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Search Engines and Meta Search Engines on Internet

计算机科学 , 2002,
Abstract: 1.引言 Internet自诞生以来不断成长,尤其是最近几年更是得到长足发展,功能不断扩展,信息容量呈爆炸性趋势增长,仅Internet Archive收集的1996年以来的Web内容就达到四十亿个页面,容量达到40TB。据Internet Domain Survey统计,从1996年到2001年,Internet上的主机数量从两千万增长到一亿四千万。Internet作为一个信息平台在人们的生活和工作中发挥越来越重要的作用,人们越来越多地通过In-ternet获取信息。然而在信息极大丰富的同时,用户也面临着信息过载和资源迷向的问题。Internet上的信息过于庞杂,而
Agreement between Medline searches using the Medline-CD-Rom and Internet PubMed, BioMedNet, Medscape and Gateway search-engines
Caro-Rojas,Rosa ángela; Eslava-Schmalbach,Javier H.;
Revista de Salud Pública , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0124-00642005000200009
Abstract: objectives: to compare the information obtained from the medline database using internet commercial search engines with that obtained from a compact disc (medline-cd). methods: an agreement study was carried out based on 101 clinical scenarios provided by specialists in internal medicine, pharmacy, gynaecology-obstetrics, surgery and paediatrics. 175 search strategies were employed using the connector and plus text within quotation marks. the search was limited to 1991-1999. internet search-engines were selected by common criteria. identical search strategies were independently applied to and masked from internet search engines, as well as the medline-cd. results: 3,488 articles were obtained using 129 search strategies. agreement with the medline-cd was 54% for pubmed, 57% for gateway, 54% for medscape and 65% for biomednet. the highest agreement rate for a given speciality (paediatrics) was 78,1% for biomednet, having greater -/- than +/+ agreement. conclusions: even though free access to medline has encouraged the boom and growth of evidence-based medicine, these results must be considered within the context of which search engine was selected for doing the searches. the internet search engines studied showed a poor agreement with the medline-cd, the rate of agreement differing according to speciality, thus significantly affecting searches and their reproducibility. software designed for conducting medline database searches, including the medline-cd, must be standardised and validated.
Directorio de buscadores de salud en Internet Health search engines directory in internet
Yanetsys Sarduy Domínguez
Revista Cubana de Medicina General Integral , 2006,
Abstract: Resumen Se brinda una breve panorámica sobre la navegación en Internet, la cantidad de información que existe en la red, así como su organización y facilidades de acceso; que son el punto de partida para la realización de este trabajo. El objetivo es poner en manos de los profesionales de la salud una herramienta que los ayude a obtener información confiable y de calidad en la red en el menor tiempo posible. La realización del trabajo se basó en la búsqueda y recopilación de información en Internet. Se obtuvo como producto final un directorio de sitios web especializados en salud, que se pone a disposición de los profesionales del sector salud, como apoyo en sus investigaciones y su desarrollo profesional. A brief panorama on navigation in internet, on the amount of information existing in the network, as well as on its organization and easy access, which are the starting point to do this work, is given. The objective is to put in the hands of the health professionals a tool that helps them to obtain reliable and quality information in the network as soon as possible. This work was based on the search and collection of information in Internet. The final product was a website directory specialized in health that is at the disposal of the health professionals as a support for their research and professional development.
Subject Access on Internet: Highlights of the Metasearch Engines  [PDF]
Wendy Tan
Journal of Educational Media & Library Sciences , 1998,
Abstract: 無 Metasearch engines can facilitate Internet searchers to retrieve useful results in an efficient way. How do these search tools differ from the index search engines? This article examines ten popular engines and provides some tips for using them.
Performance Evaluation for Four Search Engines

Guo Xiaomiao,

现代图书情报技术 , 2000,
Abstract: This article introduces four important WWW search engines on the Internet, analy zes these four search engines through AHP, compares and evaluates them, then points out the current problems of search engines and the prospect of search e ngines.
IntelligentWeb Agent for Search Engines  [PDF]
Avinash N Bhute,B. B. Meshram
Computer Science , 2013,
Abstract: In this paper we review studies of the growth of the Internet and technologies that are useful for information search and retrieval on the Web. Search engines are retrieve the efficient information. We collected data on the Internet from several different sources, e.g., current as well as projected number of users, hosts, and Web sites. The trends cited by the sources are consistent and point to exponential growth in the past and in the coming decade. Hence it is not surprising that about 85% of Internet users surveyed claim using search engines and search services to find specific information and users are not satisfied with the performance of the current generation of search engines; the slow retrieval speed, communication delays, and poor quality of retrieved results. Web agents, programs acting autonomously on some task, are already present in the form of spiders, crawler, and robots. Agents offer substantial benefits and hazards, and because of this, their development must involve attention to technical details. This paper illustrates the different types of agents,crawlers, robots,etc for mining the contents of web in a methodical, automated manner, also discusses the use of crawler to gather specific types of information from Web pages, such as harvesting e-mail addresses
Studies on Intelligent Trends in Third Generation Search Engines

Fu Xin,

现代图书情报技术 , 2002,
Abstract: Search engines are playing increasingly important role in the development of the Internet as the principal tool for retrieving information on the Internet. This paper reviews the different phases of the development of search engines. Based on an analysis on existing problems with search engines, the paper concludes on the intelligent trends in the third generation search engines.
Searching High Quality Information Via Search Engines

Wu Xian,

现代图书情报技术 , 2000,
Abstract: Problems relating to the quality of Internet-based information sources are presented. A serials of issues about search engines, the main search tools on the Internet, is discussed: their categories, characters, working mechanism, advantages and disadvantages. Steps to search high quality information via search engines and other services are described as well.
Multiple Presents: How Search Engines Re-write the Past  [PDF]
Iina Hellsten,Loet Leydesdorff,Paul Wouters
Computer Science , 2009,
Abstract: Internet search engines function in a present which changes continuously. The search engines update their indices regularly, overwriting Web pages with newer ones, adding new pages to the index, and losing older ones. Some search engines can be used to search for information at the internet for specific periods of time. However, these 'date stamps' are not determined by the first occurrence of the pages in the Web, but by the last date at which a page was updated or a new page was added, and the search engine's crawler updated this change in the database. This has major implications for the use of search engines in scholarly research as well as theoretical implications for the conceptions of time and temporality. We examine the interplay between the different updating frequencies by using AltaVista and Google for searches at different moments of time. Both the retrieval of the results and the structure of the retrieved information erodes over time.
Multimedia Search Engines : Concept, Performance, and Types
Sayed Rabeh Sayed
Cybrarians Journal , 2005,
Abstract: A Research about multimedia search engines, it starts with definition of search engines at general and multimedia search engines, then explains how they work, and divided them into: Video search engines, Images search engines, and Audio search engines. Finally, it reviews a samples to multimedia search engines.
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