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Januar Heryanto
Nirmana , 2003,
Abstract: Analisa SWOT terhadap Universitas Kristen Petra (UKP) melingkupi evaluasi mengenai kekuatan%2C kelemahan%2C kesempatan dan tantangan yang dihadapi Universitas Kristen Petra dan sebagai contoh kasus akan dievaluasi Jurusan Desain Komunikasi Visual (DKV). Akhir-akhir ini pergeseran dari pertanian ke industri%2C dilanjutkan ke masyarakat berbasis informasi%2C mengakibatkan perubahan terhadap kebutuhan jurusan/program studi yang akan ditawarkan ke masyarakat Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia : SWOT analysis of PCU involves the evaluation of Petra Christian University s (PCU s) strengths%2C weaknesses%2C opportunities and threats and for example will evaluate Department of Visual Communication Design (VCD) specifically. Recent shift from agriculture to industrial%2C then to an information-based society has impacted the demand on university s department/program offerings. SWOT%2C evaluasi%2C Universitas Kristen Petra (UKP)%2C Jurusan Desain Komunikasi Visual (DKV)
Yulia .,Arlinah Imam Rahardjo,Suryani .
Jurnal Informatika , 2012,
Abstract: Petra Christian University Student Executive Board (BEM) needs an administrative and project management system that can help managing the activities. This Board was having a problem of coordination on managing the activities they have. The tight schedule of each member of the executive staffs who comes from different departments has created this problem. To answer the above problem, an administrative and project management system is developed to help PCU BEM managing each of their activities. The scope of the system covers access privileges, job divisions and task assignments, proposal creation and budgeting arrangements of the implementation of each activity. The application is developed as a web-based system using Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004, PHP and JavaScript programming language and MySQL database system. The system testing concludes that the application is able to support the performances of the BEM executive staff members in managing their activities. The detailed job divisions let the implementation process of each activity be easily viewed by each executive staff member.
Danny Santoso Mintorogo
Dimensi : Journal of Architecture and Built Environment , 2001,
Abstract: The department of architecture at Petra Christian University has offered CAAD and Multimedia for almost ten years, with particular emphasis on the architectural design studios and the final design studio process. As the beginner of CAD users, students with different of CAD skills-right after taking the fundamental of architectural CAD and Multimedia-tend to explore and use CAD in many different ways, such as very few students are using CAD as a design tool, and the others as a production tool mainly. Multimedia has long been firmly conceived, as a great interactive-presentation tool, as an automation within the digital domain of conventional hand-worked animation techniques of presentations. For being the students of 7th and 8th (final) architectural design studios, the crucial issues of creative exploration within a design, simulation, and visualization techniques are of greater importance than those of media-blue prints production information only.
Development of a zoning management plan for petra archaeological park (PAP), Jordan  [PDF]
Said Damhoureyeh, Ahmad Disi, Ibrahim Al-Khader, Mohammed H. Abu-Dieyeh
Natural Science (NS) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/ns.2011.312130
Abstract: As Petra is increasingly becoming a major tourism destination in Jordan, this underlies not only challenges to conserve the habitats and species in Petra but also offers great opportunities to promote academic research and investigation, demonstrate sustainable development and initiation of environmentally sound development and nature based tourism. This investigation is based on both desktop studies and field missions. The desktop part is relied on reviewing various studies and reports that highlighting natural resources in the area. Two field missions were conducted aiming to document various information from related authorities and institutions operating in Petra and also to undertake ground truthing of habitats and species information. The missions also included interviews with Park staff, representatives from ongoing projects and initiatives in Petra (Seyaha-USAID) and many locals belonging to various tribes in Wadi Musa and The Bdul. The study presents a synthesis to findings from these studies and visits. Broadly, the park can be zoned into three mega zones: 1) Wadi Arabah and the steep gorges to the west including the Artemisia and annual grasses steppe to the west, 2) Mountainous ridges and rocky slopes of the Mediterranean region located almost centrally in the park and at the southern limit and part of the eastern borders and 3) Central basin and steep limestone scarps and weathered sandstone. Based on lists of key and indicator species, some key/sensitive sites of conservation value have been suggested. Aspects of grazing, agricultural activities, tourism and water resources and their implications on management schemes have been discussed.
Leo Willyanto Santoso,Yulia .,Luwuk Melly Julita
Jurnal Informatika , 2012,
Abstract: Informatics Engineering Department Petra Christian University do inspection process for judicium manually. This manual process spends considerable time and difficulty in adjusting to the curriculum and regulations. Based on the problems faced by the Department of Informatics, the author develops an application to help speed up and simplify the judicium inspection. This application includes the setting of curriculum, setting fields of study, inspection requirements judicium, determining areas of study graduated students and graduation report. This application was created using ASP.Net programming language and MYSQL as a database. Based on the testing processes, this application has been able to meet the needs of Department of Informatics in the judicium inspection process.
Listia Natadjaja
Nirmana , 2006,
Abstract: Service Learning sebagai suatu metode pembelajaran yang diimplementasikan ke dalam mata kuliah desain kemasan di jurusan Desain Komunikasi Visual Universitas Kristen Petra Surabaya Indonesia. Sebuah proses yang hasilnya bervariasi dan akan dijelaskan di dalam artikel ini. Service Learning sangat cocok diimplementasikan di Indonesia; karena masih banyaknya pengusaha yang membutuhkan sesuatu untuk menaikkan daya jual produknya. Mata kuliah desain kemasan mencoba untuk memecahkan masalah tersebut. Di dalam mata kuliah ini%2C mahasiswa dapat belajar%2C membantu melalui sebuah proses dan mereka dapat mengalami pembelajaran yang nyata untuk memberikan pelayanan kepada masyarakat umum dan pada akhir pelajaran mahasiswa dapat mempunyai portfolio. Di dalam tulisan ini penulis mencoba menjelaskan proses keseluruhan%2C keuntungan dan kerugian%2C segi-segi positif dan negatif dan prospek ke depan penerapan Service Learning secara umum di Indonesia dan khususnya di Surabaya. Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia : Service Learning as a new kind of leaning method was implemented in packaging design course at Visual Communication Design major of Petra Christian University Surabaya- Indonesia. The causes were various%2C and are explained in this study. Service Learning is suitable to be implemented in Indonesia; especially because there are a lot of low economic micro businesses these days that need to increase their sales. One of the courses that can solve this problem is through packaging design. Students can learn%2C help through the process%2C and they can have actual learning for these services and at the end of the lesson they can get their portfolio. This study tries to explain the whole process%2C benefit and loss%2C positive and negative of the implementation and the further prospect of Service Learning implementation in Indonesia especially in Surabaya. Service Learning%2C desain kemasan%2C makro industri.
Freddy H. Istanto
Nirmana , 2002,
Abstract: Awalnya Pendidikan Desain di Indonesia lebih ditekankan pada pendekatan keteknikan. Barulah 20 tahun terakhir inilah pendidikan desain yang bernafaskan kesenirupaan dimulai. Salah satu metode pengajaran di Pendidikan Desain ini adalah model pengajaran studio yang diadopsi dari sistim permagangan Bauhaus di Jerman dan Beaux-arts dari Perancis. Jurusan Desain Komunikasi Visual Universitas Kristen Petra menerapkan proses belajar-mengajar sistim studio ini tidak saja pada inti atau matakuliah utama saja%2C tetapi juga pada matakuliah-matakuliah yang membutuhkan pendekatan ketrampilan. Secara fisik konotasi studio adalah ruang atau tempat untuk menggambar. Tetapi dalam konteks perancangan (desain) studio tidak sekedar ruang gambar%2C tetapi juga sebagai proses belajar%2C pengkayaan dan penggalian ide melalui diskusi%2C mendengar%2C melihat%2C merasakan%2C menyentuh dan mempraktekan. Studio merupakan tempat yang potensial untuk mengintegrasikan ketrampilan%2C nilai-nilai desain dan wacana desain. Dalam perkembangan dunia informasi%2C pemanfaatan teknologi komunikasi dan kemajuan moda informasi (internet) tidak hanya memudahkan mengakses informasi saja%2C tetapi yang lebih penting dari hal itu adalah studio menjadi tempat yang ideal untuk memancarkan kekuatan%2C kearifan dan kebesaran aspek tradisional ke seluruh dunia Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia : In the early time of its appearance%2C the design education in Indonesia had a very technical sense. Then%2C it began to adopt the artistic sense after about 20 years later. The method of studio learning in Indonesia is adopted from the development of the Bauhaus and Beaux-arts apprentice system. This apprentice system was once influenced by the design in the technical/engineering context. In Petra Christian University s Visual Communication Design Department%2C this studio learning method is not only applied to its core subject but also to its skill subject. Physically%2C the connotation of studio is a room for drawing. But in term of designing%2C actually studio is more than just a room for it. Studio is a place for learning%2C enriching the idea by chatting%2C feeling%2C touching%2C and doing. It s also a potential place for integrating skills%2C values and design literacy. Studio can be an ideal place to make the traditional become more global. Right from this place%2C the strength of the local culture will spark its bright sunshine to the whole world. Sekolah desain di Indonesia%2C proses pembelajaran studio.
Connie Susilawati
Civil Engineering Dimension , 2002,
Abstract: Petra Christian University plans to build a Student Center, which functions as a place for students to gather in an informal meeting, a place for student activities, and a place with social and cultural facilities for students, but still fit with the purpose of the university. To prepare a more suitable plan for the students as the main users, their voices should be considered. A survey to 1087 students has been done to gather their voices. This study evaluates level of need and level of importance of the room that will be provided in the Student Centre. The level of satisfaction of the existing facilities’ size has been evaluated to the student guild. This study has recommended rooms under seven categories which have to be provided, such as: rooms for student union, academic support, administration, social, religious rooms, commercial room and some complementary rooms Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia : Universitas Kristen Petra merencanakan untuk mendirikan Student Center yang merupakan tempat berkumpulnya mahasiswa dan sivitas akademika dalam pertemuan informal, tempat aktivitas mahasiswa dan tempat yang menyediakan fasilitas rekreasi, sosial, dan kultural sesuai dengan dasar dan tujuan universitas. Agar perencanaanya lebih sesuai dengan kebutuhan pengguna utamanya, yaitu mahasiswa, maka pendapat mereka perlu menjadi bahan pertimbangan. Untuk mengetahui pendapat mahasiswa telah dilakukan survey kepada 1087 responden mahasiswa aktifis dan non aktifis. Studi ini menilai tingkat kebutuhan dan tingkat kepentingan dari ruangan yang akan disediakan di dalam Student Center tersebut. Mengingat sebagian ruangan-ruangan tersebut sudah ada, maka dilakukan juga evaluasi kepuasan pengguna ruangan terhadap luas ruangan yang diwakili oleh aktivis mahasiswa. Hasil akhir dari penelitian ini adalah rekomendasi ruangan yang perlu disediakan dapat dikategorikan sebagai ruangan untuk organisasi mahasiswa, ruang penunjang akademik, ruang spriritual, ruang administrasi, ruang sosial dan dilengkapi dengan beberapa ruang komersial serta ruang pelengkap.
Annual Production Plan of Mine Based on Linear Programming
Shulin Jiang, Zhao Zhang, Qiaozhi Sang
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1104651
In order to solve the difficulty of the arrangement of ore production at each mine site during the transition from open pit to underground mining in Shirengou iron mine. Taking the largest amount of mining as the objective function, each deposit storage capacity, ore dilution rate, ore loss rate and grade as the constraints, thus the linear programming model was established and solved by lingo considering the balance between reserve and production ratio. The optimal number of each mining area mining was obtained, providing a theoretical basis for raising the overall economic benefits of mining transition period.
Cebu's Basic Christian Community Movement's Alternative Plan for Sustainable Development  [cached]
Kathy Nadeau
Kasarinlan : Philippine Journal of Third World Studies , 1997,
Abstract: Based on selected indicators, Cebu has now recently become one of the most booming growth centers of the Philippines. However, these indicators are mere gauges of economic growth, not development. Development pertains to social and structural process for achieving ecological sustainability and human well-being within a community as a whole. In Cebu, there may have been an economic boom which favors selected few businessmen but, for most Cebuanos, there was none to speak of. Studies shoe that the so called “Ceboom” masks widespread environmental destruction caused by the real estate developers. The Medium-Term Cebu Development Plan (MTCDP) has neglected to develop basic social services and agriculture in order to alleviate poverty in the province. An alternative to this is the broader vision for sustainable development of the Basic Christian Community called Basic Ecclesiastical Community (BEC) movement. Involving a paradigm shift, BEC aims to develop a post capitalist society which is based on ecologically sustainable modes of production through the gradual reorganization of communities on the peripheries. Through their training programs and community organizing, the BEC movement in Cebu seeks to establish a self-sustaining economy based on local agriculture and supported by local industry. The author concluded that, although Cebu is in the forefront of development, the sustainable development can be attained by adopting the BEC’s model.
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