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Literary Discourse: An Investigation into Semiotic Perspectives of Persian Narratology
Hossein Vahid Dastjerdi,Shaahin Rahavard,Momene Ghadiri
Cross-Cultural Communication , 2011, DOI: 10.3968/1601
Abstract: This study was to approach critical discourse analysis (CDA) from a semiotic perspective. A case in point was Persian anecdotes. The data included four anecdotes randomly extracted from the book Stories of Bohlool. Data analysis was done within the framework of narrative semiotics of Greimas (1986). The anecdotes were analyzed in terms of 1) applicability of Greimassian approach to Persian anecdotes and 2) different levels of meaning latent in literary texts. The results of the study indicated that Greimassian approach is applicable to Persian narratology. Key words: CDA; Semiotic Perspective; Persian Anecdotes; Narrative Semiotics of Greimas Resumé: Cette étude tente d'aborder l'analyse critique du discours (ACD) dans une perspective sémiotique. Un exemple en a été anecdotes persiques. Les données comprenaient quatre anecdotes tirées au sort dans le livre Histoires de Bohlool. L'analyse des données a été réalisée dans le cadre de la sémiotique narrative de Greimas (1986). Les anecdotes ont été analysées en termes de 1) l'applicabilité de l'approche greimassienne d'anecdotes persiques et 2) les différents niveaux de sens latent dans les textes littéraires. Les résultats de l'étude ont indiqué que l'approche greimassienne est applicable à la narratologie persique. Mots-clés: ACD; Perspective SEmiotique; Anecdotes Persiques; SEmiotique Narrative De Greimas
Quantum Arthur-Merlin Games  [PDF]
Chris Marriott,John Watrous
Computer Science , 2005,
Abstract: This paper studies quantum Arthur-Merlin games, which are Arthur-Merlin games in which Arthur and Merlin can perform quantum computations and Merlin can send Arthur quantum information. As in the classical case, messages from Arthur to Merlin are restricted to be strings of uniformly generated random bits. It is proved that for one-message quantum Arthur-Merlin games, which correspond to the complexity class QMA, completeness and soundness errors can be reduced exponentially without increasing the length of Merlin's message. Previous constructions for reducing error required a polynomial increase in the length of Merlin's message. Applications of this fact include a proof that logarithmic length quantum certificates yield no increase in power over BQP and a simple proof that QMA is contained in PP. Other facts that are proved include the equivalence of three (or more) message quantum Arthur-Merlin games with ordinary quantum interactive proof systems and some basic properties concerning two-message quantum Arthur-Merlin games.
Arthur Packets and the Ramanujan Conjecture  [PDF]
Freydoon Shahidi
Mathematics , 2010, DOI: 10.1215/0023608X-2010-018
Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to show that under a part of generalized Arthur's A-packet conjecture, locally generic cuspidal automorphic representations of a quasisplit group over a number field are of Ramanujan type, i.e., are tempered at almost all places. The A-packet conjecture allows one to reduce the problem to a special case of a general local question about the components of the corresponding Langlands L-packet which is then answered here in its generality.
On Arthur's Φ-Function  [PDF]
Steven Spallone
Mathematics , 2005,
Abstract: Write $\Theta^E$ for the stable character associated to a finite dimensional representation $E$ of a connected real reductive group $G$. Let $M$ be the centralizer of a maximal torus $T$, and denote by $\Phi_M(\gm,\Theta^E)$ Arthur's extension of $ |D_M^G(\gm)|^{\half} \Theta^E(\gm)$ to $T(\R)$. In this paper we give a simple explicit expression for $\Phi_M(\gm,\Theta^E)$, when $\gm$ is elliptic in $G$.
On the spectral side of the Arthur trace formula  [PDF]
Werner Muller
Mathematics , 2002,
Abstract: In this paper we study the absolute convergence of the spectral side of the Arthur trace formula. We reduce the problem of the absolute convergence to a problem about local components of automorphic representations. The latter problem can be settled for GL(n).
Assume the Positional: Comment on Robert Frank
Econ Journal Watch , 2006,
Abstract: We examine Robert Frank’s arguments for taxation to mitigate positional externalities. The scarcity that characterizes positional goods is real, but various mechanisms reduce the potential waste, and Frank overstates the case for a governmental solution. The plausibility of Frank’s arguments for extensive market failure requires various assumptions, including the usefulness of happiness comparisons over time, the widespread existence of winner-take-all markets, the failure of voluntary evolution to internalize externalities, and that both “leisure” and governmental activities are significantly less positional than the full-range of activities Frank proposes to tax. Each assumption is shaky. Frank’s policy solutions overlook standard public choice arguments against government expansion and shrug off the Smithian burden of proof incumbent on those proposing coercion.
Arthur Marshall Stoneham (1940-2011)  [PDF]
Minasyan V.,Samoilov V.
Progress in Physics , 2011,
Abstract: The memory of the prominent British physicist, Prof. Arthur Marshall Stoneham (1940-2011), will live in our hearts and souls.
‘Real Life is absent’ - Arthur Rimbaud 1854 - 1891  [cached]
Hervé Constant
Altre Modernità , 2010,
Abstract: 'Real Life is absent' - Arthur Rimbaud 1854 - 1891 by Hervé Constant Text edited by Madelyn Freeman
Frank McClean and the Ferncliffe Observatory at Tunbridge Wells  [PDF]
Jeremy Shears
Physics , 2013,
Abstract: This short note describes the observatory of the pioneering spectroscopist, Frank McClean (1837-1907), at Tunbridge Wells in England
Arthur And George :A Combination Of History And Imagination  [PDF]
Gajanan N. Katkar
Golden Research Thoughts , 2012, DOI: 10.9780/22315063
Abstract: The present novel 'Arthur And George' is Julian Barnes latest novel.It hase A complex structure .The navel divided into four parts .The novel narrated in third person ,by omniscient narrator ,it begins mysteriously and combines history with reality, partly history ,partly biography .The use of technique of irony dramatizes the events. The novel deals with true life stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and George Edalji . The novel fused with fiction .Arthur's life from childhood to the handling of trial of George and George's life from the beginning (Origin) to the trial and their various experiences depicted .
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