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An Efficient Solution for Hand Gesture Recognition from Video Sequence  [cached]
Advances in Electrical and Computer Engineering , 2012, DOI: 10.4316/aece.2012.03013
Abstract: The paper describes a system of hand gesture recognition by image processing for human robot interaction. The recognition and interpretation of the hand postures acquired through a video camera allow the control of the robotic arm activity: motion - translation and rotation in 3D - and tightening/releasing the clamp. A gesture dictionary was defined and heuristic algorithms for recognition were developed and tested. The system can be used for academic and industrial purposes, especially for those activities where the movements of the robotic arm were not previously scheduled, for training the robot easier than using a remote control. Besides the gesture dictionary, the novelty of the paper consists in a new technique for detecting the relative positions of the fingers in order to recognize the various hand postures, and in the achievement of a robust system for controlling robots by postures of the hands.
Appearance-Based Dynamic Hand Gesture Recognition from Image Sequences with Complex Background

ZHU Yuan-xin,XU Guang-you,HUANG Yu,

软件学报 , 2000,
Abstract: In this paper, the authors present an appearance-based approach to dynamic hand gesture recognition. A motion-based segmentation scheme for image motion estimation is proposed using variable-order parameterized models of image motion and robust regression. Based on image motion parameters, two different appearance change models of hand gestures are created. Template-Based classification technique is then employed to perform hand gesture recognition in which reference templates are created with a mini-max type of optimization. A series of experiments on 120 image sequences show that high recognition rate, low computation load, and high stability can be achieved with the proposed methods.
Hand Gesture Recognition Library  [PDF]
Jonathan Fidelis Paul,Dibyabiva Seth,Cijo Paul,Jayati Ghosh Dastidar
Computer Science , 2015,
Abstract: In this paper we have presented a hand gesture recognition library. Various functions include detecting cluster count, cluster orientation, finger pointing direction, etc. To use these functions first the input image needs to be processed into a logical array for which a function has been developed. The library has been developed keeping flexibility in mind and thus provides application developers a wide range of options to develop custom gestures.
Dynamic Hand Gesture Recognition Using the Skeleton of the Hand  [cached]
Bogdan Ionescu,Didier Coquin,Patrick Lambert,Vasile Buzuloiu
EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing , 2005, DOI: 10.1155/asp.2005.2101
Abstract: This paper discusses the use of the computer vision in the interpretation of human gestures. Hand gestures would be an intuitive and ideal way of exchanging information with other people in a virtual space, guiding some robots to perform certain tasks in a hostile environment, or interacting with computers. Hand gestures can be divided into two main categories: static gestures and dynamic gestures. In this paper, a novel dynamic hand gesture recognition technique is proposed. It is based on the 2D skeleton representation of the hand. For each gesture, the hand skeletons of each posture are superposed providing a single image which is the dynamic signature of the gesture. The recognition is performed by comparing this signature with the ones from a gesture alphabet, using Baddeley's distance as a measure of dissimilarities between model parameters.
Hand Gesture Recognition using Neural Network  [PDF]
Rajesh Mapari,Dr. Govind Kharat
International Journal of Computer Science and Network , 2012,
Abstract: This paper presents a simple method to recognize sign gesturesof American Sign Language using features like number of Peaksand Valleys in an image with its position in an image. Signlanguage is mainly employed by deaf-mutes to communicatewith each other through gestures and visions. We extract theskin part which represents the hand from an image usingL*a*b* Color space. Every hand gesture is cropped from animage such that hand is placed in the center of image for ease offinding features. The system does require hand to be properlyaligned to the camera and does not need any special colormarkers, glove or wearable sensors. The experimental resultsshow that 100% recognition rate for testing and training dataset.
Real-Time and Robust Method for Hand Gesture Recognition System Based on Cross-Correlation Coefficient  [PDF]
Reza Azad,Babak Azad,Iman Tavakoli Kazerooni
Computer Science , 2014,
Abstract: Hand gesture recognition possesses extensive applications in virtual reality, sign language recognition, and computer games. The direct interface of hand gestures provides us a new way for communicating with the virtual environment. In this paper a novel and real-time approach for hand gesture recognition system is presented. In the suggested method, first, the hand gesture is extracted from the main image by the image segmentation and morphological operation and then is sent to feature extraction stage. In feature extraction stage the Cross-correlation coefficient is applied on the gesture to recognize it. In the result part, the proposed approach is applied on American Sign Language (ASL) database and the accuracy rate obtained 98.34%.
Real-Time Human-Computer Interaction Based on Face and Hand Gesture Recognition  [PDF]
Reza Azad,Babak Azad,Nabil Belhaj Khalifa,Shahram Jamali
Computer Science , 2014, DOI: 10.5121/ijfcst.2014.4403
Abstract: At the present time, hand gestures recognition system could be used as a more expected and useable approach for human computer interaction. Automatic hand gesture recognition system provides us a new tactic for interactive with the virtual environment. In this paper, a face and hand gesture recognition system which is able to control computer media player is offered. Hand gesture and human face are the key element to interact with the smart system. We used the face recognition scheme for viewer verification and the hand gesture recognition in mechanism of computer media player, for instance, volume down/up, next music and etc. In the proposed technique, first, the hand gesture and face location is extracted from the main image by combination of skin and cascade detector and then is sent to recognition stage. In recognition stage, first, the threshold condition is inspected then the extracted face and gesture will be recognized. In the result stage, the proposed technique is applied on the video dataset and the high precision ratio acquired. Additional the recommended hand gesture recognition method is applied on static American Sign Language (ASL) database and the correctness rate achieved nearby 99.40%. also the planned method could be used in gesture based computer games and virtual reality.
Real Time Multiple Hand Gesture Recognition System for Human Computer Interaction  [cached]
Siddharth S. Rautaray,Anupam Agrawal
International Journal of Intelligent Systems and Applications , 2012,
Abstract: With the increasing use of computing devices in day to day life, the need of user friendly interfaces has lead towards the evolution of different types of interfaces for human computer interaction. Real time vision based hand gesture recognition affords users the ability to interact with computers in more natural and intuitive ways. Direct use of hands as an input device is an attractive method which can communicate much more information by itself in comparison to mice, joysticks etc allowing a greater number of recognition system that can be used in a variety of human computer interaction applications. The gesture recognition system consist of three main modules like hand segmentation, hand tracking and gesture recognition from hand features. The designed system further integrated with different applications like image browser, virtual game etc. possibilities for human computer interaction. Computer Vision based systems has the potential to provide more natural, non-contact solutions. The present research work focuses on to design and develops a practical framework for real time hand gesture.
Hand Gesture Recognition: A Literature Review
Rafiqul Zaman Khan,Noor Adnan Ibraheem
International Journal of Artificial Intelligence & Applications , 2012,
Abstract: Hand gesture recognition system received great attention in the recent few years because of itsmanifoldness applications and the ability to interact with machine efficiently through human computerinteraction. In this paper a survey of recent hand gesture recognition systems is presented. Key issues ofhand gesture recognition system are presented with challenges of gesture system. Review methods of recentpostures and gestures recognition system presented as well. Summary of research results of hand gesturemethods, databases, and comparison between main gesture recognition phases are also given. Advantagesand drawbacks of the discussed systems are explained finally
Hand Gesture Recognition Based Real-time Command System  [PDF]
P. Jenifer Martina,P. Nagarajan,P. Karthikeyan
International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing , 2013,
Abstract: Even after more than two decades of input devices development, many people still find theinteraction with computers an uncomfortable experience. Efforts should be made to adapt computers to ournatural means of communication: speech and body language. The aim of this paper is the proposal of a realtime command system through hand gesture recognition, using general-purpose hardware and low costsensors, like a simple personal computer and an USB web cam, so any user could make use of it in hisindustry or home. The basis of our approach is a fast segmentation process to obtain the hand gesture fromthe whole image, which is able to deal with a large number of hand shapes against different backgroundsand lighting conditions, and a recognition process that identifies the hand posture for different controlapplications.
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