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Mission Impossible? A Scientific Comparison between the Overlapping and Diverging Phenomena of Friendship and Love
Kaarina M??TT?,Satu UUSIAUTTI
International Journal of Asian Social Science , 2012,
Abstract: Everyone needs intimate relationships that provide appreciation, support, recreation, and protection. In addition, these kinds of relationships make effective means of enhancing self-esteem and feelings of mastery and thus promote overall well-being. What are characteristics of today’s friendship and love? These issues are analyzed in this article grounding on a vast body of research literature. The differences and similarities between love and friendship are discussed. The salient purpose is to dissect friendship as a form of love and its essence in relation to love and to highlight their significance for the well-being of modern people. The fundamental question is whether both love and friendship can be defined as abilities that can be studied and learned.
The Impossible Republic
Olof Page
Ideas y Valores , 2010,
Abstract: The Philip Pettit’s political philosophy is one of the most important contemporary efforts to elaborate a complete republican theory about the good government. At the base of this republicanism there are two assumptions to which republican tradition, in general, has adhered in different ways: first, human beings are capable of generating civility or civic virtue, and second, that human beings are intrinsically corruptible, meaning that, under certain conditions, they will exercise power arbitrarily. The article attempts to show that these statements are incompatible, and that, therefore, at the level of the fundamental assumptions, this republican theory of government must be rethought.
Covariant feedback Control of arbitrary qudit state against Depolarizing Noise is impossible  [PDF]
ShengLi Zhang,XuBo Zou,Chuanfeng Li,ChenHui Jin,GuangCan Guo
Physics , 2008,
Abstract: In this paper, we prove that it is impossible to construct a convariant quantum feedback control instruments which aim to correct the channel noise imposed on an unknown qubit. The proof is based on the searching for the optimal quantum control protocol and it turns out there exist no better %\textit{Complete Positive Trace %Preserving}(CPTP) maps complete positive and covariant quantum operations which provide a higher fidelity than the trivial Identity operators. The generalization of the investigation to bipartite entangled pure state is also included.
Mercy, Love and Salvation in Orthodox Spirituality
N Dumitra cu
Acta Theologica , 2012,
Abstract: Mercy was demonstrated in the Hebrew and Greek traditions. The ideal state of Plato’s Republic exhibits mercy in a form that contrasts sharply with the Christian concept. The latter does not distinguish between those of different social conditions. In the Jewish tradition, non-observance of mercy was perceived as a transgression against a divine command which could potentially bring divine retribution on the entire community. For the Christians, mercy is not limited to members of one’s own community, but includes others, regardless of race, social class or even religion. It is a form of love which is not wasted in temporary and sentimental effusions, but actualised in concrete deeds, with the ultimate example supplied by Christ. Mercy also functions as a medicine against social inequality, serving to suppress the kinds of injustices present in every political system, as well as social solidarity. Mercy is the practical manifestation of interhuman love; it raises man from the image to the likeness of God.
Francisco Ramos de Farias
Psicanálise e Barroco em Revista , 2009,
Abstract: This article approaches the love in its differents aspects, regarding the experience pertinent to the encounter between lover and loved. To talk about love we weave a writing and convokethe women. But, we verify it as an impossible task. For that reason, making use of fragments of letters, poetries, declarations and about everything that indicates a trace to love. In the slope of the writing, remitting us at the foundation moment of the clinic, by means the meeting of a man, Sigmund Freud and some women that got a name on annals of psychoanalytic knowing. In this context be detached the transfer-love, presupposed to handle on experience of clinical analysis. This singularity made the psychoanalysis become aknowing about the particular by itself and a clinic destined to neurotic suffering.
Love and Prosociality  [PDF]
Lumír Ries
Pedagogicka Orientace , 2011,
Abstract: The paper deals with pedagogic love in relation to prosociality in education.The word love keeps disappearing from pedagogic texts that are one-sidedly orientedtowards scientism. However, significant pedagogues of both the past and the presenttimes consider love to be the basis of any kind of education. While prosociality primarilyaffects the behavioural facet of human relations, love is aimed at the innermost level.It is necessary to look for the great truths about the depth of the anthropologicalphenomenon called love in philosophy. Philosophical beliefs concerning the role oflove in human life, in man’s individual and social existence, opinions of thinkers frromthe ancient times until today, provide pedagogy with the starting point leading towardsunderstanding the role of love in the sphere of education.
“Love” Phenomenon and Neurobiology of Love Relations  [PDF]
Ali Evren Tufan,?rem Yalu?
Psikiyatride Guncel Yaklasimlar , 2010,
Abstract: The biology; especially the neurobiological features of the “love” phenomenon has recently started to attract attention. Love relations and attachment, which is closely related with them, are known to be important in health and disease. Love and love relations are found to be complex neurobiological phenomena based on activation of the limbic system of the brain. Those processes involve oxytocin, vasopressin, dopamine and serotonergic functions. Additionally, endorphine and endogenous opiate systems as well as nitrous oxide play role in those processes. The stages of love and love relations may demonstrate different neurochemical and neurophysiological features and may partially overlap with m aternal, romantic and sexual love and attachments. The aim of this article is to evaluate the common neurobiological pathways underlying the “love” phenomenon as well as their importance in medicine and health.
Love Is Not an Emotion  [PDF]
Enrique Burunat
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2016.714173
Abstract: Romantic love—referred to as love—, is a physiological drive, but society has come to understand it as an emotion. Nevertheless, many researchers, mainly psychologists, have established its impulsive and motivational characteristics, which are even similar to those of addictive drug abuse. However, many professionals in the field of psychology and psychiatry still consider love to be a complex emotion or feeling. This article describes some of the causes and consequences of the extensive confusion between love and emotion. Some reasons to consider love as a physiological motivation, like hunger, thirst, sleep and sexuality are also summarized. A Love Withdrawal Syndrome is proposed. It concludes by highlighting the urgency to eliminate love from the catalogue of emotions in psychology, as an item or cluster in psychological tests, and also as an emotional mental function, by contributing to its dramatic consequences, mainly divorces, suicides and femicides.
Ontology of Love  [cached]
Francis Etim
International Journal of Asian Social Science , 2013,
Abstract: Love in its entire ramification is an encompassing human phenomenon that is so challenging that it naturally evokes interest in academics, philosophers, psychologists, religious enthusiast, etc. It appears however that its elusive nature has continued to fascinate man such that there seems to be no hard and fast rules about it. In any case, this paper tries to answer the questions as to whether love does exist in actually or is just a mere concept: Is love a preserved human activity which other sentient beings do not participate or can it be extended to animate beings as well.
On the excitation of magnetic signals by Love waves
A. V. Guglielmi,A. S. Potapov,B. Tsegmed
Annals of Geophysics , 2004, DOI: 10.4401/ag-3269
Abstract: The polarization method for recognition of seismomagnetic waves against a noise background is presented. The method is applied to detection of magnetic oscillations accompanying the propagation of surface Love wave after a strong earthquake. A specific property of the Love waves is that theoretically the Tolman-Stewart effect is alone responsible for the magnetic field that penetrates into the Earth's surface. Data from the Mondy Magnetic Observatory and the Talaya Seismic Station suggest that the arrival time, duration, period,and polarization of magnetic signals conform with the idea of generation of alternating electric currents due to fluid vibrations in pores and fractures of rocks under the action of the inertial force associated with the Love wave propagation.
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