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Political economy of China and India: dealing with air pollution in the two booming economies
Zhiqun Zhu
Historia Actual Online , 2005,
Abstract: China and India are two booming economies today, but both are suffering from environmental damages. To achieve sustainable develpment, the two countries have to pay more attention to the protection of environment. This article first examines the causes and consequences of the serious air pollution problems in China and India. It then discusses how China and India are dealing with the air pollution problem and suggests ways for improvement. The author argues that air pollution control and environmental protection in general are a comprehensive project that requires concerted efforts by governments at all levels, the scientific communtity, businesses, legal scholars, non-governmental and grass-roots groups, the international community, and individual citizens. Education and stricter law enforcement remain the key to success. China and India's experience in air pollution control provides some useful lessons for other developing countries.
The disruptive aesthetics of hijacking urban space  [cached]
Thomas Markussen
Journal of Aesthetics & Culture , 2012, DOI: 10.3402/jac.v4i0.18157
Abstract: The aim of this paper is above all to provide a more adequate understanding of practices of hijacking urban space as they are exploited in today's art interventions. It is common to trace such practices back to practices of art production that were introduced as early as the 1960s by the Situationists. However, in order to get a clearer understanding of what is peculiar to current interventionist practices, I will argue that we need to shift the focus of attention from this art historian genealogy toward the intervention itself. The techniques used in art interventions today may thus be the same, or at least similar, to those of the avant-garde, but the aesthetic effects achieved by exploiting them are different. In this paper, I will show how a signaletic non-representational approach is central for understanding these aesthetic effects and how they differ from similar practices used by the Situationists and in critical art.
Improvement on Rights Protection of Criminals of Death Penalty in China  [cached]
Bing Zou
Asian Social Science , 2012, DOI: 10.5539/ass.v8n8p40
Abstract: Death penalty is developing towards the direction of humanity in a global sphere, but guarantee of rights of criminals of death penalty in China still has a lot of problems. Quite a lot of rights of criminals of death penalty are the most fundamental human rights and have profound theoretical foundation. China ought to establish and strengthen the following rights of criminals of death penalty, such as, right of claim for absolution, reproductive right, right of cohabitation with the spouse prior to death, right of personality, right of psychological guidance, right of terminal care, right of choosing the implementation modes of carrying out the humanized death penalty and right of disposal of their organs and corpse prior to death, etc.
Investigation in Passenger Air Traffic: Opportunities for Companies
Management , 2012, DOI: 10.5923/j.mm.20120204.07
Abstract: This study ascertained that the air transport sector is still of interest for the firms that choose to operate in it, despite the global economic crisis. It can be stated that there is a relationship between the economic trends of a continent and the trends in the passenger air transport sector. This relationship varies according to the geographical area considered. The emerging countries are those that are most affected by the increase in the demand for passenger air transport: of the emerging economies, the Middle East has the highest ratio of growth in passenger air traffic to gross domestic product growth. In addition, we identified the continents with an attitude to attract investments in creating large airport infrastructures. The Asian airports had the highest capacity to attract investments for large airport infrastructures, due to a phase of expansion of its air transport market. In contrast, Europe and America exhibited a low attitude to attract investments in creating big airport infrastructures: in these continents, air transport market demand is in a maturity phase.
Least Criminals for Some Given Conjectures in Group Theory
Nor Haniza Sarmin,Sheila a/p Ilangovan
Matematika , 2004,
Abstract: In the theory of finite groups, many major theorems have been proved by the minimum counter-example technique or sometimes called least criminals technique. It uses the fact that if there is a counter-example to a given theorem, then there is a counter-example of smallest possible order. In this paper, we will find the least criminals for five given conjectures in group theory.
Parametric Investigation of the Air Curtain for Open Refrigerated Display Cabinets  [PDF]
V. K. Titariya,A. C. Tiwari
International Journal of Soft Computing & Engineering , 2012,
Abstract: Air curtains are widely used in open refrigerated display cabinets (ORDC) as well as doorways of Conditioned Space and retail premises. The main purpose of the air curtain is to control the heat and moisture transfer between the conditioned space and the surrounding ambient also to reduce the air exchange between the two environments. This article presents comprehensive results which can be used to optimise and predict the performance of air curtains in cabinets. The parameter investigation in this article has investigated how the density, velocity and temperature of the air inside and outside the curtain vary as a function of height for various ambient climatic conditions. These results are obtained from the models, developed to enable quick calculations and parametric analyses for the designing and sizing purposes of refrigeration equipments.
Numerical Investigation of Airfoil Louvers on the Air Duct Intake  [PDF]
Mohd Hafiz Mohd Noh,Ahmad Hussein Abdul Hamid,Helmi Rashid,Muhammad Faisal Iskandar
Advances in Mathematical and Computational Methods , 2012, DOI: 10.5729
Abstract: Designing an air intake system are consists several considerations, and one of them islouvers design. On a gas turbine power plant for example, this louvers will redirects the air flow pathinto the compressor for engine combustion and the system’s internal cooling. Furthermore, the shapeand design of the louvers will affect the performance of a gas turbine. Disturbed airflow across thelouvers will cause pressure drop of the intake air, which leads to reduction of the work output from theturbine. This research investigates the effect of varying the angle of attack of the airfoil louversinstalled in gas turbine weather hood onto air intake pressure drop. Airfoil louvers were based on theshape of symmetrical airfoil, with its maximum thickness of 10mm and were designed in Solid worksbased on the coordinate generated using mathematical equation for symmetrical 4-digit NACA airfoil.CFD analysis was conducted by using the built-in Solid works Flow Simulation to visualize the airflow behavior across the louvers at the angles of attack of 25o, 35 o and 45 o and it was found thepressure of the airflow reduced more with higher angle of attack due to vortex formation.
The victim's experience of hijacking: an exploratory study
J Macgregor,WJ Schoeman,AD Stuart
Health SA Gesondheid , 2002, DOI: 10.4102/hsag.v7i1.374
Abstract: This paper summarises a phenomenological study that was designed to explore the victim's lived experience of undergoing a motor vehicle hijacking. Opsomming Hierdie artikel verskaf 'n oorsig oor 'n fenomenologiese studio wat ontwerp is om die slagofferse geleefde ervaring van 'n motorkaping te ondersoek. *Please note: This is a reduced version of the abstract. Please refer to PDF for full text.
Investigation of Specifics of Self-Management towards Dealing with Cancer Pain among Adult Outpatients  [PDF]
Masako Yamanaka
Health (Health) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/health.2018.1011116
Abstract: Purpose: This study aimed to identify specifics of self-management towards dealing with cancer pains among adult outpatients. Methods: Semi-structured interviews were conducted with 16 adult outpatients (9 males and 7 females) who suffered from cancer pain and the data obtained were analyzed using the qualitative synthesis method of KJ Ho. Results: An analysis of the results revealed these key findings for the following symbolic wording of the semi-structured interviews: Cooperative relationship with medical professionals; Problems originating from cancer pain; Self-regulation of analgesic medications based on the interactions with medical professionals; Self-regulation of the analgesic medications based on the physical perceptions of the effects; Self-regulation to maintain a balanced and calm mind, Fulfilling life by the pain alleviation and liberation from the restrictions imposed by the cancer; and Efforts to maintain their lives by themselves. Conclusion: Based on the cooperative relationship established with medical professionals, the patient carried out the self-regulation of cancer pain using analgesics, and self-regulation to maintain a balanced and calm mind. Nurses must therefore sufficiently educate patients regarding how to communicate successfully with medical professionals in order to improve cancer patients’ pain management regarding both physical and mental aspects.
Experimental Investigation on the Performance of a Compressed-Air Driven Piston Engine  [PDF]
Chih-Yung Huang,Cheng-Kang Hu,Chih-Jie Yu,Cheng-Kuo Sung
Energies , 2013, DOI: 10.3390/en6031731
Abstract: This study presents an experimental investigation of a piston engine driven by compressed air. The compressed air engine was a modified 100 cm 3 internal combustion engine obtained from a motorcycle manufacturer. The experiments in this study used a test bench to examine the power performance and pressure/temperature variations of the compressed air engine at pressures ranging from 5 to 9 bar (absolute pressure). The engine was modified from a 4-stroke to a 2-stroke engine using a cam system driven by a crankshaft and the intake and exhaust valves have a small lift due to this modification. The highest power output of 0.95 kW was obtained at 9 bar and 1320 rpm. The highest torque of 9.99 N·m occurred at the same pressure, but at 465 rpm. The pressure-volume (P-V) diagram shows that cylinder pressure gradually increases after the intake valve opens because of the limited lift movement of the intake valve. Similar situations occurred during the exhaust process, restricting the power output of the compressed air engine. The pressure and temperature variation of the air at engine inlet and outlet were recorded during the experiment. The outlet pressure increased from 1.5 bar at 500 rpm to 2.25 bar at 2000 rpm, showing the potential of recycling the compressed air energy by attaching additional cylinders (split-cycle engine). A temperature decrease (from room temperature to 17 °C) inside the cylinder was observed. It should be noted that pressures higher than that currently employed can result in lower temperatures and this can cause poor lubrication and sealing issues. The current design of a compressed air engine, which uses a conventional cam mechanism for intake and exhaust, has limited lift movement during operation, and has a restricted flow rate and power output. Fast valve actuation and a large lift are essential for improving the performance of the current compressed air engine. This study presents a power output examination with the pressure and temperature measurements of a piston-type compressed air engine to be installed in compact vehicles as the main or auxiliary power system.

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