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An Orthogonal Optimization Method

Wang Zicai,Gao Erqiang,Zhang Jiayu,

自动化学报 , 1989,
Abstract: The method presented in this paper is an approximate optimization method for nonlinear objective function. Based on point to point linearization, it is optimized by the gradient method. Inverse matrix calculation is simplified by the concept of orthogonal test and orthogonal table in this process. This method possesses the advantages of calculation in small amounts, rapid search and insensitive to initial value. With this method, satisfactory result has been obtained in the design of the stationary system for an inertial guidance platform.
白花泡桐优树试管嫁接幼化及组培快繁技术研究  [PDF]
林业科学研究 , 2011,
Abstract: 以白花泡桐优树'白优2号’为试验材料,通过组织培养和试管嫁接方法,对白花泡桐优树材料的幼化技术进行了研究。结果表明:外植体初代培养萌发的嫩芽为最适合的接穗;'建始桐3号’为试管嫁接较合适的砧木;采用劈接进行;MS+NAA 0.3 mg?L-1 +蔗糖30 g?L-1为试管嫁接培养基; 继代增殖和生根培养基分别为1/2MS+6-BA 6.0 mg?L -1 + NAA 0.3 mg?L-1+蔗糖20 g?L-1和1/2MS+NAA 0.1 mg?L-1。

- , 2015,
Abstract: 《琵琶行》词情兼美,声情并茂,诚为绝唱,不仅当时风靡宫廷里巷,千百年来亦传颂不衰。作为与音乐密切相关的叙事诗,《琵琶行》还具有多层次的艺术魅力,不仅限于音乐和文学领域,更延伸至书法、绘画等图像化媒介领域。通过对明代《琵琶行》书迹著录与流传情况的梳理,可以显示出白居易诗歌传播的图像化途径。图像化的传播途径,是历史和社会发展的必然趋势。观看与阅读,对文学传播有着同等重要的地位。其中书法这一图像化媒介将二者融合为一,是《琵琶行》传播与接受的重要一翼。
Optimization of a Mu2e production solenoid heat and radiation shield using MARS15  [PDF]
V. S. Pronskikh,N. V. Mokhov
Physics , 2012,
Abstract: A Monte-Carlo study of several Mu2e Production Solenoid (PS) absorber (heat shield) versions using the MARS15 code has been performed. Optimizations for material as well as cost (amount of tungsten) have been carried out. Studied are such quantities as the number of displacements per atom (DPA) in the helium-cooled solenoid superconducting coils, power density and dynamic heat load in various parts of the PS and its surrounding structures. Prompt dose, residual dose, secondary particle flux are also simulated in the PS structures and the experimental hall. A preliminary choice of the PS absorber design is made on the ground of these studies.
Five Special Types of Orbits Around Mars  [PDF]
Xiaodong Liu,Hexi Baoyin,Xingrui Ma
Physics , 2011, DOI: 10.2514/1.48706
Abstract: The abstract is additional with repect to the paper published in JGCD. Ordinary Earth satellites are usually placed into five categories of special orbits: sun-synchronous orbits, orbits at the critical inclination, frozen orbits, repeating ground track orbits, and geostationary orbits. This paper investigates their counterparts around Mars and examines the basic nature of these orbits, which are of special interest for missions conducted around Mars, including Mars reconnaissance. Mars' gravity field is much more complicated, with relatively smaller J2, compared to Earth's, which makes the behaviors of these Martian orbits different from those of Earth. Analytical formulations and numerical simulations are used to analyze these Martian orbits and compare them with their Earth counterparts. First, mean element theory is employed to describe variations of orbital elements and give the constraint conditions for achieving these special orbits. Then, numerical verifications based on the PSODE algorithm (particle swarm optimization combined with differential evolution) are adopted to provide more accurate conditions for achieving these orbits when considering an Mars gravity field. Using the numerical method can significantly improve the design in the full gravity field, and it is therefore possible to select these usable orbits for Mars that can reduce or eliminate the need for stationkeeping.
Valeriy Pershakov,Tatyana Petrova
Proceedings of National Aviation University , 2012,
Abstract: Розглянуто завдання терраформування планети Марс. Описано терраформування планет як г потетичний процес, св домо зм нюючий атмосферу, температуру, топограф ю поверхн , еколог ю для снування земних орган зм в. Показано, що вир шення проблем на планет Земля, як пов’язан з вичерпанням земельних ресурс в, поляга в колон зац та буд вництв на планет Марс. The main task is the terraforming of the Mars planet. Nowadays it is a very important task, because there are a lot of problems on the planet Earth, which deals with the exhaustion of natural resources. The solution is in the colonizing and building on the Mars planet. Рассмотрена задача терраформирования планеты Марс. Описано терраформирование планет как гипотетический процесс, сознательно изменяющий атмосферу, температуру, топографию поверхности, экологию для существования земних организмов. Показано, что решение проблем на планете Земля, связанных с исчерпанием природних ресурсов, заключается в колонизации и строительстве на планете Марс.
Direction of Arrival Estimation Based on Chaotic Optimization Algorithm

Chen Yong-qian,Xiao Xian-ci,

电子与信息学报 , 2005,
Abstract: In this paper, a chaotic optimization method is presented for computing the Maximum Likelihood Estimation (MLE) of Direction of Arrivals (DOA) in sensor array processing. Based on the properties of ergodicity, stochastic property and "regularity" of chaos, the chaos optimization method can get global solution with low computational load. The simulation results show that this method is feasible and effective. Especially when the impinging signals are coherent, this method is much superior to AP.
The Realization and Performing Optimization of OLAP

计算机系统应用 , 2003,
Abstract: 本文首先对联机分析处理(OLAP)技术进行了简要的介绍.接下来提出了联机分析处理的三种实现方式.关系型联机分析处理(ROLAP).多维联机分析处理(MOLAP).混合联机分析处理(HOLAP).其中对多维联机分析处理的存储方式进行了重点描述.并阐述了基于多维数据组织的MOLAP的性能调优方法.用以提高联机分析处理工具的开发效率.推动计算机应用技术的进一步发展。
Saltation transport on Mars  [PDF]
Eric J. R. Parteli,Hans J. Herrmann
Physics , 2007, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.98.198001
Abstract: We present the first calculation of saltation transport and dune formation on Mars and compare it to real dunes. We find that the rate at which grains are entrained into saltation on Mars is one order of magnitude higher than on Earth. With this fundamental novel ingredient, we reproduce the size and different shapes of Mars dunes, and give an estimate for the wind velocity on Mars.
Optimization algorithm on simulating fisher'' fishing
一种模拟渔夫捕鱼的寻优算法 *

WANG Yong,CHEN Jian-rong,PANG Xing,

计算机应用研究 , 2009,
Abstract: This paper presented a novel optimization algorithm based on simulating the behavior and habit of fisher' fishing.The strategy of this algorithm was that some points were randomly selected in the grabbling domain first.And a cube was built at every selected point,which its center was at one of these selected points.Secondly,every cube of them was independently used as a tool to explore the optimum points through its moving search and shrinking search,and the global optimum solution being found out finally.T...
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