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Redactie KITLV
New West Indian Guide , 2008,
Abstract: David Scott; Conscripts of Modernity: The Tragedy of Colonial Enlightenment (Shalina Puri) Rebecca J. Scott; Degrees of Freedom: Louisiana and Cuba after Slavery (Olivia Maria Gomes da Cunha) Patrick Bellegarde-Smith (ed.); Fragments of Bone: Neo-African Religions in a New World (Dianne M. Stewart) Londa Schiebinger; Plants and Empire: Colonial Bioprospecting in the Atlantic World (J.D. La Fleur) F. Abiola Irele, Simon Gikandi (eds.);The Cambridge History of African and Caribbean Literature (A. James Arnold) Sean X. Goudie; Creole America: The West Indies and the Formation of Literature and Culture in the New Republic (J. Bradford Anderson) Doris Garraway; The Libertine Colony: Creolization in the Early French Caribbean (Charles Forsdick) Adélékè Adéèkó; The Slave’s Rebellion: Fiction, History, Orature (Owen Robinson) J. Brooks Bouson; Jamaica Kincaid: Writing Memory, Writing Back to the Mother (Lizabeth Paravisini-Gebert) Gary Wilder; The French Imperial Nation-State: Negritude and Colonial Humanism between the Two World Wars (Nick Nesbitt) Fernando Picó; History of Puerto Rico: A Panorama of its People (Francisco A. Scarano) Peter E. Siegel (ed.); Ancient Borinquen: Archaeology and Ethnohistory of Native Puerto Rico (William F. Keegan) Magali Roy-Féquière; Women, Creole Identity, and Intellectual Life in Early Twentieth-Century Puerto Rico (Yolanda Martínez-San Miguel) Katherine E. Browne; Creole Economics: Caribbean Cunning under the French Flag (David Beriss) Louis A. Pérez, Jr; To Die in Cuba: Suicide and Society (Matt D. Childs) John Lawrence Tone; War and Genocide in Cuba, 1895-1898 (Gillian McGillivray) Frank Argote-Freyre; Fulgencio Batista: From Revolutionary to Strongman (Javier Figueroa-De Cárdenas) Juanita de Barros, Audra Diptee, David V. Trotman (eds.); Beyond Fragmentation: Perspectives on Caribbean History (Bernard Moitt) Matthew Mulcahy; Hurricanes and Society in the British Greater Caribbean, 1624-1783 (Bonham C. Richardson) Michaeline A. Crichlow; Negotiating Caribbean Freedom: Peasants and the State in Development (Christine Chivallon) Peta Gay Jensen; The Last Colonials: The Story of Two European Families in Jamaica (Karl Watson) Marc Tardieu; Les Antillais à Paris: D’hier à aujourd’hui (David Beriss) Rhonda D. Frederick; “Colón Man a Come”: Mythographies of Panamá Canal Migration (Michael L. Conniff) James Robertson; Gone is the Ancient Glory: Spanish Town, Jamaica, 1534-2000 (Philip D. Morgan) Philippe R. Girard; Paradise Lost: Haiti’s Tumultuous Journey from Pearl of the Caribbean to Third World Hotspot (Carolle Charles) Michael
Roy Walford and the immunologic theory of aging
Rita B Effros
Immunity & Ageing , 2005, DOI: 10.1186/1742-4933-2-7
Abstract: Dr. Roy Walford, M.D. Professor Emeritus of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at UCLA, died on April 27, 2004 after a long battle with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. He joined UCLA's faculty in 1954 and became Professor of Pathology in 1966. He is widely regarded as a pioneer in the study of the biology of aging. He and his colleagues have made major contributions to several areas of experimental gerontology including caloric restriction, immunological aging and the role of body temperature reduction in aging retardation. Early in his career he was also a leader in the study of histocompatibility systems. Last year a special issue of Experimental Gerontology was dedicated to Roy Walford. In that volume, the comments of several colleagues with whom Roy interacted in fundamental areas of immunology provided evidence of the admiration and respect with which he was viewed. For example, the eminent Nobel Laureate, Professor Jean Dausset, honored for his contributions to the field of human leukocyte antigen biology, which is central to immune function, described Roy as "brilliant..... original....lucid visionary of the future" [1]. Dr. Edwin Cooper expressed his gratitude for the novel contributions to immunosenescence derived from his interactions with Roy in the study of lower animals and phylogenetic analyses [2]. The collaboration between Roy and Dr. G.B. Ferrara in identifying the so-called "Merrit alloantigen system", now known as MHC Class II, were of fundamental importance in both transplant immunology and more recently, in understanding antigen presentation. Dr. Ferrara described Roy as "an extraordinary man: genius, scientist, philosopher, artist, predictor of the events of our time" [3]. This unusual foresight and intuition probably played a role in the fact, as stated by immunologist Dr. Richard Miller, that Roy was among the first "to note and promote the powers of modern immunological approaches as tools for the analysis of ageing" [4]. Thus, Roy has played
Roy-Steiner equations for $γγ\toππ$  [PDF]
Martin Hoferichter,Daniel R. Phillips,Carlos Schat
Physics , 2011,
Abstract: Starting from hyperbolic dispersion relations, we present a system of Roy--Steiner equations for pion Compton scattering that respects analyticity and unitarity requirements, gauge invariance, as well as crossing symmetry, and thus all symmetries of the underlying quantum field theory. To suppress the dependence on the high-energy region, we also consider once- and twice-subtracted versions of the equations, where the subtraction constants are identified with dipole and quadrupole pion polarizabilities. We consider the resolution of the $\gamma\gamma\to\pi\pi$ partial waves by a Muskhelishvili-Omn\`es representation with finite matching point, and discuss the consequences for the two-photon coupling of the $\sigma$ resonance as well as its relation to pion polarizabilities.
Roy, Jo lle. Xman est back en Huronie  [cached]
Gabrielle Bonifaci
Voix Plurielles , 2012,
Abstract: Roy, Jo lle. Xman est back en Huronie. Compte rendu
The Roy Adaptation Model and Content Analysis
Aquichán , 2006,
Abstract: the purpose of this paper is to explain how the roy adaptation model can be used to guide a combined qualitative and quantitative content analysis of responses to open-ended interviews questions. responses can be categorized as adaptive or ineffective within the physiological, self-concept, role function, and interdependence modes of adaptation and then tallied to yield an adaptation score.
The Roy Adaptation Model and Content Analysis  [cached]
Jacqueline Fawcett
Aquichán , 2006,
Abstract: El objetivo del presente estudio consiste en explicar de qué manera se puede utilizar el Modelo de Adaptación de Roy para guiar el análisis de contenido cuantitativo y cualitativo de respuestas a preguntas abiertas en una entrevista. Estas respuestas pueden ser catalogadas como adaptativas o inefectivas respecto de los modos de adaptación psicosocial, autoconcepto, función de rol e interdependencia y, entonces, asociadas a un determinado puntaje de adaptación.
One-channel Roy equations revisited  [PDF]
J. Gasser,G. Wanders
Physics , 1999, DOI: 10.1007/s100529900086
Abstract: The Roy equation in the single channel case is a nonlinear, singular integral equation for the phase shift in the low-energy region. We first investigate the infinitesimal neighborhood of a given solution, and then present explicit expressions for amplitudes that satisfy the nonlinear equation exactly. These amplitudes contain free parameters that render the non-uniqueness of the solution manifest. They display, however, an unphysical singularity at the upper end of the interval considered. This singularity disappears and uniqueness is achieved if one uses analyticity properties of the amplitudes that are not encoded in the Roy equation.
Normality and $K_1$-stability of Roy's elementary orthogonal group  [PDF]
A. A. Ambily
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: In this paper, we prove the normality of the Roy's elementary orthogonal group (Dickson--Siegel--Eichler--Roy or DSER group) over a commutative ring which was introduced by A. Roy in [MR0231844] under some conditions on the hyperbolic rank. We also establish a stability theorem for $K_1$ of Roy's group. We obtain a decomposition theorem for the elementary orthogonal group which is used to deduce the stability theorem.
Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie’nin Tarih Yakla m - Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie’s Approach to History  [PDF]
Miyase Koyuncu KAYA
Bal?kesir üniversitesi Sosyal Bilimler Dergisi , 2009,
Abstract: ZArast rman n Temelleri: Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie’nin farkl d nemlerde kaleme ald g iki tarih al smas .Arast rman n Amac : Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie’nin tarihe yaklas m n irdelemek vetarih inin Peasants of Languedoc ve Montaillou adl eserlerinden yola karak kaynak kullan m ile esitlenen tarih yaklas m n incelemek.Veri Kaynaklar : Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie’nin Peasants of Languedoc ve Montaillou adl eserleri.Ana Tart sma: Kulland g kaynak bir tarih inin tarih yaz m n nas l etkilemektedir?Sonu lar: Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie’nin farkl d nemlerde kaleme ald g Peasants ofLanguedoc ve Montaillou adl eserlerinde g rüldügü üzere bir tarih inin kulland g kaynaklar onuntarih yaz m n da etkilemektedir. Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie, Peasants of Languedoc’ta istatistikselveriler gibi say lar kullanarak Languedoc k ylülerinin yasamlar na s k tutarken, Montoillou adl eserinde mahkeme kay tlar n n detaylar ndan yola karak nas l bir mikro tarih yaz lacag n g stermektedir.Anahtar Kelimeler: Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie, tarih i, Annnales okulu, kantitatif tarih,mikro tarih.ABSTRACTBases of Research: Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie’s historical studies that the author has writtenin different periods in a different manner.Purpose of Research: The purpose of our study is to understand historical approach ofEmmanuel Le Roy Ladurie and to investigate different approaches to history by using differentsources as in the example of Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie’s Works- Peasants of Languedoc anMontaillou.Resources of Data: Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie’s Works- Peasants of Languedoc andMontaillou.Main Discussion: How do an historian’s sources affect his history writing?Conclusions: As in the examples of Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie’s Works- Peasants ofLanguedoc an Montaillou, an historian’s sources affect and shape his history writing. Emmanuel LeRoy Ladurie used quantitative sources-statistics to write peasants history of Languedoc but later in hislife he indicated how court records can be used as a source to make history of men as he did inMontoillou.Key Words: Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie, historian, Annales school, quantitative history, microhistory.
Utiliza??o de biofilme comestível na conserva??o de piment?o 'Magali R' em duas condi??es de armazenamento
Lemos, Odair Lacerda;Rebou?as, Tiyoko Nair Hojo;José, Abel Rebou?as S?o;Vila, Mariana Texeira Rodrigues;Silva, Katiane Santiago;
Bragantia , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0006-87052007000400020
Abstract: trying to promote the conservation postharvest of fruits and vegetables to the biodegradable packings the base of starch, pectins, cellulose and other polymeric, show results variables to depend on the vegetables treaties. the present work had as objective evaluates the biofilm effect to the base of cassava starch in the conservation of sweet peppers magali r, stored to room ambient and under cooling. the fruits were selected, washed, disinfected, covered with biofilm of cassava starch in the concentrations of 3, 4, and 5% and stored for up to 20 days to room ambient with 24,5 ± 3oc e 60,5 ± 12% ru and to 10 ± 1oc and 90 ± 5% ru. the effects of the treatments were appraised through the mass loss, of the firmness of the fruit and tenor of soluble solids, in entirely randomized design, with three repetitions and two fruits for parcel, in the factorial outline 4 x 6 x 2. the results indicate that the use of biofilm of cassava starch was not efficient in to delay the metabolism postharvest and to prolong the conservation of sweet peppers magali r refrigerated or not; the use of cooling to 10 ± 1oc and 90 ± 5% ru, without association with biofilm, was efficient in maintaining the sweet peppers magali r with mass loss inferior to the 15%, established as limit for the self life for up to 20 days of storage, while in room temperature the self life was of just eight days.
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