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Science and Technology Parks in the Context of Social Technologies  [PDF]
Edgaras Leichteris
Social Technologies , 2011,
Abstract: Summary. This article aims to present a new approach to science and technology park concept and the development prospects in the context of social technologies. Globalization and the spread of social technologies are expanding the influence of science and technology parks on national innovation systems. It opens new directions for research in this area, as well as the practical use of social technologies in the development of science and technology parks. The paper also examines the science and technology park as an institutionalized concept of social technology. In this article the interdisciplinary approach for analyzing the complex concept of science and technology parks is used to explore the theoretical relationships with the social technologies concept. The possible links are identified and illustrated by practical examples of Lithuanian science and technology parks. Finally suggestions for further research are made. Based on the analysis and synthesis of scientific literature in both fields (science and technology parks; social technologies) three possible theoretical links are established: a) the use of social technologies in science and technology parks b) the role of a science park as an intermediate body in the humanization and socialization of technologies c) science and technology parks as an institutionalized concept of social technology. The theoretical model is supported by empirical illustrations from the development of Lithuanian science and technology parks, therefore further research in all three directions is feasible and needed. As this research takes a merely theoretical approach to the social systems investigation, it can be qualified only as a preparational stage for further research. The practical examples used in the article are more illustrative than evidence based and shall not be considered as case studies. The research offers an initial framework for researching science and technology parks in the context of social technologies. Establishment of stronger interdisciplinary links of those different concepts has an impact on the effectiveness of the management of science and technology parks, competitiveness of regional and national economies. It allows definition of the areas for future research in a more detailed way, to make particular case studies and gather further evidence on the strength of established links, their main characteristics. It also allows design of new management models for science and technology parks, formulates the recommendations on the effectiveness of science and technology parks as institutions and
Scientific Collaboration and Coauthors in Life Science Journal Articles  [PDF]
Ya-hsiu Fu
Journal of Library and Information Studies , 2002,
Abstract: It is common to conduct collaborative research in science and technology. In particular, the development of big science, Internet, and globalization facilitated the scientific collaboration. This study used two databases, Web of Science and Journal Citation Reports as data sources. From the analysis of 320 papers in 16 journals in life sciences, the results showed that there is no significant correlation between the impact factor of journals and the number of authors. Moreover, there is no correlation of authors and the cited times, either. The number of authors and cited times in most papers are under 10 persons and 25 times, respectively.[Article content in Chinese]
Research Activities at the Research Centre for Science and Technology in Medicine
S Sarkar,MD Abolhassani,F Farahmand,AR Ahmadian
Iranian Journal of Public Health , 2009,
Abstract: "nResearch Center for Science and Technology in Medicine (RCSTIM), affiliated with Tehran University of Medical Science (TUMS), was established in Imam Khomeini Hospital, the largest hospital complex of this kind in Iran in 1994. A major strategy of RCSTIM has been providing a common research environment for close cooperation between specialists involved in science, medicine, engineering and industry. This collaboration in one hand highlights RCSTIM research policy direction and on the other hand assure high quality standards required for design and development of novel medical devices. Since 1998, in line with the Third Development Plan of I.R. of Iran, the work has been focused on applied research activities to promote technical knowledge of the medical device industry, advance the health technology and establish joint research programs between universities and industry. There are seven research groups within RCSTIM conducting advanced re-searches in their specialties. In these many advanced research have been performed leading to design of hi-tech devices and systems. Some of case reports of these technologies are being presented in this paper.
Knowledge-Based Entrepreneurship and Globalization: Correlates for the Wealth of Nations and Perspectives from Nigeria  [PDF]
Paul T. Akuhwa, Cephas A. Gbande, Benedict S. Akorga, Zachariah S. Adye
Open Journal of Applied Sciences (OJAppS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ojapps.2015.58046
Abstract: Though Knowledge based entrepreneurship (KBE) is yet an evolving concept and globalization is without an acceptable concept globally, their tenets represent sound methods and strategies for socioeconomic development. Inextricably, KBE and globalization phenomena could be seen as mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive in exploiting socioeconomic development capital. In this paper, the authors investigated and found out that the defining role of both KBE and globalization was to relate as correlates for the wealth of nations, and also was in an invaluable relationship. KBE is defined as variables that engender innovation, creativity, entrepreneurial culture and orientation with science and technology to underpin optima value creation. These include measurable inputs such as micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) performance and literacy rates at a given time period in the economy. Globalization on the other hand is a multifaceted, multidisciplinary and complex phenomenon that is proxy on economic, political and social globalization indexes, and internet penetration at a given time period in the same economy. This paper tested two hypotheses to prove the construct that KBE and globalization were correlates for wealth of nations with very significant results using secondary data. Research triangulation was also performed to pragmatically prove the results using primary data. Both meta-analyses were conducted using IBM SPSS 21 software on the main model, the multiple regression, a confirmatory model and the chi-square. Finally, the paper called for policy for improving training and education of science and technology content to the entrepreneurs, while taking a 360 degrees approach to promote and intensify globalization practices in Nigeria, and by extension, to other global economies.
Research on the Impact of Five Science and Technology Plans of Guangdong Province on Industrial Innovation Chain  [PDF]
Yuhui Yu
Open Journal of Business and Management (OJBM) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/ojbm.2019.71009
The science and technology planning system is the basic form of government organization of scientific research and technology development activities. It is an action plan that affects the future development of science and technology and the related environment. It is also the government’s rational allocation of scientific and technological resources, regulation of market and scientific re-search, and promotion of scientific and technological progress. An effective means of economic and social development is one of the important tools in science and technology policy. This paper studies the science and technology policy of Guangdong Province, namely the “five major science and technolo-gy plans” from the perspective of industrial innovation chain. Firstly, it in-troduces the theory of industrial innovation chain; then studies the public goods, externalities and uncertainties in the industrial innovation chain of market failures; finally analyzing the role of the “Five Science and Technology Programs” in market failures in the industrial innovation chain.
Research collaboration and the expanding science grid: Measuring globalization processes worldwide  [PDF]
Robert J. W. Tijssen,Ludo Waltman,Nees Jan van Eck
Computer Science , 2012,
Abstract: This paper applies a new model and analytical tool to measure and study contemporary globalization processes in collaborative science - a world in which scientists, scholars, technicians and engineers interact within a 'grid' of interconnected research sites and collaboration networks. The building blocks of our metrics are the cities where scientific research is conducted, as mentioned in author addresses on research publications. The unit of analysis is the geographical distance between those cities. In our macro-level trend analysis, covering the years 2000-2010, we observe that research collaboration distances have been increasing, while the share of collaborative contacts with foreign cities has leveled off. Collaboration distances and growth rates differ significantly between countries and between fields of science. The application of a distance metrics to compare and track these processes opens avenues for further studies, both at the meso-level and at the micro-level, into how research collaboration patterns and trends are driving and shaping the connectivity fabric of world science.
Innovations in Science and Technology Education through Science Teacher Associations
Ben B. Akpan
Science Education International , 2010,
Abstract: One emerging issue highlighted in a UNESCO booklet (Fensham, 2008, p6)is to draw attention to the need for students to receive science education from able science teachers. The booklet emphasizes that quality science learning time, albeit less, is preferable to the damage done by underequipped science teachers. It also draws attention to the important role of science teacher associations, where its members not only have the insights and experience, but also the interest in helping science teacher colleagues. This paper highlights the various contributions possible from Science Teacher Associations (STAs) to the development and delivery of innovative science and technology education in a world that is increasinglydriven by the outputs of science and technology. It stresses the key role of such professional bodies in developing teacher ownership, the sharing of experience at a collaborative level and to be guided to take active responsibility for the interpretations of the intended Government curriculum so as to provide innovative science education best suited to students within their school. Any shift away from ‘teaching the textbook information’,‘teaching to the examination’ and towards ‘assessment for learning’(formative assessment) will be heavily enhanced by the setting up ofmultiple professional fora for enhancing the development of teacher’s PCK(pedagogical content knowledge).
Globalization of Stem Cell Science: An Examination of Current and Past Collaborative Research Networks  [PDF]
Jingyuan Luo, Kirstin R. W. Matthews
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0073598
Abstract: Science and engineering research has becoming an increasingly international phenomenon. Traditional bibliometric studies have not captured the evolution of collaborative partnerships between countries, particularly in emerging technologies such as stem cell science, in which an immense amount of investment has been made in the past decade. Analyzing over 2,800 articles from the top journals that include stem cell research in their publications, this study demonstrates the globalization of stem cell science. From 2000 to 2010, international collaborations increased from 20.9% to 36% of all stem cell publications analyzed. The United States remains the most prolific and the most dominant country in the field in terms of publications in high impact journals. But Asian countries, particularly China are steadily gaining ground. Exhibiting the largest relative growth, the percent of Chinese-authored stem cell papers grew more than ten-fold, while the percent of Chinese-authored international papers increased over seven times from 2000 to 2010. And while the percent of total stem cell publications exhibited modest growth for European countries, the percent of international publications increased more substantially, particularly in the United Kingdom. Overall, the data indicated that traditional networks of collaboration extant in 2000 still predominate in stem cell science. Although more nations are becoming involved in international collaborations and undertaking stem cell research, many of these efforts, with the exception of those in certain Asian countries, have yet to translate into publications in high impact journals.
Foreign Present Condition of the Science and Technology Project Evaluation and Development Trend Research
Minli Jin
International Journal of Business and Management , 2009, DOI: 10.5539/ijbm.v3n8p123
Abstract: The science and technology project evaluation is science and technology evaluation of importance constitute part, push national science and technology business to develop continuously and healthily, promote science and technology resources excellent turn to install, suggest a high-tech management important means and guarantee of the level. This text carried on for the abroad in advance national way of doing with evaluation of the science and technology project analytical, put forward evaluating to our country science and technology project according to its evaluation characteristics and the development trend of apocalypse.
Annals of the University of Oradea : Economic Science , 2011,
Abstract: The present paper present a study done on the Human Resources in Science and Technology (HRST) in Research Development and Innovation (RDI) sector in Romania during 1993-2009 .This paper started from the elements defined in Canberra Manual based on the qualification and occupation. Labor force in this study refers to university level and technician level as skill from education. These definitions from Canberra Manual for HRST were used in the present paper in reference to all the researchers in Romania for different areas of research as engineering and technology sciences domains, natural and exact sciences, medical sciences, agricultural science, social sciences and humanities. After a short presentation of the US origin of the Human Resources in Science and Technology Management and the situation from Europe, the present paper are dealing with the area of the Human Resources in Science and Technology system from Romania, the sector of Research Development and Innovation. This study is focused on the employees by categories of the activities in research, development and innovation sector. We took into account the employees with different categories of graduation diploma which are working in the fields of research and development activities too. Samples data were took from Tempo online database from National Institute of Statistics from Romania, updated database in 21 of October in 2010.Data were took for simulations in December 2010. We try to do a simulation on the evolution of Human Resources in Science and Technology (HRST) in Research Development and Innovation (RDI) sector in Romania during this period (1993-2009) and we observed that real data fitting on a regression curve of sixth degree whose coefficients were defined during this study. This type of simulation can be good for future forecasting for Human Resources in Science and Technology in Research Development and Innovation (RDI) sector in Romania. The present study is part of Doctoral Grant 'Implications for innovation and research and development role in the development of Romania's economic competitiveness', during 2010 and 2013 and having Director :Prof.Dr.Alina Badulescu in Oradea University, Faculty of Economic Sciences.
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