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Academic Library Consortia in the United States: An Introduction
Sharon L. Bostick
Liber Quarterly : The Journal of European Research Libraries , 2001,
Abstract: Library consortia in the United States arose from a need for sharing when resources or funding for those resources were scarce. This is as true today as it was over 100 years ago when the first American consortia were formed. Consortia continue to be a growing and important part of the library profession. This article will give an overview of academic library consortia, with special emphasis on the history and modern developments in the United States and provide a general introduction to the concept of library cooperation.
Are we PREPared? Quality of information available to patients in the UK about PREP on the internet
S Duncan,C Duncan
Journal of the International AIDS Society , 2012, DOI: 10.7448/ias.15.6.18167
Abstract: Professional bodies in the UK (BASHH/BHIVA) do not currently recommended pre-exposure prophylaxis (PREP) to prevent HIV aquisition for men who have sex with men (MSM) [1]. Conversely, although Federal Drug Administration approval is awaited, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have issued clinicians in the USA with interim guidance to facilitate PREP prescriptions [2]. Increasingly patients search the internet for information on HIV treatment, but disparate international policy can lead to confusing patient messages. This study was conducted to systematically assess the quality of internet information available to patients in the UK about PREP. More than 90% of internet searches in the UK are performed using ‘Google.co.uk’ and ‘Bing’ [3]. Using pre-specified criteria, we reviewed the first 100 hits retrieved from each search engine when the following searches were performed: [“HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis”]; [“HIV PREP”]; [“HIV PREP guidelines”]; [“HIV PREP guidelines UK”]; [“truvada prophylaxis HIV”]. Of 172 unique websites identified, 124 websites were active at the time of the review (July 2012). 33 websites were links to academic journals including commentaries and clinical trials, not intended to specifically provide patient information; 5 were internet portals directing users to alternative sites and 10 websites contained no information about PREP. Of the remaining 76 websites, 28 were written by medical professionals and 48 were written by journalists, where 7/48 (15%) were individual blogs. 64/76 (84%) contained a definition of PREP; 63/76 (83%) discussed the rationale and 58/76 (76%) reported efficacy data. Advantages and disadvantages of PREP were presented in 56/76 (74%) and 41/76 (54%) of websites respectively. Only 21/76 (28%) of sites referenced existing national guidelines (CDC/BASHH). A minority of sites described the current clinical practice in the UK (7/76, 9%) with an even smaller number presenting the contrast in clinical stance between the CDC and BASHH/BHIVA (3/76, 4%). The use of PREP is evolving, and the internet is an important patient resource. However, current clinical practice in the UK is seldom described in accessible websites. Avoiding ad hoc and unsupervised use of PREP is crucial to prevent future drug resistance and risky sexual behaviour. More should be done to engage at-risk groups and ensure patients in the UK have access to comprehensive information including the current UK PREP professional guidance.
Pancreaticoduodenectomy: Volume is not Associated with Outcome within an Academic Health Care System  [PDF]
Micheal T. Schell,Anthony Barcia,Austin L. Spitzer,Hobart W. Harris
HPB Surgery , 2008, DOI: 10.1155/2008/825940
Abstract: Hypothesis. Smaller and lower-volume hospitals can attain surgical outcomes similar to high-volume centers if they incorporate the expertise and health care pathways of high-volume centers. Setting. The academic tertiary care center, Moffit-Long Hospital (ML); the community-based Mount Zion Hospital (ZION); the San Francisco County General Hospital (SFGH); and the Veterans Affairs Medical Center of San Francisco (VAMC). Patients. 369 patients who underwent pancreaticoduodenectomy between October 1989 and June 2003 at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) affiliated hospitals. Interventions. Pancreaticoduodenectomy. Design. Retrospective chart review. To correct for the potentially confounding effect of small case volumes and event rates, data for SFGH, VAMC, and ZION was combined (Small Volume Hospital Group; SVHG) and compared against data for ML. Main Outcome Measures. Complication rates; three-year and five-year survival rates. Results. The average patient age and health, as determined by ASA score, were similar between ML and the SVHG. The postoperative complication rate did not differ significantly between ML and the SVGH (58.8% versus 63.1%). Patients that experienced a complication averaged 2.5 complications in both groups. The perioperative mortality rate was 4% for patients undergoing pancreaticoduodenectomy at either ML or the SVGH. Although the 3-year survival rate for patients with adenocarcinoma of the pancreas was nearly twice as high at ML (31.2% versus 18.3% at SVHG), there was no significant difference in the 5-year survival rates (19% at ML versus 18.3% at SVHG). Conclusions. Low-volume hospitals can achieve similar outcomes to high-volume tertiary care centers provided they import the expertise and care pathways necessary for improved results.
Ultrahigh photoresponse of few-layer TiS3 nanoribbon transistors  [PDF]
Joshua O. Island,Michele Buscema,Mariam Barawi,José M. Clamagirand,José R. Ares,Carlos Sánchez,Isabel J. Ferrer,Gary A. Steele,Herre S. J. van der Zant,Andres Castellanos-Gomez
Physics , 2014, DOI: 10.1002/adom.201400043
Abstract: Here, we isolate thin TiS3 ribbons, a layered direct band gap semiconductor (1.1 eV, well suited for detection all across the visible spectrum), thus far almost unexplored. We fabricate field effect transistors and study their electrical characteristics and optoelectronic properties. The measured FET characteristics show mobilities up to 2.6 cm^2/Vs and ON/OFF ratios up to 10^4. Under illumination, the TiS3 NR-FETs present an ultrahigh photoresponse of 2910 A/W and fast rise/fall times of ~4 ms. In addition, we measure cutoff frequencies (f3dB) up to 1000 Hz. The strong combination of ultrahigh sensitivity all along the visible spectrum and fast time response of TiS3 nanoribbon transistors put them among the best nanoscale photodetectors to date.
Comparison of price, volume and composition of services provided to inpatients for two procedures between a US and a Japanese academic hospital  [PDF]
Tsuyoshi Inokuchi, Naoki Ikegami, Vikash Gupta, Sandesh Rao, Gerard F. Anderson
Health (Health) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/health.2013.54093

Background: To drill down into why per capita health expenditures vary between the US and Japan, this exploratory study compares the price, volume and composition of services provided to inpatients for two procedures in an academic hospital in the US, and one in Japan. Methods: Detailed analysis of the amount reimbursed and services delivered was made from claims data for 449 acute myocardial infarction treated with coronary stents placed by percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) and 115 heart valve dysfunction with heart valve replacement (HVR) cases in Johns Hopkins Hospital (JHH) Baltimore, Maryland, and 34 PCI and 21 HVR cases in Keio University Hospital (KUH), Tokyo. Results: After making appropriate adjustments, the reimbursed amount per discharge at JHH was significantly higher (Wilcoxon ranksum test, p < 0.01) for both medical conditions. This was due to more use of higher priced technology and higher prices for the same technology at JHH compared with KUH. However, medical imaging was performed more frequently at KUH and the reimbursed amounts per unit for the devices were higher at KUH. Analysis of room and board costs showed that the higher staffing level and wages of nurses at JHH was compensated by its shorter average length of stay for PCI, but not for HVR. Conclusion: Detailed analysis of the reimbursed amount and the utilization of services are needed to understand international variations in healthcare spending.

Process to Obtain Quick Counts from PREP  [PDF]
Martínez–Cruz M.á.,Balankin A.,Pati?o-Ortiz M.
Ingeniería, investigación y tecnología , 2011,
Abstract: Considering the Preliminary Electoral Results Program (PERP) as a database of the federal elections for president of the Mexican Republic, a methodology was developed in order to find representative samples of ballot boxes installed in the election’s day (quick count) in different hours, due to its characteristics of gathering of information, the PREP in the first hours forms a non-representative sample of data. In a particular way, in the election of July 2, 2006, after 3 hours of opening the PREP, it was observed that the accuracy of the process of the quick counts was better than the one obtained by the IFE. Among other things, this allows to lower the cost, to increase the confidentiality of the ballot boxes used in the sampling and to distinguish in a precise moment the winning candidate long before PREP finishes.
Implementation of Function Point Analysis in Measuring The Volume Estimation of Software System in Object Oriented and Structural Model of Academic System  [PDF]
Dian Pratiwi
Computer Science , 2013, DOI: 10.5120/11995-7879
Abstract: In the software development required a fidelity and accuracy in determining the size or value of the software to fit the operation is executed. Various methods of calculation has been widely applied to estimate the size, and one of them is by using the method of Function Point Analysis (FPA). The method is then applied by author to measure the complexity of an academic information system by using the two modeling approaches, namely object oriented and structural models. Measurements in this paper consists of several stages, namely describing the information system that will be built into the UML models and structured. Then the model is analyzed by calculating Crude Function Points (CRP), Relative Complexity Adjustment Factor (RCAF), and then calculate its function point. From the result of a calculation using the FPA to the academic system software development, FP values of object oriented model obtained for 174,64 and the FP value of structured models for 180,93. The result of function point that will be used by developers in determining the price and cost of software systems to be built.
Bart Beaty
Transatlantica : Revue d'études Américaines , 2010,
Abstract: When we want to be unkind to the tradition of comics studies we compare it to the work accomplished in other disciplines. Academic areas with higher levels of cultural credibility, longer institutional histories, and superior resources continue to dwarf comics studies in almost every imaginable way. Even in a comparison with cinema, an art form that is its rough contemporary, comics pales badly. Indeed, one could argue that comics studies in 2009 exists in a state comparable to film studies i...
Introduction  [cached]
Silviu Miloiu
Revista Romana de Studii Baltice si Nordice , 2009,
Abstract: I hope that the novelty of interpretation and the new findings behind the articles included in the first issue of RRSBN will attract scholarly and public interest and give birth to fresh academic debates on the exchange of cultural values between the Romanian space and Baltic and Nordic Europe in the past and – as this new magazine shows – in the present. The new networks created between Romanian and Baltic and Nordic scholars can open new avenues of cooperation and contribute to the progress of our scholarly and public agendas and the magazine is ready to become a mirror of those developments.
Introduction  [cached]
Ajai R. Singh,Shakuntala A. Singh
Mens Sana Monographs , 2007,
Abstract: As private investment in biomedical research has increased over the last few decades, both industry capital (venture or otherwise) and academia have been quick on the uptake. Huge inflows from the former, and technology transfer offices set up by the latter, have resulted in major academia-industry tie-ups. This is not an isolated phenomenon, for such tie-ups have sprung up in many other fields too. At most places they have been welcomed as the next best thing to technology itself.There are many benefits of this connect. Much of the intellectual talent from academic institutions is getting absorbed in lucrative positions in industry. This is important, as the academic job scenario remains less than optimal. Industry is contributing massive research funds along with huge amounts as taxes, both of which ease pressure on the exchequer. Academia now has clear-cut employment options before it. Students and faculty can look forward to rewarding careers in industry. A general climate of optimism prevails all around. Applied research finds willing collaborators in venture capital funded industry, so a symbiotic growth is ensured for both. [Abstract not available.]
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