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La recherche geographique des geosites: quelles perspectives?
Daniel Iosif
Cinq Continents , 2011,
Abstract: The paper does not discuses about the term of geosite or its definitions. Those aspects are already well known for the scientific researchers. In the last years, some intense scientific activity was concerned to releasing papers which the main subject was the geosite and his derived terms: geomorphosite, geoarcheological sites etc. We can see a scientific boom around this notion. In those conditions it is necessarily to make a theoretical work with the scope to introduce the lecturer in the complexity and interdisciplinary properties ofthis research field. The paper starts with a short history of the development of the field and continues with his most important component: the geomorphologic site and some perspectives to valuing. Finally, we note that the anthropic monument can be analyzed as geosites too, and the best way to make a cartographic representation of geosites is to use the GIS solutions.
Recognition and assessment of sinkholes as geosites: lessons from the Island of Gozo (Malta)
Paola Coratza, Jorge Pedro Galve, Mauro Soldati, Chiara Tonelli
Quaestiones Geographicae , 2012, DOI: 10.2478/v10117-012-0006-8
Abstract: There is a wide literature on sinkhole or doline classification, formation and evolution. However, despite the fact that they are often characterised by spectacular morphological features, sinkholes are not normally described as geological resources which might be valuable for the society and worth of being promoted for their geomorphological importance. A series of sinkholes have been investigated in the Island of Gozo (Malta), some of which of notable size and high aesthetic interest. These sinkholes have been assessed applying a methodology which has been specifically set up with the aim of verifying whether any of them could be considered as geosites according to their scientific, additional (ecological, aesthetic, cultural) and use values. The paper shows the geosite assessment procedure and discusses its outputs, according to which 6 out of the 17 investigated sinkholes can be considered as geosites of geomorphological interest (geomorphosites). Finally, issues related to their enhancement and fruition are taken into account in the frame of potential geotourism strategies.
Les logiques communautaires entre logiques spatiales et logiques catégorielles (xiie-xve siècles)  [cached]
Joseph Morsel
Bulletin du Centre d’études Médiévales d’Auxerre , 2009, DOI: 10.4000/cem.10082
Abstract: Como vai o homemjunto de outro homem,sem perder o nome ?(…)Mas existe o homem ?(Carlos Drummond de Andrade, ‘Especula es em torno da palavra homem’)L’avènement de logiques communautaires et les difficultés historiographiques à en rendre compteL’ensemble de l’Occident médiéval, au plus tard à partir du xie siècle, est concerné par un mouvement de grande ampleur, qui affecte tant l’organisation de l’espace que l’organisation sociale et auquel je conserve volontiers le nom d’ encellulement q...
Review and protection possibilities of some trans-border (East Serbia-West Bulgaria) stratigraphic/palaeontological geosites
Jovanovi? Velimir,Carevi? Ivana,Vu?kovi? Dragana,Abad Khalil Taherpour Morteza
Glasnik Srpskog Geografskog Dru?tva , 2012, DOI: 10.2298/gsgd1201171j
Abstract: Stratigraphic/palaeontological geosites of Stara Planina Mountain in east Serbia are well developed in the area of Serbian/Bulgarian state border, where with this occassion, three sections of exeptional geological and scientific interest are selected: Jelovica, Rosoma and Senokos. These geosites represent the important localities for study of Triassic and Jurassic terrigene-carbonate deposits, for which the scientific value from the domains of palaeontology, stratigraphy and sedimentology is widely known. The aim of this work is to represent the main scientific arguments for inventory and protection of detached transborder geological sites that are unique according to their composition and content.[Projekat Ministarstva nauke Republike Srbije, br. 176008]
Observing the Earth as an exoplanet with LOUPE, the Lunar Observatory for Unresolved Polarimetry of Earth  [PDF]
T. Karalidi,D. M. Stam,F. Snik,S. Bagnulo,W. B. Sparks,C. U. Keller
Physics , 2012, DOI: 10.1016/j.pss.2012.05.017
Abstract: The detections of small, rocky exoplanets have surged in recent years and will likely continue to do so. To know whether a rocky exoplanet is habitable, we have to characterise its atmosphere and surface. A promising characterisation method for rocky exoplanets is direct detection using spectropolarimetry. This method will be based on single pixel signals, because spatially resolving exoplanets is impossible with current and near-future instruments. Well-tested retrieval algorithms are essential to interpret these single pixel signals in terms of atmospheric composition, cloud and surface coverage. Observations of Earth itself provide the obvious benchmark data for testing such algorithms. The observations should provide signals that are integrated over the Earth's disk, that capture day and night variations, and all phase angles. The Moon is a unique platform from where the Earth can be observed as an exoplanet, undisturbed, all of the time. Here, we present LOUPE, the Lunar Observatory for Unresolved Polarimetry of Earth, a small and robust spectropolarimeter to observe our Earth as an exoplanet.
Geoheritage at the Equator: Selected Geosites of So Tomé Island (Cameron Line, Central Africa)  [PDF]
Maria Helena Henriques,Keynesménio Neto
Sustainability , 2015, DOI: 10.3390/su7010648
Abstract: This work presents, for the first time, an overview of the rich geodiversity outcropping in the S?o Tomé island, one of the two islands that make up the archipelago of S?o Tomé and Príncipe, the second smallest state of Africa in area. Located at the equator, in the alignment known as the “Cameroon Volcanic Line”, this archipelago represents a privileged area for the comparative study between oceanic and continental alkaline volcanism, and therefore between the subcontinental and suboceanic mantle. Ten geosites of S?o Tomé island were selected, described and evaluated on the basis of their geoheritage value and using a qualitative system of classification, which integrates both the meaning attributed to the objects by scientific communities and the public understanding of such meanings related to its social use. The selected geosites display different heritage values (documental, scenic, symbolic, iconographic and indicial) potentially usable for different purposes, namely scientific and educational, but mostly tourism. Geotourism can play a key role in the promotion of sustainable development in the Democratic Republic of S?o Tomé and Príncipe, and the geosites here described are likely to ground a geo-itinerary on this “pearl” of the Cameron Line.
Loupe-Assisted High Inguinal Varicocelectomy for Sub-fertile Men with Varicoceles  [PDF]
Ming-Li Hsieh,Phei-Lang Chang,Shih-Tsung Huang,Ta-Ming Wang
Chang Gung Medical Journal , 2003,
Abstract: Background: Microsurgical sub-inguinal varicocelectomy has been associated withextremely high success rates and minimal postoperative complications. Theaim of this study was to report the techniques and outcomes of varicocelectomyusing a modified microsurgical method, specifically a loupe-assisted highinguinal varicocelectomy instead of the usual microscope and sub-inguinalapproach.Methods: From 1997 through 2000, 116 patients underwent modified high inguinalvaricocelectomy. All patients had at least a 1-year history of infertility withabnormal semen parameters and varicocele proven by physical examinationand/or color Doppler ultrasound. Varicocelectomy was performed as an outpatientprocedure. To facilitate the procedure, a x3.0 loupe was used duringthe spermatic cord dissection at the level of the internal inguinal ring. Duringdissection, the dilated veins were ligated and divided including vasal veinsand external spermatic veins. All of the patients were followed postoperativelywith semen analysis and physical examination every 3 months.Results: A total of 96 patients were followed for more than 1 year, with at least twosemen analyses being conducted. Moreover, 136 varicocelectomies were performedamong the 96 patients. No intra-operative complications occurred. Atemporary reactive hydrocele was noted in one patient, but subsequentlycompletely resolved. In addition, recurrent or persistent varicocele was identifiedby physical examination and/or color Doppler in four patients (2.9%).Motile sperm concentration increased from 31.8
Deux modèles de fondation dans les Recherches logiques  [cached]
Thomas Nenon
Methodos : Savoirs et Textes , 2009, DOI: 10.4000/methodos.2186
Abstract: Cette étude essaye d’établir qu’il y a deux notions très différentes de fondation à l’ uvre dans les Recherches logiques de Husserl. Dans la IIIème Recherche, où le terme est formellement introduit, lorsqu’il se demande quels sont les contenus qui peuvent exister d’une manière autonome (indépendants) et lesquels peuvent exister uniquement en tant que moments d’autre chose (dépendants), Husserl suit ce que j’appelle un modèle ontologique . Selon ce modèle, le concret possède une priorité sur à l’abstrait qui est fondé en lui. Dans la VIème Recherche, en revanche, Husserl s’oriente principalement sur un modèle gnoséologique qui voit le complexe comme fondé sur ce qui est relativement simple, étant donné que les expériences d’ordre supérieur (telles les perceptions de types d’objets plus complexes) sont fondées sur des expériences plus simples, bien qu’elles ne puissent pas y être réduites. L’exemple principal ici est celui des intuitions catégoriales : fondées sur les intuitions sensibles, elles n’y sont pas réductibles. Mais cette distinction entre deux sens différents du terme de fondation peut également nous aider à mieux comprendre de nombreuses thèses husserliennes plut t controversées. Par exemple, elle peut nous permettre de mieux comprendre dans quelle mesure faire l’expérience d’un être humain comme un tout se fonde sur l’expérience d’un corps physique, et cela même si l’étant que nous rencontrons inclut à la fois des aspects corporels et des aspects spirituels – les deux étant vus, d’une manière essentielle, comme des moments de cette unique personne qui fait l’objet de notre expérience. This essay attempts to establish that there are two very different notions of “foundation” at work in Husserl’s Logical Investigation. In the Third Investigation where the term is formally introduced, Husserl is using what I call an ontological model that investigates what kinds of contents can exist on their own (independently) and what kinds can exist only as a moment of something else (dependently). According to this model, the concrete has priority over the abstract that is founded upon it. In the Sixth Logical Investigation, by contrast, Husserl orients himself primarily on an epistemological model that see the complex as founded upon the relatively simple because they higher-order experiences, e.g. the perceptions of more complex kinds of objects are “founded in” although not reducible to the simpler experiences on which they are founded. The primary example here is that of categorical intuitions that are founded upon, but not r
Le rapport des assistés aux organismes sociaux : domination, tactiques et logiques identitaires  [cached]
Vincent Dubois
Pyramides : Revue du Centre d'Etudes et de Recherches en Administration Publique , 2011,
Abstract: à partir des résultats d’une enquête sur les relations au guichet d’organismes sociaux, on propose ici une réflexion plus générale sur le rapport des assistés aux institutions d’aide. Ce rapport a longtemps été analysé d’une manière trop univoque, faisant des bénéficiaires d’aides sociales les victimes d’institutions les pliant à leur propre discipline. Plus récemment, il a été vu à l’inverse sous l’angle de la négociation et des stratégies des assistés, en référence aux relations commerciales ou encore à des logiques de communication. Pour mieux rendre compte de la pluralité des logiques et des significations engagées dans ce rapport, cet article étudie deux attitudes fréquemment adoptées par les demandeurs d’aide face aux représentants d’organismes sociaux (le mutisme et l’agressivité), en adoptant successivement trois points de vue analytiques. Le premier met l’accent sur la domination sociale. Le second invite à être attentif aux dimensions tactiques des pratiques. Le troisième intègre les logiques identitaires de préservation et d’affirmation de soi.
Arte pública e cultura cidad - Cabanyal Portes Obertes: textura de um bairro como elemento principal para interven es artísticas  [PDF]
Emilio José Martínez
Cultura Visual , 2011,
Abstract: Apartir da grave amea a para a sobrevivência do bairro do Cabanyal na cidade de Valencia- ES, envolvendo planejamento urbano da Prefeitura, surge o projeto de arte – Cabanyal Portes Obertes, um evento de interven es artísticas pontal, organizado por um vasto grupo de artistas reunidos na Plataforma Salvem Cabanyal -Canyamelar, comprometidos e envolvidos com as lutas sociais que vêm ocorrendo no bairro. Observamos como Arte Pública atua junto ao movimento social como condutor para uma forma o de um senso critico em rela o aos discursos Dominante.Starting from the serious threat to the survival of the neighborhood in the city of Valencia Cabanyal-ES, involving urban planning from City Hall, there is the art project - Portes Cabanyal Obert, an event of artistic interventions depth, organized by a broad group of artists gathered in Save Cabanyal Canyamelarplatform, committed and involved with social struggles taking place in the neighborhood. Observed as public art works with the social movement as adriver for the formation of a critical sense in relation to dominant discourses.

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