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Crisis Communication Strategy of Tourism Brand in New Media Environment

- , 2017,
Abstract: 本文以长沙市橘子洲景区和重庆市神龙峡景区被撤销5A等级后的“危机传播”为个案,探讨了新媒体环境下旅游品牌危机传播话语的新特征,并对政府及旅游管理者就旅游品牌危机传播策略提出了建议:第一,要主动发出权威声音,传播真实准确全面的信息;第二,要及时发声,把握最佳传播时机;第三,要善于发声,拓展优化传播方式。
In this paper,I have taken the crisis communication on Changsha Orange Islet Scenic Area and the Dragon Gorge Scenic Area in Chongqing revoked 5A grade as a case.It discusses the new characteristics of tourism brand crisis communication under the new media environment,and puts forward some suggestions on the tourism brand crisis communication strategies:first of all,the government and tourism managers should play an authoritative role in truthfully and accurately spreading information ;secondly,we need to spread the information in time,grasp the best dissemination opportunity;finally,learning how to spread and expand the optimization mode of transmission.
Exit times for multivariate autoregressive processes  [PDF]
Brita Jung
Mathematics , 2012,
Abstract: We study exit times from a set for a family of multivariate autoregressive processes with normally distributed noise. By using the large deviation principle, and other methods, we show that the asymptotic behavior of the exit time depends only on the set itself and on the covariance matrix of the stationary distribution of the process. The results are extended to exit times from intervals for the univariate autoregressive process of order n, where the exit time is of the same order of magnitude as the exponential of the inverse of the variance of the stationary distribution.
Influence of conflicts is on choice of strategy in the conditions of crisis
Yuryk, Nataliya
Socìal?no-ekonomì?nì Problemì ì Der?ava , 2010,
Abstract: The features of conflicts influence on the process of acceptance development and realization of strategy in the conditions of crisis are exposed in this scientific article. The special method in basis of which include the fixed system of measures of warning and choice of optimum methods of exit from conflict situations which negatively influence on development of enterprise is offered. Research object: antikrizova strategy of enterprise. Article of research: relations of workers at decisions of conflict situations, which arise up in the process of acceptance, development and realization of strategy of enterprise, in the conditions of crisis. Research purpose: to expose the features of influence of conflicts on acceptance, development and realization of strategy, in the conditions of crisis situation.
Exit times densities of Bessel process  [PDF]
Grzegorz Serafin
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: We examine the density functions of the first exit times of the Bessel process from the intervals [0,1) and (0,1). First, we express them by means of the transition density function of the killed process. Using that relationship we provide precise estimates and asymptotics of the exit time densities. In particular, the results hold for the first exit time of the n-dimensional Brownian motion from a ball.
Ramona Ioana COSTEA
Revista de Turism : Studii si Cercetari in Turism , 2009,
Abstract: The paper is divided into three parts. In the first part is presented the evolution of tourism in Europe during 2008 as indicated by data provided by Eurostat, in the second part is made a brief analysis of the Romanian tourism development in the period August 2008 - January 2009. Is found in both the European Union and Romania, a decrease of the turnover, a decrease of the tourist number and a decreased length of stay. In the EU, crisis started to have an effect in the second part of the year. However, the number of nights spent in hotels and similar establishments in the European Union showed a small decrease (-0.5%) compared with the previous year. In Romania January 2009 brought a sharp decrease of net use of tourist accommodation bed - place in Hotels and similar units from 50.4% in August 2008 to 17.7% in January 2009. In the last part of the paper I've presented ways to decrease and eliminate the effect of the crisis in Romanian tourism. There are presented measures taken by the Ministry of Tourism, national prizes award of goods and services quality, methods to improve services quality by implementing a quality management system. For this purpose are presented the certified companies by RENAR, which issue certificates quality and the number of firms from the tourism segment certified by them. The paper shows steps that can be followed to implement a system of management quality. ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 standards are the guideline standards that can be implemented by any firm.
Borma Afrodita
Annals of the University of Oradea : Economic Science , 2012,
Abstract: Third year PhD candidate at the University of Oradea, under the guidance of Professor Mrs. Alina B ’dulescu in the doctoral research project entitled: "Doctoral studies and Ph.D. candidates for competitive research on a knowledge based society", a co-financed project by the European Social Fund through the Sectoral Operational Program for Human Resources Development 2007 - 2013, Priority Axis 1. "Education and training in support for growth and development of a knowledge based society" I chose to present this subject in order to demonstrate the connection that exists between tourism and development. Having as research topic "Tourism and development in the Euro regional context ¢a I dedicated a subchapter of this thesis in presenting tourism as a development strategy. Thus we have analysed a series of specialised papers encountered at national and international level in order to achieve a synthesis about the addressed topic. Authors like Sharpley and Telfer (2002) found that the specialised literature in the tourism domain contains few articles on the relationship between tourism and development despite the fact that tourism remains an important area of the economic policy regarding development in most regions of the world. Writings on tourism, that debate development, are often written in terms of the impact of tourism on the environment in which it unfolds. Following statistical data collected on Faits saillants OMT du tourisme, 2011 Edition I found that indeed tourism is an important element in the development strategies. The research methodology that was used consisted in documentation from the specialised literature and the site http://mkt.unwto.org/sites/all/files/docpdf/unwtohighlights11frhr.pdf in order to gather representative data on the evolution of international tourism for the 1950-2010 period, also highlighting the potential success of tourism in the economic development. For this study to be more representative I presented the evolution of international tourist arrivals in the main tourist regions of the world. The graphical representation shows that Europe is the main destination for tourists from around the world. Projections made by UNWTO (2011), confirm the fact that international tourism is continuously expanding, in 2020, the number of international tourists arrivals is approaching 1.6 billion.
Dynamics of Romanian Tourism in European Tourism in the Global Crisis. Facts and Perspectives
Laura Olteanu,Krajnik Izabella
Acta Universitatis Danubius : Oeconomica , 2011,
Abstract: Development of tourism as part of the service activity contributes to the development ofnational economy and hence to the development of European tourism. If tourist industry can cover asignificant share of GDP, can cover and reduce unemployment by providing jobs in this field.Economic and financial crisis influences tourism and consumer behavior of tourism services. Thedynamics of Romanian tourism in European tourism in the global crisis - facts and perspectivesprovide a comparative image of tourism in Romania among other European countries, giving anoverview of the indicators analyzed in the perspective of marketing research. Tourism activity shouldbe followed not only in terms of existing realities, but also in terms of real opportunities that canprovide an insight into the field. To know our direction we need to know our coordinates and ourpotentials. Policies and strategies applied may also determine the future development of tourism.
On first exit times for homogeneous diffusion processes  [PDF]
N. Dokuchaev
Physics , 2001,
Abstract: It is given an effective upper estimate of expectation of |T_1-T_2|, where T_1 and T_2 are the first exit times from a region for two vector diffusion processes.
Exit times of diffusions with incompressible drift  [PDF]
Gautam Iyer,Alexei Novikov,Lenya Ryzhik,Andrej Zlatos
Mathematics , 2009,
Abstract: Let $\Omega\subset\mathbb R^n$ be a bounded domain and for $x\in\Omega$ let $\tau(x)$ be the expected exit time from $\Omega$ of a diffusing particle starting at $x$ and advected by an incompressible flow $u$. We are interested in the question which flows maximize $\|\tau\|_{L^\infty(\Omega)}$, that is, they are most efficient in the creation of hotspots inside $\Omega$. Surprisingly, among all simply connected domains in two dimensions, the discs are the only ones for which the zero flow $u\equiv 0$ maximises $\|\tau\|_{L^\infty(\Omega)}$. We also show that in any dimension, among all domains with a fixed volume and all incompressible flows on them, $\|\tau\|_{L^\infty(\Omega)}$ is maximized by the zero flow on the ball.
Serbian labor market with special emphasis on defining marketing strategy in tourism
Stojanka Dakic,Ksenija Fabian
Perspectives of Innovations, Economics and Business , 2010,
Abstract: In addition to clear negative impact of the global economic crisis, which we witness, the labor market in Serbia has been faced with the transition problems accumulated through many years. Tourism and hospitality are among the those activities which have capacity to induce the entire system of other complementary activities that contribute to coping with the problem of high unemployment. The paper discusses role of developing marketing strategies in tourism sector of Serbia. As the author, it is important for the country to define a clear marketing strategy that includes adequate directing capabilities and resources in this industry in order to response to changes in the environment.
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