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U ak’ta Ailelerin Bula k Makinesi Talebini Etkileyen Fakt rlerin kili Tercih Modeli le Analizi  [PDF]
?adan ?ALI?KAN
Selcuk Universitesi Sosyal Bilimler Enstitusu Dergisi , 2009,
Abstract: Fast increase in world population partly due to improvements in health and economic conditions has brought about the risingdemand for natural resources. This is especially true for water resources, which bear critical importance for life. In addition topopulation increase, climatic changes with more manifest impacts recently due to global warming caused an increase in thepressure on water resources. In our country, meeting water demand for domestic use, particular in populated cities, has been aprimary problem for both central and local administrators.Paying attention to saving water shall both help in more efficient use of water resources and decrease the need for newinvestments for water supply. When considered form this point of view, becoming widespread of dishwasher usage in housesshall make important contributions to water saving. In particular new generation dishwashers which spend less energy and waterpresent important advantages for solving the problem of expenses on water. A household with 4 members spends 84-126 liters ofwater if it washes its dishes in the sink; the same household uses some 12 liters of water if it uses a dish washer. This means some26-40 tons of saved water for this household in one year. Therefore, usage of dishwashers, beside other water saving devices, has tobecome more widespread in our country. Increasing this ratio shall make important contributions to solving water problem.The purpose of this paper is to analyze the ownership of dishwashers, which is among the durable household appliances of whichusage is encouraged as water resources become less able to meet the human needs. This paper is the first study which deals with thedemand for dish washers in economic terms and with econometric estimation method.As a result of the research, observation and evaluations on dishwasher ownership, it has been concluded that the dishwasherdemand of a household can be a function of household income, level of education, dishwasher ownership ratio in the householdsin close environment, and employment status of the housewife. In the research, the education level of the breadwinner was takenas an indicator of the education level of the household.In this paper, the factors which affect dishwasher ownership of households have been examined by using the survey dataapplied to urban areas of U ak province. In the research, the Linear Probability Model and the Logit Model, which are among thebinary dummy dependent variable models, are used to make econometric estimations. Dependent variable of the model is binaryqualitative variable. If the d
Kalite Y netimi er evesinde Bankalarda al an Personelin Tatmini ve Tatminini Etkileyen Fakt rlerin ncelenmesine Y nelik Bir Ara t rma(Job Satisfaction and its Determinants for Individuals Who Works in The Banking Sector in Quality Management Perspective)
Edip ?RüCü,Sedat YUMU?AK,Yasin BOZKIR
Y?netim ve Ekonomi , 2006,
Abstract: Job satisfaction exist when the characteristics of job and desires of workers match. Positive attitude the job is eqivalent to job satisfaction. However, negative attitude towards the job is equivalent to non-satisfaction with the job. Therefore, if an individual highly satisfied with the job then one can infer from this that s/he loves his job and s/he gives a positive value to his/her job. This study aims to determine the factors, and their importance, that have an effect on the job satisfaction of workers in the banks. We found that there is a statistically significant reletion between these factors, such as management style, wage and job satisfaction.
Tatminini Etkileyen letme i Fakt rlerin E itim Sekt rü A s ndan De erlendirilmesine Y nelik Bir Alan Ara t rmas = A Field Study on Job Satisfaction Effecting Internal Factors in Education Sector  [cached]
?znur BOZKURT, ?lhan BOZKURT
Dogus University Journal , 2008,
Abstract: In order to ensure that the education institutions that raise the qualified labour force of the future in the required manner, the educators that train this labour force should be satisfied in their work environments. In the literature, there are variety of internal and external factors affecting the job satisfaction. In this study, some of internal factors, i.e. lack of communication, friendship relations, career opportunities, management style and wage system, affecting the job satisfaction in education sector are explained. As a result of this study, the educators implied that they were satisfied with friendship relations but they were not satisfied with their wages. Also, they implied that they were undecided if they were satisfied with management style and communication. Besides these, it is determined that collection of samples established a strong relation among three factors. These are to be satisfied with rise of wages, career change and management style. In addition, the results of analysis had shown that educators evaluated their works as pleasurable even they mentioned negative conditions in which they were.
stanbul'da vitamin kullan m al kanl klar ve bu al kanl klar etkileyen fakt rler üzerine bir ara t rma
Fatma ?o?kun,Halil Turhan
Marmara Pharmaceutical Journal , 2010,
Abstract: Bu ara t rmada stanbul'da 4 farkl sosyo-kültürel grubu temsil eden 1000 ki ilik denek grubunun vitamin kullan m al kanl klar ve tercihlerini etkileyen fakt rlerin belirlenmesine al ld . Ara t rmaya kat lan denekler tesadüfi rnekleme y ntemi ile se ildi ve yüz yüze g rü ülerek kendilerinden konu ile ilgili sorular yan tlamalar istendi. Ara t rma sonucu elde edilen veriler, genel olarak ve ayn zaman da genel i erisindeki gruplara g re de erlendirilerek, grafik ve % oran olarak verildi. Ara t rma sonucuna g re; ki ilerin büyük bir o unlu unun düzensiz olarak vitamin kullan m al kanl na sahip oldu u, daha ok kendilerini iyi hissetmek, hastal klara kar diren li olmak amac yla vitamin kullanmay tercih ettikleri tespit edildi. Daha iyi ya am ko ullar na ula mak i in beslenmelerinde ki düzensizlik ve g dalara olan güven kayg s da ki ileri vitamin kullanmaya y neltmektedir. Bu noktada; vitamin tercihlerini nas l yapt klar ve yeterli bilince sahip olup olmad klar incelendi inde, sosyo- kültürel gruplar n birbirinden farkl oldu u tespit edildi. Ki iler beslenme ve vitamin kullan m konusunda bilin lendirilmelidir. Ki iler ayni zamanda, vitamin kullan m ile ilgili tercih yaparken konusunda uzman ki ilerden yard m almal d rlar.
ak rdere ve Yahu Dere Havzalar nda (Bal kesir) Toprak Kayb n n Mekansal Da l ve Etkileyen Fakt rler - Spatial Distribution of Soil Loss and Its Affecting Factors in ak rdere and Yahu Stream Watersheds (Bal kesir)  [PDF]
?ermin TA?IL
Bal?kesir üniversitesi Sosyal Bilimler Dergisi , 2009,
Abstract: ZArast rman n Amac : al sman n amac iki komsu havza olan ak rdere ve Yahu Derehavzalar nda toprak kayb n n ortaya konmas ve toprak kayb ndaki mekansal farkl l klar üzerindeetkili olan fakt rlerin (Arazi rtüsü, jeoloji, topografya vb.) vurgulanmas d r.Malzeme ve Y ntem: al smada bag ml degisken olan, toprak kayb n n tespitinde RUSLE -Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation- toprak kayb modeli kullan lm st r. Bag ms z degiskenleri iseegim, bak , morfografya, arazi rtüsü, kapal l k ve bonitetdir. Elde edilen veriler, tek y nlü varyansanalizi ve basit ikili korelasyon kullan larak degerlendirilmistir.Sonu : Yahu Dere havzas nda toprak kayb n n ak rdere havzas ndan daha fazla oldugu tespitedilmistir. Elde edilen sonu lar arazi rtüsü ve topografyan n havzalardaki toprak erozyonununmekansal dag l m nda bir havzadan digerine farkl l klara neden oldugunu g stermektedir.Anahtar Kelimeler: Arazi rtüsü, Jeoloji, RUSLE, Tek y nlü varyans analizi, TopografyaABSTRACTPurpose: The aim of the study is to determine soil loss in ak rdere and Yahu Stream basinswhich are two neighborhood catchments, and also put forward to factors (i.e. Landcover, geology andtopography) affecting the spatial distribution of soil loss on basins.Material and Method: In this paper, the Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation-RUSLE wasused to quantify soil loss, which is dependent variable. Independent variables are slope, aspect,morphography, land cover, crown closure, site quality and geology. The data obtained were analyzedby using one-way ANOVA and bivariate correlations.Results: More soil loss has been observed along the Yahu Stream Basin than ak rdere StreamBasin. The results show that the land cover and topography are the reason of soil loss differencesbetween basins.Key Words: Landcover, Geology, RUSLE, One-way ANOVA, Topography
Tarih Boyunca Mara ehri’nin Geli mesini Etkileyen Fakt rler  [PDF]
Kemalettin KO?
Selcuk Universitesi Sosyal Bilimler Enstitusu Dergisi , 2009,
Abstract: This work researches factors that have affected the development of Mara . These factors have been economic, social, cultural,geographic and climatic.The city has been on a gate between Anatolia and the Middle East. Because of its strategical importance, commanders wantedto hold this place. Among the different nations, especially the Turks, continued to live despite difficulties and often changinglands. Because of worm weather and arable lands allowed almost all plants to grow within the city. Besides, its geographic aspectsand its location on international roads helped the city to become an urban center.In the past, Mara was a trade center by its busy downtown and living covered bazaar. From Mara to ukurova, Syria, Iraq,North and Middle Anatolia the caravans traveled. The requirements of Army which traveled from Toros mountains to Syria andIraq provided by this region. After the caravans what traveled from all sides of Anatolian, ought their goods, They conveyed thosegoods from everywhere.In 1563 it is painted out that there were places such as dye works, girder work, leather works, paste works, where produceddifferent goods and stores which sold those goods and a covered bazaar. Around the sometime, it is defined that agriculture andstockbreeding had an loom large. Furthermore, in this period, at the Kü ük G l place of the Ah r mountains where is built on thefoot of Mara were organized a fair which started at the first day of June and kept up about seven or eight days.It is defined that there were eleven print Works as related to dyeing in XVI. Century and textile industry, dyeing and theproduction of red cottony were continued. In the early XVII. Century in addition to this it is painted out that the big and juicypomegranate of Mara were marketed surrounding city. n the XVIII. Century the income of Mara were no enough as comparewith a Vizier’s salary. In the last of XIX. Century and in the early of XX. Century, the production of rice, corn, millet, rye,chickpea, bean, broad bean and potato were being made intensively. Furthermore, olive, bitter almond, vineyard, peanut,buckthorn trees, wild almond were being breeded and exportet. Yahya Dede Pasha who was appointed to Mara possersor, in1884 years, the peanut vaccination of 2 millions over hackberry were carried out and so an important source of income wasgotten. Around the sometime, a lot of animal which has a economic value had been breeded in city.In consideration of position Mara took place on the caravan roads which connected Mesopotamia and North Syria toAnatolia and this condition aroused
“ letmelerde Giri imcilik zelli ini Etkileyen Fakt rler: Giri imcilik”(“Factors Effecting Entrepreneurship Qualities in Companies: Interpreneurship”)  [PDF]
Meltem ONAY,Selin ?AVU?O?LU
Y?netim ve Ekonomi , 2010,
Abstract: Change is a main rule determining the life nowadays. The organizations which are in interaction with both internal and external environment can not find any opportunity to resume their lives without interaction with this change. For that reason an entrepreneurial organization must recognize change parameters which the environment supplies to them and must live in a harmony with them. The research is focused on two goals. Firstly it is aimed to enlighten the entrepreneurship activities within the organizations and their relationship with environmental characteristics and organizational performance. Our second goal is to find out the discrepancies between different firms from different sectors and two different cities. To achieve these goals, a survey is applied in six firms from different sectors which take place in Izmir and Manisa. The research results showed that the novelty dimension which is one of the entrepreneurship tendency factor is more effective than organizational variables effecting the importance of entrepreneurship. Also it is found out that the organizational and managerial support dimension is more effective than environmental perception level which stresses the importance given to internal entrepreneurship by external environmental characteristics. The environmental dynamism dimension is found out to be more effective on internal entrepreneurship compared to other dimensions. The difference between firms which are in automotive and food sectors are found about the novelty dimension. Finally firms which are in automotive and food sectors are found to be differ in novelty dimension; and firms in chemistry sector are found to be differ in renewal dimension.
Türkiye’de SMS Reklamlar Tüketici Tutumlar n Etkileyen Fakt rler  [PDF]
Hasan Kemal SUHER,Nevzat Bilge ?SP?R
Selcuk Universitesi Sosyal Bilimler Enstitusu Dergisi , 2009,
Abstract: The rapid increase of the use of mobile phones has created new delivery platforms to both marketers and advertisers. As the popularity of mobile devices increases, Short Messaging Service (SMS) has become more important to access potential customers. Recently, Internet and mobile telephony technologies have become more integrated. The marriage of the Internet and wireless telephony that use such platforms as Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Short Message Services (SMS), and variants of Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) can make serious financial contributions to global wireless advertising revenue as a new advertising arena. This new advertising platform, which is wireless advertising or mobile advertising, refers to any communication about products, services, and ideas uses mobile devices for promotional purposes. There are two forms of mobile advertising. The early and the first form is the SMS ads and the second mobile advertising form is Multimedia Message Service (MMS). MMS ads are more creative and effective than was the early mobile advertising form. SMS advertising offers important advantages to the advertiser who seeks to have effective two- way communication with consumers. The research on attitudes toward advertising has two important branches. One is the attitude toward the ad (Aad), and the other is the attitude toward advertising in general. Aad concept is related to a specific advertisement, especially exposure to the advertising in specific mediums. In contrast to Aad, the attitude toward advertising in general is related to the consumers’ general idea of the advertising system and is a more comprehensive concept. Early studies on Aad focus on the consumers’ cognitive information process in terms of recall of ad content, unaided recall, and recognition. Then, studies started to investigate the nature and effects of consumers’ affective reaction to actual advertising stimuli. Consumer attitudes toward advertising in general are widely researched. Most of these studies focus on the structure of advertising attitudes rather than the generalizability of overall attitudes. In other words, respondents typically are asked not only about their overall attitudes toward advertisement, but also their perception of advertising in terms of trustworthiness, offensiveness, informativeness, entertainment value, the effects on product prices and value as well as the attitudes toward regulatory issues. In recent years, consumers’ attitudes towards new medium advertisement, such as the Internet, are being investigated. Most studies attempting to measure
ikayet Y netim Süreci Sonras Memnuniyeti Etkileyen Fakt rler üzerine Uygulamal Bir Ara t rma
?smail G?KDEN?Z,?brahim BOZACI,Ertu?rul KARAKAYA
Selcuk Universitesi Sosyal Bilimler Enstitusu Dergisi , 2011,
Abstract: As importance of consumer and keeping consumer in hand increases, activities for solving problems of consumers which isabout purchased goods and services or namely complaint management has gain importance recently. Complaints are defined asdeclarations of consumers about their unsatisfactory experiences and problems about goods or services. Under this frameworkproblem solving is defined as a defensive marketing strategy which is a major tool for not only keeping consumers in hand butalso preventing the negative consequences of consumer complaint behaviors like negative word of mouth, complaining to thirdparties, firm image deterioration or etc. The aim of this study is to contribute firms to reach their goals by determining factors thataffect the satisfaction of consumers who transmit their problems to firm namely unsatisfied consumers. Furthermore it is aimedto clarify the effects of post complaint satisfaction on behaviors and intentions after complaint process like negative word ofmouth and repurchases. It is also supposed to contribute the prosperity and welfare of consumers by understanding and revealingdetails and critical points of complaint handling activities. Determining expectancies of consumers from a complaint handlingprocess is a necessary factor for solving consumer problems and making confident them to transmit problems to firm. Companiesmust deal with consumer complaints under the lights of these expectancies which is tried to be pointed out by such studies.Consumer complaints are consequences of dissatisfaction or inconvenience which resulted from the difference betweenexpected and actual performance of goods and services. Researches show that resolving a consumer complaint properly createsseveral invaluable advantages like consumer losses, ensuring higher satisfaction with respect to before of complaint process,higher consumer loyalty, preventing negative word of mouth, understanding and following current consumer wants, preferences,expectancies and tendencies properly or etc. As modern marketing concept and the idea of being consumer oriented gainsimportance, complaint handling strategies are not only evaluated as competitive edge of firms, but also as a strategic tool thatassures to be alive in global competitive environment.Dealing with consumer complaint is seen as waste of time by firms in general. But many complaint management researchesshow that a good complaint management experience of consumer creates several opportunities for firms like repurchases, crossselling, increasing in consumer satisfaction, strengthen consumer commun
Ba boyun kanserli hastalarda tedavi sonu lar ve prognostik fakt rler
Ebru Atasever Akka?,Birsen Yücel,Saadettin K?l??kap,Nalan Akgül Babacan
Cumhuriyet Medical Journal , 2013,
Abstract: Ama . Merkezimizde takip ve tedavi edilen ba boyun kanseri hastalar nda klinikopatolojik zelliklerin, tedavi sonu lar n n ve sa kal m etkileyen prognostik fakt rlerin incelenmesi ama lanm t r. Y ntem. 2007-2010 tarihleri aras nda merkezimize ba vuran ve ba boyun kanseri tan s ile izlenmekte olan hastalara ait demografik, klinik ve histopatolojik veriler hasta dosya ve hastane kay tlar incelenerek elde edildi. Bulgular. Seksen iki hastaya ait veriler analiz edildi. 72 erkek (%88) ve 10 kad n (%12) hasta mevcuttu. Hastalar n ortanca ya 57 (20-80) idi. En gen hastalar nazofarenks, parahipofarenks ve paranazal sinüs tüm rü olan hastalard . En yayg n malignensi 37 hastada (%45) bulunan larenks kanseri idi. Elli be hasta (%67) Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group 1 idi. En s k evre 51 hasta (%62) ile lokal ileri evre idi. Tan an nda 60 (%75) hastada anemi, 30 (%60) hastada C- reaktif protein yüksekli i, 72 (%89) hastada kilo kayb tespit edildi. Yass hücreli karsinom 69 (%84) hasta ile en s k izlenen histopatolojik tip idi. On yedi (%47) hastada perin ral invazyon, 17 (%47) hastada lenfovasküler invazyon, 12 (%32) hastada ekstrakapsüler invazyon tespit edildi. Hastalar aras nda en s k izlenen grade 34 (%42) hasta ile grade II idi. Tüm hastalar i in ortanca sa kal m 34 ayd . ki y ll k genel sa kal m oran erken evre (I-II) hastalarda %75, lokal ileri hastalarda (III-IVA ve B) %51 iken, metastatik hastal k varl nda ise ortanca sa kal m 10 ay idi. E lik eden hipertansiyon varl , performans durumu, kanserin lokalizasyonu ve evresi, T ve N evresi, radyoterapiye ara verilmesi, C- reaktif protein düzeyi ve anemi sa kal m belirleyen fakt rler idi. Sonu . Hipertansiyon varl , performans durumu, kanserin lokalizasyon ve evresi, T ve N evresi, radyoterapiye ara verilmesi, C- reaktif protein düzeyi ve anemi ba boyun kanserli hastalarda sa kal m etkileyen prognostik fakt rler olarak belirlendi.
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