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Macroeconomic Situations and Policy Adjustments in China  [cached]
Dongjun Mao
International Journal of Business and Management , 2009, DOI: 10.5539/ijbm.v4n9p97
Abstract: China has achieved wholly rapid growth, with economic reform and opening-up, since 1978. But the macro-economy is instable and showing prosperity and inflation, and Recession and deflation repeatedly with many times. Excessive fluctuations in the economy are due to macroeconomic policies’ amendments and adjustments, too loose or tight. Economic growth speeds up with macroeconomic fluctuations slowing down in recent years. Improvements in macroeconomic policies have played an important role. 2008 global financial turmoil, Because of the financial crisis in U.S., China's economy came to a standstill, and the relative policies were made with emergent adjustments. It is reasonable and essential that macroeconomic policy are amended and adjusted whether or not China's economy can overcome the crisis as soon as possible.
Analysis of Meteorological Index Service for Fireworks and Crackers during Spring Festival in Beijing

丁德平, 季崇平, 孟燕军, 张姝丽
Advances in Environmental Protection (AEP) , 2013, DOI: 10.12677/AEP.2013.32A002
Beijing suffered sustained fog and haze weather causing serious deterioration of air quality in January 2003. With the approach of spring festival, in order to reduce the impact on air quality, whether setting off fireworks and crackers should be limited has aroused strong attention and heated arguments in society. The Beijing Specialized mete-orological Observatory announced “meteorological index of fireworks and crackers” to the public via social media while fireworks and crackers started selling on February 14 in Beijing. The Index was announced to public via service means during the spring festival and guided the citizens to reduce or stop setting off fireworks and crackers under the bad weather conditions,that was swiftly reported by numerous media and got good reviews. Under the strong advocacy of government and active support of the general public, the aim of reducing sell of fireworks and crackers, fire disaster and personnel casualties in Beijing has been achieved during the spring festival in 2013, and harmful effects on air quality has also been alleviated. The timely service of “meteorological index of fireworks and crackers” gained the ap-proval of the leaders at all levels and a better social benefit.
Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Research of Goal Attainment of Green Transportation Development Policy —Take Dongguan “Motorcycle Ban” Policy as an Example  [PDF]
Peilin Song, Canqiu Zhong
Journal of Transportation Technologies (JTTs) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jtts.2015.51005
Abstract: Launching the evaluation research of green transportation can grasp the green transportation implementation accurately and diagnose the existing problems. From the perspective of green transportation, this research chose Dongguan “motorcycle ban” policy as the research object, and constructed secondary evaluation index system in transportation and environmental harmony, transportation and future harmony, transportation and society harmony, transportation and resource harmony, four dimensions. Then it used fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model to do the evaluation and found that the policy’s positive effect on the Dongguan green transportation development was average. Finally, based on the evaluation results, measures and advices were proposed.
Evaluation of Beijing Low-Income Housing Security Policy: An Analysis of the Public Policy  [PDF]
Jianfang Chen, Dingchang Wu
Journal of Service Science and Management (JSSM) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/jssm.2016.91012
Abstract: The low-income housing security policy is one important part of the current housing security policy, which is an important measure to satisfy the demand of the social low-income people. The academia and society have different evaluations on the policy. Scholars with the idea that low-income housing security policy can promote the overall supply of residential area think that the low-income housing security policy is effective, which can meet the needs of the society; however, the others think that the effect of the policy should be discussed. In order to evaluate the effect of Beijing low-income housing security policy, this paper attempts to make an empirical analysis with statistical approach. The conclusion of the empirical analysis shows that Beijing low-income housing security policy rather not affects the supply of residential area, but does reduce the price. The significance of this result is positive.
Smoke-free policy development in Italy through the legislative process of the ban 2000-2005, and press media review 1998-2008
Gorini,Giuseppe; Currie,Laura; Spizzichino,Lorenzo; Galeone,Daniela; Lopez,Maria J.;
Annali dell'Istituto Superiore di Sanità , 2011, DOI: 10.4415/ANN_11_03_04
Abstract: the objective of this article is to describe the process of approval of the italian smoking ban, enacted in 2005. the method is to conduct a review of proposed and approved legislation 20002005, and of articles published in italian newspapers, 1998-2008. enabling factors in the process were: the leadership of two consecutive health ministers, both physicians, who introduced the bill four times between 2000-2002; the repeated presentation and final approval of the bill as an amendment within a bill on public administration which enabled timely approval of the ban; and the stringent air quality standards in the 2003 regulation that made building smoking rooms impracticable and prohibitively expensive. limiting factors in the process were: the 6-month delay in approving the regulation on smoking rooms; the 1.5-year delay in approving the regulation establishing owners' responsibility for enforcing the ban in hospitality premises and the legal action in august 2005, which shifted responsibility for enforcement to police. eighty-three percent of the 808 articles published on smoking in 1998-2008 were released between 2000-2005, during the policy process. while the press devoted considerable attention to the issues raised by the hospitality sector, the long legislative process of the bill and its regulations also stimulated coverage on tobacco control issues.
Empirical Study on Discontinuous Innovation Affected by Technology Policy of Beijing  [PDF]
Ren Shu-Wei,Ju Xiao-Feng
Information Technology Journal , 2013,
Abstract: In recent years, discontinuous innovation has become a key factor of promoting industrial development and economic growth and it is the dominant innovation model which is developed by more countries. Chinese economic system is based on macro-control, so developments of many fields depend on national policy. The relation between discontinuous innovation and related policies need to be clear urgently. First, the number of technical personnel and technology funding was used in characterizing science and technology policy of Beijing and the number of patents for inventions was used in characterizing discontinuous innovation in this paper. Second, the cointegration analysis among three groups of data was carried on. At last, the fact was confirmed that science and technology policy of Beijing had a significant role in promoting to discontinuous innovation.
A Cooperative Framework for Fireworks Algorithm  [PDF]
Shaoqiu Zheng,Junzhi Li,Andreas Janecek,Ying Tan
Computer Science , 2015,
Abstract: This paper presents a cooperative framework for fireworks algorithm (CoFFWA). A detailed analysis of existing fireworks algorithm (FWA) and its recently developed variants has revealed that (i) the selection strategy lead to the contribution of the firework with the best fitness (core firework) for the optimization overwhelms the contributions of the rest of fireworks (non-core fireworks) in the explosion operator, (ii) the Gaussian mutation operator is not as effective as it is designed to be. To overcome these limitations, the CoFFWA is proposed, which can greatly enhance the exploitation ability of non-core fireworks by using independent selection operator and increase the exploration capacity by crowdness-avoiding cooperative strategy among the fireworks. Experimental results on the CEC2013 benchmark functions suggest that CoFFWA outperforms the state-of-the-art FWA variants, artificial bee colony, differential evolution, the standard particle swarm optimization (SPSO) in 2007 and the most recent SPSO in 2011 in term of convergence performance.
Historical Changes in the Land Use Regulation Policy System in Beijing Since 1949  [PDF]
Zhang Jiashu
Journal of Applied Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: Since 1949, the Beijing government has launched land use regulation policies to balance pressures for releasing farmland for urban development against the requirement for farmland protection. During 60 years of development, these policies have yielded positive impacts as well as negative socioeconomics consequences. The aim of this study is to examine these impacts by studying the history of these policies. Therefore, this study used a Driving Force-State-Response (DSR) model and institutional change theory to divide the change process of land use regulation policy system from 1949-2009. Moreover, the determinant factor that policy system evolves from one phase to the next was analyzed and the current policy system was evaluated. The historical changes in the land use regulation policy system of Beijing can be divided into three phases. It evolved from one phase to the next because the government balanced the importance of promoting urbanization with farmland protection and made the strategic decision to change the policy system in a direction of increasing emphasis on farmland protection. From Phase 1 to 3, two major advances were gained. At first, the concept of land use planning was gradually added to the planning system. Secondly, a series of specialized farmland protection policies were formulated and became more detailed and complete. Nevertheless, Phase 4 is likely to be triggered in the near future, because the Farmland Requisition-compensation balance policy needs to be improved. In addition, ambiguous provisions in urban master plans and land use master plans need to be clarified.
Public attitudes towards the türban ban in Turkey  [cached]
Ali ?arko?lu
Utrecht Law Review , 2010,
Abstract: This paper looks at the türban ban controversy in Turkish politics from an empirical and behavioural perspective. With the aid of a number of nationwide surveys I aim to clarify how the ban on the türban in public spaces is being evaluated by different segments of Turkish society. Who supports which policy options and who opposes these options for what reasons? The policy implications of these findings will be evaluated in the concluding section.
Vicarious PTG after Fireworks Trauma  [PDF]
Michael Galea
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2017.814158
Abstract: Studies about fireworks-related trauma are scarce. Research on other traumas indicates not only the negative reactions and consequences, but also some important positive experiences. This falls within the remit of post-traumatic growth. More complicated may be the possibility of growth through trauma experienced by another person. Vicarious posttraumatic growth refers to positive changes from vicarious or secondary traumatic exposure. In this study, we looked at the trauma experiences by relatives of victims of fireworks’ explosions in Malta, and the potential growth that may have ensued. Method: By using Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis, we interviewed 8 individuals who met the inclusion criteria. Analysis of data was guided by the Smith method (1999). Results: Key themes highlighted in this study focused on participants’ appreciation of the present, acceptance of reality (others & events), and spiritual growth (sense of relatedness with a God and with others). These themes conform to Tedeschi and Calhoun theory of post-traumatic growth (2004).
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