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Sin, Punishment and Redemption in King Lear  [cached]
Yujun Liu
Asian Social Science , 2009, DOI: 10.5539/ass.v5n9p119
Abstract: Holy Bible is the classic of Christian, having a deep and far-reaching influence on the thought and the everyday life of western people. The elements in Holy Bible were shown everywhere in Shakespeare’s tragedy: King Lear. This article aims to explore the essential propositions of Christian: sin, punishment and redemption as the clue, and analyzes the behaviors and fates of characters in King Lear. First, human beings are born with sins. The characters can not escape the deep-rooted original sin in human’s nature, committing different kinds of sins. Second, God is fair to everyone. The punishment follows their sins. The characters deserved their proper punishment accordingly. Owing to their different sins, some experienced kinds of sufferings; some lost their life; some will be tortured in the hell forever. Third, God punishes those who commit the sins, but he also saves those who die for justice, and forgives those who repent. Suffering is the road leading to being redempted. After those sufferings, people were saved. The religious ideas are widely used King Lear, further heightening the feelings of Christians, and preaching the lessons of punishing the evil and advocating the good.
An Extreme Application of the Theoretical Prediction Open-end Fund Redemption of Methods
Cheng Wei,Guifang Ren,Jinyu Wang
Modern Applied Science , 2009, DOI: 10.5539/mas.v1n4p102
Abstract: The open-end funds have liquidity risk, one of the main reasons !a the open-end fund huge redemption is elaborated, th paper uses the extreme value theory measure the liquidity risk. Through the analysis, we found that the extreme application fit to forecast open-end fund redemption amount of their probability of occurrence, and use maximum likelihood method to estimate the parameters and goodness-of-fit test. This paper also uses the Monte Carlo method to the results for further simulation experiments, and forecast the mean and standard deviation of the redemption of the fund. Fund managers may, under certain probability, predict funds for the redemption, resulting in an appropriate reserve of cash, avoiding reasonably the open-end fund which provides liquidity risk. That is a good prediction method.
Independency, Awakening of Female Self-Consciousness and Self-Redemption
—Interpretation of a Thousand Splendid Sun

Wenjing Lu
Advances in Literary Study (ALS) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/als.2019.71002
Abstract: A Thousand Splendid Sun, the novel created by Hossein, presented the complicated experiences of depression, despair, self-redemption of the two heroines in front of the reader. The most moving point of the novel lies in the awakening and rising up and redemption of the two heroines when the world around them totally collapsed. The novel is still very meaningful to those who are seeking happiness and independent.
The strategy of inventory redemption based on dynamic pledge mode

- , 2016, DOI: 10.11835/j.issn.1008-5831.2016.06.012
Abstract: 存货解押是存货质押融资业务中的一个重要环节,而不同的解押方式将会对融资企业的融资成本产生较大影响。考虑存货解押的总成本由运输成本、库存成本及利息成本三部分构成,分别建立融资企业在授信期末一次解押、授信期内分批解押、授信期内提前解押三种情形下的总成本函数,推导每种解押方式的最优解押数量及最优解押批次表达式。通过数值算例对三种解押方式的总成本进行比较,得到授信期内提前解押方式最优的结论,敏感性分析展示了相关外生变量的变化对三种解押方式总成本的影响方式。
Inventory redemption is an important part of inventory pledging financing business. The different redemption modes will have great impact on the financing cost of financing enterprises. This paper considers that the total cost of inventory redemption consists of the transportation cost, the storage cost and the interest cost. The paper respectively establishes the total cost function about three kinds of inventory redemption mode such as a one-time redemption at the end of the credit period, partial redemption during the credit period and advance redemption during the credit period, and derives the optimal expression of redemption quantity and batch number for each redemption mode. The paper compares the total cost of three kinds of redemption mode according to a simulation example. The result shows that the mode of advance redemption during the credit period is optimal. The sensitivity analysis of related parameters gives the effect of the total cost of the three kinds of redemption mode.
Descendit ad [in] inferna:‘A matter of no small moment in bringing about redemption’
J Buitendag
HTS Theological Studies/Teologiese Studies , 2009,
Abstract: This article endorses Calvin’s conviction that the ‘descendit ad inferna’ of the Apostles’ Creed is part of the ‘summary of doctrine‘ and a matter of ‘no small moment in bringing about redemption‘ (Calvin 1960:Inst. II, xvi, 8). The reason for this role, however, is not Calvin’s metaphorical interpretation of the clause. Instead, the author tries to argue that a scientifi c theological approach will maintain the clause because of its transcendence of fi nitude and the proclamation of Christ’s victory. The whole of creation is delivered from sin. Proper hermeneutics will take the original socio–historical environment into account and make one suspicious about certain ecclesiastical biases. Spatial terms in the Creed should therefore not be demythologised, but rather be transformed in accordance with the insights of the contemporary physics of time and space.
The search for redemption: Julia Kristeva and Slavoj i ek on Marx, psychoanalysis and religion  [PDF]
Boer Roland
Filozofija i Dru?tvo , 2007, DOI: 10.2298/fid0732153b
Abstract: Slavoj i ek and Julia Kristeva have followed strikingly similar paths in their intellectual and political development, moving from Marxism through psychoanalysis to Christianity. This article traces the way they have distanced themselves from Marxism and taken up psychoanalysis, of either the Freudian or Lacanian variety. For Kristeva, psychoanalysis provides the therapeutic solution to individual and at times social problems, whereas for i ek it is the best description of those problems without necessarily providing answers. However, through psychoanalysis, they have gone a step further and become enamoured with Christianity, especially Paul’s letters in the New Testament and the doctrine of love. Paul provides for Kristeva another and earlier version of psychoanalytic solutions, but he enables i ek to find the social and political answers for which he seeks. By connecting these intellectual moves with their own departures from Eastern Europe, one from Yugoslavia (and then Slovenia) and the other from Bulgaria, I argue that their search for redemption, of both personal and social forms, betrays a residual socialism. In fact, their moves into psychoanalysis and Christianity may be read as compensations for a lost socialism, so much so that i ek at least makes a belated recovery of Marx through Christianity and Kristeva can never quite excise Marx from her thought.
Waiting for Redemption in The House of Asterion: A Stylistic Analysis  [PDF]
Martin Tilney
Open Journal of Modern Linguistics (OJML) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ojml.2012.22007
Abstract: The House of Asterion is a short story by Jorge Luis Borges that retells the classical myth of the Cretan Minotaur from an alternate perspective. The House of Asterion features the Minotaur, aka Asterion, who waits for “redemption” in his labyrinth. Many literary critics have suggested that the Borgesian labyrinth is a metaphor for human existence and the universe itself. Others have correctly interpreted Asterion’s ironic death at the hands of Theseus as his eagerly awaited redemption. Borges’ subversion of the reader’s expectations becomes the departure point for a systemic functional stylistic analysis of the story in one of its English translations, revealing how deeper-level meanings in the text are construed through its lexicogrammatical structure. A systemic functional stylistic reading suggests that on a higher level of reality, Asterion’s redemption is not only the freedom that death affords, but also a transformation that transcends his fictional universe. Asterion’s twofold redemption is brought about not only by the archetypal hero Theseus but also by the reader, who through the process of reading enables Asterion’s emancipation from the labyrinth.
Game-Review: Red Dead Redemption - von Rockstar San Diego/Take 2 Interactive
Karl H. Stingeder
Medienimpulse , 2013,
Abstract: Das Wilde im Westen befindet sich bereits in den letzten Atemzügen, am Vorabend zur industriellen Revolution. Red Dead Redemption l sst die Spieler in eine von Gewalt erfüllte Welt des ausklingenden Wilden Westens eintauchen.
Reflections On Innovations  [PDF]
Ammu K Radhakrishnan
International e-Journal of Science, Medicine & Education , 2009,
Abstract: In the last decade or so, Medical education all overthe world has been inundated with innovations ineducation, which include innovations in curriculardesign, delivery as well as assessments. There is a needto reflect on the effectives of these innovationson the learner. Hence the theme chosen for the2009 International Medical Education Conference(IMEC 2009) was “Reflections on Innovations”.The Organising Committee felt that it was timely formedical educators everywhere to reflect and evaluatethe effect of the many innovations adopted by theirschools.
Civil Rights Tourism in Mississippi: Openings, Closures, Redemption and Remuneration  [PDF]
Ronald Loewe
Sociology Mind (SM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/sm.2014.41011

Unlike Georgia and Alabama which have had large civil rights museums for many years, Mississippi is just beginning to acknowledge and memorialize this part of its history. Since 2005, visitors to Neshoba County, infamous for the murder of civil rights workers Goodman, Schwerner and Chaney, have been able to obtain copies of the African-American Heritage Driving Tour which directs tourists to nine points of interest associated with the 1964 killings. In examining this development, my aim is to highlight the diverse political, economic and psychological motives underlying civil rights tourism and the formation of the Philadelphia Coalition which came together to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the murders. In specific, this paper argues that civil rights tourism rests on four convergent trends: 1) the interest of the business community in re-imaging Mississippi, 2) the formation of a fragile alliance between white conservatives and moderate African-American leaders, 3) the search for redemption among white Christians, and 4) a growing concern over who will write Mississippi’s recent history.

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