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Evaluating Las Vegas Algorithms - Pitfalls and Remedies  [PDF]
Holger H. Hoos,Thomas Stutzle
Computer Science , 2013,
Abstract: Stochastic search algorithms are among the most sucessful approaches for solving hard combinatorial problems. A large class of stochastic search approaches can be cast into the framework of Las Vegas Algorithms (LVAs). As the run-time behavior of LVAs is characterized by random variables, the detailed knowledge of run-time distributions provides important information for the analysis of these algorithms. In this paper we propose a novel methodology for evaluating the performance of LVAs, based on the identification of empirical run-time distributions. We exemplify our approach by applying it to Stochastic Local Search (SLS) algorithms for the satisfiability problem (SAT) in propositional logic. We point out pitfalls arising from the use of improper empirical methods and discuss the benefits of the proposed methodology for evaluating and comparing LVAs.
Belt Slackness Detection for the Automobile System  [PDF]
C. Sathian
Bonfring International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management Science , 2012, DOI: 10.9756/bijiems.1029
Abstract: General opinion for the cause of overheating in the engine is scarcity of water in the radiator which causes the engine to seize. Normally refilling the radiators would solve the problem but we have several proven cases where engines still seize due to loosening of belts. Though the current technology allows detection of engine temperature, there is no technique to detect this fault and to alert the driver. Our paper advocates a feasible solution for the above mentioned problem. A simple circuit with a potentiometer and LM3914 are employed to indicate any deviations in the tension or slackness in the belt. This also helps in preventing other serious consequences that can occur due to improper functioning of the timing belt which is used to drive the cam shaft in an overhead camshaft.
Multipliers of Hypersemilattices
M. Sambasiva Rao
International Journal of Mathematics and Soft Computing , 2013,
Abstract: The notion of multipliers is introduced in a hypersemilattice and some properties of multipliers are studied. In addition, a set of equivalent conditions are established for two multipliers of a hypersemilattice to be equal in the sense of mappings. Further, the properties of invariance subsets and invariance congruences are studied with respect to multipliers.
Unbounded multipliers on operator spaces  [PDF]
Hendrik Schlieter,Wend Werner
Mathematics , 2010,
Abstract: We introduce unbounded multipliers on operator spaces. These multipliers generalize both, regular operators on Hilbert C*-modules and (bounded) multipliers on operator spaces.
Crashes : symptoms, diagnoses and remedies  [PDF]
M. Ausloos,K. Ivanova,N. Vandewalle
Quantitative Finance , 2001,
Abstract: A brief historical perspective is first given concerning financial crashes, - from the 17th till the 20th century. In modern times, it seems that log periodic oscillations are found before crashes in several financial indices. The same is found in sand pile avalanches on Sierpinski gaskets. A discussion pertains to the after shock period with illustrations from the DAX index. The factual financial observations and the laboratory ones allow us some conjecture on symptoms and remedies for discussing financial crashes along econophysics lines.
Statistical Pitfalls in Medical Research
VB Nyirongo, MM Mukaka, LV Kalilani-Phiri
Malawi Medical Journal , 2008,
Abstract: In conducting and reporting of medical research, there are some common pitfalls in using statistical methodology which may result in invalid inferences being made. This paper is aimed to highlight to inexperienced statisticians or non-statistician some of the common statistical pitfalls encountered when using statistics to interpret data in medical research. We also comment on good practices to avoid these pitfalls. Malawi Medical Journal Vol. 20 (1) 2008 pp. 15-18
Local Operator Multipliers and Positivity  [PDF]
Naomi M. Steen,Ivan G. Todorov,Lyudmila Turowska
Mathematics , 2012,
Abstract: We establish an unbounded version of Stinespring's Theorem and a lifting result for Stinespring representations of completely positive modular maps defined on the space of all compact operators. We apply these results to study positivity for Schur multipliers. We characterise positive local Schur multipliers, and provide a description of positive local Schur multipliers of Toeplitz type. We introduce local operator multipliers as a non-commutative analogue of local Schur multipliers, and obtain a characterisation that extends earlier results concerning operator multipliers and local Schur multipliers. We provide a description of the positive local operator multipliers in terms of approximation by elements of canonical positive cones.
Closable Multipliers  [PDF]
V. S. Shulman,I. G. Todorov,L. Turowska
Mathematics , 2010,
Abstract: Let (X,m) and (Y,n) be standard measure spaces. A function f in $L^\infty(X\times Y,m\times n)$ is called a (measurable) Schur multiplier if the map $S_f$, defined on the space of Hilbert-Schmidt operators from $L_2(X,m)$ to $L_2(Y,n)$ by multiplying their integral kernels by f, is bounded in the operator norm. The paper studies measurable functions f for which $S_f$ is closable in the norm topology or in the weak* topology. We obtain a characterisation of w*-closable multipliers and relate the question about norm closability to the theory of operator synthesis. We also study multipliers of two special types: if f is of Toeplitz type, that is, if f(x,y)=h(x-y), x,y in G, where G is a locally compact abelian group, then the closability of f is related to the local inclusion of h in the Fourier algebra A(G) of G. If f is a divided difference, that is, a function of the form (h(x)-h(y))/(x-y), then its closability is related to the "operator smoothness" of the function h. A number of examples of non-closable, norm closable and w*-closable multipliers are presented.
A Shukla,V Bukhariya,J. Mehta,J. Bajaj
International Journal of Biomedical and Advance Research , 2011, DOI: 10.7439/ijbar.v2i1.22
Abstract: Todaya€ s fast and furious life style one of the major factors, which precipitate the diabetes mellitus. The treatment of diabetes mellitus, which includes the use of insulin and oral hypoglycemic agents sulfonylurea, biguanides. Diabetes mellitus one of the major disorder which is growing at faster rate second after cancer. Long-term use of these medications will create unwanted side effects, resulting uncontrolled increase in blood sugar as well as complications with heart diseases also diabetics are highly prone to different types of microorganism and it will affect immune system of body. To avoid such problems herbal medications has greater advantages. Instead of using these types of allopathic formulations, it is beneficial to use Ayurvedic formulations for better management of diabetes mellitus. In this review, around hundred of herbal plants were showing hypoglycemic activity and still they are using as home remedies for the effective treatment for diabetes mellitus.
Kitchen Remedies for Common Maladies  [PDF]
B.Sandhya,T. Rambabu,Ravi Kumar Gupta,Pushpawathi Chaudary
International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Phytopharmacological Research , 2012,
Abstract: It is well-known that every country has traditional cures for common diseases. Similarly in India also home recipes are advocated by Vaidyas and Hakims since antiquity because of easy to prepare and free of side-effects as well as the availability of basic ingredients easily in and around our surroundings. In this study a sincere effort is made by the authors to create awareness in the minds of present-day generation about the medicinal utility of various commonly available home remedies. On critical analysis, it is observed that nearly 20 herbs viz. Ajamoda, Ardraka, Sunthi, Hingu, Haridra, Jeeraka, Methi, Rajika, Dhanyaka, Lasuna, Palandu, Curry leaf etc. are the commonly available in every kitchen. It is also observed that these herbs are useful for themanagement of more than 20 different conditions such as indigestion, abdominal colic, common cold, cough, fever, diarrhoea, joint pains, hyper-acidity, urticarial rash etc. Along with the classical references latest research findings of the enlisted herbs are also documented in the present study.
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