical ethics as the narrative tone, and reveals the importance of the practice of nursing ethics and the noble personality of medical ethics to human nature recovery
Experimental Techniques  [PDF]
J. Engelfried
Physics , 1999, DOI: 10.1063/1.1315035
Abstract: In this course we will give examples for experimental techniques used in particle physics experiments. After a short introduction, we will discuss applications in silicon microstrip detectors, wire chambers, and single photon detection in Ring Imaging Cherenkov (RICH) counters. A short discussion of the relevant physics processes, mainly different forms of energy loss in matter, is enclosed.
La citation in absentia à l’ uvre dans Atonement de Ian McEwan
Christine REYNIER
E-rea : Revue électronique d’études sur le Monde Anglophone , 2004, DOI: 10.4000/erea.480
Abstract: Le thème de ce colloque, “la citation à l’ uvre”, attire notre attention sur le travail de la citation plut t que sur la citation elle-même et sa signification et ce faisant, nous renvoie implicitement au sens étymologique de citer, citare, qui en latin, signifie mettre en mouvement. La citation comme dynamis, mise en mouvement d’une uvre, force motrice, ne serait pas simple ornement ni même simple reflet de l’ uvre mais la travaillerait, la modèlerait et l’infléchirait.A première vue, Atone...
Mail Marques de Azevedo
Signótica , 2011, DOI: 10.5216/sig.v23i1.16151
Abstract: Na tentativa de reparar seu falso testemunho ao acusar o amante de sua irm de violência sexual, Briony Tallis, de 13 anos, precisa viver com a culpa e o arrependimento. Como uma romancista de sucesso, ela mais tarde recria os eventos do passado para permitir aos jovens amantes – ambos mortos na guerra – ?que sobrevivam e flores am?. A tardia revela o do remorso – as memórias de Briony dentro da fic o de McEwan – fornece o arcabou o para nossa análise, que se concentra na memória como seu processo de cria o. A memória como uma rela o no tempo e a possibilidade ideal de alcan ar sua antítese – o esquecimento – oferece o olvido em resposta ao desejo de reden o da protagonista. In an attempt to atone for her false testimony accusing her sister′s lover of sexual assault, 13-year-old Briony Tallis has to live with guilt and repentance As a successful novelist, she later re-creates past events to allow the young lovers ? who are both killed in the war ? "to survive and flourish". The late revelation of embedding – Briony‘s memoirs within McEwan‘s fiction – provides the frame for our analysis which focuses on memory as its process of creation. Memory as a relationship in time and the ideal possibility of attaining its antithesis – forgetfulness - offers oblivion in answer to the protagonist‘s desire for redemption.
Experimental techniques in code switching research  [cached]
Ondene van Dulm
Per Linguam : A Journal of Language Learning , 2011, DOI: 10.5785/21-1-68
Abstract: This article discusses various experimental techniques which may be used to elicit data on code switching. A brief overview of the literature is followed by a description of the techniques used in a small-scale study of the structural aspects of intrasentential code switching between South African English (SAE) and Afrikaans. The aim of the small-scale study was to gather preliminary data which could be used to evaluate the empirical merit of a number of predictions for the structure of SAE-Afrikaans intrasentential code switching. In addition to the techniques used in the small-scale study, a number of adaptations and additions to be applied in the larger-scale study to follow are discussed. These improvements to the techniques are proposed on the basis of the results of the small-scale study, and take the relevant literature into account. The various techniques are discussed in terms of their ability to provide valid and reliable data which can be subjected to statistical analysis and which can fruitfully inform questions regarding the structure of intrasentential code switching. The benefits of research of this nature to language practitioners and to the field of linguistics are highlighted.
Justifying Atonement: An Anselmian Response to Modern Critics  [PDF]
Daniel Shannon
The Saint Anselm Journal , 2009,
Abstract: This paper considers three modern objections to Anselm's argument on atonement in book I of Cur Deus Homo. The objections are from Friedrich Nietzsche, R. C. Moberly, and Hastings Rashdall; each one makes the case that Anselm's argument is fallacious. Each one interprets Anselm's position as requiring that someone innocent suffer punishment in order to acquit guilt. I contend that these objectors do not offer a strong case against Anselm's argument, principally because they have not examined it completely and have misunderstood his reasoning. In fine, Anselm's case is (a) the Son's obedience to the Father suffices for atonement, (b) the Son is an advocate for Adam and his heirs and stands in for them because of his blood ties to humanity, and (c) the Son is the advocate for the Father in the latter's attempt to end human estrangement from justice. Being both an advocate of the Father and an heir to Adam, the Son's Incarnation itself prepares the way of reconciliation and the life of the upright will resolves estrangement. The fact that the Son suffers pain and death is due not to the Father's will but to our resistance to the justice of the Son's upright will.
Experimental techniques for the investigation of coupled phenomena in geomaterials  [cached]
Romero E.
EPJ Web of Conferences , 2010, DOI: 10.1051/epjconf/20100622013
Abstract: The paper describes different experimental setups and techniques used to investigate coupled stress, fluid (water and air) and temperature effects on geomaterials. Two temperature controlled cells are described: a) a constant volume cell in which thermal pulses can be performed under controlled hydraulic conditions to induce pore pressure build-up during quasi-undrained heating and later dissipation; and b) an axisymmetric triaxial cell with controlled suction and temperature to perform drained heating and cooling paths under partially saturated states. The paper also presents an experimental setup to perform controlled flow-rate gas injection experiments on argillaceous rocks using a high-pressure triaxial cell. This cell is used to study gas migration phenomena and the conditions under which gas breakthrough processes occur. Selected test results are presented, which show the capabilities of the different experimental setups described to capture main behavioural features.
The circular mirror and Ian Stewart's polynomials  [PDF]
Jean-Claude Carréga,Labib Haddad
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: About the relation between a counterexample in the theory of numbers constructible by ruler and compass, due to Ian Stewart, and Alhazen's problem concerning the circular mirror.
Cinematic Forced Atonement, 1960-2000: The Masculine Gaze and Violence Against Female Prostitutes
Heather Griffiths
Sociation Today , 2010,
Abstract: Content analysis is used to examine the representation of prostitutes in film between 1960 and 2000 in order to describe the forced atonement of deviant characters. Consistently across all four decades, the film prostitute is subject to a forced atonement, victimized by one or more abusive situations as a prerequisite to her transformation from criminal (prostitute) to non-criminal (occurring in thirty-three out of thirty-eight movies). This finding is significant because (1) cinematic depictions of predominately female deviance consistently use forced atonement to resolve female deviance and (2) when male characters use violence to punish women for having sex outside of marriage, the message is sent that female sexuality may be controlled with violence
Implementation techniques for the SCFO experimental optimization framework  [PDF]
Gene A. Bunin,Grégory Fran?ois,Dominique Bonvin
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: The material presented in this document is intended as a comprehensive, implementation-oriented supplement to the experimental optimization framework presented in a companion document. The issues of physical degradation, unknown Lipschitz constants, measurement/estimation noise, gradient estimation, sufficient excitation, and the handling of soft constraints and/or a numerical cost function are all addressed, and a robust, implementable version of the sufficient conditions for feasible-side global convergence is proposed.
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