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Formation of Chain-Folded Structures from Supercooled Polymer Melts  [PDF]
Hendrik Meyer,Florian Mueller-Plathe
Physics , 2000, DOI: 10.1063/1.1415456
Abstract: The formation of chain-folded structures from the melt is observed in molecular dynamics simulations resembling the lamellae of polymer crystals. Crystallization and subsequent melting temperatures are related linearly to the inverse lamellar thickness. Analysis of the single chain conformations in the crystal shows that most chains reenter the same lamella by tight backfolds. Simulations are performed with a mesoscopic bead-spring model including a specific angle bending potential. They demonstrate that chain stiffness alone, without an attractive inter-particle potential, is a sufficient driving force for the formation of chain-folded lamellae.
Finite strip modeling for optimal design of reinforced concrete folded plate structures  [PDF]
Mila?inovi? Dragan D.,Gole? Danica
Facta Universitatis Series : Architecture and Civil Engineering , 2012, DOI: 10.2298/fuace1203275m
Abstract: The optimal design of reinforced concrete folded plate structures under multiple loading conditions is presented. The design variables include geometrical quantities, like the thickness, dimensions of the structural members (plates), and topological parameters, which define the locations and the connectivity of such elements. The structural analysis required during the design process is performed by using the classical finite strip method and complex harmonic coupled finite strip method for the solution of the corresponding geometric nonlinear design problem. Some applications to the optimal design of prismatic folded plates show the effectiveness of the proposed procedures. [Projekat Ministarstva nauke Republike Srbije, br. ON174027: Computational Mechanics in Structural Engineering i br. TR 36017: Utilization of by-products and recycled waste materials in concrete composites in the scope of sustainable construction development in Serbia: investigation and environmental assessment of possible applications]
Influence of Chinese and Western Culture on Modern Church Architecture in Yan’an Area  [PDF]
Li Wang, Yongjian Qu
Journal of Building Construction and Planning Research (JBCPR) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jbcpr.2015.34018
Abstract: Based on the historical records and field investigation, this paper aims at elaborating the architectural styles, interior space design and architectural landscape of modern church architecture in Yan’an, analyzing the influence of Chinese and western culture on modern church architecture in Yan’an and expounding the historical and cultural value as church architecture, which will play a great role in the protection, inheritance and utilization of modern architecture in Yan’an area.
Application of composite materials in structures of modern airplanes Композиционные материалы в конструкциях современных летательных аппаратов КОМПОЗИЦ ЙН МАТЕР АЛИ В КОНСТРУКЦ ЯХ СУЧАСНИХ Л ТАЛЬНИХ АПАРАТ В  [cached]
В.В. Астан?н,А.В. Хоменко,О.А. Шевченко
Proceedings of National Aviation University , 2004,
Abstract: The application efficiency of composite plastic materials in structures of modern civil and military airplanes are investigated. Detaled analisys of Antonov branch airplanes is presented on general diagrams. The 25–27% diaposon of the mass reduction that was achieved due to composite materials application is determined. Исследована эффективность использования полимерных композиционных материалов в конструкциях современных летательных аппаратов как военного, так и гражданского назначения. На диаграммах пред-ставлены результаты детального анализа самолетов типа Ан. Определен диапазон уменьшения массы конструкций благодаря использованию композиционных материалов, составляющий 25–27%. Досл джено ефективн сть використання пол мерних композиц йних матер ал в у конструкц ях сучасних л тальних апарат в як в йськового, так цив льного призначення. На д аграмах подано результати детального анал зу л так в типу Ан. Визначено д апазон зменшення маси конструкц й завдяки використанню композиц йних матер ал в, який становить 25–27 %.
The Vienna School of Art History and (Viennese) Modern Architecture  [PDF]
Jind?ich Vybíral
Journal of Art Historiography , 2009,
Abstract: The essay investigates the way Strzygowski, Dvo ák and Tietze interpreted contemporary architecture, and also traces the basic premises of the Vienna School in their views. Viennese art historians, namely Dvo ák and Tietze, shared a critical attitude toward historicism and eclecticism of he 19th century with their contemporaries. They regarded Otto Wagner as the most influential architect of the generation of 1900, but at the same time, they protested his belief that architectural form could be based solely on constructional reason and utility. They defined the notion that art emerges first from nonmaterial ideals. In opposition against architectural realism, based on the characteristics of technological society, they hold that architecture should be a product of imaginative subjectivity. Unlike advocates of empirical utilitarianism, finding their voice at the time, they stressed on importance of cultivating artistic tradition.
An Investigation of Historical Structures in Iranian Ancient Architecture
Architecture Research , 2011, DOI: 10.5923/j.arch.20110101.01
Abstract: The pre-Islamic styles of Iranian architecture draw on 3-4 thousand years of architectural development from various. Each of the periods of Elamites, Achaemenids, Parthians, and Sassanids were creators of great architecture that over the ages has spread wide and far to other cultures being adopted. Although Iran has suffered its share of destruction, including Alexander the Great's decision to burn Persepolis, there are sufficient remains to form a picture of its classical architecture. This paper featuring a chronological description of structural styles, information on traditional construction materials, as well as an analysis of numerous structures, this interest and informative text will be of importance to anyone with a technical interest in structural history and presents a general overview of the structural and architectural characteristics of Iranian historical structures and investigates historical buildings of Iran through a structural engineering approach. This paper includes a chronological description of architectural styles from the beginning to the end of Sassanid’s (before Islam).
Modern CPU’s Memory Architecture – A Programmer’s Outlook
Eisha Akanksha,I.Hameem Shanavas,Vadamalai Nallusamy
International Journal of Intelligent Systems and Applications , 2012,
Abstract: This paper provides the overview of modern computer’s memory usage and how the programmers can exploit the architecture to best utilize for enhanced design of software programs. The paper talks about the main memory, cache memory and memory interfaces with CPU’s. We also talk about the basic problems of cache in multicore CPU’s. Cache Synchronization algorithms are also touches upon. The optimization techniques using cache coloring avoidance is too talked about. The paper does not talk about the NUMA (non uniform memory architecture that is beyond that requires different programming skills. For general understanding we assume a computer processor has MMU enabled. The techniques for smaller computer AKA embedded processor without virtual memory and TLB will differ in optimization approach. The paper is inspired by “What every computer scientist should know about floating point numbers” and “What every programmer should know about memory”.
Fluid and Stable Structures in the Organisational Communication of the Modern Society  [PDF]
Bulcsu Bognár
KOME : International Journal of Pure Communication Inquiry , 2013,
Abstract: This study focuses on one of the basic questions of Luhmann’s socialtheory relating to the description of modernity, namely, on the characteristics of organisations, even more specifically, it is aimed at gaining new recognitions concerning the relationships between the functional subsystems and the organisations. Organisations, one of the most important levels of today’s society, is analysed in the context of Luhmann’s general social theory. The approach taken in the study originates from Luhmann’s analysis of subsystems during the lateperiod of his work. The author argues that vertical relationships between subsystems make up a typical feature of modern society as well. In its analysis of the organisations of modern society this study works out an interpretation of the relationship between stable and fluid structures in the process of communication, highlighting the frequently or continuously changing ‘rationality preference’ oforganisations and it argues for the necessity a more complex analysis of organisational communication. At the same time the study points out by analysing the organisation’s system level that vertical segmentation is a characteristic of the entirety of sociality besides the horizontal structure.
The defining features of the modern entrepreneurship network structures
R.V. Kochubey
Marketing ì Mened?ment Innovacìj , 2011,
Abstract: In the article the various forms of network enterprises are analyzed, the key characteristics of network structures are identified. The relationship between network types and forms of business organization is shown. The studies of different types of network structures are systematized.
Compact anti-de Sitter 3-manifolds and folded hyperbolic structures on surfaces  [PDF]
Fran?ois Guéritaud,Fanny Kassel,Maxime Wolff
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: We prove that any nonabelian, non-Fuchsian representation of a surface group into PSL(2,R) is the holonomy of a folded hyperbolic structure on the surface. Using similar ideas, we establish that any non-Fuchsian representation rho of a surface group into PSL(2,R) is strictly dominated by some Fuchsian representation j, in the sense that the hyperbolic translation lengths for j are uniformly larger than for rho; conversely, any Fuchsian representation j strictly dominates some non-Fuchsian representation rho, whose Euler class can be prescribed. This has applications to compact anti-de Sitter 3-manifolds.
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