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Didem AT?? ?ZHEK?M
Zeitschrift für die Welt der Türken , 2009,
Abstract: Felt making is known the oldest textile surface all around the world. There is no definite evidence about felt making and usage but its first usage on paper at Homer “Ilyada”. After 1071 Malazgirt Victory, nomadic Turkish tribes came from Central Asia to Anatolia with their culture. Because of widely using fields of felt, it is in the daily life from past to present. Nowadays there are a lot of souvenirs and touristic things to make felt. At the same time Turkish, European or American artists prefer to use felt for their art works.
On Reflecting and Making in Artistic Research  [cached]
Maarit M?kel?,Nithikul Nimkulrat,D. P. Dash,Francois-X. Nsenga
Journal of Research Practice , 2011,
Abstract: Following the integration of artistic disciplines within the university, artists have been challenged to review their practice in academic terms. This has become a vigorous epicentre of debates concerning the nature of research in the artistic disciplines. The special issue "On Reflecting and Making in Artistic Research Practice" captures some of this debate. This editorial article presents a broad-brush outline of the debates raging in the artistic disciplines and presents three discernible trends in those debates. The trends highlight different core questions: (1) Art as research: Can artistic practice represent forms of inquiry acceptable within academic settings? (2) Academically-attuned practice-led research: Can art practice and research practice cooperate as equal partners within the university context? (3) Artistic research: Can the academic notion of research be extended to include the unique results possible through artistic research? The articles in the special issue offer a discussable overview of the current stage in the development of artistic research, demonstrating how creative practice and research practice can come together.
Heavy Quark Productions with Spin  [PDF]
T. Morii
Physics , 1998,
Abstract: Heavy quark productions in high energy polarized scatterings are reviewed from a personal point of view. After mentioning why heavy quark physics is so interesting, I concentrate on two rather specific subjects: (1) polarized $\Lambda_{c}^{+}$ productions in deep inelastic $\ell p$ scatterings and (2) $\psi^{\prime}$ productions in polarized $pp$ collisions. The first one is an interesting process for extracting the polarized gluon in the proton and the second one may give another test of the color-octet model of heavy quarkonium productions in high energy collisions.
The Naissance of Chinese Artistic Conception  [cached]
Shungan Rui
Asian Social Science , 2009, DOI: 10.5539/ass.v4n9p137
Abstract: Artistic conception is the original creation of artists. It comes into birth in the sudden conception and sensation of the artists when their deepest hearts contact with the creature. Artistic conception does not just describe simply like the photograph of cameras. Therefore, artists shall use their special “order meshwork” to capture the flash of truth. The order structure of music and architectures, in particular, could directly reveal the inner harmony and rhythm of the universe body.
A Discussion on the Cultivation of Artistic Originality  [cached]
Jianhong Yin
Asian Social Science , 2009, DOI: 10.5539/ass.v4n9p73
Abstract: The artistic culture of Artists is reflected on the artistic works in the form of artistic emotion. Originality is the key in making a specific artistic works different from others. Innovative designs will be respected and admired by future generations. We are now confronted with the reality of the lack of originality and the inadequacy of creativity. In the process of basic technique learning, we should learn to think and focus on both learning and thinking, and learn to draw inferences about other cases from one instance so as to achieve high level in learning.
The Artistic Charm in Matrilocal Gog  [cached]
Xiaomin Lei
Asian Social Science , 2009, DOI: 10.5539/ass.v4n4p118
Abstract: With the creation named Matrilocal Dog, Yoko Yawada won the Akuta Kawa Prize and became known to the public. Interlacing the reality and irreality, the story tells about the relationship between Mitsuko Kitamura, who works as a teacher in a private school and Tarou, a man turned from a dog. This paper will analyze the artistic charm mainly from the story’s technique of creation.
A brief history of Cia Ludens and its productions of Irish plays in Brazil
Domingos Nunez
Ilha do Desterro , 2010,
Abstract: This essay intends to give an account of the activities undertaken by Cia Ludens, a professional Brazilian theatre company, since its foundation in 2003 up to present days. With the sole purpose of translating and producing Irish plays in Brazil, mainly by contemporary dramatists, and establishing possible connections with the Brazilian reality, the company has so far produced four plays and three staged readings, designed to show part of its researching process. Interwoven by the concept of "play", the reflections presented here reveal how some of Huizinga's ideas influenced the company's artistic choices in its various productions.
Heavy Higgs Productions at $γγ$ Colliders  [PDF]
Eri Asakawa
Physics , 1999,
Abstract: Multi-Higgs doublet models include more than one neutral Higgs bosons, some of which have different properties under a CP transformation. We examine their productions at $\gamma \gamma$ colliders. It is found that helicity observations of final top-pairs can be powerful tools to distinguish their CP properties, especially when masses of the Higgs bosons are almost degenerate.
Selection in artistic gymnastics  [PDF]
Maria Olaru
Timisoara Physical Education and Rehabilitation Journal , 2009,
Abstract: This study envisages the analysis of the specific aspects of the selection process in artistic gymnastics, focusing particularly onthe selection of Romania’s recent years. In our opinion, the shift to a cone of darkness of the artistic gymnastics, an extremelypopular sport in our country 20 years ago, is also based on and the orientation of children to other fields – unfortunately manyof them outside sports and physical activities in general. In the present study, we shall present the stages of the artisticgymnastics, as its importance in the subsequent performances has been proven a long time ago. The plethora of qualities andskills which are necessary to select a child for gymnastics and those that this sport develops when performed as a spare timeactivity. The case studied in this endeavour is the one of the main centers for gymnast recruitment in Romania; the attentionpaid by the trainers to the selection for this sport makes the data regarding the number of children involved to increase oncemore. This is a satisfactory fact as it is a well-known fact that a wide range primary selection sets a serious basis for thesecondary selection, and the third, respectively, envisaging the future performance and concurrently ensures the involvementof more children in a physical activity that will prepare them, both physically and mentally for a healthy life.
Suporte social para idosos portadores de insuficiência cardíaca  [cached]
L. K. Rezende,I. J.M. Mendes,B. M.O. Santos
Revista de Ciências Farmacêuticas Básica e Aplicada , 2009,
Abstract: O objetivo do presente estudo foi identificar a existência de suporte social em 20 idosos portadores de Insuficiência Cardíaca (IC) internados em um hospital especializado de cidade do interior paulista. Os dados foram obtidos através de entrevista individual utilizando o modelo Canadian Social Support Inventory for People who are Positive or Have Aids, validado no Brasil em 2001 e adaptado para o foco do estudo. O referido instrumento é constituído de duas dimens es de suporte social, instrumental e emocional, com seus respectivos itens e subitens. A análise dos dados foi realizada por meio da estatística descritiva e análise de correla o cruzada (cross correlation). A correla o das variáveis foi dada pelo coeficiente de correla o de Pearson e o nível de significancia adotado foi p≤0,05. Os resultados permitiram a caracteriza o dos idosos e a manifesta o de que ainda que recebam pouco suporte social, tanto na dimens o instrumental, como na emocional, manifestaram-se satisfeitos ou muito satisfeitos com o pouco apoio recebido. O referido suporte é oferecido por familiares, amigos e até vizinhos, com pouca expressividade por parte dos profissionais de saúde e praticamente inexistente por parte de chefes e/ou colegas de trabalho. Palavras-chave: insuficiência cardíaca; suporte social; idoso; qualidade de vida.
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