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Languages of the nursing process in the dissertations and theses. A bibliographical study  [cached]
Viviane Martins da Silva,Taciana Cavalcante de Oliveira,Marta Maria Coelho Damasceno,Thelma Leite de Araujo
Online Brazilian Journal of Nursing , 2006,
Abstract: The objective of this bibliographical study was to analyze trends of use of the nursing assistance systematization languages in the dissertations and theses published in the catalogs of the Center of Study and Research in Nursing, in the period from 1979 to 2004. The sample was composed of 98 abstracts that constituted research about assistance systemization or that contemplated theories with own language to a nursing process. It was observed: The concentration of studies in the Southeast and Northeast regions; The utilization of the Nanda as nursing language; The application of the Basic Human Needs Theory; The development of studies about profile and validation of diagnosis. The trends of utilization of the founded languages in this study, as well as the evidenced gaps show the need of better knowledge and comprehension to nursing process elements that give base to the classifications at its utilization in the practice, in the research and in the teaching.
Analysis of Nursing Dissertations and Theses on Mental Health, Brazil, 1979-2007
Silva, Kely Vanessa Leite Gomes da;Almeida, Arisa Nara Saldanha de;Monteiro, Ana Ruth Macedo;Silveira, Lia Carneiro;Fialho, Ana Virgínia de Melo;Moreira, Thereza Maria Magalh?es;
Revista Latino-Americana de Enfermagem , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-11692010000500026
Abstract: this bibliographic study analyzes scientific texts published in the cepen database in the mental health field (1979-2007). a total of 280 abstracts were investigated, of which 208 were master’s theses. the individuals investigated in these studies were professionals (57), patients (50), and professors and/or students (18). among the themes addressed between 2000 and 2007 were the following: nursing care in mental health (40), perception in mental health (37); and transversality in mental health care (27). this study provided an overview of the scientific research produced in the mental health field in brazilian nursing graduate programs. we expect this study to elicit reflections concerning mental health care practice and enable new approaches for nursing promoting health and the prevention of diseases in order to enable patients to recover their citizenship, autonomy and quality of life.
Disserta??es e teses de enfermagem sobre o cuidador informal do idoso, Brasil, 1979 a 2007
Vieira, Chrystiany Plácido de Brito;Fialho, Ana Virgínia de Melo;Moreira, Thereza Maria Magalh?es;
Texto & Contexto - Enfermagem , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-07072011000100019
Abstract: this bibliographic study describes brazilian scientific production on informal caregivers to elderly in graduate nursing theses and dissertations from 1979 to 2007; identifies goals, issues, and theoretical models of this production; reports on the concept of caregiver used; and socio-demographically describes these caregivers. data was collected from 27 thesis and dissertation abstracts from the center for nursing studies and research, resulting in 15 complete papers. results showed 18 qualitative and 15 theoretical dissertations from southern and southeastern brazil. the majority sought to comprehend care from the caregiver perspective and family care offered to elderly patients with chronic degenerative disease. most caregivers were women, daughters or wives, 40-60 years old, married, with little formal education and homemakers. the study showed concern from nursing in learning of family care from the caregiver's experience. despite increased scientific production in the theme, this study reveals the need for further investigation in this area.
Panorama das pesquisas sobre TDIC e forma o de professores de língua inglesa em LA: um levantamento bibliográfico a partir da base de disserta es/teses da CAPES Overview of the researches about DICT and English Teacher Education in Al: a bibliographical study based on CAPES database of theses and dissertations
Lucas Moreira dos Anjos Santos
Revista Brasileira de Linguística Aplicada , 2013,
Abstract: Esse trabalho tem por objetivo apresentar um panorama das pesquisas sobre Tecnologias Digitais de Informa o e Comunica o (TDIC) e forma o de professores de língua inglesa desenvolvidas no ambito da Linguística Aplicada no Brasil entre os anos de 2000 a 2009. A fim de atingir o objetivo, foi realizada uma busca bibliográfica no banco de teses e disserta es da CAPES a partir de termos chaves no campo assunto. Como resultados, apontamos uma ampla variedade de estudos que se voltam para tal área evidenciando diferentes focos: na transposi o de políticas públicas, no uso de ferramentas digitais para forma o (inicial e continuada) de professores, na apropria o de ferramentas digitais pelo professor na sua prática pedagógica, nas cren as e representa es construídas a partir do uso de ferramentas tecnológicas, dentre outros. Esperamos contribuir para um mapeamento da literatura já desenvolvida na área de forma o de professores de língua inglesa e TDIC para a realiza o de futuras pesquisas. This paper aims at presenting an overview of the researches about Digital Information and Communication Technologies (DICT) and English teacher education carried in Applied Linguistics in Brazil from 2000 to 2009. In order to do so, a bibliographical search was carried out at the CAPES database of theses and dissertations according to some key words related to this subject. The results point out a number of varied studies developed in this field with different focus such as: public policies and its implementation, use of digital tools in pre and in service teacher education, appropriation of digital tools by teachers into their work, believes and representations concerning the use of digital tools, among others. We hope to contribute to those who further wish to develop more studies under the theme English teacher education and DICT.
Methodologies used in the dissertations of a Post graduation degree program: bibliographical research  [cached]
Ana Paula Hermann,Yonara Cristiane Ribeiro Bonin,Aida Maris Peres,Lillian Daisy Gon?alves Wolff
Online Brazilian Journal of Nursing , 2009,
Abstract: In view of the seven years of creation of the Program of Post graduation degree in Nursing of the Federal University of Paraná (PPGENF-UFPR), this study has as main objective to describe the methodological lines used in the master's degree, in the period from 2002 to 2008. Through bibliographical research, the production of 64 dissertations was verified. The Qualitative Approach was used in 53 of them, in exploratory-descriptive and descriptive studies, in which the predominant philosophical line was the phenomenological. The instruments of data collection more used were semi structured interview and observation. Already the more applied techniques of data analysis were the content analyses and the phenomenological. The quantitative approach was used in seven dissertations, with prominence for descriptive traverse studies, with application of questionnaires and interviews with structured script, and the use of the program Epi-Info for analysis of data. Other four dissertations united the two approaches. The knowledge production generated in PPGENF-UFPR points an effective contribution of the university to the society, with the masters' formation whose dissertations focus several contexts of the nursing practice, from the promotion of the health, prevention of diseases, treatments, rehabilitation until the most complex care.
Theses and dissertations in biology teaching: a historical-epistemological analysis  [PDF]
I?ne Inês Pinsson Slongo,Demétrio Delizoicov
Investiga??es em Ensino de Ciências , 2010,
Abstract: This paper aimed at analyzing the academic production on Biology Teaching developed in Brazilian programs of post-graduation from 1972 to 2000. From 130 documents, 77 researches had been particularly considered, to serve as the basis for a historical-epistemological study. It was considered theses and dissertations on Education, Mathematics Education and Science Education, which provided subsidies to the analytical reference used in this paper, guided by Fleck’s epistemological conception, more specifically by the categories of thought style, thought collective, intra-collective and inter-collective circulation of thought. The content of such theses and dissertations – the problems investigated, theoretical reference and methodological procedures adopted – made possible to present and argue that, during the period investigated, different perspectives, mainly epistemological and educational, guided the academic production on Biology Teaching. Transformations that occurred in several conceptions that based the research during those three decades were identified and characterized. It was observed that the area changed from a research centered in problems related exclusively to teaching activities and faced from a empiricist-positivist perspective, into a research whose problems considered both teachers and students activities. However, those activities were analyzed by a non-empiricist epistemological conception, from which a concept of subject comes – scientists, teachers, students and researchers on Biology Teaching –, whose most remarkable characteristic is to be active and, mainly, non-neutral. It is argued that, based on Fleck’s conception, the group of researchers on Biology Teaching may be understood as thought collectives that share epistemological, educational and methodological concepts, which have been transformed as long as the area of Biology Teaching has been built. It was possible to conclude that the consolidation of this field of research leaded to the emergency of two styles of thought. Possibly, some changes in the framework are occurring due to the new posed challenges, which still had not emerged among the problems investigated by the theses and dissertations analyzed in this paper.
The care as a conceptual mark for dissertations and theses of a graduate program - a bibliographic review  [cached]
Ana R V da Silva,Camilla Pontes Bezerra,Mirella Teixeira Joca,Maria Dalva Santos Alves
Online Brazilian Journal of Nursing , 2006,
Abstract: The human care as a conceptual mark is a theme not developed in the nursing researches. This constatation made the authors establish as objective of the documental research the analysis of the cientific production of a post-graduation course in the northeast about the theories and concepts related to care. The study was developed through bibliographic survey from studies conducted from 1998 to 2004,accounting abstracts from 150 dissertations and 52 Doctoral theses. The Sample, however, was composed of thirteen dissertations and nine theses selected according to the theme. The results showed that the care is a theme not well explored, because only 22 defenses were related to the subject. We concluded that it is relevant to conduct studies that evaluate the scientific production of post-graduation programs, so that we can identify difficulties and possible contributions, guaranteeing a better life quality in the production of nursing knowledge aiming at the humanization of the assistance given.
The Brazilian electronic theses and dissertations digital library: providing open access for scholarly information
Southwick, Sílvia Barcellos;
Ciência da Informa??o , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-19652006000200011
Abstract: this paper describes a project led by the instituto brasileiro de informa??es em ciência e tecnologia (ibict), a government institution, to build a national digital library for electronic theses and dissertations - bibliteca digital de teses e disserta??es (bdtd). the project has been a collaborative effort among ibict, universities and other research centers in brazil. the developers adopted a system architecture based on the open archives initiative (oai) in which universities and research centers act as data providers and ibict as a service provider. a brazilian metadata standard for electronic theses and dissertations was developed for the digital library. a toolkit including open source package was also developed by ibict to be distributed to potential data providers. bdtd has been integrated with the international initiative: the networked digital library of thesis and dissertation (ndltd). discussions in the paper address various issues related to project design, development and management as well as the role played by ibict. conclusions highlight some important lessons learned to date and challenges for the future in expanding the bdtd project.
Capacitating national research: a review of South African natural sciences research projects, theses and dissertations, 1986-2006  [cached]
Omwoyo Bosire Onyancha,Daisy Jacobs
South African Journal of Libraries and Information Science , 2009, DOI: 10.7553/75-2-92
Abstract: The paper examines selected natural sciences research output in South Africa, with special reference to research projects, theses and dissertations in order to determine the trends and nature of capacitation of national research in the selected disciplines in the country. Relevant data was extracted from the South African Bibliographic and Information Network (SABINET)-hosted Current and Completed Research (C&CR) database using subject codes as well as subject keywords. The study reveals that the trends of capacitating national research in natural sciences in South Africa follows a mixed pattern of growth, biology is the most researched subject/discipline, co-supervision of research projects in South Africa is minimal, universities are the main centres for capacitating national research, interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research is visible, research capacity building is largely at the level of Masters degree and English language is the most commonly used language of capacitation of national research. In conclusion, we argue, among other recommendations, that there is a need to convert the completed research projects (that is, technical reports, dissertations, theses and so on) into publishable research articles for wider dissemination of research findings.
Bibliometric study on nursing theses and dissertations employing a phenomenological approach: tendency and perspectives
Merighi, Miriam Ap. Barbosa;Gon?alves, Roselane;Ferreira, Fernanda Cristina;
Revista Latino-Americana de Enfermagem , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-11692007000400019
Abstract: this study aimed to analyze the scientific production of nursing dissertations and theses with a phenomenological approach published from 1981 to 2002. a descriptive, retrospective and bibliometric research was carried out. the material analysis, which is part of the database of the catalogue information on nursing research and researchers, resulted in 217 studies, 71,9% from the master's course and 28,1% from the doctoral course. among the obtained results, it stands out that the theoretical-philosophical reference chosen to support the data discussion found in investigations has not been used emphatically. there is a need to discuss the unveiled data, through the subjects' discourse, in the light of the philosophical reference framework mentioned in the research trajectory.
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