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Lei, justi?a e Direito: algumas sugest?es de leitura da obra de E. P. Thompson
Duarte, Adriano Luiz;
Revista de Sociologia e Política , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-44782010000200011
Abstract: this article discusses notions of "laws", "justice" and "the law" in e. p. thompson's work. our goal is to achieve an understanding of how such notions have been articulated and how they connect with ideas of "experience" and "culture". the specific works studied are those published in the book intitled the essencial e. p. thompson, edited in 2002 by historian dorothy thompson. furthermore, we seek an understanding of the possible political consequences that these notions hold, today, for the thought and action of a democratic left. we conclude that thompson's defense of the "domain of the law" as an unquestionable human conquest further suggests a rethinking of the way in which the critique of liberal democratic regimes is usually carried out, since quite often the critique of capitalism is mistakenly understood as a critique of democracy, as if the two were an inseparable unit. nonetheless, we should not forget that capitalism only became democratic through a long and hard struggle for rights: civil rights, in the 18th century, political rights, in the 19th century and social rights, in the 20th century. thus, it was the action and the words of "the underdogs" that not only made liberalism progressively democratic but, on many occasions, threw up barriers to the destructive furor of capitalism.
Comanagement at the Fringes: Examining Stakeholder Perspectives at Macassar Dunes, Cape Town, South Africa--at the Intersection of High Biodiversity, Urban Poverty, and Inequality  [cached]
M. Graham,H. Ernstson
Ecology and Society , 2012, DOI: 10.5751/es-04887-170334
Abstract: Theoretically, co-management provides a fruitful way to engage local residents in efforts to conserve and manage particular spaces of ecological value. However, natural resource management, and biodiversity conservation in particular, are faced with novel sets of complexities in the rapidly urbanizing areas of Cape Town, South Africa, and in the nexus between an apartheid past, informal settlements, remnant biodiversity patches, and urban poverty. Departing from such a dynamic social and ecological context, this article first provides an historical account of the decade-long comanagement process at Macassar Dunes, and then considers, through stakeholder perceptions, what are the successes and failures of the contested process. We find that comanagement at Macassar Dunes faces serious legitimacy, trust, and commitment issues, but also that stakeholders find common ground on education and awareness-raising activities. In conclusion we argue that the knowledge generated from case studies like this is useful in challenging and rethinking natural resource management theory generally, but specifically it is useful for the growing cities of the Global South. More case studies and a deeper engagement are needed with geographical theories on the “urban fringe” as “possibility space”, to help build a firm empirical base for theorizing comanagement “at the fringes”, i.e., at the intersection of poverty, socioeconomic inequality, and high biodiversity and ecological values.
Rethinking set theory  [PDF]
Tom Leinster
Mathematics , 2012,
Abstract: Mathematicians manipulate sets with confidence almost every day, rarely making mistakes. Few of us, however, could accurately quote what are often referred to as "the" axioms of set theory. This suggests that we all carry around with us, perhaps subconsciously, a reliable body of operating principles for manipulating sets. What if we were to take some of those principles and adopt them as our axioms instead? The message of this article is that this can be done, in a simple, practical way (due to Lawvere). The resulting axioms are ten thoroughly mundane statements about sets. This is an expository article for a general mathematical readership.
A Synthesis of Current Approaches to Traps Is Useful But Needs Rethinking for Indigenous Disadvantage and Poverty Research
Yiheyis T. Maru,Cameron S. Fletcher,Vanessa H. Chewings
Ecology and Society , 2012, DOI: 10.5751/es-04793-170207
Abstract: Indigenous disadvantage and poverty have persisted and are set to continue into the future. Although a large amount of work describes the extent and nature of indigenous disadvantage and poverty, there is little evidence-based systems understanding of the mechanisms that keep many indigenous people in their current dire state. In such a vacuum, policy makers are left to make assumptions about the causal mechanisms. The persistence of inequality and poverty suffered by indigenous people is broadly consistent with the existence of dynamical traps as described in both the resilience and development literature. We reviewed and synthesized these bodies of literature on traps and found that although they give a good lead to a systemic and parsimonious way of exploring traps, the mechanisms suggested need significant rethinking for the indigenous context. Specifically, we recommend extending the concept of traps to encompass the possibility that they are highly resilient but undesirable states, in contrast to current notions of traps as low resilience states. We also highlight the need for close scrutiny of the boundaries of indigenous systems because of the historically public nature of indigenous lives as well as the possible conjoint existence and causal linkage between poverty- and rigidity-traps in the indigenous context.
El discurso intelectual de E. P. Thompson  [cached]
León Paulo C.
Anuario Colombiano de Historia Social y de la Cultura , 2006,
Abstract: El artículo presenta un análisis exploratorio de las estrategias narrativas en el trabajode E. P. Thompson, especialmente en obras como The Making of the English Working Class y Miseria de la teoría. Esto es desarrollado en el marco de una historiografíac
Rethinking poverty, power and privilege: A feminist post-structuralist research exploration  [cached]
Thérèse Hulme
HTS Theological Studies/Teologiese Studies , 2012,
Abstract: In this article, I described how the use of feminist methodology and post-structuralist analyses of the experiences of women in a poor ‘Coloured’ community in my research led to new understandings of the experiences of poverty and privilege. I discovered the relevance of Foucault’s historical analysis of the operation of ‘pastoral power’ through the narratives of women from the Scottsville community. Historical and current accounts of so-called ‘Coloured’ women’s subjugation and categorisation are reminders of how it came about that ‘being Coloured’ became associated in South Africa with shame and with ‘knowing one’s place’. Feminist post-structuralist analyses made visible the conditions that created practices of injustice in poor women’s lives whilst, at the same time, creating conditions of privilege for me. Justice-making in Scottsville therefore started with a radical rethinking of the terms by which people’s marginalisation took place and, consequently also of the terms of ‘just’ cross-cultural engagements.
Central extensions of the Ptolemy-Thompson group and quantized Teichmuller theory  [PDF]
Louis Funar,Vlad Sergiescu
Mathematics , 2008, DOI: 10.1112/jtopol/jtp033
Abstract: The central extension of the Thompson group $T$ that arises in the quantized Teichm\"uller theory is 12 times the Euler class. This extension is obtained by taking a (partial) abelianization of the so-called braided Ptolemy-Thompson group introduced and studied in \cite{FK2}. We describe then the cyclic central extensions of $T$ by means of explicit presentations.
Nonassociative Ramsey Theory and the amenability of Thompson's group  [PDF]
Justin Tatch Moore
Mathematics , 2012,
Abstract: The purpose of this article is prove that Thompson's group F is amenable. The methods developed will then be used to prove a generalization of Hindman's theorem for the free nonassociative binary system on one generator.
Culturalism and experience: reading of E.P. Thompson’s work critics Culturalismo e experiência: leitura dos debates em torno da obra de E.P. Thompson  [cached]
Norberto Ferreras
Diálogos , 2010, DOI: 10.4025/dialogos.v3i1.307
Abstract: In this article we discuss E.P. Thompson’s historical and theoretical production following his critics’ insights, specially structuralists and poststructuralists. Instead we follow two primary questions for E.P. Thompson and for his critics, experience concept and culturalism, contextualizing Thompson’s production in his own time. No presente trabalho é discutida a obra histórica e teórica de E.P. Thompson à luz dos trabalhos de seus críticos, principalmente os estruturalistas e pós-estruturalistas. Para isto, temos acompanhado duas quest es centrais para Thompson e seus críticos: o conceito de experiência e o culturalismo, colocando a produ o deste historiador no contexto em que foi produzida.
On Thompson's group T and algebraic K-theory  [PDF]
Ross Geoghegan,Marco Varisco
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: Using a theorem of L\"uck-Reich-Rognes-Varisco, we show that the Whitehead group of Thompson's group T is infinitely generated, even when tensored with the rationals. To this end we describe the structure of the centralizers and normalizers of the finite cyclic subgroups of T, via a direct geometric approach based on rotation numbers. This also leads to an explicit computation of the source of the Farrell-Jones assembly map for the rationalized higher algebraic K-theory of the integral group ring of T.
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