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Valdivia compact groups are products  [PDF]
A. Chigogidze
Mathematics , 2007,
Abstract: It is shown that every Valdivia compact group is homeomorphic to a product of metrizable compacta.
Small Valdivia compact spaces  [PDF]
Wieslaw Kubi?,Henryk Michalewski
Mathematics , 2005, DOI: 10.1016/j.topol.2005.09.010
Abstract: We prove a preservation theorem for the class of Valdivia compact spaces, which involves inverse sequences of ``simple'' retractions. Consequently, a compact space of weight $\loe\aleph_1$ is Valdivia compact iff it is the limit of an inverse sequence of metric compacta whose bonding maps are retractions. As a corollary, we show that the class of Valdivia compacta of weight at most $\aleph_1$ is preserved both under retractions and under open 0-dimensional images. Finally, we characterize the class of all Valdivia compacta in the language of category theory, which implies that this class is preserved under all continuous weight preserving functors.
Small Valdivia compacta and trees  [PDF]
Claudia Correa,Daniel V. Tausk
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: We present a characterization of Valdivia compact spaces of small weight in terms of path spaces of trees and we use it to obtain (under $\diamondsuit$) a counterexample to a conjecture related to an open problem concerning twisted sums of $C(K)$ spaces.
The structure of Valdivia compact lines  [PDF]
Ondrej Kalenda,Wieslaw Kubis
Mathematics , 2008, DOI: 10.1016/j.topol.2010.02.001
Abstract: We study linearly ordered spaces which are Valdivia compact in their order topology. We find an internal characterization of these spaces and we present a counter-example disproving a conjecture posed earlier by the first author. The conjecture asserted that a compact line is Valdivia compact if its weight does not exceed aleph one, every point of uncountable character is isolated from one side and every closed first countable subspace is metrizable. It turns out that the last condition is not sufficient. On the other hand, we show that the conjecture is valid if the closure of the set of points of uncountable character is scattered. This improves an earlier result of the first author.
L’Autriche face à la réunification allemande  [cached]
Gérard Grelle
Mémoire(s), Identité(s), Marginalité(s) dans le Monde Occidental Contemporain , 2012,
Abstract: La chute du Mur de Berlin, en 1989, fut certes pour l’Autriche un événement politique majeur, mais pas plus important que la fin du rideau de fer. En effet, quasiment enclavée entre plusieurs pays socialistes, l’Autriche considéra la disparition du rideau de fer comme une ouverture sans limite aux pays d’Europe Centrale et de l’Est. Au cours des vingt années qui suivirent ces événements, l’Autriche a largement contribué au développement politique, économique et social des pays de l’Est en pratiquant une politique d’échanges économiques et financiers avec ces pays afin d’aider à leur reconstruction. Dans un tel contexte, la chute du Mur de Berlin et la réunification allemande ont été appréhendées comme un simple élément du puzzle de la reconstruction européenne. Une telle stratégie a alors permis à l’Autriche de sortir définitivement de son inquiétude face à la persistance d’un danger annexionniste de la part de l’Allemagne.
Noncommutative Valdivia compacta  [PDF]
Marek Cuth
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: We prove some generalizations of results concerning Valdivia compact spaces (equivalently spaces with a commutative retractional skeleton) to the spaces with a retractional skeleton (not necessarily commutative). Namely, we show that the dual unit ball of a Banach space is Corson provided the dual unit ball of every equivalent norm has a retractional skeleton. Another result to be mentioned is the following. Having a compact space K, we show that K is Corson if and only if every continuous image of K has a retractional skeleton.
Valdivia compact Abelian groups  [PDF]
Wieslaw Kubi?
Mathematics , 2007, DOI: 10.1007/BF03191818
Abstract: Let R denote the smallest class of compact spaces containing all metric compacta and closed under limits of continuous inverse sequences of retractions. Class R is striclty larger than the class of Valdivia compact spaces. We show that every compact connected Abelian group which is a topological retract of a space from class R is necessarily isomorphic to a product of metric groups. This completes the result of V. Uspenskij and the author, where a compact connected Abelian group outside class R has been described.
La reforma ortográfica alemana  [PDF]
Cristina Pesta?a Castro
Panace@ : Revista de Medicina, Lenguaje y Traducción , 2011,
Abstract: Con el objetivo prioritario de simplificar la ortografía y hacerla más fácil de aprender sin modificar sustancialmente las regals básicas del alemán, se puso en marcha en el a o 1996 la denominada reforma ortográfica alemana . Esta no pudo ser implantada definitivamente hasta diez a os más tarde, al ser muy discutida desde el primer momento, y no solo por los cambios que se pretendían llevar a cabo, sino también por la manera de implantarlos. ------------------------------------------------------ The German Spelling Reform. In 1996, with the primary objective of simplifying German spelling and making it easier to learn, without substantially changing the basic rules of German, the so-called "German Ortography Reform" was launched. It could not be fully implemented until ten years later, since it was very controversial from the very beginning and not only because of the changes that were to be introduced, but also because of the way they would be carried out.
The Paleobiolinguistics of Domesticated Chili Pepper (Capsicum spp.)  [PDF]
Cecil H. Brown1 , Charles R. Clement2 , Patience Epps3 , Eike Luedeling4 , S?ren Wichmann5
Ethnobiology Letters , 2013,
Abstract: Paleobiolinguistics employs the comparative method of historical linguistics to reconstruct the biodiversity known to human groups of the remote, unrecorded past. Comparison of words for biological species from languages of the same language family facilitates reconstruction of the biological vocabulary of the family’s ancient proto‐language. This study uses paleobiolinguistics to establish where and when chili peppers(Capsicum spp.) developed signi cance for dfferent prehistoric Native American groups. This entails mapping in both time and geographic space proto‐languages for which words for chili pepper reconstruct. Maps show the broad distribution of Capsicum through Mesoamerica and South America mirroring its likely independent domestication in these regions. Proto‐language dates indicate that human interest in chili pepper had developed in most of Latin America at least a millennium before a village‐farming way of life became widespread.
Control of Fusarium Wilt of Chili With Chitinolytic Bacteria  [cached]
HAYATI Journal of Biosciences , 2010,
Abstract: Biological control of plant disease using antagonistic microorganism has been obtaining much attention and implemented for decades. One of the potential microorganisms used in this strategy is chitinolytic bacteria. Utilization of this bacteria ranges from cell life, enzymes, genes, or other metabolites. In this study, we examined the ability of chitinolytic bacteria as a biocontrol agent of Fusarium wilt of red chili (Capsicum annuum L.) seedlings. The ability of chitinolytic bacteria to suppress the disease was evaluated by soaking red chili seeds in the bacterial isolates solution for 30 minutes prior seedling. Percentage of seedling of treated chili seed at end of study (4-weeks) ranging from 46 to 82.14%. Relative reduction of the seedling damping-off was observed in all bacterial treatment ranged from 28.57 to 60.71%. Furthermore, manifestation of bacterial suppression to Fusarium wilt was also exhibited by increasing of seedling height (ranged from 7.33 to 7.87 cm compared to 6.88 cm) and dry-weight (ranged from 2.7 to 4.3 mg compared to 2.3 mg). However, no significant effect was observed in leaf number. Then, from all chitinolytic isolates tested, BK08 was the most potential candidate for biological control agent of Fusarium wilt in chili seedling.
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