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Research on Compensative Transmission of Network Backup and Recovery

LI Zhong-Hua,LI Wei-Hua,WU Lu,

计算机科学 , 2005,
Abstract: Linear error correction code(LECC) of the informatics encoding theoretics is used to solve the problems of slowness and low reliability on network disaster backup of crucial data in this paper.LECC partitions the data into blocks and encodes it redundantly,then the encoded packages are transmitted in the erasure channel (Internet for exam- ple).If enough encoded packages are received,the receiver can decode the original data,regardless of which package is lost.It saves the time for package acknowledging and retransmitting,and improves the reliability of channel and the ef- ficiency of data transmission.
Research and Implementation of Tobacco Different Data Disaster Backup System

TANG Jian-Zhong,PAN Min,SHEN Jin,SUN Heng,

计算机系统应用 , 2010,
Abstract: Along with tobacco information system region centralism and data centre establishment, data concentrate gradually. Being lacking in different data disaster backup functions, the system based on the EMC array and the Veritas Storage Foundation cannot satisfy the present informationization safety requirements. On the basis of investigations and studies in Zhejiang Province, this paper designs 2 disaster backup plans: different migration and additional computer. Different migration plan is to separate the storage device from the present computer and put them in two different engine rooms. Additional computer plan does not change the original computer room, but adds new computer and storage device in the new computer room. In practice, these two schemes can protect the original investment and solve the problem of disaster backup.
Black Box Backup System
iyad Ahmad Aldasouqi, Arafat Awajan
International Journal of Computer Science and Security , 2011,
Abstract: Modern organizations from different sizes (Small, , Medium and Large) consider information asone of the most important of their assets that need to be secured against increasing number ofthreats. The importance of the information comes from its impacts on the main tasks performedby the organization. The evolution of Information Technology and Information Systems ischanging permanently the characteristics and the components of such systems and the waysneeded to protect them against any security risk.Periodic data backup is a system administration task that has changed as new technologies havealtered the fundamental structure of networks. These changes encourage rethinking of modernbackup strategies and techniques. In addition, standard backup programs and specialized toolsare often needed.This paper provides an overview of issues to be considered for a long term, stable and securebackup system. A new approach (Hardware) called Black Box backup system is proposed basedon current risk management plans and procedures used mainly in the aerospace industry.
Optimal Backup Interval for a Database System with Full and Periodic Incremental Backup  [cached]
Cunhua Qian,Yingyan Huang,Xufeng Zhao,Toshio Nakagawa
Journal of Computers , 2010, DOI: 10.4304/jcp.5.4.557-564
Abstract: This paper considers the following backup scheme for a database system: a database is updated at a nonhomogeneous Poisson process and an amount of updated files accumulates additively. To ensure the safety of data, full backup are performed at time NT=L or when the database fails, whichever occurs first, and between them, incremental backups are made at
Auto Backup with Network Information System  [PDF]
Prajakta D. Phalke,Snehal G. Pote,Sakshi Dhar,Kshitija S. Urane
International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering , 2013,
Abstract: In information technology, Backups have two distinct purposes. The primary purpose is to recover data after its loss, be it by data deletion of corruption. Data loss can be a common experience of computer users. The secondary purpose of backups is to recover data from an earlier time, according to a user-defined data recovery policy, typically configured within a backup application for how long copies of data are required. Though backups popularly represent a simple form disaster recovery, and should be part of a disaster recovery plan, by themselves, backups should not alone be considered disaster recovery. Not all backup systems or backup applications are able to reconstitute a computer system, or in turn other complex configurations such as a computer cluster, active directory servers, or a database server, by restoring only data from a backup. Auto Backup Software is an easy-to-use program designed to automatically backup your critical data to a local disk, the Network neighbourhood or remote FTP servers. Restoring is very easy, you can select files to restore to the original or a new location. Auto Backup Software can do integrated encryption, compression, and can use password protection. You can create self-restoring archives. Flexible backup date and time are specified to backup automatically. You can start backup and restore manually at any convenient time. It is a simple yet powerful backup solution for your business or for your personal needs in a networking environment or on a single machine. Auto Backup Software can work as a Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 service(Only Site License). Multi-threaded backup, restore and transfer engine allows you can start multi-backup and -restoring processes at the same time. You can edit multi-backup tasks at the same time, too. The system tray pop up menu provides for easy access to main functions. NIS is useful for network administrative to manage different clients from one space. NIS support get the screenshot of current screen for a any client on network. Power off the selected client PC. Shut down the PC from Administration PC. Admin can get the processes currently running on client pc and can also kill the unnecessary process running on client pc. It can send a message to particular client or all clients on network.
Performance comparison of backup brake system

- , 2016,
Abstract: 为了比较3种不同备用制动系统的差异,以制动距离与车钩力为评价指标,采用AMESim与Simulink软件联合搭建列车制动系统仿真模型与性能参数分析模型。在直通电空制动系统故障情况下,分析了不同备用制动系统时的制动特性。以120 km?h-1满载运行的某列车为例,在某单车车辆直通电空制动系统故障后,对比分析故障、单车热备切换制动、全车热备切换制动与冷备切换制动4种工况下的列车制动距离与车钩力变化趋势,研究了故障车辆位置对制动距离与车钩力的影响。分析结果表明:与无备用制动系统的故障工况相比,实施单车热备切换制动方式后,制动距离最大减小10.14%,最大拉钩力最大减小84.59%,最大压钩力最大减小76.87%; 实施全车热备切换制动方式后,制动距离最大减小6.41%,最大拉钩力最大减小46.24%,最大压钩力最大减小10.24%; 实施冷备切换制动方式后,制动距离最小增大3.13%,最大拉钩力最大减小48.73%,最大压钩力最大减小25.58%; 随着故障车辆的后移,最大压钩力逐渐增大,最大拉钩力逐渐减小,若此时采用单车热备切换制动方式,最大压钩力与最大拉钩力均呈现逐渐增大的趋势。
In order to compare the differences among three kinds of backup brake systems, the braking distance and coupler force were taken as evaluation indexes, and the simulation model of train brake system and the analysis model of performance parameters were built through the co-simulation of AMESim and Simulink. When the failure of direct electro-pneumatic brake system occurred, the characteristics of different backup brake systems were analyzed. Taking a full laden train with the speed of 120 km?h-1 as an example, when the failure of direct electro-pneumatic brake system of a vehicle occurred, the changing trends of braking distance and coupler force were comparatively analyzed in four conditions including fault, single vehicle switching with hot standby backup brake, whole vehicles switching with hot standby backup brake, switching with cold standby backup brake, and the influences of fault vehicle's location on braking distance and coupler force were studied. Analysis result indicates that compared with the fault condition without backup brake system, the braking distance in the condition of single vehicle switching with hot standby backup brake decreases by 10.14% at most, the maximum tensile coupler force and the maximum pressed coupler force decrease by 84.59% and 76.87% at most respectively. In the condition of whole vehicles switching woth hot standby backup brake, the braking distance decreases by 6.41% at most, the maximum tensile coupler force and the maximum pressed coupler force decrease by 46.24% and 10.24% at most respectively. In the condition of switching with cold standby backup brake, the braking distance increases by 3.13% at least, the maximum tensile coupler force and the maximum pressed coupler force decrease by 48.73% and 25.58% at most respectively. With the retroposition of fault vehicle, the maximum tensile coupler force increases gradually, while the maximum pressed coupler force decreases gradually, and in the condition of single vehicle switching with hot standby backup brake, the maximum tensile coupler forceand the maximum pressed
高温超导究进展  [PDF]
物理 , 1988,
Abstract: ?一、同位素效应[1]1950年以来,陆续发现在很多超导体中,当用质量大一些的同位素来取代其中的原子时,临界温度tc降低,这意味着声子对超导相的出现起着重要的作用.这一发现导至1957年j.bardeen,l.cooper和r.schrieffer的理论的出现.理论认为,超导电性来源于电子间通过声子作媒介所产生的吸弓湘互作用,当这种作用超过电子间的库仑排斥作用时,电子结合成对.这就是著名的bc?...
冷备和温备系统的可靠度评估方法  [PDF]
系统工程理论与实践 , 2001,
Abstract: ?研究冷备和温备系统的可靠度评估问题,得出了系统可靠度的点估计、矩结构和置信下限.模拟研究和实际例子说明这种评估方法比较符合实际.
A Heuristic Algorithm for Static Load Distribution in Backup Operations
Stoicho D. Stoichev,Krasimir Miloshev
Sel?uk Journal of Applied Mathematics , 2011,
Abstract: Distributing backup clients load among the existing backup media servers can be considered as a part of the general Load Balancing Problem. Each backup client is connected to specific backup media servers via so called policies and has specific amount of data to be backed up. Our goal is to distribute approximately evenly all the backup clients loads among the existing media servers which handle backup operations. We suggest a heuristic load balancing algorithm with linear execution time on the number of loads.
基于股票收益与波动率相关的备兑权证定价  [PDF]
北京理工大学学报 , 2007,
Abstract: 研究标的股票收益与波动率相关下的备兑权证定价.基于SteinandStein期权定价模型,通过Scott求解由特征函数方法得到备兑权证定价公式.备兑权证价格随股票收益与波动率间相关系数r从-1+1变化,价平权证的价格变化不明显,价外权证价格比价内权证价格的变化更显著.定价模型考虑了股票收益与波动率相关性对备兑权证的影响,该方法可为中国衍生品市场参与各方提供适合国内市场特殊性的权证定价理论指导.
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