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Lean Manufacturing Implementation in the Assembly shop of Tractor Manufacturing Company  [PDF]
Gundeep Singh,,Dr. R.M. Belokar
International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering , 2012,
Abstract: Lean manufacturing has received a great deal of attention in its application to manufacturing companies. It is a set of tools and methodologies that aims for increased productivity; cycle time reduction and continuous elimination of all waste in the production process. The Lean manufacturing technique - Kaizen is internationally acknowledged as a method of continuous improvement, through small steps, of the economical results of companies. In this paper a case study is presented in which bottlenecks are identified in the assembly shop of the tractor manufacturing automobile company due to which the productivity was low. Thus, the implementation of lean manufacturing kaizen technique results in the removal of bottlenecks by reducing cycle time, increasing the productivity and eliminating all kinds of waste.
Adrian Pirraglia,Daniel Saloni,Herman van Dyk
BioResources , 2009,
Abstract: Lean Manufacturing has helped several industries to achieve operational and manufacturing excellence by increasing productivity and enhancing quality, while reducing waste and costs. However, the wood industry has been historically slow in adopting this philosophy and its many tools. In times when overseas competition has taken big portions of the traditional market share for U.S based wood industries, it has become important that companies start to take actions in order to regain competitiveness. In this sense, Lean Manufacturing could provide a competitive advantage. Main findings of this project includes high percentages of Lean Manufacturing implementation among companies from the Wood Component Manufacturing Association, substantial differences in the tools implemented by companies on an early vs. extensive Lean Manufacturing implementation stage, as well as identification of main reasons and advantages derived from its implementation, and how Lean Manufacturing is rated among these companies. Findings lead to the conclusions that many companies are pursuing cost savings strategies without implementing Lean Manufacturing. Training and education on Lean Manufacturing, and well implemented Lean Manufacturing programs would help members of the Wood Component Manufacturing Association to regain competitiveness and achieve substantial cost reductions.
A case study of lean, sustainable manufacturing  [cached]
Geoff Miller,Janice Pawloski,Charles Robert Standridge
Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management , 2010, DOI: 10.3926/jiem..v3n1.p11-32
Abstract: A small furniture production company has integrated lean tools and sustainability concepts with discrete event simulation modeling and analysis as well as mathematical optimization to make a positive impact on the environment, society and its own financial success. The principles of lean manufacturing that aid in the elimination of waste have helped the company meet ever increasing customer demands while preserving valuable resources for future generations. The implementation of lean and sustainable manufacturing was aided by the use of discrete event simulation and optimization to overcome deficits in lean’s traditional implementation strategies. Lean and green manufacturing can have a more significant, positive impact on multiple measures of operational performance when implemented concurrently rather than separately. These ideas are demonstrated by three applications.
Rajesh Kumar MEHTA,Dharmendra MEHTA,Naveen K Mehta
Management & Marketing , 2012,
Abstract: Lean deals with generating more value for customers by eliminating factors that are merely considered waste. Lean Manufacturing is a systematic approach to identifying and eliminating waste through continuous improvement. Lean Manufacturing uses less of everything and attains its set objectives by excellent teamwork, communication, and competent use of available resources & continuous Improvement. The present paper is an attempt to study employee’s perception towards lean manufacturing systems in gear industry.
Sistema de Gestión de la Calidad en el Apoyo a la Implementación de Estrategias de Producción Ajustada Lean Manufacturing Strategies Implementation Based on a Quality Management System  [cached]
V.A. Cruz
Información Tecnológica , 2004,
Abstract: Se presenta un estudio de los sistemas de gestión de calidad analizando la medida en que sus requisitos podrán tener implicaciones y facilitar en el dise o del sistema de producción ajustada. Se utiliza la norma ISO 9000 referente a la Gestión de la Calidad, para apoyar el proceso de implementación del sistema de producción ajustada. Los resultados indican que no había una capacidad de reproducir mejoras locales, en otras partes del sistema de producción. Las normas ISO 9000 permitieron identificar los procesos principales e integrar la implementación de sub-sistemas relacionados con cada uno. El impacto de estos resultados permitió detectar debilidades en el sistema y decidir modificaciones en algunos procesos. A partir de los resultados obtenidos se concluye que la existencia de un sistema de gestión de la calidad, facilita una mejor comprensión de la modelación e implementación de la producción ajustada. A study on quality management systems to determine eventual benefits and implications related to the implementation of lean manufacturing has been done. The ISO 9000 Quality Management Standard was used to support the implementation process of a lean manufacturing system. Results showed a lack of capacity to disseminate local improvements to other parts of the production system. The ISO 9000 standards allowed the identification of critical processes and the integrated implementation of sub-systems related to each process. The impact of these results allowed the detection of weaknesses to decide eventual modifications in some processes. From the results obtained, one can conclude that a quality management system environment enhances a better comprehension in modelling and implementing a lean manufacturing system.
A.D. Kahlen
South African Journal of Industrial Engineering , 2012,
Abstract: ENGLISH ABSTRACT: Opportunities to improve production processes and access to markets through the implementation of lean manufacturing in biomedical manufacturing are presented. The importance of a unified definition of manufacturing, to which biomedical manufacturing is party, is emphasized, and the theory of “lean”, summarized as “purpose, process, people”, is elaborated. The requirements for the creation of value through the creation of flow and the elimination of wastes are highlighted in the context of biomedical manufacturing. Finally, case studies are presented to illustrate the approaches to “purpose, process, people”. AFRIKAANSE OPSOMMING: Geleenthede vir die verbetering van produksieprosesse en marktoegang via die implementering van skraalvervaardiging in die biomediese vervaardigingsbedryf word voorgehou. Aandag word geskenk aan die betekenis van terme soos “skraal, doel, proses, menes” in die konteks van biomediese vervaardiging. Waardeskepping, vloei en vermorsing word onder die loep geneem. Gevallestudies word ter illustrasie van begrippe aangebied.
Estudios Gerenciales , 2007,
Abstract: lean manufacturing was developed by toyota motor company to address their specific needs in a restricted market in times of economic trouble. these concepts have been studied and proven to be transferrable and applicable to a wide variety of industries. this paper aims to integrate a set of metrics that have been proposed by different authors in such a way that they are consistent with the different stages and elements of lean manufacturing implementations. to achieve this, two frameworks for lean implementations are presented and then the main factors for success are used as the basis to propose metrics that measure the advance in these factors. a tabular display of the impact of "lean activities" on the metrics is presented, proposing that many a priori assumptions about the benefits on many different levels of improvement should be accurate. finally, some ideas for future research and extension of the applications proposed on this paper are presented as closing points.
Lean Problem: Why Conpanies Fail with Lean Implementation?
Management , 2012, DOI: 10.5923/j.mm.20120205.12
Abstract: Lean thinking approach was reported in many papers to be very efficient and straightforward way towards process improvements in terms of productivity and value adding activities ratio. On other hand, it was also discovered that the system which is working very well in Toyota might not give similar effective results in other companies. Many manufacturers have failed in achieving success of lean thinking implementation. Current study is seeking the reasons of failures in lean thinking implementation. One of the proposals is that companies have to interpret their lean knowledge into own vision in form of lean house. Such proposal is derived from example of Scania, which is one of the best examples of lean thinking implementation outside the Toyota corporation. Study results indicate that success or failure of lean initiatives strongly depends on companies approach to it and on whether company has created they own philosophy towards lean – lean house.
Lean Manufacturing measurement: The relationships between Lean activities and Lean metrics  [cached]
Diego Fernando Manotas Duque,Leonardo Rivera Cadavid
Estudios Gerenciales , 2007,
Abstract: Medición en Lean Manufacturing: Relaciones entre Actividades Lean y Métricas Lean Lean Manufacturing fue desarrollada por Toyota para satisfacer sus necesidades específicas en un mercado restringido y en tiempos de estrechez económica. Estos conceptos han sido estudiados y se ha comprobado su aplicabilidad en una amplia variedad de industrias. El objetivo de este artículo es el de integrar un conjunto de métricas que han sido propuestas por diferentes autores, de tal manera que sean consistentes con las etapas y elementos de implementaciones de Lean Manufacturing. Para lograrlo se presentan dos marcos de referencia para implementaciones Lean y los principales factores de éxito se utilizan como base para proponer métricas que identifiquen el avance en estos factores. Posteriormente se propone una tabla que cruza el impacto de las Actividades Lean sobre las métricas, postulando que muchos de los supuestos a priori sobre estos impactos deberían ser precisos. Finalmente se proponen algunas ideas para proyectos de investigación hacia el futuro y posibles extensiones de las aplicaciones propuestas aquí.
International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology , 2011,
Abstract: Applying lean manufacturing philosophy is one of the most important concepts that help enterprises to gain competitive advantage in the world market. Suppliers are an important factor contributing to thesuccess of going lean. Major businesses in India as well as in other world, have been trying to integrate its suppliers to give better performance. In Indian small & medium scale enterprises (SME),application of lean manufacturing strategies especially in terms of supplier integration, have been far fewer. Indian SMEs are still resisting accepting the role of their suppliers to make them leaner. The aim of this study was to identify the supplier issues and their weightage in implementing the lean philosophy in Indian SMEs. The research hypothesizes that there are big opportunities for improvement in the Indian SMEs if it is made leaner by integrating its suppliers in its manufacturing system. Author identified total 21 supplier issues and divided these 21 supplier issues in four categories on conceptual basis named as Supplier Management strategy, Information Sharing with supplier, Supplier Integration, Capability to deal with uncertainty. Mean scores of all four categorized groups of supplier issues are ranked.
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