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Studies on Wooden Constructions in Kaunas  [cached]
R?da Bistrickait?
Evolution of Science and Technology , 2012,
Abstract: The prepared publication is intended for the initial systematization of the experience of applying wooden constructions in Lithuania. The paper deals with research conducted by the experts in the field from other countries. This part of material cultural heritage in Lithuania has been first introduced by the scholars from Scandinavia, Germany, Russia and partly Poland – the countries representing notable achievements looking into cultural and economic history. The produced works mainly focus on the forms of wooden constructions, the original decoration of different parts of the building, the plasticity of details, style and colours. Scant attention has been paid to structural solutions. More sophisticated and interesting wooden constructions of the local buildings (bridges, churches, synagogues, manors, etc.) were seriously deteriorated or possibly fictitious. The majority of analogical constructions found in the neighbouring countries were described earlier. Later, these investigations were properly completed by the graduates studying in Lithuania. However, they had to be thoroughly trained to become professionals. For this purpose, advanced study programs and first course books in Lithuanian were prepared.From a historical point of view, for the future, gained experience in overcoming earlier backwardness within a short period of time and intercepting valuable elements of European experience are the issues worth paying attention. This is the way of how young and promising graduates were trained. They were good enough at proceeding with works started by their teachers. In the post-war period, a large number of them became emigrants or exiles and lost the possibility of carrying on their works in Lithuania. A. Bistrickas, J. Paulauskas and other graduates from Vytautas Magnus University are those deserved for their significant accomplishments in the field of wooden constructions. They were also the teachers of several following generations of the future engineers. Algirdas Baltru aitis, one of the graduates from Vytautas Magnus University started developing intensively a new stage in the field of wooden constructions and was probably the first associated professor of Kaunas University of Technology (former Kaunas Polytechnic Institute) who participated in the international conferences and suggested in-depth research on the development of wooden constructions. The introduced publication has been prepared with reference to his anniversary.
Assessment of Iron and Manganese Concentration Changes in Kaunas City Drinking Water Distribution System  [cached]
Regina Gra?ulevi?ien?,Gediminas Bal?ius
Environmental Research, Engineering and Management , 2009, DOI: 10.5755/j01.erem.50.4.44
Abstract: Environmental factors may affect the quality of drinking water supplied by municipal water distribution network. The aim of this study was to analyze the factors influencing changes in concentrations of iron (Fe) and manganese (Mn) in Kaunas drinking water distribution network. Analytical study on the drinking water quality was performed. Concentrations of manganese and iron in drinking water were assessed by using an atomic absorption spectrophotometer. Correlation between the changes in manganese concentrations and the distance from the water treatment plant was found, the correlation coefficient was -0.367; p=0.022, however, for iron it was 0.179; p = 0.148. At some sampling points the concentrations of Mn and Fe exceeded the regulated limits. To ensure the water quality and to avoid possible adverse health effects it is recommended to install Mn and Fe filter system in a consumer's drinking water pipeline.
Sorting Plastic Waste in Hydrocyclone Plastiko atliek rū iavimas hidrociklone  [cached]
Ernestas ?utinys,Vytautas Stri?ka
Science – Future of Lithuania , 2010, DOI: 10.3846/mla.2010.071
Abstract: The article presents material about sorting plastic waste in hydrocyclone. The tests on sorting plastic waste were carried out. Also, the findings received from the performed experiment on the technology of sorting plastic waste are interpreted applying an experimental model of the equipment used for sorting plastics of different density. Article in Lithuanian Straipsnyje pateikti duomenys apie plastiko atliek rū iavim hidrociklone. Atlikti plastiko atliek rū iavimo hidrociklone bandymai. Taip pat pateikti rezultatai, gauti eksperimento metu iai plastiko atliek rū iavimo technologijai taikant eksperimentin renginio model , skirt skirtingo tankio plastikui rū iuoti. Straipsnis lietuvi kalba
Distribution of Nitrogen Dioxide Concentration in Kaunas 2003–2007  [cached]
Environmental Research, Engineering and Management , 2011,
Abstract: The aim of the present study was to assess distribution of nitrogen dioxide concentration in Kaunas. A passive sampling method was used. Sampling was carried out in 62 measurements points of Kaunas city during four different seasons in 2003-2007. According to the measured concentration average seasonal and annual concentration of nitrogen dioxide was calculated. The study results showed that mean nitrogen dioxide concentration in Kaunas was 18.1 μgm-3. The highest mean seasonal concentration was found during spring (20.1 μgm-3), the lowest - during winter (16.5 μgm-3). The highest nitrogen dioxide concentration was in Centras district (26.3 μgm-3), the lowest in Rokai - 11.4 μgm-3. Using Arc GIS program, maps of nitrogen dioxide concentration distribution were plotted. Nitrogen dioxide concentration interpoliation results revealed that the highest pollution was in Centras, aliakalnis, Dainava districts, the lowest was found in the areas with lower traffic flows and more green places. io straipsnio darbo tikslas – nustatyti oro tar azoto dioksidu Kaune. Azoto dioksido tar a buvo nustatoma naudojant pasyvius kaupiklius. Miesto teritorijoje eksponuoti 62 bandiniai skirtingais 2003–2007 met sezonais. Bandiniai buvo eksponuoti savait . I gaut koncentracij matavim apskai iuotos vidutin metin ir sezonin azoto dioksido koncentracija visame mieste ir atskiruose jo rajonuose. Tyrim rezultatai parod , kad vidutin 2003–2007 met azoto dioksido koncentracija Kaune buvo 18,1 μgm–3. Did iausia vidutin sezonin azoto dioksido koncentracija nustatyta pavasar – 20,1 μgm–3, ma iausia nustatyta iem – 16,5 μgm–3. Oro tar os azoto dioksidu at vilgiu miesto mikrorajonai buvo nehomogeni ki. Did iausia vidutin 2003–2007 met azoto dioksido koncentracija buvo Centre (26,3 μgm–3). Naudojant ArcGIS programin rang , buvo sudaryti azoto dioksido koncentracijos pasiskirstymo em lapiai. Azoto dioksido tar os interpoliavimo rezultatai parod , kad didesn tar a buvo Centro, aliakalnio, Dainavos rajonuose, ma esn – tuose rajonuose, kur ma esni transporto srautai ir daugiau ali j plot .
Sorting in Lattices  [PDF]
Jens Gerlach
Computer Science , 2013,
Abstract: In a totally ordered set the notion of sorting a finite sequence is defined through a suitable permutation of the sequence's indices. In this paper we prove a simple formula that explicitly describes how the elements of a sequence are related to those of its sorted counterpart. As this formula relies only on the minimum and maximum functions we use it to define the notion of sorting for lattices. A major difference of sorting in lattices is that it does not guarantee that sequence elements are only rearranged. However, we can show that other fundamental properties that are associated with sorting are preserved.
Heap Sorting Based on Array Sorting  [PDF]
Haiming Li, Ping Chen, Yong Wang
Journal of Computer and Communications (JCC) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/jcc.2017.512006
Abstract: A kind of heap sorting method based on array sorting was proposed. Some advantages and disadvantages of it were discussed. It was compared with the traditional method of direct application. In the method, the ordered keywords in the array are put into the heap one by one after building an empty heap. This method needs relatively less space and is fit for ordered sequence.
Development of Total Quality Management in Kaunas University of Technology  [PDF]
Povilas Vanagas,Mantas Vilkas
Engineering Economics , 2008,
Abstract: We reflect on the activities of Department of Quality Management, Faculty of Economics and Management, Kaunas University of Technology in this article. The rea-sons which lead to the establishment of the Department of Quality Management are briefly presented. Since 1997 the members of the department research various problems of quality management, co-ordinate programme for Master’s degree (Quality Management specialization) and commu-nicate its research to business and public organizations. These three activities of the Department research, teaching and communication of the results of research are reviewed in this article. First, the topics of the research conducted from the establishment of the Department could be gener-alized under these themes: Total quality management (TQM) as conceptual core, quality culture, quality and performance measurement, stakeholders’ interests har-monization, processual approach, quality of life, wage administration under TQM. Research under these topics is reviewed. A theoretical contribution and results are dis-cussed. Second, the courses underlying Quality Manage-ment specialization are also analyzed. It is argued that during the decade more than a hundred of students became quality managers. The content of the courses is discussed. Third, the ways of communication of quality management methods to business and public organizations is high-lighted. The main means of communication of TQM are: the Lithuanian Association for Quality Management and the Center for Total Quality Management. The article pre-sents the discussion on possible and relevant research top-ics. Five possible directions was identified: to proceed on research, that has been already conducted, look for new approaches to explain how quality is achieved, incorporate knowledge from other disciplines, reinterpret the main concepts of quality in the context of present changes, ana-lyze the effects of quality management practices.
The sorting index  [PDF]
T. Kyle Petersen
Mathematics , 2010,
Abstract: We consider a bivariate polynomial that generalizes both the length and reflection length generating functions in a finite Coxeter group. In seeking a combinatorial description of the coefficients, we are led to the study of a new Mahonian statistic, which we call the sorting index. The sorting index of a permutation and its type B and type D analogues have natural combinatorial descriptions which we describe in detail.
On the predatory habits of Lions and Hyaenas  [cached]
F. C. Eloff
Koedoe : African Protected Area Conservation and Science , 1964, DOI: 10.4102/koedoe.v7i1.805
Abstract: On the predatory habits of Lions and Hyaenas
Project Management: Research and Studies at the Faculty of Economics and Management of Kaunas University of Technology  [PDF]
Bronius Neverauskas,Vytautas Stankevi?ius
Engineering Economics , 2008,
Abstract: The article summarizes the results of theoretical and empirical studies in the sphere of the project preparation and realization processes by focusing on the contribution of the researchers, educators and staff of the Faculty of Economics and Management and Project Management Center of Kaunas University of Technology to the development of this relevant sphere of management. The article distinguishes the following basic aspects: Consistent patterns of environmental changes effecting projects, effect of the business intellige on changes, development of science and technologies and project realization. Cost reduction factors in project realization processes, the effect of the accumulated project value on its realization, the effect of electronic services on the project realization costs. Human resources, their competence development with the help of projects.The article includes conclusions and suggestions with regard to the development of research projects and studies within the basis of cooperation with the European Union and world universities.
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