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Debt Contagion in Europe: A Panel-Vector Autoregressive (VAR) Analysis  [PDF]
Florence Bouvet,Ryan Brady,Sharmila King
Social Sciences , 2013, DOI: 10.3390/socsci2040318
Abstract: The European sovereign-debt crisis began in Greece when the government announced in December, 2009, that its debt reached 121% of GDP (or 300 billion euros) and its 2009 budget deficit was 12.7% of GDP, four times the level allowed by the Maastricht Treaty. The Greek crisis soon spread to other Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) countries, notably Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Italy. Using quarterly data for the 2000–2011 period, we implement a panel-vector autoregressive (PVAR) model for 11 EMU countries to examine the extent to which a rise in a country’s bond-yield spread or debt-to-GDP ratio affects another EMU countries’ fiscal and macroeconomic outcomes. To distinguish between interdependence and contagion among EMU countries, we compare results obtained for the pre-crisis period (2000–2007) with the crisis period (2008–2011) and control for global risk aversion.
Fuzzy集的模系结构与表现定理(Ⅱ)  [PDF]
四川师范大学学报(自然科学版) , 1999,
Abstract: 在“Fuzzy集合与集合套的T模交与S模并”(四川师范大学学报(自然科学版),1998,21(1)27~33)一文的基础上,继续讨论Fuzzy集与集合套的对偶模系结构.引入了集合套的水平属于关系,水平重于(非重)关系,Fuzzy属于关系与Fuzzy非重关系等概念.最后得到在此更为广泛框架下的表现定理.更多还原
Fuzzy集的模系结构与表现定理(Ⅰ)  [PDF]
四川师范大学学报(自然科学版) , 1999,
Abstract: 在“Fuzy集合与集合套的T模交与S模并”(《四川师范大学学报》(自然科学版),1998,21(1)27~33)一文的基础上,继续讨论Fuzzy集与集合套的对偶模系结构.引入了集合套的水平属于关系,水平重于(非重)关系,Fuzy属于关系与Fuzzy非重关系等概念.最后得到在此更为广泛框架下的表现定理更多还原
WAEMU Trade and Current Account Balance Deficit Analysis: A Panel VAR Approach  [PDF]
Amadou Maiga Ousseini, Xiaojuan Hu, Badamassi Aboubacar
Theoretical Economics Letters (TEL) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/tel.2017.74060
Abstract: Our study focuses on the analysis of the main determinants which have an effect on trade and current account balance. We empirically investigate the effect of money supply (M2), real exchange rate, income, inflation, investment, and house-hold consumption expenditure on the trade and current account balance of WAEMU for the period 1980-2013. The examination of monetary and absorption approaches to the balance of payments motivate the inclusion of income and money supply (M2). The conventional approach of elasticity motivates usage of exchange rates. We adopt the panel VAR method which additionally includes a simulation of variance decompositions and impulse response functions for transmission of shocks and further deductions. The study found a negative and statistically significant effect of money supply, household consumption expenditure on trade Balance. We found also a significant and positive effect of real exchange rate, income, inflation, and investment on the trade balance. A significant and negative relationship between money supply, investment and current account balance was established. The effect of real exchange rate, income, inflation, and household consumption expenditure on the current account balance was found to be positive and significant as well. The significance of exchange rate effect on the trade balance suggests that the Marshall-Lerner condition hold for WAEMU.
关于线性互补问题的模系矩阵分裂迭代方法  [PDF]
计算数学 , 2012,
Abstract: 模系矩阵分裂迭代方法是求解大型稀疏线性互补问题的有效方法之一.本文的目标是归纳总结模系矩阵分裂迭代方法的最新发展和已有成果,主要内容包括相应的多分裂迭代方法,二级多分裂迭代方法和两步多分裂迭代方法,以及这些方法的收敛理论.
Structural Panel VARs  [PDF]
Peter Pedroni
Econometrics , 2013, DOI: 10.3390/econometrics1020180
Abstract: The paper proposes a structural approach to VAR analysis in panels, which takes into account responses to both idiosyncratic and common structural shocks, while permitting full cross member heterogeneity of the response dynamics. In the context of this structural approach, estimation of the loading matrices for the decomposition into idiosyncratic versus common shocks is straightforward and transparent. The method appears to do remarkably well at uncovering the properties of the sample distribution of the underlying structural dynamics, even when the panels are relatively short, as illustrated in Monte Carlo simulations. Finally, these simulations also illustrate that the SVAR panel method can be used to improve inference, not only for properties of the sample distribution, but also for dynamics of individual members of the panel that lack adequate data for a conventional time series SVAR analysis. This is accomplished by using fitted cross sectional regressions of the sample of estimated panel responses to correlated static measures, and using these to interpolate the member-specific dynamics.
光敏小麦雄性不育系a31的育性变异及遗传研究  [PDF]
西北农林科技大学学报(自然科学版) , 2004,
Abstract: 通过不同生态点的育性试验,观察了光敏小麦雄性不育系a31的育性变异,并结合各试验点的光温条件,分析了a31在7个不同生态点的自交结实率。结果表明,a31雄性育性随日长增加有明显的下降趋势,日长是影响其育性的主导因素,在相近日长条件下,温度对a31育性也有一定的影响;a31育性转换的临界日长约为14.5h。对光敏雄性不育系a31与恢复系1376杂交f2分离群体育性的研究表明,582株f2分离群体的平均结实率为42.16%,变异范围为0~86.67%,由于受异源胞质的影响,f2群体中可育株的平均自交结实率低于恢复系1376的平均结实率。卡方测验表明,f2群体的育性分离符合1对基因的分离比例,所以a31光敏育性可能是由1对基因所控制。
一类多执行机构系的滑模控制设计及其应用  [PDF]
控制理论与应用 , 2011, DOI: 10.7641/j.issn.1000-8152.2011.4.CCTA100172
Abstract: 针对一类具有多执行机构的非线性系统,利用滑模控制和backstepping技术,研究了输出跟踪问题.针对执行机构的不同特点,利用离散执行机构实现滑模控制中的不连续控制量,利用连续执行机构实现滑模控制中的连续控制量.然后利用backstepping技术实现连续执行机构的输出对滑模控制中的连续控制量的有限时间收敛.将提出的设计方法应用于导弹直接侧向力与气动力复合控制系统设计,并进行了仿真验证.
渠系非恒定流数值模似方法的应用  [PDF]
西北农林科技大学学报(自然科学版) , 1993,
Abstract: 渠系非恒定流的数学处理目前尚无精确的解法。本文用数值方法对灌区渠系的水流运动要素进行了计算并与实测资料进行对比,认为直接差分方法和特征线方法可供渠系优化调控时使用。
Stucture and dynamics of Taxus chinensis var.mairei clonal population

LI Xiankun,XIANG Wusheng,SU Zongming,

应用生态学报 , 2004,
Abstract: Structure and dynamics of Taxus chinensis var. mairei clonal population were studied. The results showed that according to the life history of Taxus chinensis var. mairei, the modular population could be divided into 6 classes. The development of Taxus chinensis var. mairei population was greatly depended on its ramets, which sprouted on its stem, and the population size structure was stable. The survival curve of Taxus chinensis var. mairei population showed a revered 'J' type. To expanding and continuing the population, there were high ramet sprouting rate and the resource limit induced a higher seedling and sapling mortality rate. When sapling grew up as young tree, its adventitious root stretched into soil to assimilate the nutrient and water, and it became independence individual. Before germination, the seed of Taxus need to dormant for more than one year, and the bird and beast liked to eat the seed, so it was hard to find seedling and sapling from seed. Therefore Taxus chinesis var. mairei had been considered to be a decline or none descendant population. In this study, it was found that Taxus chinensis var. mairei had a powerful asexual multiplication in Yuanbaoshan, especially ramet sprouting on stem. It was depend on this way to develop and expand the population.

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