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The nuclear data program at rensselaer  [cached]
Danon Y.,Blain Z.,Bahran R.,Rapp M.
EPJ Web of Conferences , 2010, DOI: 10.1051/epjconf/20100805001
Abstract: The nuclear data program at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) is centered around a 60 MeV pulsed electron Linear Accelerator (LINAC) configured to deliver pulsed neutron beams. The LINAC electron pulse width can vary between 5 ns and 5 us, a repetition rate of 1–500 pulses per second and neutron yield of up to 1013 n/s. Over the years several experimental setups and techniques were developed to enable a variety of measurement capabilities. The experiments cover the energy range from 0.001 eV to 20 MeV and included neutron transmission, capture, scattering and fission measurements. The facility is also equipped with a Lead Slowing-Down Spectrometer (LSDS) producing a high neutron flux that is used for simultaneous measurements of the fission cross section and fission fragment mass and energy distributions. Detectors for (n, alpha) and (n, p) cross section measurements using the LSDS were also developed and measurements of (n, alpha) cross section were completed. The high neutron flux inside the LSDS enables measurements on small samples (sub micrograms) or samples with small cross section (sub millibarns). In order to fully utilize the capabilities of the facility, several measurement techniques were developed; high accuracy (<1%) total cross sections were measured using iron and uranium filtered neutron beams. A system for fast neutron scattering measurements using an array of liquid scintillators and a digital data acquisition system was recently developed and used for several measurements and is now being adapted for fission neutron studies. Methods for simultaneous measurements of fission and capture cross sections using the RPI multiplicity detector are under development and new modular detectors for both fast and resonance region neutron detection were developed and deployed. These developments result in numerous measurements on different materials and provide input to improved evaluated nuclear data libraries and thus help improve the accuracy of calculations of nuclear reactors and other nuclear systems.
Antonio Ricci en Madrid: 1586-1635
García López, David
Archivo Espa?ol de Arte , 2010,
Abstract: Life of painter Antonio Ricci is studied by new documents from his arrived at Escorial with Federico Zuccari in 1586. Ricci worked in the Palace of Madrid and was involved in the birth of the Academy of Painting. Here are studied his work as Painter and Appraiser, or his portrait of Philip IV of Spain and his relationship with Jeronimo Gratti, Caballero de Gracia. Nuevas aportaciones documentales aclaran la vida del pintor Antonio Ricci en la Corte espa ola desde su llegada a El Escorial junto a Federico Zuccari en 1586. Ricci trabajó como pintor en el entorno palaciego y estuvo involucrado desde el principio en el intento de creación de la Academia madrile a de pintores. Se detallan aquí su trabajo como tasador, su retrato del futuro Felipe IV o su cercana relación con un personaje tan singular como Jeronimo Gratti, el Caballero de Gracia.
Van Rensselaer Potter, pionero de la ética global
Lilia Benavides Plascencia
Reencuentro , 2012,
Abstract: No estamos relacionados con el mundo en el que vivimos. Necesitamos nuevos valores y un nuevo espíritu para preservar los recursos y todas las formas de vida, no sólo la humana. El crecimiento poblacional, la colonización de los ambientes naturales y la explotación de los recursos naturales nos están conduciendo a un planeta en peligro; es esta la razón que me llevó a presentar en este artículo los dos libros de Van Rensselaer Potter a aquellos no familiarizados con los conceptos de "bioética y ética global", para motivar su lectura y el deseo de cambio hacia un nuevo individuo y una nueva sociedad. Las universidades deben jugar un papel importante en la promoción de un cambio de actitud en los individuos y en las instituciones.
1643 Tarihli Avar z Defterine G re Erzincan ehri’nin Mahalleleri/// The Quarters of Erzincan According to the Avariz Registers of 1643
Hüseyin BULUT
History Studies : International Journal of History , 2012,
Abstract: There are “The Avar z Notebooks” according to the 17th century among the archive documents cotaining the important information in our social and economic life.In “The Avar z Notebooks” according to 1643, there is the important information about the population and the administrative structure of the Erzincan city.
Imaging around PC1643+4631A at the Lyman limit  [PDF]
I. Ferreras,N. Benitez,E. Martinez-Gonzalez
Physics , 1998,
Abstract: We present a list of candidates for high redshift late-type galaxies in the field around the z=3.79 quasar PC1643+4631A. Deep U,V and R imaging has been used to search for objects with a strong Lyman break between U and V, characteristic of galaxies with high hydrogen column densities at $z\sim 3$. A further study of the red objects detected by Hu & Ridgway (1994) has been done, allowing the temptative identification of many of them as low redshift ($z\sim 0.4$) elliptical galaxies.
La Propuesta Bioética de Van Rensselaer Potter, cuatro décadas después  [cached]
ángela María Wilches Flórez
Opción , 2011,
Abstract: Este documento presenta una contextualización sobre el origen del término bioética y hace énfasis en los planteamientos propuestos por el médico norteamericano Van Rensselaer Potter y en la evolución que tuvo su propuesta durante los a os que dedicó al estudio de la bioética. Se hace una reflexión sobre qué aspectos de los propuestos por él han sido tenidos en cuenta en estos cuarenta a os y por qué algunos hasta ahora están entrando a hacer parte del escenario bioético.
Effects of the Small Molecule HERG Activator NS1643 on Kv11.3 Channels  [PDF]
Arne Bilet, Christiane K. Bauer
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0050886
Abstract: NS1643 is one of the small molecule HERG (Kv11.1) channel activators and has also been found to increase erg2 (Kv11.2) currents. We now investigated whether NS1643 is also able to act as an activator of Kv11.3 (erg3) channels expressed in CHO cells. Activation of rat Kv11.3 current occurred in a dose-dependent manner and maximal current increasing effects were obtained with 10 μM NS1643. At this concentration, steady-state outward current increased by about 80% and the current increase was associated with a significant shift in the voltage dependence of activation to more negative potentials by about 15 mV. In addition, activation kinetics were accelerated, whereas deactivation was slowed. There was no significant effect on the kinetics of inactivation and recovery from inactivation. The strong current-activating agonistic effect of NS1643 did not result from a shift in the voltage dependence of Kv11.3 channel inactivation and was independent from external Na+ or Ca2+. At the higher concentration of 20 μM, NS1643 induced clearly less current increase. The left shift in the voltage dependence of activation reversed and the voltage sensitivity of activation dramatically decreased along with a slowing of Kv11.3 channel activation. These data show that, in comparison to other Kv11 family members, NS1643 exerts distinct effects on Kv11.3 channels with especially pronounced partial antagonistic effects at higher concentration.
De wiskunde-bibliotheek van rekenmeester Cornelis Franssen Eversdijck (1586-1666)  [cached]
A.P. Buijs
Tijdschrift voor de Geschiedenis der Geneeskunde, Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Techniek , 1991,
Abstract: The mathematical library of rekenmeester' Cornelis Franssen Eversdyck (1586-1666) The city archive of Goes contains a list of the books left behind by Cornelis Franssen Eversdyck, mathematical practitioner ('rekenmeester') of the province of Zeeland. This article aims to assess the level of Eversdyck's mathematical abilities by means of an analysis of the titles of the mathematical works on this list. For this analysis, Eversdyck's 'Claddebouck', his only preserved notebook containing notes on some twenty titles on the list, is of great value. Eversdyck witnessed the rise of letter algebra. This new development had important implications for algebra and geometry, but whether Eversdyck was actually engaged in letter algebra cannot be assessed at the moment. Prominent among Eversdyck's interests were plane geometry and the problem of the quadrature of the circle. Algebra in books dating from before 1640 largely came down to solving equations by means of the so-called Cosic methods. Most books on the hst are from the 17th century; but Eversdyck also possessed some 16th-century works. Books by mathematical practitioners were mostly written in Dutch, but French was also frequently used; academic mathematicians published their books in Latin.
Deep multicolour imaging of the field towards the quasar pair PC1643+463 A&B  [PDF]
Garret Cotter,Toby Haynes
Physics , 1998,
Abstract: We present the first results of a deep imaging programme to identify the system responsible for the Cosmic Microwave Background decrement in the field towards the z = 3.8 quasar pair PC1643+4631 A&B. Using the prime focus camera at the William Herschel Telescope we have carried out deep multicolour optical imaging to search for candidate cluster galaxies at extremely high redshift. Using UGR colour selection we find the surface density of z > 3 Lyman-break galaxy candidates is at least as great as that found in the field of the z = 3.1 structure discovered by Steidel et al. (1998), and may be somewhat greater.
H.1053-M.1643 Tarihli 8428 No’lu Cizye Defteri’nin Tan t m ve De erlendirilmesi///The Introduction and Evaluation of the Poll-Tax Account Book No. 8428 for the Year 1643 (H. 1053)
Recep DüNDAR
History Studies : International Journal of History , 2012,
Abstract: This detailed Poll-Tax Account Book No. 8428 illustrates the number of non-Muslims, liable to poll-tax, living in various villages in Lefko a, Limasol, Gilan, Piskopi, Evdim, Kukla, Baf, H rsof , Lefke, Omorfa, Pendaye, Magosa, Tuzla, Mesarya, Karpas and Girne districts of Cyprus Province. The census was carried out by the Kadi of Lefkosa, Mustafa Efendi and his assistant Kenan Aga in 1643. The analysis of the book shows that 18,040 citizens liable to poll-tax lived in 16 districts of Cyprus Province. The book also records that 155 of these citizens died, 36 of them fled the Province and one citizen was recorded twice.
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