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А.В. Св?тлорусова
Information Technologies and Learning Tools , 2010,
Abstract: The article investigates the role of electronic libraries (e-libraries) in education for people with disabilities. There is determined the problems of highlighted part of society and recommendations concerning use of e-libraries are submitted. Libraries' electronic resources are examined. It was emphasized that big and accessible national e-libraries creation will contribute to effective information usage and that would effect positively on level of science, technique and culture development as well as allow improving education system.. E-libraries give an opportunity to work with a present-day electronic education resources in a free access order. Much more people will be assisted in getting a higher education. It was defined that e-libraries in particular are the important resource for getting teaching and rare literature which is necessary for acquiring of any profession and also for getting higher education for people with disabilities. У статт досл джено роль електронних б бл отек у здобутт осв ти людей з особливими потребами. Окреслено коло проблем означено категор населення та подан рекомендац щодо використання електронних б бл отек. Проанал зовано електронн б бл отечн ресурси. Наголошено, на тому, що створення великих доступних нац ональних електронних б бл отек сприятиме ефективн шому використанню нформац , що надал позитивно вплине на р вень розвитку науки, техн ки, культури дозволить покращити систему осв ти. Електронн б бл отеки, що надають можлив сть роботи з сучасними електронними осв тн ми ресурсами в режим в льного доступу, сприятимуть здобуттю вищо осв ти б льш й к лькост бажаючих. Визначено, що саме електронн б бл отеки важливим ресурсом для отримання навчально р дк сно л тератури, необх дно для навчання за будь-якою спец альн стю для отримання в дпов дно вищо осв ти для людей з особливими потребами.
Role of Data Librarian of University Libraries under Big Data Backgroud

- , 2015,
Abstract: 摘要 文章通过对国外高校图书馆数据馆员的发展综述以及职能的比较研究,构建出国外数据馆员的职能框架,为我国高校数据馆员的角色定位提供依据。
Abstract: The article wrote about the development review of the data librarians in university library and the functions of comparative study,constructed the function of foreign data librarian framework,provided some advices of the role - positioning of the data librarians in our country .
С.М. ?ванова
Information Technologies and Learning Tools , 2010,
Abstract: Стаття присвячена проблем розвитку електронних б бл отек х рол у профес йн й д яльност вчител в загальноосв тн х навчальних заклад в. Розглядаються проблеми, пов’язан з використанням електронних б бл отек учителями загальноосв тн х навчальних заклад в. The article is devoted to the problem of the development of electronic libraries and their role in teachers’ professional activity in secondary schools. There are considered the problems of using the electronic libraries by secondary school teachers.
The role and significance of emigrant libraries  [PDF]
Rozina ?vent
Knji?nica : Revija za Podro?je Bibliotekarstva in Informacijske Znanosti , 2007,
Abstract: The article presents the results of the questionnaire which was sent to a certain number of the Slovenian emigrant libraries in order to determine their present situation (especially their work conditions) and their holdings. This will form the basis of future involvement of the National and University Library and its Slovenian Diaspora Publications Collection, respectively. The final goal is that emigrant libraries join gradually the joint national online database = the Union Catalogue. Accordingly, the National and University Library would make up the deficiencies of its national collection called slovenica , because the publications published abroad are often not identified due to small editions and their dispersion over all continents of the world.
Role Of Libraries In E- Governance With Special Reference To Aurangabad (M.S.)
Veena Kamble
Indian Streams Research Journal , 2012,
Abstract: The study focus on impact of networks on academic libraries and engineering colleges in Aurangabad city, Maharashtra in India. The study revealed that the status of e- governance in libraries in Aurangabad city; role of libraries; impact of library networks on libraries; Benefits and challenges of the e-governance etc.
Research on Service Pattern of Storing Local Government Information into University Libraries in Big Data Age  [PDF]
Linlin Zhang
Journal of Service Science and Management (JSSM) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/jssm.2016.91007
Abstract: Under the big data environment, this paper proposes the system building pattern and effective service strategy of storing government information into university libraries. The local government information can be better co-built and shared by establishing the guarantee institution for government information storage at university library and effectively integrating the government information resources, and providing diversified services of local government information to the public.
Bibliographic Instruction Programs in Academic Libraries and its Role in The Scientific Research
Waled Ghali Nasr
Cybrarians Journal , 2004,
Abstract: A research about the bibliographic instruction programs in academic libraries, it begins with general introduction about the academic libraries and its role in serving the scientific research, then deals the bibliographic instruction and its definitions, and its relation to academic libraries. Then shows the contents of bibliographic instruction programs and how to be introduced and designed. Finally, the research give an examples for applying bibliographic instruction programs in American University in Cairo.
Impact of information technology on the role of medical libraries in information managment: normative background  [PDF]
Anamarija Ro?i?-Hristovski,Sonja Poga?nik
Knji?nica : Revija za Podro?je Bibliotekarstva in Informacijske Znanosti , 1998,
Abstract: Exponential growth of biomedical knowledge and information technology development is changing the infrastructure of health care systems, education and research. So medical libraries roles have shifted from managing containers of information toward influencing biomedical information resource content and education. These new tasks are formalised in modem American standards for medical libraries, stressing information management role in evolving environment.In Slovenia medical libraries also are aware of development imperative of information activities for advances in medicine. At one side they are faced with lack of specific guidelines for proactive action and on the other with inadequate assessment in legal documents and insufficient funding.
Library, Democracy And Sustainable Development: The Role Of Public Libraries In India  [PDF]
Ziaur Rahman , Dhiraj Kumar Basak And Sabahat Nausheen
Golden Research Thoughts , 2013, DOI: 10.9780/22315063
Abstract: Free and open libraries are vital to the success of democracy. Public libraries do play an important role inour society. Libraries collect organize, preserve and provide access to knowledge and information. The publiclibrary system is perhaps one institution that can be readily associated with the social function of providing areservoir of the true reflection of the diversity of human knowledge. They preserve valuable record of culture thatcan be passed down to succeeding generations. They provide people with access to information they need to work,play, learn and govern. It is an essential part of sustainable development. Strategies for sustainable developmentmust include the democratization process. They help to bring people into the democratic process and keep theminformed as citizens about the actions of their representatives.The democratic order is therefore tasked with the empowerment of individuals and communities in orderto create a climate conducive to sustainable development. The public library system is envisaged as a sure means ofachieving these noble objectives—the citizenry must be provided with a continuous access to information whichwill guide them through and where necessary to translate that information into action. This paper recognizes thecentral role played by the public library system in most democracies and advocated that the status of the publiclibrary system should be upgrading to a national agency. The plight of the public library system is that there are noclear and committed legislation on the part of the federal government in respect of its establishment and funding. Itis this one singular predicament that has blighted the progress and contribution of the public library system tosustainable development. This paper looks at the role public libraries play in promoting democracy throughproviding free and open libraries, literacy and reading promotion, information and intellectual freedom.
Violeta Tosic,Sanja Lazarevic
UTMS Journal of Economics , 2010,
Abstract: Cultural tourism has grown rapidly in the past few decades as a result of more income, higher levels of education, globalization processes that make the world a smaller place, technology, the effects of media and telecommunications and new types of cultural attractions. Libraries, as cultural institutions, may contribute significantly to the development of cultural tourism. One good example is the role of Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Egypt.
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