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A CONSTRU O DE UMA CENTRALIDADE URBANA SETE LAGOAS (MG) / The construction of one urban centrality: Sete Lagoas (MG)
Marly Nogueira
Revista Sociedade & Natureza , 2006,
Abstract: Sete Lagoas is a tipical Minas Gerais middle city, located near Belo Horizonte, one of the largestBrazilian’s metropolises. Despite the proximity to the metropolis, Sete Lagoas developed arespectable autonomy. The development of this paper is based on questions related to thesociospatial objectives, genesis and dynamics, which explain Sete Lagoas’ insertion in the MinasGerais’ urban network. The urban centrality position conquered by Sete Lagoas may be explainedby its geographical position, carachterized by the contact between two physiognomic andsociospatial regions: the Gerais (the hinterlands) and the Minas (the poles). However, otherfactors, as the strategies adopted by the social agents and the way that the agents took advantageto forge that autonomy, may also explain this urban centrality position. The study of those processes,which constitutes an attempt to continuing the study of the city and its hinterland – a tradition ofthe Brazilian Urban Geography –, is the goal of this paper.
Composi??o elementar do material particulado presente no aerossol atmosférico do município de Sete Lagoas, Minas Gerais
Queiroz, Paula Guimar?es Moura;Jacomino, Vanusa Maria Feliciano;Menezes, Maria ?ngela de Barros Correia;
Química Nova , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-40422007000500035
Abstract: the main objective of this study was the identification of sources generating particulate matter in the atmospheric aerosols of sete lagoas, minas gerais. the measurement of the mineral composition was accomplished by x-ray diffractometry and the elemental concentration by neutron activation analysis. the results showed that al, cl, cu, fe, k, mg and na are the predominant chemical elements in the total suspended particles (tps). the presence of na, ba, cl, cu, eu, fe and sm in those particles with aerodynamic diameter smaller than 10 μm (pm10), indicates that soil dust and ceramic and pig iron industries are the main sources of air quality degradation in the region.
Determina??o da lamina ótima de água para cultura do milho doce na regi?o de Sete Lagoas, MG
Heinemann, Alexandre B.;Sousa, Sérgio A.V. de;Frizzone, José A.;
Revista Brasileira de Engenharia Agrícola e Ambiental , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-43662001000100028
Abstract: the objective of this study was to determine the optimal irrigation application that gives the maximum revenue of sweet corn during the rainy season, in sete lagoas, state of minas gerais, brazil. decision criterion was used to determine the optimal irrigation application. four irrigation depths were used (385, 289, 193 and 96 mm). the irrigation water amount of 385 mm was calculated from a production function and this water amount gave the maximum yield. the results showed that the 385 mm gave the best revenue, considering the water price up to r$ 0.36 per 10 m3. with a higher water price, the best revenue was obtained when the irrigation water depth was 289 mm.
Dados preliminares sobre a reprodu o de Elanus leucurus (ACCIPITRIDAE) no município de Sete lagoas e Divinópolis - MG
Gustavo Diniz Mendes de Carvalho,Eduardo Pio Mendes de Carvalho Filho,Carlos Eduardo Alencar Carvalho
Revista de Biologia e Ciências da Terra , 2001,
Abstract: The Elanus leucurus is a rural species that happening from Argentina and Chile to North America that frequently benefits with the agricultural progresses. Studies about the reproductive behavior of the Elanus leucurus still has little knowledge in the scientific comunity and the present study aims at to know the habits and behavior of this species at this reproductive time. The work totaled about 460 hours of observations among the beginning of May untill October. The nestling behavior was observed by 60 hours in two diferrent nests in the area of Sete Lagoas and for 48 hours in the area of Divinópolis. The study of the biology and the alimentary ecology of the Elanus leucurus it's very important because little know on the strategies of conservation of the species and your biota, presenting an immense value for the control of diseases in the fields and neotropical savannahs.
época de semeadura do milho para a regi?o de Sete Lagoas, MG, baseada na probabilidade de ocorrência de períodos secos e chuvosos
Silva, Marcos Antonio Vanderlei;Ferreira, Williams Pinto Marques;Andrade, Vanda Maria Sales de;Araujo, Samira Gabriela de Almeida;
Revista Ceres , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-737X2010000400003
Abstract: the objective of this study was to determine the probability of dry and rainy occurrence periods in sete lagoas, minas gerais state, brazil, from a historical series of 66-year-long daily rainfall data to establish the best sowing date for corn crop. dry days were considered as those that had precipitation below corn evapotranspiration, etcorn. this study was carried out for the stages of flowering and grain filling, starting from seven sowing times st (10/01, 10/16, 10/31, 11/15, 12/01, 12/16 e 12/31). the probabilities of occurring dry and rainy spells were estimated by the markov′s chain. the probability of occurring dry days was always higher than rainy days. the highest probability of dry days were found between st 15/11 and ds 31/12. the highest probability of occurring rainy days was recorded at st 01/10. considering the studied average cycle (for the most critical stage of corn development), the combination of the lowest probability of dry spells with the highest probability of rainy days indicates that the best dates to initiate non-irrigated sowing should be st 01/10 and 16/10.
Caracteriza??o e classifica??o do resíduo sólido "pó do bal?o", gerado na indústria siderúrgica n?o integrada a carv?o vegetal: estudo de um caso na regi?o de Sete Lagoas/MG
Oliveira, Míriam Regina Cardoso de;Martins, Jader;
Química Nova , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-40422003000100002
Abstract: this research was developed by considering that the solid waste produced in the process of pig iron production represents the loss of raw materials and the increase in environmental problem. the charcoal based mini blast-furnace off gases dust named charcok was collected from siderpa ? siderúrgica paulino ltda, located in sete lagoas, minas gerais. the charcok was characterized and classified according to abnt (associa??o brasileira de normas técnicas) standard. the results showed that the charcok should be classified as class i wastes ? "hazard wastes" because of its high concentration of phenols (54.5mg c6h5oh/kg). the charcok had high concentration of iron and charcoal which can be used as energy source.
Caracteriza o e classifica o do resíduo sólido "pó do bal o", gerado na indústria siderúrgica n o integrada a carv o vegetal: estudo de um caso na regi o de Sete Lagoas/MG  [cached]
Oliveira Míriam Regina Cardoso de,Martins Jader
Química Nova , 2003,
Abstract: This research was developed by considering that the solid waste produced in the process of pig iron production represents the loss of raw materials and the increase in environmental problem. The charcoal based mini blast-furnace off gases dust named CHARCOK was collected from SIDERPA fraction three-quarters Siderúrgica Paulino Ltda, located in Sete Lagoas, Minas Gerais. The Charcok was characterized and classified according to ABNT (Associa o Brasileira de Normas Técnicas) standard. The results showed that the Charcok should be classified as Class I Wastes fraction three-quarters "Hazard Wastes" because of its high concentration of phenols (54.5mg C6H5OH/kg). The Charcok had high concentration of iron and charcoal which can be used as energy source.
Saúde mental na rede pública: possibilidade de inser o psicanalítica?
Márcia Goidanich
Psicologia: Ciência e Profiss?o , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/s1414-98932001000400004
Abstract: O presente estudo foi elaborado a partir de quest es que surgiram da experiência de trabalho em um Centro de Aten o Integral à Saúde Mental da rede pública. S o analisadas as particularidades técnicas do trabalho clínico neste ambulatório. Questiona-se sobre a possibilidade da psicanálise inserir-se em um meio t o distinto daquele em que tradicionalmente atua. O estudo conclui que a inser o psicanalítica neste meio parece ser uma via possível e mesmo necessária, mas que para isso é preciso interesse tanto por parte das políticas públicas de saúde, como dos psicanalistas, que precisam vencer suas próprias resistências. This study was elaborated based on the work experience in a Mental Health Integral Attention Center from the public health service. It analyses the technical peculiarities from the clinical work in this out-patient clinic. The article questions about the possibility of psychoanalysis insertion in the public health, a milieu very different from its traditional acting place. The study concludes that the psychoanalytical insertion in this milieu seems to be possible and even necessary, but needs interest both from the public health politics and from the psychoanalysts, that have to overcome their own resistances.
Estudo da independência funcional, motricidade e inser o escolar de crian as com Paralisia Cerebral Study of functional independence, motor skills and school integration of children with Cerebral Palsy  [cached]
Geovana S?ffa Rézio,Jackeline Oliveira do Vale Cunha,Cibelle Kayenne Martins Roberto Formiga
Revista Brasileira de Educa??o Especial , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/s1413-65382012000400005
Abstract: A Paralisia Cerebral (PC) é uma condi o clínica que gera alta prevalência de sequelas funcionais. As crian as com este diagnóstico podem apresentar diversos problemas nas atividades funcionais e no controle dos movimentos voluntários. O objetivo deste trabalho foi analisar o nível de independência funcional, motricidade e inser o escolar de crian as com PC. A amostra foi composta por 14 crian as com idade entre um a 11 anos que frequentam regularmente o Setor Clínico da Associa o Pestalozzi de Goiania, seus respectivos pais e/ou responsáveis e professores do ensino escolar. Os resultados mostraram que quanto maior o nível de independência funcional e melhor o desempenho na fun o motora grossa das crian as com Paralisia Cerebral, menor é a assistência fornecida pelos cuidadores e menos adapta es s o necessárias para que essas crian as realizem as tarefas do ensino escolar. é importante uma parceria entre os profissionais da saúde com os professores, através de orienta es e contribui es, no que for necessário para a inclus o escolar das crian as com deficiência. Cerebral Palsy is a medical condition that causes high prevalence of functional sequelae. For this reason, children with this diagnosis can present several problems in functional activities related to controlling voluntary movements. The aim of this study was to examine the level of functional independence, motor skills and school integration of children with cerebral palsy. The sample consisted of 14 children aged one to 11 years attending regularly the Clinical Sector of the Pestalozzi Association Goiania Unit, their parents and/or guardians and school teachers. The results showed that the higher the level of functional independence and the better their performance in gross motor function of these children with cerebral palsy, the lower the assistance provided by caregivers and fewer the adjustments needed for these children to perform tasks required of them in school. The study showed the importance of health professionals and teachers working together whenever needed, through orientation and contributions, for the educational inclusion of children with disabilities.
Tessio Novack, Ericson Hideki Hayakawa, Thiago de Castilho Bertani, Hiran Zani
Revista Geográfica Acadêmica , 2010,
Abstract: Este trabalho tem como objetivo a aplica o da técnica de Análise de Imagens Orientada a Objeto (AIOO) utilizando o sistema livre InterIMAGE e imagens do sensor ASTER para a detec o de lagoas no Pantanal da Nhecolandia e sua classifica o, diferenciando lagoas salinas e n o-salinas. Um modelo de classifica o das imagens foi elaborado na forma de uma rede semantica cujas classes foram descritas a partir de atributos espectrais, geométricos e contextuais. A análise dos resultados indica alta correla o entre o verificado visualmente nas imagens e o resultado da classifica o. De forma geral, as lagoas presentes na área de estudo foram bem delineadas pelo algoritmo de segmenta o utilizado, assim como grande parte dos cord es arenosos adjacentes a estas lagoas. Os valores do índice Kappa e da Exatid o Global obtidos pela classifica o gerada foram respectivamente de 0,64 e 0,73. Os erros de omiss o e comiss o entre as classes foram atribuídos principalmente a forma e condi es sazonais das lagoas. Apesar do caráter experimental deste trabalho, foi apresentado o enorme potencial do sensoriamento remoto e, mais especificamente, da AIOO para a identifica o e diferencia o automática de lagoas presentes no Pantanal da Nhecolandia.
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