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Study on the Interaction between the Modern Change of the National Traditional Sports Culture and the Reconstruction of Ethnic College Students’ Value Consciousness
Dilshat Mohammad
Asian Culture and History , 2011, DOI: 10.5539/ach.v3n1p101
Abstract: By analyzing the modern change of the national traditional sports culture, the interactive influence between the modern change of the national traditional sports culture and the reconstruction of ethnic college students’ value consciousness is discussed in this article, and the result shows that to integrate the national traditional sports culture into ethnic college students’ value consciousness of sports culture would help the inheritance and development of the national traditional sports culture.
Dilemma of Study on Chinese National Traditional Sports Culture and the Selection of Paths  [cached]
Te Bu
Asian Social Science , 2010, DOI: 10.5539/ass.v7n1p115
Abstract: Any academic research is a kind of scientific exploration activities under direction of a certain methodology, with no exception in the case of modern sports science research, which refers to exploration on the general meaning and value system within the field of sports under direction of certain methodology and thought so as to promote sports activities developing towards a direction that is more favorable for human being. Sports science method is the bridge of transfer from sports theory to sports practice, which not only determines the level of sports scientific research achievements, but also affects development of sports practice and which will necessarily be improved and developed with progress of the society and with development of sports practice. To study and reflect on research methods of Chinese national traditional sports culture has profound significance to promote development of national traditional sports culture and to protect and inherit excellent sports culture heritage.
Catarina Reis Oliveira
Revista CIDOB d'Afers Internacionals , 2010,
Abstract: In Portugal in recent decades, just like in other welcoming countries, immigrants have reached levels of entrepreneurial activity that are higher than those of autochthonous citizens. However, a deeper analysis of the official data shows that not all immigrant groups have the same tendency to become entrepreneurs. In this respect, the Chinese stand out as being the group with the highest ratio of entrepreneurial activity in Portugal, despite the fact that their migration is a relatively recent phenomenon. What factors can explain the Chinese community’s disproportionate rate of entrepreneurial initiative? Do they possess any particular resources that make them more enterprising than the autochthonous population, or than other groups of immigrants? Does the context of Portugal hamper certain opportunities or in some way limit their economic integration into the job market? Do we find similar business strategies among other Chinese entrepreneurs residing in welcoming societies apart from that of Portugal? Why did Chinese business initiative grow at such an exceptional rate in Portugal in the late 1990s? By seeking answers to these questions, this article attempts to examine Chinese business strategies in Portugal, as well as their exceptional success rate in comparison with other entrepreneurial immigrants. To that end, the author has analysed the data gathered in a survey carried out on 309 Chinese entrepreneurs resident in Portugal (see Oliveira, 2005).
Chinese Tibetan Guozhuang Dance from the Perspective of Sports  [cached]
Qian Liu,Jianqiang Wang,Yinan Qin
Asian Social Science , 2012, DOI: 10.5539/ass.v8n7p240
Abstract: The authors study Chinese Tibetan Guozhuang dance from the perspective of sports. And they discover that Guozhuang dance has such features as national tradition, holistic arts and public entertainment, etc., and is a kind of national traditional sports activity that has low requirements for sports field, has robust and straight movement, no much exercise intensity and in which the movement amount can be randomly adjusted to satisfy the movement aesthetic requirement. In the process of development, it has manifested such important historical and cultural value as strengthening Chinese Tibetan national cohesion, extending and inheriting Chinese Tibetan culture and promoting different national cultural communication, etc. In the realistic life of the areas where Chinese Tibetans inhabit, Guozhuang dance also has such important sports value as promoting Chinese Tibetan people's physical and psychological health, facilitating social sports, school sports and sports tourism development, etc.
A Preliminary Study of Barriers to Bank Financing of Ethnic Chinese Entrepreneurs in the UK  [PDF]
Jane Zhang
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2015.37018

Ethnic minority entrepreneurship has been a growing research interest, however, little has been known about financial barriers to start up and run a business venture from the perspectives of UK ethnic Chinese entrepreneurs. The aim of this study is to explore the financial barriers of ethnic Chinese entrepreneurs in starting up and running a business in the UK. Through semi-structured interviews with 12 ethnic Chinese entrepreneurs who run businesses in the UK, this study has preliminarily found: 1) ethnic Chinese businesses in the UK have increasingly faced difficulties to get access to bank finance since the global financial crisis; 2) the difficulties are largely caused by a lack of communication and understanding between the entrepreneurs and financial institutions; 3) the traditional perceptions of Chinese businesses have disadvantaged ethnic Chinese entrepreneurs in the UK when they apply for bank credits. This study offers a number of implications. For policy-makers, an understanding of the characteristics of ethnic Chinese businesses and financing barriers to ethnic Chinese in business start-ups and running is important for the development of policy that encourages and supports ethnic Chinese businesses. For banks in the UK to expand their business, there is a need to develop tailored products and services specifically for ethnic Chinese entrepreneurs.

A Research on the Gambling of Chinese and Western Sports Architecture Culture  [PDF]
Yong Tao
Advances in Physical Education (APE) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ape.2017.73025
Abstract: This essay studies the connotation and character of Chinese sports architecture?culture as well as its blending of nationality and cosmopolitan via studying?literature materials, using theoretical analysis and so on. We found that traditional Chinese sports architecture culture is extensive and profound with great national traits. Under the circumstance of globalization, our traditional culture has gone through the conflict and assimilation of western culture due to their advantages in politics, economy, military and global influence, yet this may?provide us an opportunity to adopt latest western conceptions of sports architecture culture and blend it with our conventional ones, to promote the development of traditional Chinese sports architecture culture.
Philosophy of Some Turkish Traditional Sports
Gokhan Caliskan,Mehmet Goral,Ibrahim Yildiran
Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: The physical activities of Turks during prepration to war depending on war tools and combat tactics, according to their individual and social value judgments and beliefs are traditional sports. They change according to the war tools and war tactics. These branches are shaped especially around archery, horse-riding and wrestling. This research is constructed more on why these traditional sports are played rather than how these traditional sports are being played. In the study, the philosophy of traditional sports for consideration, in order to describe the subject, topics which reflect the life philosophy, subjects that Tirkish society praised and taken into consideration are included. There is a specific kind of human understanding, human description in the philosophy of traditional sports. In this description, the combatant and "well-mannered" human portrait is mostly highlighed. The philosophy of traditional sports gives important information about the structure and characteristics of Turkish cultures and civilizations. The Turkish society which reflects their life philosohyof living to their sports undersign very big successes in the history. The aim of this study, is to give meaning to our lives as successors of an origin which ownes such a philosophy and to highligt the necessity to lay claim to and protect this heritage for mental and physical health.
Research on Bayu Traditional Sports Development  [PDF]
Ming Yang, Hao Guo, Jindong Chang, Yujie Shen
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2014.212018
Abstract: Bayu traditional national sport is non-material cultural heritage with local folk characteristics. Today, traditional sports development in Bayu areas affects various aspects which cannot be a good cause to inherit and carry forward. This paper studies the factors limiting its development from a regional, national and entertaining three aspects of the heritage value of the effective Bayu traditional sports and space to develop their survival and development which have to play a certain reference.
The Pedagogy of Chinese Traditional Music at the China Conservatory of Music  [cached]
Yao Yijun
Journal of Music History Pedagogy , 2012,
Abstract: Today there are fifty-six ethnic groups living in China, which are collectedly known as “The Chinese Nation” (Zhonghua Minzu), and these hold abundant traditional musical resources with long histories. The China Conservatory of Music, Beijing, is a musical institution specializing in Chinese traditional music education. Among the faculty of our conservatory are several well-known experts who focus on the development of basic musical knowledge and practice of Chinese traditional music, including its theory and analysis, its morphology, and its history, as well as special issues of research of Chinese traditional music. While these subjects interact, they also form the basis of an educational model. Owing to the efforts of many over several generations, we have built a distinctive educational system of Chinese traditional music. This curriculum in traditional music now stands out more clearly as a counterpoint to the recently developed curriculum in Western music history.
Quality of Crude Traditional Chinese Drugs and Ecological Environment

Liu Yang,Zhang Zuoshuang,He Yulin,Zhang Bengang,Li Xianen,
刘 洋

世界科学技术-中医药现代化 , 2007,
Abstract: The quality of crude traditional Chinese drugs is subject to the impacts of diverse environmental factors in a significant manner. The paper presents a review and discussion of a range of studies on the correlations between the quality of crude traditional Chinese drugs and ecologic factors, including sunlight, temperature, moisture, soil texture and structure, and soil elements. Authors believe that a systematic effort shall be initiated to study the correlations between the quality of crude traditional Chinese drugs and ecological factors, in an attempt to provide a theoretical basis for improving the growing process of medical herbs, and establishing a GAP production base for crude traditional Chinese drugs.

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