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Literary events artistic in Serbia as the way of tourist offer
Bjeljac ?eljko,?ur?i? Nevena
Glasnik Srpskog Geografskog Dru?tva , 2008, DOI: 10.2298/gsgd0804039b
Abstract: Forms of performance, which inherently have certain artistic and similar values or show various artistic achievements of Serbia with acquired tradition of taking place, represent artistic tourist events in Serbia. With its content and location, literary events, as part of artistic achievements, get special place within the total tourist offer of Serbia. This mode of artistic events also takes place in undeveloped and insignificantly developed areas of Serbia and which also represents the base for development of cultural tourism. Based on the group of geographic and economic criteria, this paper will perform evaluation of literary events and extract those with tourist value.
Demographic analysis of foreign visitors to the EXIT festival, Novi Sad  [PDF]
Bjeljac ?eljko,Lovi? Suzana
Journal of the Geographical Institute Jovan Cvijic, SASA , 2011, DOI: 10.2298/ijgi1102097b
Abstract: In this paper we studied the habits and behaviour of visitors of EXIT tourist event in Novi Sad. The research was conducted on a sample of 189 randomly selected respondents from abroad. The aim was to determine whether there is a difference in the motives of foreign tourists coming to EXIT, a selection of vehicles, as well as the use of various means of tourist propaganda and the structure of expenditure of funds at foreign visitors. EXIT festival, Novi Sad has been selected for the survey because of growing brand of the festival in the total tourist offer of Serbia, specific groups of visitors, the number of foreign tourists, the links with the locality of maintaining.
Tourist valorization of haymaking competitions in Serbia and surroundings
Bjeljac ?eljko,Brankov Jovana,Popovi? Ivan B.
Glasnik Srpskog Geografskog Dru?tva , 2009, DOI: 10.2298/gsgd0902149b
Abstract: Haymaking has always been the most important period for the existence of the population settled in the mountainous regions. There are numerous of competitions in haymaking organized at the meadows which present folklore, religion, customs and whole tradition of mountain regions of Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Specific ness of this events, completed with artistic and entertaining programs and connected with other social and geographical characteristics of the area of maintenance, present important part of total tourist offer. The work, according the economic and geographic criteria, separate competitions in haymaking of those which are strong enough and one that has the potential to become a leading force of destination and carrier of faster and better development of tourism. The aim of this paper is to assess the importance of this tourism events and to determine their rank.
Tourist valorization of geomorphological objects of geo-heritage in Serbia
Stankovi? Stevan M.
Glasnik Srpskog Geografskog Dru?tva , 2004, DOI: 10.2298/gsgd0401079s
Abstract: Right at the beginning of its work, geomorphology working group of the National council for geo- heritage has separated 200 relief objects and suggested them for enrolling into the geo heritage list. It has separated particularly the objects of mundane, European and Balkan significance. Most of them are interesting for tourist visits and are demanding a certain approach to valorization, so that right economical and social objects can be achieved. The objects of geo heritage in Serbia are placed in the primary and complementary tourist values which means they have different attractive zone and provide more kind of tourism. In the process of tourist valorization of the objects of geo heritage, we respect internal factors external factors and inlay work. Tourist-geographical position and level of attractiveness is of special significance so in dependence of that are local, regional, republic, national and international values being treated suitable for developing an adequate kind of domestic and foreign tourism.
A study on tourist experience of traditional festivals from the perspective of perceived value:An example from Dai ethnic group's Water Splashing Festival at Xishuangbanna,China

MA Ling,BAO Ji-gang,

地理研究 , 2012,
Abstract: Perceived value is an important concept and theory in the studies of consumer experience and the quality of experiences.This concept has recently been employed to study tourist experience.This paper selects Water Splashing Festival at Xishuangbanna,an ethnic group,Thai's traditional festival as an example,through which Chinese tourists' perceived values of such a traditional festival are analyzed and verified.Based on qualitative interviews and previous literature,the paper constructs a scale of festival tourists' perceived values and measures festival tourist experiences in terms of this scale.It also tests the relationship between tourist satisfaction and tourist perceived values.It is found that tourist perceived values of the Water Splashing Festival consist of seven dimensions: cultural epistemic value,hedonic value,social value,price and convenience value,service value,conditional value and overall value.It is also found that the tourist satisfaction varies with different perceived values.Differing from western scholars' literature,this paper reveals that cultural epistemic value,as a pragmatic value,offers the greatest contribution to Chinese domestic tourist satisfaction.This becomes a contrast to the western tourist satisfaction which mainly comes from hedonistic value.
Cultural monuments from exceptional importance in Serbia as anthropogenic tourist values
?irkovi? Sanja
Glasnik Srpskog Geografskog Dru?tva , 2003, DOI: 10.2298/gsgd0302071c
Abstract: Cultural monuments mark historical past. They are included in anthropogenic tourist values. They present rare copies of creativity and they have exceptional artistic and esthetic values. The most numerous group are sacral objects. The largest attention deserve objects assigned in World cultural inheritance - monastery Studenica and monastery Sopo ani with old town Ras. It is necessary to build caterer capacities, parking lots and sanitary devices in encirclement. Manifestations and presentations on domestic and foreign market contribute to cultural affirmation. Tourist valorization is impeded with that there are no evidence about number of visitors. In separating priorities we must consider uniqueness, rarity and fame. That’s the reason why ele kula has tourist importance. Cultural monuments increase stay and serve as complementary tourist values. That’s why is necessary synthesis access in their learn and tourist presentation.
Manejo de residuos sólidos en un evento turístico: Fiesta Nacional de la Uva (RS - Brasil) Handling of Solid Waste at Tourist Events: at the National Grape Festival (RS-Brazil)  [cached]
Gisele Silva Pereira,Suzana Maria De Conto
Estudios y perspectivas en turismo , 2008,
Abstract: Este artículo plantea el manejo de residuos sólidos como objeto de estudio en eventos turísticos. El trabajo de campo se realizó con técnicas de observación directa y entrevistas. éstas últimas fueron realizadas al presidente, los dos vice-presidentes y los directores de las 15 comisiones organizadoras de la Fiesta Nacional de la Uva 2006. Los resultados muestran la importancia de desarrollar programas de educación ambiental para los colaboradores de la Fiesta y de considerar el control de la generación de residuos sólidos en la planificación de la Fiesta Nacional de la Uva. The main object of this article is to analyze the handling of solid residues at tourist events. Field work was conducted using direct observation techniques as well as interviews. Interviewers were: the president, the two vice-presidents and the directors of the 15 different organizing committees of National Grape Festival 2006. The results show the importance of developing environmental education programs in order that employees and volunteers learn to take waste generation into account when planning the event.
Community Fishing and the Economics of Argungu Fishing Festival in Nigeria  [cached]
B.C. Asogwa,J.C. Umeh,V.A. Okwoche
Asian Journal of Business Management , 2012,
Abstract: This study is examined community fishing and the economics of Argungu Fishing Festival in Kebbi State, Nigeria. Secondary data from the Kebbi State Tourism Board, Birnin-Kebbi was generated. The data were analysed using descriptive statistics such as frequency distribution, percentages and means while inferential statistics comprising regression model were also used to analyse data. The study showed that variation in the interval between successive festivals explained the largest proportion of changes in fish weight at the festival. Furthermore, variation in the number of tourists explained the largest proportion of changes in the total income from the festival. It is recommended that the interval between successive festivals should be increased in order to increase fish productivity and boost the community competiveness at the festival. The tourism potential of the festival should be boosted so as to increase the tourist attraction of the festival with a resultant increase in the income generated from the festival. Private firm or any limited liability company should be invited to take over the total re-organization of the festival as an effective commercial venture.
Tourist events in the area of West Morava
Bjeljac ?eljko,?ur?i? Nevena
Glasnik Srpskog Geografskog Dru?tva , 2007, DOI: 10.2298/gsgd0702225b
Abstract: In the current tourist offer, tourism of events presents a kind of tourism that could contribute to extending the tourist demand, especially towards natural and anthropogenic values of a tourist site or region. West Morava's area is the southernmost Panonian-subregion in Serbia, and is related to the valley of the West Morava River. This region is also one of the most visited tourist destinations in Serbia. The aim of this paper is to establish the correlation between the formal events and spa resorts, rural, cultural, and gastronomic tourism in the area which also presents a significant transitive tourist destination.
Are international tourist cruises in Pan-European Corridor 7 through Serbia indeed considered as travels for 'silver hair' people?  [PDF]
Dragin Aleksandra S.,?ur?ev Branislav S.,Armenski Tanja
Glasnik Srpskog Geografskog Dru?tva , 2008, DOI: 10.2298/gsgd0804029d
Abstract: During the last decade the cruise industry has been the tourism niche that has experienced the most rapid growth of all. However, this form of tourism is still in its infancy and has not been relatively well researched. The aim of the paper is to identify average age of cruisers on the Corridor 7. It remains unknown whether similar researches have ever been conducted. The article demonstrates the dominance of 'silver hair' cruisers on the Corridor 7. Furthermore, we found that the age groups 60-84 were the most represented in with the domination of age groups 70-74 and 65-69. The purpose of this study was to at least support a timely adaptation to trends in the cruising industry. The results of the research may initiate further studies on the cause and effect connections between this type of traveling and resources of receptive countries, upon which the travels are based, both aiming at adequate design and launching of the tourist offer, i.e. the optimal development of receptive countries through sustainable tourism.
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