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Людмила Альперн, Сон и явь женской тюрьмы, Санкт-Петербург: Алетейя, Серия Гендерные исследования [Liudmila Al’pern, Dream and reality in women’s prisons], 2004, 446 с.  [cached]
Anton Oleynik
Journal of Power Institutions in Post-Soviet Societies , 2009,
Abstract: The dream of any author – especially of a book with the word “dream” in the title – consists in having his or her text reviewed by somebody who at least understands the theoretical approach structuring the book’s content. How often writings based on qualitative methods are destroyed by reviewers who “deconstruct” them in perspective of quantitative methods and vice versa!The identification of the theoretical perspective adapted by the author of Dreams and the reality of prison for women does ...
Quality Primary Education in Tanzania: A Dream or Reality?
Kambuga Yusuph
International Journal of Independent Research Studies , 2013,
Abstract: The government of Tanzania has made a significant effort to improve the educational system to the extent that has been awarded and recognized for the attainment of the millennium development goals before the time frame of 2015. This incredible job on universal primary education enrollment has been due to the eradication of school fees for primary education in 2000 and primary school enrolment expanded to 95% in 2009. Pre-primary and secondary educations have also achieved steady expansions. Even though more classrooms have been built and the enrollment number reached 100%, many people claim that the quality of education in primary school is still poor and that pupils are not learning fundamental skills they need to find work prosper in their society and contribute to the national economic development. Tanzania is the only country in the world that needs to be recognized and is supposed to be in the Guinness book of having two thirds of primary school leavers who are unable to read and write well. They also lack basic numerical skills and 85% neither are unable to neither construct nor speak correct English sentences. Over 80% are selected to join secondary education or any other forms of further education. This paper discusses what went wrong. Is the name of primary education in Tanzania is an offence rather than a realization of human right? Dilapidated primary schools, inadequate facilities, poor trained and under- motivated teachers, poor working environment, inadequate supplies of teaching-learning materials, and lack of libraries which undermine rather than nourishing the potential of primary education. All these issues made me to articulate that quality primary education is a dream rather than a reality.
60 GHz Multi-Gigabit Indoor WLANs: Dream or Reality?  [PDF]
Swetank Kumar Saha,Viral Vijay Vira,Anuj Garg,Dimitrios Koutsonikolas
Computer Science , 2015,
Abstract: The millimeter-wave (mmWave) technology, recently standardized by IEEE 802.11ad, is emerging as an attractive alternative to the traditional 2.4/5GHz wireless systems, promising multi-Gigabit wireless throughput. However, the high attenuation and vulnerability to blockage of 60 GHz links have limited its applications (until recently) to short-range, line-of-sight, static scenarios. On the other hand, the question of whether it is feasible to build general-purpose WLANs out of mmWave radios in dynamic indoor environments with non-line-of-sight links remains largely unanswered. In this paper, through extensive measurements with COTS 802.11ad hardware in an indoor office environment, we investigate the question of whether the mmWave technology, in spite of its unique propagation characteristics, can serve as a viable choice for providing multi-Gigabit ubiquitous wireless indoor connectivity. We study the range of 60 GHz transmissions in indoor environments, the impact of antenna height, location, orientation, and distance on 60 GHz performance, the interaction among metrics from different layers of the network stack, the increased opportunities for spatial reuse, and the impact of human blockage. Our results reveal a number of challenges that we have to address for 60 GHz multi-gigabit WLANs to become a reality.
TV news and politcs: a conflicting marriage that builds reality  [cached]
Beatriz Becker
Brazilian Journalism Research , 2005,
Abstract: This paper discusses the complex interactions between television and politics and the representation of social events on TV news programs. It is possible to con rm from the coverage of the testimony of Deputy Roberto Je erson given to the Ethics Committee of the Brazil’s Chamber of Deputies how the Jornal da Band, the Jornal da Record and the Jornal Nacional newscasts built their reports about the rea rmation of the deputy’s denunciations and their repercussions. It is observed that each edition of the news programs is a daily version of social reality. While considering television news as an informative genre with unique characteristics and as the most striking information product of our times, this paper suggests that there is a hierarchy of values in the media discourses. Concepts and identities are built through the use of language and narrative techniques. We have identi ed the responsibility of journalists and researchers in their role of opinion makers and/or articulators of the way Brazil and the world is seen.
No-mesh inguinal hernia repair with continuous absorbable sutures: A dream or reality? (a study of 229 patients)  [cached]
Desarda Mohan
Saudi Journal of Gastroenterology , 2008,
Abstract: Background/Aim: The author has published results from two series based on his new technique of inguinal hernia repair. Interrupted sutures with a nonabsorbable material were used for repairs in both theses series. The author now describes the results of repairs done with continuous absorbable sutures. Materials and Methods: This is a prospective study of 229 patients having 256 hernias operated from December 2003 to December 2006. An undetached strip of the external oblique aponeurosis was sutured between the inguinal ligament and the muscle arch to form the new posterior wall. Continuous sutures were taken with absorbable suture material (Monofilament Polydioxanone Violet). Data of hospital stay, complications, ambulation, recurrences, and pain were recorded. Follow-up was done until June 2007. Results: A total of 224 (97.8%) patients were ambulatory within 6-8 h (mean: 6.42 h) and they attained free ambulation within 18-24 h (mean: 19.26 h). A total of 222 (96.4%) patients returned to work within 6-14 days (mean: 8.62 days) and 209 (91.26%) patients had one-night stays in the hospital. A total of 216 (94.3%) patients had mild pain for 2 days. There were four minor complications, but no recurrence or incidence of chronic groin pain. Patients were followed up for a mean period of 24.28 months (range: 6-42 months). Conclusions: The results of this study correlate well with the author′s previous publications. Continuous suturing saves operative time and one packet of suture material. The dream of every surgeon to give recurrence-free inguinal hernia repair without leaving any foreign body inside the patient may well become a reality in future.
Biotechnology: reality or dream  [PDF]
Konstantinov Kosana,Drini?-Mladenovi? Sne?ana,Drini? Goran
Genetika , 2002, DOI: 10.2298/gensr0203101k
Abstract: The development of molecular biology and molecular genetics, especially of the recombinant DNA technology enabled improvement of experimental methods that provide manipulation within a cell-free system, such as cell and tissue cultures. Such methods resulted in the development of different new technologies with specific properties in relation to the conventional definitions. According to PERSLEY and lantin (2000) the following components are essential for the contemporary biotechnology: (i) genomics - a molecular characterization of all genes and gene products of an organism (ii) bioinformatics - the assembly of data from genomic analysis into accessible forms; (iii) transformation - the introduction of genes controlling a trait of interest into a genome of a desired organism (micro organisms, plants, animal systems). By the application of cotemporary biotechnology new methods in the field of diagnostic are developed such as rapid and more accurate identification of the presence and absence of genes in the genome of the organism of interest (identification of pathogens prenatal diagnostics, molecular markers assisted breeding for plants, etc). The traits of an organism are determined by its genetic material, i.e. by a molecule of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). watson and crick (1953) were the first scientists to describe the structure of DNA as a double-stranded helix. Higher organisms contain a set of linear DNA molecules - chromosomes and a full set of chromosomes of an organism is a genome. Each genome is divided into a series of functional units, i.e. genes. The traits of an organism depend on genes, but their expression depends not only on genes but also on many other factors, including whether a gene, controlling the trait, expresses, specific cells in which it expresses and specially the mode by which the gene and its product interact with the environment. A special aspect within the application of biotechnology occurs as an interaction of a foreign gene with a genome of an integrated organism. Also application of biotechnology provides transfer of one or several favorable genes from any evolutionary category into other category of an organism and in such a way it is possible to develop genetically modified organisms (GMO) having expressed desired, target traits. A survey of the application of biotechnology in the world and our country is presented in this paper.
Intelligent Membranes: Dream or Reality?  [PDF]
Annarosa Gugliuzza
Membranes , 2013, DOI: 10.3390/membranes3030151
Abstract: Intelligent materials are claimed to overcome current drawbacks associated with the attainment of high standards of life, health, security and defense. Membrane-based sensors represent a category of smart systems capable of providing a large number of benefits to different markets of textiles, biomedicine, environment, chemistry, agriculture, architecture, transport and energy. Intelligent membranes can be characterized by superior sensitivity, broader dynamic range and highly sophisticated mechanisms of autorecovery. These prerogatives are regarded as the result of multi-compartment arrays, where complementary functions can be accommodated and well-integrated. Based on the mechanism of “sense to act”, stimuli-responsive membranes adapt themselves to surrounding environments, producing desired effects such as smart regulation of transport, wetting, transcription, hydrodynamics, separation, and chemical or energy conversion. Hopefully, the design of new smart devices easier to manufacture and assemble can be realized through the integration of sensing membranes with wireless networks, looking at the ambitious challenge to establish long-distance communications. Thus, the transfer of signals to collecting systems could allow continuous and real-time monitoring of data, events and/or processes.
Teleportation: Dream or Reality?  [PDF]
L. Vaidman
Physics , 1998, DOI: 10.1063/1.57866
Abstract: Since its discovery in 1993, we witness an intensive theoretical and experimental effort centered on teleportation. Very recently it was claimed in the press that ``quantum teleportation has been achieved in the laboratory'' (T. Sudbery, Nature, 390, p. 551). Here, I briefly review this research focusing on the connection to nonlocal measurements, and question Sudbery's statement. A philosophical inquiry about the paradoxical meaning of teleportation in the framework of the many-worlds interpretation is added.
The institution of marriage and other domestic relations  [cached]
Lynn Wardle
Amsterdam Law Forum , 2011,
Abstract: The global movement to provide domestic relationship status and benefits to same-sex couples has resulted in five different kinds of legal responses: (1) redefining marriage to include same-sex couples; (2) creation of marriage-equivalent civil union domestic relationships, with most or all of the legal incidents of marriage; (3) creation of a carefully customized domestic partner relationship providing access to some particular relational benefits; (4) allowing the private creation of legitimate same-sex relationships with private ordering of the relationships by the parties themselves (by contract, wills, etc.); and (5) total rejection of any legal recognition of same-sex relationships, usually by criminal prohibition. The polar extreme responses are inappropriate. This paper focuses on the flaws of legalizing same-sex marriage. Gender-integrating marriage is a very important pre-legal social institution, and positivist attempts to redefine marriage to include same-sex relations are conceptually flawed, like calling a tail a leg. Most nations today provide constitutional protection for marriage because it is widely considered to be a core, foundational social institution; and substantial protection of the dual-gender quality of marriage is manifest in many national constitutions. Efforts to “capture” the legal institution of marriage to promote the agenda of particular social movements have occurred before, but they have produced significant problems for marriage and for society. Legalization of same-sex marriage will transform the social understanding of what marriage is, what it means, and what is expected of married persons in ways that devalue and weaken the social institution of marriage.
Dream Isle  [cached]
C. J. Lim
Opticon1826 , 2009, DOI: 10.5334/opt.060904
Abstract: London is a city and cities are alive. They breathe, they grow, they spawn, they die and they dream. This is London’s dream. Feeding on the memories of its visitors and cosmopolitan populace, London’s dreams traverse icons such as St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Houses of Parliament, Primrose Hill, Trafalgar Square and the green courts of Wimbledon, but not as we know them. In these dreams, the city is protagonist, and this is how it sees itself.
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