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Are Thai Manufacturing Exports and Imports of Capital Goods Related?  [PDF]
Komain Jiranyakul
Modern Economy (ME) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/me.2012.32033
Abstract: This paper examines the relationship between manufacturing exports and imports of capital goods in Thailand using monthly data from January 2000 to July 2011. The results from bounds testing for cointegration show that there exists long-run equilibrium relationship between exports and imports of capital goods in manufacturing sector. In addition, the positive relationship between the growth rate of imports of capital goods and the growth rate of manufacturing exports is observed. The results support the notion that foreign capital is essential in the process of industrialization, and thus economic growth. A decline in imports of capital goods will reduce manufacturing exports and impedes economic growth in the future. It is also likely that exports of manufactured products are the main source of foreign exchanges to finance imports of capital goods which cannot be produced in the country due to comparative disadvantage.
Management & Marketing , 2009,
Abstract: So far Macedonia has undergone an unsuccessful attempt to transition,distinguished by low growth rates, high unemployment, extensive poverty,balance of payments unfavorable position, technological lag etc. The externalsector, as a core element to growth perspectives of a small open economy iscritically dependant upon the export competitiveness. Consequently, thispaper will address some critical points of the Macedonian economy,particularly the vulnerability of the external sector alongside with the priceand trade liberalization. The set of analyses is to be carried out to explore theforeign trade structure, current account developments, as well as the majoraspects of qualitative competitiveness. In addition, we have examined theimpact of macroeconomic variables on exports and imports within theselected timeframe. We have therefore applied a comprehensive approach ofdynamic modeling based upon a vector - autoregression model determinedto control for endogeneity and set to estimate the long - run equilibriumrelations, as well as the short-run dynamics of the key variables.
Structural adjustment of Serbian commodity exports to the EU demand for imports
Nikoli? Goran
Economic Annals , 2004, DOI: 10.2298/eka0462191n
Abstract: In this paper we have calculated indexes of export-import similarity (Serbian exports and EU imports) by using certain statistical methods. A considerable increase in indexes of export-import similarity, after the approval of the EU preferential, shows that Serbian exports used to be adjusted to the EU market. After suddenly increasing, indexes of export-import similarity then decreased followed by a fall in the share of manufactured products in total exports, although the total exports and exports to the EU recorded a further increase. This fact clearly shows that a growth in exports was achieved mainly by primary products, which widened a gap between the Serbian export structure and that of the EU import structure. Therefore, a growth in Serbian exports can not be sustained without radical restructuring of the Serbian export sector.
The Threshold Effects of RMB Exchange Rate Fluctuations on Imports and Exports  [PDF]
Chuanglian Chen
Journal of Financial Risk Management (JFRM) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jfrm.2012.12003
Abstract: Using threshold panel model, we estimate the effectiveness of exchange rate to imports and exports. We conclude that there is a second threshold in both import and export regression models, and China’s trade flows don’t accord with ML condition, when RMB exchange rate appreciation is less than 7.8%. Whereas, when higher than 7.8%, the ML condition strongly holds, indicating that the RMB exchange rate appreciation would deteriorate the China’s international revenue. As RMB exchange rate to US dollar has experiences an appreciation of 22.2% from 2005Q3 to 2012Q1, thus China’s current account would be deteriorated. Therefore, some changes or policies should be made to deal with these problems.
Material Consumption in the Czech Republic: Focus on Foreign Trade and Raw Material Equivalents of Imports and Exports  [PDF]
Jan Kovanda
Statistika : Statistics and Economy Journal , 2013,
Abstract: This article presents a comparison of indicators based on an economy-wide material flow analysis, namely imports, exports, domestic material consumption, raw material equivalents of imports, raw material equivalents of exports and raw material consumption. These indicators were calculated for the Czech Republic for 1995-2010 using, besides economy-wide material flow analysis, the hybrid input-output life cycle assessment method, which allows for a calculation of raw material equivalents of imports and exports. The results showed that calculation of indicators including raw material equivalents is useful, as they provided some important information which was not obvious from imports, exports and domestic material consumption. This includes the facts that the latter indicators tended to underestimate environmental pressure related to consumption of materials, high dependency of the Czech production system on metal ores from abroad and quite unequal and unfair distribution of environmental pressures between the Czech Republic and its trading partners.
Revisiting Exports, Imports and Economic Growth Nexus: Empirical Evidence from Bangladesh (1981-2017)  [PDF]
Md. Sazib Miyan, Md. Nurul Kabir Biplob
Modern Economy (ME) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/me.2019.102036
Abstract: This study is conducted to revisit the empirical relationship between exports, imports and economic growth in Bangladesh using annual time series data from 1981 to 2017. To capture the objective, the study used Johansen Co-integration test and Granger-causality test in Vector Error Correction Model (VECM) framework. Based on the results of Johansen Co-integration test, it confirms that there is statistically significant long-run equilibrium relationship between exports, imports and economic growth. The results of the VECM Granger Causality test assure that the disequilibrium in long-run GDP growth rate is corrected or adjusted by 24% in short-run following the next year. Furthermore, the study found short-run causality running from exports to economic growth and from economic growth to imports. Finally, findings of the study will help the policy makers and development partners of Bangladesh to rethink about the current policies regarding the exports, imports, inflation, gross capital formation (investment) and economic growth.
G. Ramakrishna,Laila Memdani
International Journal of Economics and Research , 2012,
Abstract: Capital Account Convertibility increases inflows of foreign capital in the country and these inflows have got far reaching impact on the economy. In this article an attempt is made to study the impact of foreign capital inflows on macro economic variables of the Indian economy such as IIP, Exports, and Imports. Using co-integration and Error Correction Models we find that the inflow of foreign capital (INFK) and FPI cause positively the change in the Index of Industrial production (IIP) i.e. economic growth in India. The study also reveals that there is a bidirectional causal relationship between inflows of capital and imports; there is an evidence for economic growth influencing the inflows of FDI but not vice versa and Inflows of foreign capital causing an increase in exports. In view of these findings some policy measures relating capital inflows are suggested.
The Problems of the Albanian Agro-Industry through Analysis of Exports – Imports and Competitive Environment (Region of Korca)
Aida Gabeta,Eva Dhimitri
Journal of Knowledge Management, Economics and Information Technology , 2012,
Abstract: The general picture of the Albanian Agribusiness discovers that it is still separated and with a productivity of a low scale compared with European equivalents. Apart from rapid progress, the total production doesn’t coincide with internal consumption, which is completed from considerable quantities of imported food products. For this reason, the production relatively small needs efficient consolidation processes and effective to the address of the value chain which is based on the capital gains. The development in the value chain and common exploitation of the sources results to the effects of synergy, which leads to the cost reduction, productivity increase, quality improvement and increase of sales through market diversification and sales’ expansion in local, regional and international markets.The paper gives a panorama of exports – imports of the Albanian Agribusiness concentrating at this sector in the region of Korca and analyzes some of the priority industries of the agribusiness sector in the region and further on the point of view of five competitive forces of Porter.
Scaling of Growth Rate Volatility for Six Macroeconomic Variables
Boris Podobnik,Davor Horvatic,Djuro Njavro,Mato Njavro
Contemporary Economics , 2012, DOI: 10.5709/ce.1897-9254.45
Abstract: We study the annual growth rates of six macroeconomic variables: public debt, public health expenditures, exports of goods, government consumption expenditures, total exports of goods and services, and total imports of goods and services. For each variable, we find (i) that the distribution of the growth rate residuals approximately follows a double exponential (Laplace) distribution and (ii) that the standard deviation of growth rate residuals scales according to the size of the variable as a power law, with a scaling exponent similar to the scaling exponent found for GDP [Economics Letters 60, 335 (1998)]. We hypothesise that the volatility scaling we find for these GDP constituents causes the volatility scaling found in GDP data.
On-Line Retrieval of Imports and Exports Information

Zhang Haibo,

现代图书情报技术 , 1999,
Abstract: This paper approaches to the inports and exports trade market information data bank in Dialog system and classify. introduction of on-line retrieval and gives a case.
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