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Study on Optimization of Night Illumination in Expressway Long Tunnels  [PDF]
Weihua Zhao,Hao Chen,Qiang Yu,Haoxue Liu
Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/160436
Abstract: Night illumination of expressway long tunnels in China was far from drivers’ demand and caused lots of traffic accidents and electricity wasting. In order to solve this problem, reasonable night luminosity in expressway long tunnels in China was studied. Based on a visual disturbance generation mechanism, the mistakes in night illumination of Chinese expressway long tunnels were analyzed. Real road experiments were conducted and fuzzy assessments were used to establish models. The results showed that night luminosity was too high and should be controlled below 9?Lx. In the entrance segment, the luminosity should be gradually increased from 0?Lx to 9?Lx. In the middle segment, the luminosity should be remained at 9?Lx. In the exit segment, the luminosity should be gradually decreased to 0?Lx. The optimized luminosity is highly consistent with the actual demand of drivers. Traffic safety was improved and electricity consumption was reduced. 1. Introduction The environment inside and outside tunnels was of great difference, in particular the luminosity. Significant contrast of dark and bright increased the visual and psychological burden of drivers. In the daytime, the drivers would suffer dark adaptation when entering tunnels and light adaptation when leaving tunnels. While at night, drivers would suffer light adaptation when entering these tunnels and dark adaptation when leaving. All expressway long tunnels in China are equipped with lights. The ventilation and lighting specification of PRC only required luminosity in day [1]. The same illumination program were generally adopted in Chinese practices for both day and night. This illumination method worsen visual disturbance in night and increased electricity consumption. For example the expense of illumination electricity in Chinese Zhongnan mountain tunnel was higher than charge. The night luminosity in expressway long tunnel was too higher to meet the drivers’ demand. 2. Literature Review The Luminosity difference inside tunnel and outside was a major factor to traffic safety. At the same time, illumination consumption of large amounts of electricity was obvious. Many studies have been conducted about this problem. The ventilation and lighting specification of PRC stipulated detailed parameters of luminosity of tunnels in daytime [1]. The specification ignored the fact that drivers would suffer different visual disturbances between day and night. It stipulated luminosity mainly based on the visual disturbance that drivers would suffer in tunnel in daytime. Environmental factors affected driving
Effects of the expressway on the soil-plant systems in the Longitudinal Range-Gorge Region
Hui Zhao,BaoShan Cui,JunHong Bai,HuaLi Ren
Chinese Science Bulletin , 2007, DOI: 10.1007/s11434-007-7023-3
Abstract: Taking Da-Bao expressway in the Longitudinal Range-Gorge Region (LRGR) as an example, the effects of the expressway on three kinds of soil-plant systems along the road are analyzed by seven types of indexes, which are soil nutrient, heavy metals of soil, soil moisture and pH of soil, plant nutrient, heavy metal of plant and plant diversity. Firstly, through comparing typical sampling points and their contradistinguished points, the effects of the expressway on single index is analyzed and discussed; secondly, interactions among the expressway and all kinds of indexes are discussed with correlative analysis; finally, the range and intensity of effects on three systems are analyzed with gray related analysis. All results show that 1) within the range of effect by expressway, the forms of expression of all indexes are different to the interference of expressway. 2) Expressway can cause the accumulation of HMS and HMP, especially in the farmland system; and bring a little alkalization of the soil, especially in the shrub system. 3) Expressway is the most important influencing factor of HMS, SM, HMP and PD in the forest and shrub systems, but only HMS and HMP in the farmland system. To the indexes of insignificant correlation with road, expressway works indirectly through the effect chains of the system. Comparing with three kinds of soil-plant systems, effects mostly concentrate on the areas of 10 m from the expressway in the forest and farmland systems, and on the area of 30 m on the shrub system.
The Method of Traffic State Identification and Travel Time Prediction on Urban Expressway  [cached]
Yanguo Huang,Lunhui Xu,Qiang Luo
Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology , 2013,
Abstract: This study presented a method of real-time traffic condition identification based on the fuzzy c-means clustering and travel time prediction on urban expressway. The traffic flow characteristics of expressway were analyzed and the traffic flow states were divided into four classes. Then the fuzzy c-means clustering technique was used to classify the sampled historical data and the clustering center of different traffic condition was gotten. In the test module, the real-time traffic data were used to identify which state the traffic data belong to. Based on the analysis, a travel time prediction model of urban expressway was given by using fuzzy regression. According to the collecting real-time traffic dada and the result of traffic state identification, a method of predicting travel time was introduced. Finally, an urban expressway in Guanzhou was as an example and the result of traffic state identification was same with the results of actual measurement data and questionnaire survey through drivers. The result of travel time prediction show that the predicted results had better fitting degree and precision and the feasibility of this method was verified. It can provide the basis for urban expressway traffic control and traffic induction.
可公度性  [PDF]
地球物理学报 , 1981,
Abstract: 可公度性是周期性的扩张。从数据中的可公度性可抽提出并非偶然的信号。以增加错认(或虚惊)概率为代价,可以在很宽频谱范围内分辨微弱的信号。文中提出属于不同领域的实例。其中一例估计了中微子质量。
《史记?八书》校改理据研究  [PDF]
- , 2015,
Abstract: 最新出版的《史记》中华书局修订本,共列出校勘记3946条,涉及改动文字的有1250条。其中“八书”部分452条,涉及改动文字的有151条,与点校本原有140余处改动相比,在数字上相差并不大,基本符合《修订凡例》规定的“修订本以原点校本为基础”的原则。而具体情况则复杂得多,修订本“八书”部分新增36条改动,对点校本原改动之处作不同处理的也有26条。对两本异同情况的研究,特别是校改理据的研究,是《史记》文献学和古籍整理研究的重要内容。
The latest revised version of Shiji史记(Historical Records)published by Zhonghua Book Company has listed 3, 946 notes of collation in total, of which 1,250 notes are used to alter words. There are 452 notes in the part of Bashu八书(Eight Treaties), covering 151 notes for altering words. Compared with the revisions(over 140)in the punctuated edition, there is no significant difference in the number of revisions, which is basically in accordance with the rule requiring revised version to be based on the original punctuated one in Revision Guide. However, when it comes to a particular case, things will be more complex. The part of Bashu in the revised edition adds 36 changes. Besides, there are 26 alterations distinct from those in the punctuated edition. The study on the differences between the two versions, especially on the motivations for such alterations, occupies an important place in the area of edition and textual studies of Shiji and other ancient Chinese classics
Analysis of Total Suspended Particulates Pollution Along Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway  [PDF]
Yao Zhao, Di Shi
Open Journal of Air Pollution (OJAP) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ojap.2012.12004
Abstract: The paper takes the Shanghai-Nanjing expressway as the research subject and takes the samples of the Total Suspended Particulates (TSP) on both sides of the highway as samples to analyze the pollution and the pattern of pollution distribution. The study shows that the concentration of TSP is very high, even six times of the national limit value.
公键密码  [PDF]
科技导报 , 1985,
Abstract: 公键密码的由来陷阱系数密码签名一简介把普通的文字经过一种有规则的变换而得到的新的文字就"Ll做码(code)。
obc水陆检数据匹配技术  [PDF]
石油地球物理勘探 , 2015,
Abstract: ?本文通过计算水检数据与陆检数据及陆检数据希尔伯特地震道序列之间的互相关函数,直接确定最佳相位匹配因子;然后使用水检数据与相位匹配处理后的陆检数据,直接确定最佳匹配算子。本方法可以快速、准确地进行水检数据和陆检数据匹配,计算精确、省时、快捷,计算效率高。实际数据处理结果说明了本方法的有效性和实用性。
Study of macroscopic fundamental diagramon Shanghai urban expressway network in China  [PDF]
Shi Xinyi, Lin Hangfei
- , 2016, DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-7985.2016.01.018
Abstract: The macroscopic fundamental diagram(MFD)is studied to obtain the aggregate behavior of traffic in cities. This paper investigates the existence and the characteristics of different types of daily MFD for the Shanghai urban expressway network. The existence of MFD in the Shanghai urban expressway network is proved based on two weeks’ data. Moreover, the hysteresis phenomena is present in most days and the network exhibits different hysteresis loops under different traffic situations. The relationship between the hysteresis phenomena and the inhomogeneity of traffic distribution is verified. The MFDs in the years of 2009 and 2012 are compared. The hysteresis loop still exists in 2012, which further verifies the existence of the hysteresis phenomenon. The direct relationship between the length of the hysteresis loop(ΔO)and the congestion is proved based on sufficient data. The width of the hysteresis loop, i.e., the drop in network flow(ΔQ)has no relationship with the congestion, and it varies from day to day under different traffic situations.
Research on the capacity of expressway which is dedicated for passenger

, QIN Jianping, WANG Lei

- , 2016,
Abstract: 为体现客货分离高速公路在通行能力方面的优势,对客车专用高速公路和一般高速公路进行对比分析。从客车专用高速公路的定义及评价标准出发,运用数学分析方法和对比分析方法,分析客车专用高速公路和一般高速公路的设计通行能力,并在此基础上对他们的实际通行能力进行对比分析。研究结果表明:车道数为8车道时,客车专用高速公路的实际通行能力比一般高速公路的实际通行能力提高13%以上;车道数为6车道时,客车专用高速公路的实际通行能力比一般高速公路的实际通行能力提高15%以上;在交通量组成一定的情况下,采用新建1条4车道客车高速公路比现状一般4车道高速公路进行4改8有明显优势。结果表明:修建客车专用高速公路比一般的高速公路更能满足通行能力的要求,说明高速公路客货分离拥有良好的发展前景,为评价客货分离高速公路服务水平及技术指标的选取奠定了理论基础。
In order to reflect the advantages of the separation expressway of passenger and freight in the aspect of traffic capacity, this paper compared and analyzed the passenger dedicated expressway and normal expressway. This paper begins with the definition and evaluation criteria of the passenger dedicated expressway, and analyzes the design capacity of the passenger dedicated expressway and normal expressway by using the method of mathematical analysis and comparison. The results show that the actual capacity of the dedicated expressway is more than 13% higher than that of the ordinary expressway when the lane number is eight; when the number of lanes is six, the actual capacity of the dedicated expressway is more than 15% higher than that of the ordinary expressway; In a certain traffic volume situation, comparing with the general four lanes expressway to eight lanes expressway, building a new four dedicated lanes expressway has obvious advantages. Analysis results show that the passenger dedicated expressway is more suitable for the capacity requirements than normal expressway, in other words, expressway separation of passenger and freight has good prospects for development, and provides theoretical basis for evaluation of service level and the selection of the technical indexes of the separation expressway
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