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Research of Manufacturing Execution System Supporting Networked Manufacturing Environment

FANG Ya-dong,HE Wei-ping,QIN Zhong-bao,WANG Su-an,

计算机应用研究 , 2006,
Abstract: Firstly introduces the requirement of networked manufacturing, and then illustrates the key technology of manufacturing execution system supporting networked manufacturing, such as distributed numeric control, tools engraving and identifying technology, and plan scheduling and dispatching in terms of information feedback. The paper lastly discusses the function model, the framework and software realization infrastructure of manufacturing execution system according to networked manufacturing character.
Integration of Manufacturing Services into Virtual Environments over the Internet
Huiping Shang,Zhengxu Zhao,
Huiping Shang Beijing Institute of Tracking
,Telecommunication and Technology,Beijing,PRC Zhengxu Zhao Virtual Reality Technology Research Centre

国际自动化与计算杂志 , 2004,
Abstract: Virtual reality (VR) is a rapidly developing technology that has a wide spectrum of industrial and commercial applications. Networked (distributed or shared) virtual environments (VE) are of growing interest to modern manufacturing industry; a dominating use of networked virtual manufacturing environments (VMEs) is on-line visualisation and collaborative control of 3D information. This has to be supported by real-time data transfer. To meet a broad range of common requirements for Internet-based VE communications, particularly for virtual manufacturing and collaborative design and control, this paper presents a networked virtual environment system that is designed to support networked virtual design and manufacturing. The system is implemented with manufacturing message specification (MMS) standards so as to integrate a range of manufacturing services into networked VEs over the Internet.
Research on Application of Web Services in Regional Networked Manufacturing

GUAN Zai-lin,WANG Yan-hong,ZHOU Wei,CHEN Yu,

计算机应用研究 , 2005,
Abstract: The implementation of resources sharing and information integration in distributed environment is the first and fore-most thing in promoting regional industry information development. The concept, function and necessity of regional networked manufacturing and its serviceplatformarepresented, andresearchonapplicationofthetechnologyofWebservicesinregional networked manufacturing.
M.Srinivasa Babu,Arbindasahu,Mukkanti,Sadineni S. Rao
International Research Journal of Pharmacy , 2012,
Abstract: Salicylic acid is used in the manufacturing process of Lamivudine, so far no literature available for recovery salicylic acid in Lamivudine manufacturing process. The present work relates to recovery of salicylic acid from Lamivudine manufacturing process. It was obtained as a byproduct, combination of Ethyl acetate and Triethyl amine containing salicylates. Recovery of Salicylic acid from Lamivudine is a new treatment for Ethyl acetate and Triethyl amine which contains salicylic acid, which is difficult to treat using biological effluent treatment processes. The brief description of proposed recovery of salicylic acid process is, by distillation of mass and eliminate the Ethyl acetate and Triethyl amine. After distillation the remaining mass is filtered in water and carbon media, which on further treatment with Hydrochloric acid, adjust the pH up to 1-2 and then filter the mass and dry it gives result of white crystalline salicylic acid recovery. This process offers particular advantages in term of swiftness, high efficiency, cost reduction and chemical waste reduction in Lamivudine manufacturing process. It is a recyclable and eco-friendly recovery process. The aim of the present study was recovery of the salicylic acid in Lamivudine manufacturing process and reducing its impacts on environment. Experiments were carried out at batch and tests in order to investigate equilibrium and dynamic condition of salicylic Acid recovery process.
E. Raj Kumar,,K.Annamalai
International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology , 2011,
Abstract: Technologies such as virtual prototyping could give manufacturers the power to react more quickly to changes in consumer’s preferences and tastes by shortening the design and manufacture cycle. With the advent of high resolution graphics, high speed computing and user interaction devices could give a suitable manufacturing process for achieving final product shape by providing the user the option of designing the appropriate dies and molds and then carrying out the analysis and visualizing the manufacturing process in an immense and interactive environment. It describes characterization, remote access and simulation of some machines and process integrated with a remote virtual environment. This environment will allow external collaborates to perform real time equipments and to interactively use simulations and modeling tools. The main aim of this paper is to describe how machines, software and people can be efficiently and effectively networked together to improve productivity and faster innovation at all the levels of a real manufacturing enterprise. Thepaper aims at providing a brief overview of recent developments in the field of virtual manufacturing and generates interest in this potential research area.
Research and application of ant algorithm in networked manufacturing for parts

DONG Rong,HE Wei-ping,JI Feng,ZHANG Guang-feng,

计算机应用研究 , 2008,
Abstract: To optimize the configuration of distributed manufacturing resources in the networked manufacturing environment effectively, this paper introduced a concept of the collaborative manufacturing chain, The collaborative manufacturing chain was a kind of networked manufacturing dynamic alliance which oriented to the manufacturing process of parts. Based on it, gave the definition and the formalized model of the collaborative manufacturing chain, By analyzing the distributed manufacturing process of aero-engine complex parts, expatiated the evolution process of the collaborative manufacturing chain. Then, studied the sequencing problem of the Collaborative manufacturing chain emphatically, which was a key problem in the evolution process of the collaborative manufacturing chain, built the mathematical model of this problem, and designed and implemented a sequencing strategy of the collaborative manufacturing chain based on the ant algorithm. Finally, demonstrated the validity of the strategy by an example.
Monitoring the resin infusion manufacturing process under industrial environment using distributed sensors  [PDF]
Peng Wang,Jér?me Molimard,Sylvain Drapier,Alain Vautrin,Jean-Christophe Minni
Physics , 2012, DOI: 10.1177/0021998311410479
Abstract: A novel direct approach to detect the resin flow front during the Liquid Resin Infusion process under industrial environment is proposed. To detect the resin front accurately and verify the results, which are deduced from indirect micro-thermocouples measurements, optical fiber sensors based on Fresnel reflection are utilized. It is expected that the results derived from both techniques will lead to an improvement of our understanding of the resin flow and in particular prove that micro-thermocouples can be used as sensors as routine technique under our experimental conditions. Moreover, comparisons with numerical simulations are carried out and experimental and simulated mold filling times are successfully compared.
Evaluation of Customer Relationship Management’s Performance under Networked Manufacturing  [cached]
Jinzhao An
International Journal of Business and Management , 2009, DOI: 10.5539/ijbm.v5n1p156
Abstract: Networked manufacturing is an advanced manufacturing technology, and efficient customer relationship management is critical for networked manufacturing’s resource allocation and scheduling. Evaluation of customer relationship management’s performance under networked manufacturing and effective optimization measures are preconditions for improving on CRM’s performance. Development process’s quality, operational process’s quality, customer relationship’s quality and emergency ability are critical factors of CRM’s performance under networked manufacturing. Evaluating CRM’s performance should build index system based on these four factors and make grey correlative analysis combined with analytic hierarchy process. The performance evaluation way proposed is feasible and effective, and combines the advantage of quantitative analysis and qualitative analysis.
Access control in cloud computing environment  [PDF]
Abdul Raouf Khan
Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: Cloud computing is one of the emerging technologies. The cloud environment is a large open distributed system. It is important to preserve the data, as well as, privacy of users. Access Control methods ensure that authorized user’s access the data and the system. This paper discusses various features of attribute based access control mechanism, suitable for cloud computing environment. It leads to the design of attribute based access control mechanism for cloud computing.
Dynamic Evaluation Model of Networked Manufacturing Resources Based on Grey Target Decision  [PDF]
Wang Bin,Tao Jun-Long,Liu De-Fang,Chen Xin-Bo
Information Technology Journal , 2013,
Abstract: To choose suitable manufacturing resources according to different requirements of manufacturing task, a dynamic evaluation model of manufacturing resources based on grey target decision is proposed. An evaluation indicator system of manufacturing resource dynamic is designed, which consists of two types of indicators: performance and information quality. This study proposes a weighted grey target decision-making algorithm, which is more suitable for dynamic evaluation of manufacturing resources with the addition of the expert weight evaluation method. Finally, the effectiveness of the model based on grey target decision is validated by a networked manufacturing resource evaluation case.
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