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Emaús, a charity organization  [cached]
Cuadernos de Gestión , 2002,
Abstract: Emaús Bilbao Cooperative Company is a social economy and solidarity organization for socio-labour insertion. It is dedicated to the comprehensive management of solid urban waste. It has its headquarters in Bilbao and carries out its work in Vizcaya.From 1970, the year in which Emaús established itself in Vizcaya, to the present day, the organization has experienced an evolution which has led it to change its management direction. Gone are the days when they were only known as “the rag and bone men of Emaus” with all the connotations that were associated with that name. At present we find a company which has adopted new management formulas without losing the characteristics of its social and solidarity project. This has enabled it to face up to the prevailing conditions in todays economic climate. In this way it has been able to guarantee its survival.The comprehensive management of solid urban waste is made up of four diverse parts: The location of the urban solid waste through the receiving of telephone calls, its collection and selection, and the final elimination of those things that can not be incorporated again into the consumer chain. Through this case, the problems that arise for the organization with reference to the management of Human Resources are analysed. These are related above all to the motivational and decision making aspects due to the diverse characteristics as much in their own workers as in the organization.
肠炎沙门氏菌ema-pcr检测方法的建立  [PDF]
食品科学 , 2014,
Abstract: ?将荧光染料叠氮溴化乙锭(ethidiummonoazide,ema)与聚合酶链式反应(polymerasechainreaction,pcr)检测技术相结合,用于肠炎沙门氏菌活菌的检测。实验参数优化结果表明,当ema终质量浓度50μg/ml、曝光时间10min时,可以抑制约107cfu/ml肠炎沙门氏菌死菌dna的扩增;活菌灵敏度检测结果显示,ema-pcr方法检测限与单一pcr方法一样均为27.5cfu/ml,说明ema处理既不会影响活菌dna的扩增也不会影响pcr方法的灵敏度。利用ema-pcr方法检测死活混合菌液时发现,添加ema的实验组dna条带亮度会随着活菌比例的降低而变暗,且当样品中全是死菌时,没有目标条带出现;而不添加ema的对照组dna条带亮度没有变化,当样品中全是死菌时,目标条带依然清晰可见。说明添加ema可以达到区分死活菌的目的,ema-pcr方法只检测样品中的活菌,避免了死菌dna造成假阳性的可能性。
ema—一种生态主义取向的研究模式  [PDF]
心理科学 , 2011,
Abstract: 生态瞬时评估(ema)不是一个单一的研究方法,而是一种研究模式,它强调现实世界中实时数据的采集和反复的评估,并能阐释变量间自然存在和变化的相互关系,具有很高的生态学效度。ema的使用会加强我们对个体与环境之间的动态交互作用的理解。ema的基本设计思路包括基于事件的设计、基于时间的设计和联合设计。在ema的使用中还有一些问题如软硬件的发展、伦理、数据等问题等需要研究者注意。目前ema应用最广泛的领域是临床心理学和行为研究方面。
小议材料暂估入账  [PDF]
财会月刊 , 2007,
Abstract:   材料暂估入账是指企业采购的材料已验收入库,而供应商发票等结算凭证尚未收到,月末按暂估价入账,到下月初再红字冲回。这种做法至少存在如下不足:①材料早已入库,却要到月末才暂估入账,导致账实不符。并且在材料已被领用或已销售的情况下,账实差异更大。②在材料品种多、收发频繁的单位,月末暂估入账、下月红字冲回的工作量很大,容易出错。③在实行计划成本核算的企业中,月末若按计划成本暂估入账,而成本差异却待收到发票后再确认,会导致发出材料的成本差异分摊滞后。针对上述问题,笔者根据多年的实践经验,提出以下建议:  1.将入库单财务联增加为颜色各异的两联,一联为暂估联(绿),一联为确认联(黄)。  2.材料入库后,仓库将两联财务联一起交给会计部门。会计人员将其与采购合同匹配后,抽取其中绿色暂估联,根据采购订单中规定的不含税单价,借记“原材料”科目,贷记“应付账款——应计暂估”科目(不含税金额),并在黄色确认联上注明此笔入账金额。特别提醒,暂估入账时,只需估计货价部分,无需估计增值税进项税额。
資訊安全評估準則層級結構之研究 | A Study of Hierarchical Structure of Information Security Valuation Criteria  [cached]
洪國興、季延平、趙榮耀 Kwo-Shing Hong、Yen-Ping Chi、 Louis R. Chao
Journal of Library and Information Science , 2003,
Abstract: 頁次:22-44 各種調查或研究均顯示,資訊安全事故的發生比例與其所造成的財務損失均不斷上升。美國911事件、台灣納莉颱風的水災、財金公司的舞弊案等,均顯示隨著資訊科技的快速發展,資訊系統使用者的範圍不斷擴大,組織對資訊系統依賴程度的提高,資訊安全因而日愈重要。但組織資訊安全如何評估 應考慮那些評估準則 尚乏實証研究。本研究以資訊安全管理「整合系統理論」(Integrated System Theory)為基礎,經由因素分析、名目群組技術(Nominal Group Technique)的程序,匯集專家意見,建構「資訊安全評估準則層級結構」,共有9個評估構面,37項評估準則,可作為組織規劃資訊安全策略之參考,亦可作為繼續發展「資訊安全多準則評估模式」(Information Security Multiple Criteria Valuation Model)的基礎,實為資訊安全管理實証研究的重要里程碑。
Grafting of Silk Fibre with MMA, EMA and MAN for Improved Properties  [PDF]
M. Rezaul Karim,Sheikh Faisul Islam Farouqui,Shah Momin,G.M. Shafiur Rahman
Journal of Applied Sciences , 2006,
Abstract: Grafting copolymerization of silk fibre was carried out with methylmethacrylate (MMA), ethylmethacrylate (EMA) and methacrylonitrile (MAN) in aqueous media using H2O2-Na2S2O3 as redox initiator. To make the graft copolymerization more efficient and economic, the optimum conditions for graft copolymerization were established. The optimum conditions e.g., monomer concentration, initiator concentration and time for MMA, EMA and MAN were 50.0, 0.2 and 90%, respectively and the temperature was 80°C for MMA and MAN and 90°C for EMA. The grafting percentages at optimum condition for MMA, EMA and MAN were 54.34.94 and 19.87%, respectively. The loss in tenacity of non-modified silk fibre was higher (53.87%) than the modified silk (34-35%) after 300 h exposure in sunlight in open air. The modified fibre also showed better lustrous and softness than the non-modified silk.
EMA - A R package for Easy Microarray data analysis
Nicolas Servant, Eleonore Gravier, Pierre Gestraud, Cecile Laurent, Caroline Paccard, Anne Biton, Isabel Brito, Jonas Mandel, Bernard Asselain, Emmanuel Barillot, Philippe Hupé
BMC Research Notes , 2010, DOI: 10.1186/1756-0500-3-277
Abstract: Based on the experience of biostatisticians of Institut Curie, we propose both a clear analysis strategy and a selection of tools to investigate microarray gene expression data. The most usual and relevant existing R functions were discussed, validated and gathered in an easy-to-use R package (EMA) devoted to gene expression microarray analysis. These functions were improved for ease of use, enhanced visualisation and better interpretation of results.Strategy and tools proposed in the EMA R package could provide a useful starting point for many microarrays users. EMA is part of Comprehensive R Archive Network and is freely available at http://bioinfo.curie.fr/projects/ema/ webcite.Numerous analysis methods and tools have been developed to study microarray, many of them being implemented as free R [1] and/or Bioconductor [2] packages. This abundance of methods makes choosing the best approach difficult for newcomers and non-specialist users.Based on the experience of the biostatisticians of Institut Curie, we propose a clear analysis strategy combining a large variety of standard methodologies. The most usual and relevant R functions needed to perform these analyses were selected and gathered in the R package EMA (Easy Microarray data Analysis). EMA covers an entire analysis process including quality control, normalisation, exploratory analysis, unsupervised and supervised classification, functional analysis and censored data exploration. The package can be used for both one or two-colours gene expression micrarrays and for exon expression experiments.Firstly, the quality of the data must be assessed in order to detect problematic raw probe-level data, such as spatial artifacts on the chip or poor quality hybridisation. Indeed, gene expression experiments suffer from many sources of technical and experimental variation. Removing noise and systematic biases is performed in order to both improve the biological signal and make all the arrays comparable. This is the so-c
我国现阶段的按资分配不是按劳分配  [PDF]
天府新论 , 1987,
Abstract: 在我国,随着集资入股的出现,按资分配应运而生。在理论界,有的同志从按资分配存在的客观性、合理性和积极作用出发,把它肯定为按劳分配。这是值得商榷的。所谓按资分配,就是按照入股的资金量,依一定比例去分配企业的收入。从性质上讲,按资分配乃是一种非劳分配,而决不是按劳分配。这是因为:第一,两种分配所依据的经济条件不相同。马克思指出:“消费资料的任何一种分配,都不过是生产条件本身分配的结果。而生产条件的分配,则表现生产方式本身的性质。”这就是说,生产条件分配的性质和形式,决定着参加这种生产方式的成员的消费资料的分配性质和形式。按劳分配,只有在公有制经济
Successful Primary Treatment of a Hydatidiform Mole with Methotrexate and EMA/CO
M. De Vos,M. Leunen,C. Fontaine,Ph. De Sutter
Case Reports in Medicine , 2009, DOI: 10.1155/2009/454161
Abstract: Background. The preferred treatment method of most hydatidiform moles is suction aspiration. In rare circumstances uterine abnormalities may preclude surgical treatment. Case. We report a case of complete molar pregnancy successfully treated with methotrexate followed by EMA/CO. A 38-year-old woman with a complete hydatidiform mole and multiple uterine fibroids underwent a failed attempt at suction aspiration. Following treatment with methotrexate, a nonmetastatic persistent trophoblastic tumour developed. Six cycles of EMA/CO led to complete remission. Conclusion. We propose that primary treatment of molar pregnancies with chemotherapy is a useful treatment option in cases where uterine abnormalities interfere with suction aspiration.
广义系统稳态Kalman估值器  [PDF]
邓自立, 刘玉梅
自动化学报 , 1999,
Abstract: ?用现代时间序列分析方法,提出了广义离散线性随机系统稳态Kalman滤波、平滑和预报的一种统一格式,给出了稳态Kalman估值器增益新算法,避免了求解Riccati方程.为保证估值器的渐近稳定性,给出了选择初始估值的公式.仿真例子说明了所提出的结果的有效性.
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