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A Note on Eria cristata (Orchidaceae) from China

LI Lin,JIN Xiao-hua,XING Fu-wu,

热带亚热带植物学报 , 2009,
Abstract: A confused taxon of Orchidaceae,Eria cristata Rolfe is discussed based on the examination of living plants and protologue.This species is characterized by white sepals and petals,yellow lip,with the disc and margins of the lateral lobes slightly darker;three lip crests,covered with yellow hairs,and it can be easily distinguished from its relatives.
Application of Numerical Taxonomy to Lip Morphology in the Genus Polystachya Hook (Orchidaceae) in Nigeria  [cached]
Abayomi Ezekiel FALORUNSO,Adeniyi Akanni JAYEOLA
Notulae Botanicae Horti Agrobotanici Cluj-Napoca , 2009,
Abstract: SCLA, a numerical taxonomic method was applied to lip morphology in the genus Polystachya Hook. (Orchidaceae) in Nigeria. The basic data matrix was prepared by coding for the presence or absence of the attributes of characters involved. The data were standardized so that the values of a particular character were transformed into values ranging from zero to one. The SCLA showed that reproductive characters are much better than the vegetative characters earlier used in the distribution of Polystachya species into their sections. In the case of reproductive characters, more clusters were reported; this may be an indication of more sections in Polystachya than those earlier reported.
Deceptive pollination of an autumn flowering orchid Eria coronaria(Orchidaceae)

Fazhi Shangguan,Jin Cheng,Yuanxin Xiong,Yibo Luo,

生物多样性 , 2008,
Abstract: 一些兰科植物常常利用多种多样的欺骗性传粉机制吸引传粉者,唇瓣上的附属物就是其中之一.黄色被认为对昆虫具有吸引作用.在广西雅长兰科植物自治区级保护区内秋季开花的足茎毛兰(Eria coronaria)唇瓣上具有鲜明的黄色斑块,这种花部信号很可能与吸引昆虫有关系.为验证这一假设,我们在广西雅长保护区内对足茎毛兰的传粉过程进行了观察.研究发现,足茎毛兰的唯一传粉者是中华蜜蜂(Apis cerana cerana).与足茎毛兰同在秋季开花的植物主要有光叶海桐(pittosporum glabratum).光叶海桐的花中有丰富的花蜜和花粉,吸引大量中华蜜蜂访问.足茎毛兰虽然不为中华蜜蜂提供任何报酬,但其唇瓣上的黄色斑块的颜色和形态大小与光叶海桐的黄色花相似.根据中华蜜蜂在足茎毛兰和光叶海桐花上的活动情况,我们认为足茎毛兰唇瓣上鲜明的黄色斑块对中华蜜蜂有吸引作用.中华蜜蜂访花时,通常降落在唇瓣的黄色斑块上,调整身体姿势后进入花内,在退出的过程中将花粉块带出或将所携带的花粉块授到柱头上,而药帽留在原来的位置.足茎毛兰的花部构造,特别是药帽的形状与中华蜜蜂的形态以及在花上的行为十分吻合,因此中华蜜蜂的传粉效率较高.人工授粉实验表明足茎毛兰需要依赖传粉者才能完成传粉过程.足茎毛兰在研究样地的自然结实率为20.72%,接近于食源欺骗性传粉兰科植物的平均结实率(20.7%).
Malaxis biaurita (Lindley) Kuntze (Orchidaceae): a new record for Nepal  [PDF]
Bhakta Bahadur Raskoti,Rita Ale
Himalayan Journal of Sciences , 2010, DOI: 10.3126/hjs.v6i8.1804
Abstract: Malaxis biaurita (Lindley) Kuntze (Orchidaceae) has been reported for the first time in Nepal. The species occurs in the subtropical forest at an elevation of 1400 meters. The identifying characters are purple-red flowers, apically entire, obtuse labellum. Detailed description, illustration and relevant notes are provided.
A New Record of Orchidaceae from China

HU Hao,JIN Xiao-hu,SUN Qi,SUN Xue-gang,

热带亚热带植物学报 , 2010,
Abstract: 报道了中国兰科植物1新记录种, 即黄花毛兰(Eria foetida Aver.),并提供了详细的形态描述和照片。
Alternative substrates to substitute xaxim in the cultivation of the primary hybrid Miltonia regnellii Rchb. f. X Oncidium concolor Hook. (Orchidaceae) / Substratos alternativos ao xaxim no cultivo do híbrido primário Miltonia regnellii Rchb. f. X Oncidium concolor Hook. (Orchidaceae)  [cached]
Lilian Yukari Yamamoto,Mauren Sorace,Ricardo Tadeu Faria,Lúcia Sadao Takahashi
Semina : Ciências Agrárias , 2009,
Abstract: The paper had the purpose of evaluating root formation and vegetative development of the acclimatized plants of the primary hybrid Miltonia regnellii Rchb. f. X Oncidium concolor Hook., using alternative substrates to substitute xaxim. Seedlings, with approximately eight months, obtained by in vitro culture with medium height of 6.4 ± 0.5 cm, were grown up in greenhouse with 60% of shadowness, using pots of polipropilene number one, containing the following substrates as treatments: XD= defibered xaxim (control); PBC= sugar cane bagasse powder; PBC:I= sugar cane bagasse powder: estruted polystyrene (1:1, v:v); PBC:E= sugar cane bagasse powder: sphagnum (1:1, v:v); PBC:PC = sugar cane bagasse powder: husk pinus (1:1, v:v); CP= coconut powder and PBC:PC= coconut powder: sugar cane bagasse powder (1:1, v:v). The experimental design was randomized blocks, with seven treatments, and ten replications. Growing parameters evaluated after 12 months were: height of above ground part (APA), length of the heigher pseudobulb (CMP), diameter of the heigher pseudobulb (DMP), length of the heigher root (CMR), number of roots (NR), number of buds (NB), total fresh mass weight (MFT) and substrate pH. All the studied substrates, except the sugar cane bagasse powder with sphagnum, can be recommended to substitute xaxim on the hybrid Miltonia regnellii Rchb. f. X Oncidium concolor Hook. crop. O presente trabalho teve como objetivo avaliar substratos alternativos ao xaxim, no desenvolvimento vegetativo e radicular de plantas aclimatizadas do híbrido primário de orquídea Miltonia regnellii Rchb. f. X Oncidium concolor Hook. Mudas com aproximadamente oito meses, obtidas por propaga o in vitro e com altura média 6,4 ± 0,5 cm, foram cultivadas em casa de vegeta o com 60% de sombreamento em vasos de polipropileno número um, contendo os seguintes substratos: XD= xaxim desfibrado (controle); PBC= pó de baga o de cana-de-a úcar; PBC:I= pó de baga o de cana-de-a úcar: isopor picado (1:1, v:v); PBC:E= pó de baga o de cana-de-a úcar: esfagno (1:1, v:v); PBC:CP= pó de baga o de cana-de-a úcar: casca de pínus (1:1, v:v); PC= pó de coco e PBC:PC= pó de baga o de cana-de-a úcar: pó de coco (1:1, v:v). O delineamento experimental utilizado foi de blocos casualizados com 10 plantas por tratamento. As variáveis avaliadas após 12 meses do início do experimento foram: altura da parte aérea (APA), comprimento do maior pseudobulbo (CMP), diametro do maior pseudobulbo (DMP), comprimento da maior raiz (CMR), número de raízes (NR), número de brotos (NB), massa fresca total (MFT) e pH do substrato.

Shen Baoan,

植物科学学报 , 1987,
Abstract: In this paper, the author reports the new recorded a species of Eria from Continent of China. This plant is Eria reptans(Fr. et Sav.) Makino, a medicinal plant. Eria Lindl. is also new genus in Anhui Province.
Répartition de Heraultiella exilis (Paladilhe, 1867) (Gastropoda, Caenogastropoda, Rissooidea)  [PDF]
Vincent Prié
MalaCo , 2005,
Abstract: New data are given concerning H. exilis and provide a thinner distribution pattern on the northern limit. Its conservation status is discussed.
Notes on the flora of the Yucatan Peninsula IV: Marsilea vestita Hook. & Grev. var. vestita (Marsileaceae), a new record and some comments about the genus in the region  [cached]
Rodrigo Duno de Stefano,Germán Carnevali Fernández Concha,José Luis Tapia Mu?oz,Ivón M. Ramírez Morillo
Boletín de la Sociedad Botánica de México , 2005,
Abstract: Se registra por primera vez a Marsilea vestita Hook. et Grev. var. vestita en la Provincia Biótica Península de Yucatán. Se hacen comentarios generales sobre la familia Marsileaceae y se incluye una clave para identificar las tres especies que crecen en la región, notas sobre su hábitat, y una descripción completa de esta nueva población de M. vestita var. vestita.
New Taxa of Orchidaceae from Xishuangbanna of South Yunnan, China

Tsi Zhan-huo,Chen Sing-chi,

中国科学院研究生院学报 , 1994,
Abstract: The present paper reports 10 new species of Orchidaceae from Xishuangbanna: Bulbophyllum colomaculosum Tsi et S. C. Chen, B. brevispicatum Tsi et S. C. Chen, B. subparviflorum Tsi et S. C. Chen, Gastrodia menghaiensis Tsi et S. C. Chen, Oberonia delica- ta Tsi et S. C. Chen, Luisia magniflora Tsi et S. C. Chen, L. Longispica Tsi et S. C. Chen, Tainia ovifolia Tsi et S. C. Chen, Eria crassifolia Tsi et S. C. Chen and Phaius banna-nensis Tsi et S. C. Chen.
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