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Soil Erosion Analysis in a Small Forested Catchment Supported by ArcGIS Model Builder
CSáFORDI, Péter,P?D?R, Andrea,BUG, Jan,GRIBOVSZKI, Zoltán
Acta Silvatica & Lignaria Hungarica , 2012,
Abstract: To implement the analysis of soil erosion with the USLE in a GIS environment, a new workflow has been developed with the ArcGIS Model Builder. The aim of this four-part framework is to accelerate data processing and to ensure comparability of soil erosion risk maps. The first submodel generates the stream network with connected catchments, computes slope conditions and the LS factor in USLE based on the DEM. The second submodel integrates stream lines, roads, catchment boundaries, land cover, land use, and soil maps. This combined dataset is the basis for the preparation of other USLE-factors. The third submodel estimates soil loss, and creates zonal statistics of soil erosion. The fourth submodel classifies soil loss into categories enabling the comparison of modelled and observed soil erosion. The framework was applied in a small forested catchment in Hungary. Although there is significant deviation between the erosion of different land covers, the predicted specific soil loss does not increase above the tolerance limit in any area unit. The predicted surface soil erosion in forest subcompartments mostly depends on the slope conditions.
无 氧 条 件 下TiO2 薄 膜 界 面 光 催 化 反 应 的XPS 研 究  [PDF]
杨喜昆,胡显智,何 兵,楚国栋
分子催化 , 2009,
Abstract: 设 计 利 用 X 射 线 光 电 子 能 谱 仪 的 高 真 空 系 统 作 为 无 氧 条 件 下 光 催 化 反 应 和 分 析 的 场 所 , 研 究 真 空 无 氧 环 境 和 大 气 有 氧 环 境 中 紫 外 光 激 发 TiO2 薄 膜 表 面 的 光 催 化 反 应 , 并 对 无 氧 条 件 下 TiO2 薄 膜 降 解 亚 甲 基 蓝 进 行 初 步 探 索 . 结 果 表 明 , 在 大 气 有 氧 和 真 空 无 氧 条 件 下 TiO2 薄 膜 经 紫 外 光 照 后 , 表 面 的 化 学 组 成 和 化 学 状 态 均 发 生 了 变 化 ; 在 有 氧 环 境 中 TiO2 薄 膜 表 面 氧 含 量 增 加 , 而 在 无 氧 环 境 中 TiO2 薄 膜 表 面 氧 含 量 减 少 . TiO2 薄 膜 表 面 的 吸 附 氧 是 维 持 无 氧 条 件 下 光 催 化 反 应 的 重 要 原 因 , 增 加 薄 膜 表 面 吸 附 氧 的 含 量 能 提 高 TiO2 薄 膜 在 无 氧 环 境 中 的 催 化 活 性 . 此 外 , 无 氧 条 件 下 TiO2 薄 膜 降 解 亚 甲 基 蓝 光 催 化 反 应 过 程 中 , 亚 甲 基 蓝 分 子 只 是 脱 去 了 某 个 含 氮 的 基 团 , 生 成 了 中 间 产 物 , 而 并 没 有 完 全 降 解 .
The CMS Event Builder  [PDF]
V. Brigljevic,G. Bruno,E. Cano,S. Cittolin,A. Csilling,D. Gigi,F. Glege,R. Gomez-Reino,M. Gulmini,J. Gutleber,C. Jacobs,M. Kozlovszky,H. Larsen,I. Magrans de Abril,F. Meijers,E. Meschi,S. Murray,A. Oh,L. Orsini,L. Pollet,A. Racz,D. Samyn,P. Scharff-Hansen,C. Schwick,P. Sphicas,V. ODell,I. Suzuki,L. Berti,G. Maron,N. Toniolo,L. Zangrando,A. Ninane,S. Erhan,S. Bhattacharya,J. Branson
Physics , 2003,
Abstract: The data acquisition system of the CMS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider will employ an event builder which will combine data from about 500 data sources into full events at an aggregate throughput of 100 GByte/s. Several architectures and switch technologies have been evaluated for the DAQ Technical Design Report by measurements with test benches and by simulation. This paper describes studies of an EVB test-bench based on 64 PCs acting as data sources and data consumers and employing both Gigabit Ethernet and Myrinet technologies as the interconnect. In the case of Ethernet, protocols based on Layer-2 frames and on TCP/IP are evaluated. Results from ongoing studies, including measurements on throughput and scaling are presented. The architecture of the baseline CMS event builder will be outlined. The event builder is organised into two stages with intelligent buffers in between. The first stage contains 64 switches performing a first level of data concentration by building super-fragments from fragments of 8 data sources. The second stage combines the 64 super-fragments into full events. This architecture allows installation of the second stage of the event builder in steps, with the overall throughput scaling linearly with the number of switches in the second stage. Possible implementations of the components of the event builder are discussed and the expected performance of the full event builder is outlined.
International Journal on Computer Science and Engineering , 2012,
Abstract: Database Management systems are widely used on industries to administer databases like MySQL. The most common way of managing these databases is via long commands or scripts that need to be entered on a console. In some cases, these commands can be long enough to span 4 lines. The longer the command, higher is thechance of making mistakes. They require the administrator to be highly skilled. In this paper, a Query Builder is proposed and this will be accessible from anywhere in the world. If we compare conventional DB administration procedures and administration using our Web Based Query Builder, we can see that it highly simplifies the task of administration.
珙 桐 繁 育 的 研 究 进 展  [PDF]
陈蕤坤,徐 莺
北方园艺 , 2010, DOI: 10.11937/bfyy.201023075
百 合 鳞 片 快 繁 试 验 研 究  [PDF]
王海新,赵 艳,崔雪艳
北方园艺 , 2010, DOI: 10.11937/bfyy.201017056
金 钱 松 研 究 进 展 与 展 望  [PDF]
北方园艺 , 2010, DOI: 10.11937/bfyy.201020076
土 壤 氮 素 矿 化 研 究 进 展  [PDF]
张笑千,陈 卓,常 鹏,曲英华
北方园艺 , 2010, DOI: 10.11937/bfyy.2010015008
茄 子 杂 种 优 势 利 用 研 究  [PDF]
樊绍翥,张凤生,李 烨,姚建刚
北方园艺 , 2010, DOI: 10.11937/bfyy.201023007
红 掌 苗 期 施 肥 试 验 研 究  [PDF]
许震寰1,,唐霄铧1,,白为1,,卓 明1,孙 婷1
北方园艺 , 2010, DOI: 10.11937/BFYY.201017045
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