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Management of Breast Cancer in Visceral Surgery of CNHU-HKM of Cotonou in Benin  [PDF]
Dansou Gaspard Gbessi, Ismail Lawani, Chrystelle Tawo-Nounagnon, Francis Moïse Dossou, Yacoubou Imorou Souaïbou, Delphin Kuassi Mehinto, Jean-Léon Olory-Togbe, Kémoko Osséni Bagnan, Nazaire Padonou
Surgical Science (SS) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ss.2016.73022
Abstract: Breast cancer affects more females than males. It occurs earlier with the black females and is often diagnosed at a stage of complication. This study aims to describe its epidemiological characteristics, the changing stages, and to analyze the treatment and means of interdisciplinary and international cooperation in its care and treatment. Our study was retrospective, descriptive and analytic on breast cancer patients received at CNHU-HKM of Cotonou between January 1, 2001 and December 31, 2013. Breast cancer accounts for 24.24% of mammary pathologies and most affects the left breast. Females aged from 40 to 59 years old are the most affected. For males, the average age was 47.5 years old. Patients mostly consult at a later stage where the tumor is already palpable with nodal metastasis. Breast echography and mammography had been done only for 23.85% of the cases. In an anatomical pathology perspective, the invasive ductal carcinoma was the most common type with 87.2%. For the therapeutical aspect, a radical mastectomy according to Patey was realized in 81.65% of the cases; 48.65% underwent a chemotherapy and 14.7% were able to do a radiotherapy. The chance at life for patients was decreasing while the life time is increasing. Also, the average life span of patients was increased by the combination of diverse types of treatments notably when radiotherapy is done. The incidence of breast cancers in Visceral Surgery A and B department of CNHU-HKM-Cotonou is increasing over years.
Satisfaction of Patients Treated in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department in CNHU-HKM of Cotonou  [PDF]
Hountondji Etienne Alagnide, Didier Niama Natta, Germain Houngbedji, Mireille Adido, Jean Olouka, Eric Havyarimana, Godonou Toussaint Kpadonou
Open Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation (OJTR) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ojtr.2018.61002
Abstract: Satisfaction of patients is an important dimension of the hospital management and the evaluation of the quality of care and services offered to patients. Objective: To estimate the degree of satisfaction of patients admitted in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department in the National Hospital and University Center (CNHU-HKM) in Cotonou. Method: Cross-sectional study with descriptive and analytical aim. It was led from June 15th to October 15th 2013, on 158 patients or guides of children or not communicating patients having ambulatory care in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and who agree to participate to the study. The level of global satisfaction of the subjects was estimated with a digital scale from 0 to 10. It was secondarily transformed into a discreet qualitative variable. Result: Rate of participation was 63.2%. Patients had deficiencies of rheumatilogical origine (41.1%), neurological (27.2%), traumatological (24.1%). Their pathologies were evolving since 1 month to 10 years. It was about their first attendance of the Rehabilitation Department of CNHU-HKM in 72.2%. Patients’ degree of satisfaction was good for the deadliness of expectation, reception (80%), cleanliness of the building, respect of patients’ intimacy. Global satisfaction of patients was good in 72%. It was influenced by the deadline of evolution of the pathologies. Discussion-Conclusion: The level of satisfaction of patients admitted in the Rehabilitation Department in CNHU-HKM was acceptable. However, they are parameters that remain to be improved.
About 4 Cases Report of Giant Hydronephrosis Inurology Department of the National University Healthcare, CNHU HKM of Cotonou  [PDF]
Dodji Magloire Inès Yevi, Christian Henry Renaud Hounnasso, Gilles Natchagandé, Dejennin Georges Josué Avakoudjo, Michel Micha?l Agounkpé, Jean Sossa, Fred Hodonou, Prince-Pascal Hounnasso
Open Journal of Urology (OJU) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/oju.2018.84013
Abstract: The authors report 4 different cases of giant hydronephrosis in the urology department of the national university healthcare, CNHU HKM of Cotonou. The frequency of the items, the etiologies and the different treatments carried out were elucidated. The patients were all females. The hydronephrosis affected the left kidney. The most frequent etiology was pyelouretral junction syndrome seconded by obstructive nephrolithiasis in the upper urinary tract. One of the last etiologies was lower pole vascular plexus. Three nephrectomies and one K?SS-HEYNES-ANDERSON pyeloplasty were carried out. Conclusion: Giant hydronephrosis is a rare condition. The etiologies were organic-based and malformed. The therapeutic attitude adopted shows the interest of an antenatal diagnosis for early care.
Anatomic Variants of Sphenoid Sinuses and Adjacent Structures: A Study of 225 Skull CT Scans at CNHU-HKM in Benin, West Africa  [PDF]
Patricia Yèkpè, Djivèdé Akanni, Canicius Ovidio de Souza, Sonia Adjadohoun, Miralda Kiki, Kofi-Mensa Savi de Tovè, Olivier Biaou, Vicentia Boco, Vicentia Boco
Open Journal of Radiology (OJRad) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ojrad.2018.83021
Abstract: Objective: This study aimed to describe anatomic variants of sphenoidal sinuses and adjacent structures. Methods: A retrospective and descriptive study was carried out at The National and University Teaching Hospital Hubert Koutoukou Maga (CNHU-HKM), of Cotonou in Benin from November 1st to December 31st. A review of CT scans skull was done for the subjects aged at least 16 years old. Anatomic variants of the sphenoid sinuses and adjacent structures have been investigated. Results: 225 CT scans of skull were analyzed. The sellar type was the most common type of pneumatization of sphenoid sinuses (74.7%). Pneumatization of anterior clinoid processes of greater and lesser wings of the sphenoid and of pterygoid processes was observed in 7.1%; 4.6%; 3.3% and 7.3%; respectively. Protrusion of carotid canals and optic canals, maxillary and vidian nerves were observed in 48.3%; 13.1%; 18% and 9.5%; respectively. Conclusion: Risky anatomic variants of the sphenoid sinuses and adjacent structures are also described by CT-scan among Beninese. Before any surgery and to avoid bad outcome, a precise approach of these risky anatomic variants must be carried out by using CT-scan.
Epidemiological, Clinical and Etiological Aspects of Sciatica in Hospital Setting, CNHU-HKM Cotonou  [PDF]
Constant Kodjo Adjien, Dieudonné Gnonlonfoun, Cyriaque Dochamou, Accrombessi Donald, Dismand Houinato
Neuroscience & Medicine (NM) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/nm.2018.94017
Abstract: Sciatica, mostly clinical-based diagnosis, is a potentially debilitating condition as a result of disco-radicular conflict between L4 and L5 or L5 and S1. This study aims at describing the epidemiological, clinical and etiological aspects of sciatica in Hubert Koutoukou Maga Teaching Hospital (CNHU-HKM) of Cotonou. It was a prospective, descriptive and analytical study conducted in CNHU-HKM Cotonou neurology department from 1st January to 30th June 2016. The study population comprised 115 low back pain patients seen in consultation. Data collection was carried out through a standard information sheet with socio-demographic, clinical, para-clinical, etiological and therapeutic data. Epi data 3.1 was used for data entry and Stata11 for processing. Frequency of sciatica was 18.6%, with 95% CI [11.5% - 25.7%]. The study population age ranged from 29 to 73 years, with 52 ± 16 as mean value, while sex ratio was estimated at 0.6. Bilateral sciatica representing 53% was present in L5 and S1 nerve roots in 44.4% of cases. It was exacerbated in prolonged standing (24.4%) and relieved in supine position (44.3%), with paresthesia (59.1%) and intermittent radicular claudication (40.9%). Spinal osteoarthritis was the most prevalent etiology (47%). Sciatica is becoming increasing prevalent and should be regarded as problem of health concern.
Healthcare-Associated Bacteremia and Urinary Tract Infections in Wards A and B of Medicine Department, CNHU-HKM of Cotonou: Characteristics and Risk Factors  [PDF]
Angèle Azon-Kouanou, Kouessi Anthelme Agbodande, Faridath Abèni Tatiane Massou, Dissou Affolabi, Roberto Dossou Torès Kouassi Prudencio, Carin Ahouada, Komi Habada, Murhula Katabana Delphin, Djimon Marcel Zannou, Fabien Houngbé
Open Journal of Internal Medicine (OJIM) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ojim.2018.81006
Abstract: Introduction: Healthcare-associated infections are involved in hospital long-stay and in the increase in inherent costs to patients care. Objectives: Objective was to describe the characteristics of healthcare-associated bacteremia and urinary tract infections in medical wards of CNHU-HKM of Cotonou, describe the distribution of germs identified according to admission wards and identify factors associated with onset of healthcare-associated infections. Materials and Methods: It was a cohort study conducted from 4th April to 16th September 2016. The study population included patients admitted in wards A and B of CNHU-HKM Medicine department for at least the past 48 hours, or readmitted in one of the medical wards less than 14 days after their discharge from hospital. Results: The study included 825 patients in total. Prevalence of healthcare-associated infections was 9.8%. Bacteremia was the most represented group (65.4%). The most often identified germs regardless of the site were respectively: K. pneumonia (38.5%), S. aureus (23.1%) and E. coli (20.0%). HIV+ status, internal medicine department, nephrology and endocrinology, duration of admission and the use of urinary catheter represent factors statistically associated with the onset of healthcare-associated infections. Conclusion: Healthcare-associated infections are a real public health issue in CNHU-HKM Medicine Department. There is pressing need to conduct a study on clinical hygiene so as to assess healthcare staff in practice.
The Determinants of Fatal Outcomes during Severe Malaria in Children at the HKM University Teaching Hospital of Cotonou-Benin  [PDF]
Godonou Gratien Sagbo, Florence Alihonou, Marouf Jules Alao, Yévèdo Tohodjèdé, Lutécia Zohoun, Gilles Bognon, Joseph Agossou, Alphonse Noudamadjo, A?da Orou-Guidou
Open Journal of Pediatrics (OJPed) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ojped.2017.74028
Abstract: Introduction: Malaria particularly affects children in sub-Saharan African countries. This study aimed to investigate the factors associated with death in cases of severe childhood malaria to better understand the determinants of death in these children. Patients and Methods: This cohort, descriptive and analytical study was conducted from April 1 to August 15, 2015, at the CNHU-HKM pediatric clinic in Cotonou. Recruitment was exhaustive for all patients under 15 years of age who were admitted for severe malaria, as confirmed by thick smear microscopy. Results: Among the 1774 admitted patients, 449 had severe malaria caused by Plasmodium falciparum (i.e., a hospital frequency of 25.31%). The age group most affected consisted of children younger than 60 months of age (73%); female predominance was noted. The lethality rate of malaria was 13.1% (n = 59). The factors associated with death were coma (p = 0.032), poor convulsive status epilepticus (p = 0.08) and bacterial co-infection by gram negative bacteria (p = 0.021) with respectively correlations coefficient of 0.003, 3.940 and 2.424. Conclusion: Reduction of the malaria mortality rates in Benin
Post-Stroke Epilepsy within a Teaching Hospital in Cotonou, Benin  [PDF]
Dieu Donné Gnonlonfoun, Constant Adjien, Mendinatou Agbetou, Thierry Adoukonou, Jennifer Mapaga, Gérard Goudjinou, Dismand Houinato
Neuroscience & Medicine (NM) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/nm.2017.84007
Abstract: Seizures occurring after stroke are risk factors for the onset of ensuing epilepsy. However, the incidence of vascular epilepsy is low. The purpose of this study was to study vascular epilepsy features in a teaching university. It was a retrospective, descriptive and analytical study, conducted from 1st January 2015 to 31st December 2016 in Cotonou Teaching Hospital (CNHU-HKM), Benin. It involved 35 patients brought together through comprehensive sampling. Vascular epilepsy hospital attendance rate was 2%. There were simple partial seizures in 74.28% of cases while cerebral ischemia was recorded in 44.44% of patients. Neurological consultation after stroke occurrence was a protective factor against the occurrence of vascular epilepsy with significant p at 0.001.
Prevalence of Dementia and Its Associated Factors in Cotonou Teaching Hospital, Benin  [PDF]
Dieu Donné Gnonlonfoun, Constant Adjien, Paul Macaire Ossou-Nguiet, Lansana Laho Diallo, Octave Houannou, Jocelyn Acakpo, Gérard Goudjinou, Dismand Houinato, Dossou Gilbert Avode
Advances in Alzheimer's Disease (AAD) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/aad.2014.32010
Abstract: Introduction: Dementia constitutes a public health hazard in developing countries. There is little data in the sub-Saharan region of African especially in Benin. Objective: Determining dementia hospitalization prevalence and identifying its associated factors in CNHU-HKM, Cotonou. Method: It was a cross-sectional, prospective, descriptive and analytical research conducted from October 2012 to July 2013 in the neurology department; it involved 251 patients aged 50 and above. Dementia screening was conducted using a modified and adapted Mini Mental Scale Examination (MMSE). Dementia clinical and etiological diagnoses were respectively conducted based on DMS-IV and HACHINSKI criteria. Results: Patients were averagely aged 60.9 ± 8.1. Sex ratio (Male/Female) was 1.07. Dementia prevalence was 8.8%. This rate increased proportionally with age, from 5.3% with patients aged below 60 to 12.7% with patients aged above 60. Degenerative dementia was the most predominant type (50%). Following multi-varied analysis, smoking (RC = 6.05 [IC 95% = 1.26 - 29.38] p = 0.0001) and stroke past records (RC = 6.05 [IC 95% = 1.26 - 29.38] p = 0.001) revealed to be the factors associated with dementia. Conclusion: This research showed that dementia affects a significant part of the aging population in CNHU-HKM. It is imperative to combat its associated factors so as to defuse its prevalence.
Epidemiological and Clinical Aspects of Neonatal Dermatoses at the National Teaching Hospital HKM of Cotonou Benin  [PDF]
Hugues Adegbidi, Félix Atadokpede, Christiane Koudoukpo, Marcelline d’Almeida, Bérénice Dégboé, Florence Alihonou, Fabrice Akpadjan, Lydie Savoeda, Florencia do Ango-Padonou
Journal of Cosmetics, Dermatological Sciences and Applications (JCDSA) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/jcdsa.2017.73019
Abstract: Neonatal dermatoses (NND) are frequent, varied and of variable prognosis. The objective of this work was to study the epidemiological and clinical aspects of NND at the NTH-HKM. Methods: This was a cross-sectional descriptive and analytical study from December 1, 2014 to February 28, 2015. All newborns received in the Department of Pediatrics and Medical Genetics and with dermatosis were included. The diagnosis of dermatoses was clinical. Results: During the study period, 355 newborns had at least one NND on a total of 580 newborns received, a prevalence of 61.2%. The sex ratio was 1.54 and the average age was 3.11 days. Transient dermatoses were more frequent (80%), dominated by desquamation + xerosis (33.75%). Congenital melanocytic nevi (40.74%) and malformations and vascular tumors (18.52%) were the most noted pathological neonatal dermatoses. Only age was statistically associated with NND. Conclusion: DNH is common in newborns at the NTH-HKM. They were mostly transitory. Pathological conditions should be treated where appropriate.
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