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An investigation on marketing mix efforts on brand equity: An empirical investigation in mobile phone industry  [PDF]
Nasr Azad,Ozhan Karimi,Maryam Safaei
Management Science Letters , 2012,
Abstract: In this paper, we present an empirical study to investigate the effects of different marketing efforts on brand equity in mobile industry. The proposed study of this paper distributes a questionnaire consists of 26 questions including loyalty, quality perception, awareness, exclusiveness, word of mouth advertisement, brand name image, advertisement, price, distribution and guarantee. A sample 428 people are selected in a city of Tehran/Iran and they are asked to reply questions on Likert based. The results show that there is a positive and meaningful relationship between marketing mix efforts and brand equity. In other words, more advertisements could help better market exposure, which means customers will have more awareness on market characteristics. Among all mixed efforts, guarantee influences more on brand equity, which means consumers care more on product services than other features. Finally, among different characteristics of brand equity, product exclusiveness plays an important role. In other words, people are interested in having exclusive product, which is different from others.
Management of Permission-based Mobile Marketing Diffusion: a Conceptual Model  [cached]
Geoffrey H. Tanakinjal,Kenneth R. Deans,Brendan J. Gray
International Journal of Business and Management , 2009,
Abstract: Global competitiveness has always been the main strength of expanding or maintaining a significant market share among giant companies throughout the world. One of the main channels of competitiveness today is the mobile channel which has the ability to personalise messages and reach consumers via their mobile phones. Service providers operating in the permission-based mobile marketing industry must first acquire customers’ trust by assuring them that the services being offered are safe, that privacy will be protected, and that information will be relevant. The authors propose an adaptation of the classical technology innovation-decision process model (Rogers, 1983) to include an “assurance” stage that addresses important issues that need to be addressed in order to win customers’ trust. The model should help guide future research into the diffusion of mobile marketing and other permission-based marketing services.
Literature Analysis of Innovation Diffusion  [PDF]
Ying Li, Mengqing Sui
Technology and Investment (TI) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/ti.2011.23016
Abstract: The theory of innovation diffusion has become increasingly complex and multifaceted in recent years. It has been used in consumer durables, services, pharmaceutical industry and other industry research. In this paper, we use literature analysis to study the development of innovation diffusion theory, searching related literatures from Elsevier, EBSCO, Emerald, Scopus and ISI databases published between 1990 and 2010. From these literatures, we analyze the number of literatures, journal distribution, core authors, as well as the main research directions. Then, we get many conclusions which are useful for the future research of innovation diffusion.
The Impact of Innovation on Customer Satisfaction and Brand loyalty: A Study of the Students of Faisalabad
Khaliq ur Rehman Cheema
International Journal of Management and Organizational Studies , 2013,
Abstract: The competition within the mobile market is increasing day by day in Pakistan. The rapid changes in the technology are the challenge for the companies to satisfy the customers and to get their loyalty through innovative products. Purpose of this study is to investigate the benefits (customer satisfaction and loyalty) and cost (customer dissatisfaction) associated with innovation. These benefits and costs are investigated through analyzing the relationship between the innovation, customer satisfaction, and brand loyalty. The hypothesis was developed through literature review and data was collected through questionnaire from 85 university students, received questionnaires were tested through simple linear regression and correlation for appropriate findings. The results described the significant relationship of innovation with customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. This also showed significant relationship between the customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. The studies on mobile market in Pakistan are conducted at minor level and this study has uniqueness in investigation only students as a mobile users market. This provides the way to marketers in targeting a specific class of mobile consumers, a way to conduct the research on the bases of these variables in other classes of mobile users.
Simulation analysis of innovation diffusion mechanism in industry clusterunder the weighted networks communication

- , 2017, DOI: 10.11835/j.issn.1008-5831.2017.06.002
Abstract: 创新扩散是产业集群技术升级和保持竞争优势的重要动力。基于复杂网络理论和创新扩散研究成果,在构建产业集群加权网络模型的基础上,应用基于邻居感染权重的扩散机制,提出了基于三阶段感染状态的SIR病毒传播改进模型,通过计算机仿真模拟了创新在产业集群网络中的扩散过程。仿真结果显示,节点强度对创新扩散具有重要影响,可调节参数k与创新扩散呈现正相关关系,产业集群创新扩散的爆发存在一个临界值。最后提出了政策启示,对相关研究具有一定学术参考价值。
Innovation diffusion is an important driving force to technology upgrade and maintaining the competitive advantage for industrial clusters. Based on complex network theory and innovation diffusion, this paper establishes an industrial cluster evolution network model, uses neighbor infection weight method, and puts forward an modified SIR epidemic model which has three infected stage. It simulates the innovation diffusion process in industry cluster network by computer simulation. Simulation results shows that the strength of the nodes has an important influence on innovation diffusion, the adjustable parameter K has a positive correlation with the innovation diffusion, and there is a threshold value for the innovation diffusion of industrial clusters. Finally, some policy implications are put forward. The article has a certain academic reference value for the related research.
Martino Tangkar,David Arditi
Civil Engineering Dimension , 2000,
Abstract: In this paper%2C existing innovation models are reviewed. The influence of technology and market-driven schools of thought on the creation and diffusion of innovation is examined. Incremental vs. radical models and autonomous vs. systemic models are considered in the context of the construction industry. The concept of %93technology adoption life cycle%94 is investigated to understand better the acceptance of new technology by key parties. A new model of innovation is proposed. In this model%2C the transformation process of invention into adoption flows through a cyclical mechanism encompassing six phases%3A 1%29 need%2C 2%29 creation%2C 3%29 invention%2C 4%29 innovation%2C 5%29 diffusion%2C and 6%29 adoption. This model clearly shows the interaction of the three most influential domains%3A users%2C changes%2C and the environment. The model also takes into consideration the influence of technology and market-driven forces on the creation and diffusion of innovation. As a consequence of their particular function in the construction activity%2C construction management firms should perform as catalysts in the generation and diffusion of technological advances in the Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia : Innovation%2C+invention%2C+innovation+models%2C+technology+adoption+life+cycle%2C+construction+management.+
Impact of Manufacturer Brand Innovation on Retailer Brands  [cached]
Ranga Chimhundu,Robert P. Hamlin,Lisa McNeill
International Journal of Business and Management , 2010, DOI: 10.5539/ijbm.v5n9p10
Abstract: The article explores the impact of manufacturer brand innovation on retailer brands in grocery product categories, drawing on literature from category management, power and product innovation. It is argued that the consumer packaged goods literature has largely portrayed manufacturer brand innovation in relation to retailer brands as a competitive tool that is employed against the retailer brands. The alternative view of manufacturer brand innovation as an enhancer of retailer brands has not been fully addressed academically. The article further argues that aspects of manufacturer brand innovation that enhance retailer brands have relevance for the determination of strategic policies that govern the coexistence of the two types of brands in supermarket categories. The paper offers a fresh perspective in explaining the coexistence of manufacturer brands and retailer brands in grocery retail categories. Aspects of manufacturer brand innovation that positively impact on the welfare of retailer brands play a strategic role.
Model Opportunity Evolution, Effectuation and Micro-Innovation in Mobile Internet Industry ——A Multiple-Case Study of Mobile APP Start-Ups

WU Jun
,LIU Heng,LIU Peng,AN Wenwen,ZHANG Jianqi

- , 2016,
Abstract: 摘要 “机会发现”与“机会创造”的观点一直存在激烈争论,但两种观点都无法有效解释移动互联领域微创新涌现的现象。根据创业机会前沿文献和效果推理理论,对移动APP新创企业进行了多案例探索性研究,建构了一个新颖的“机会进化”模型,不仅调和了“发现”和“创造”的争论,而且给予“微创新”现象以新的理论诠释。跨案例研究的结果阐明了从“原型机会”到“框定机会”进而到“进化中机会”的动态演进过程,并揭示了在奈特不确定环境下,创业者采纳的效果推理逻辑与企业微创新之间的联系,从而在理论上加深了对机会演化的认识,并为企业家参与移动互联竞争提供了理论指导。
There are always conflicts between the idea of schools of “Opportunity discovery” and “Opportunity creation”. However, neither of these arguments could explain the emergence of micro-innovation in the Mobile Internet industry effectively. Based on the leading literature of entrepreneurship and effectuation theory, we conducted an empirical research on Mobile Application Start-ups, and then constructed a novel model on “Opportunity evolution”, trying to reconcile the debate of “Opportunity discovery” and “Opportunity creation”, and interpret the phenomenon of micro-innovation in a new way. The result of multiple-case study shows a dynamic evolution process from a “prototype opportunity” to a “framed opportunity”, and a “evolutionary opportunity”, which reveals the relationship between effectuation logics adopted by entrepreneurs and micro-innovation. This study not only deepens the knowledge on opportunity evolution, but also provides guidance for entrepreneurs in Mobile Internet industry
Research on the Own Brand Marketing Strategy of Retail Enterprises in China  [cached]
Juan Zhang
Asian Social Science , 2010, DOI: 10.5539/ass.v6n9p22
Abstract: With the Chinese government "WTO" promise coming to true, the retail industry in China have become the highest market-oriented industry. In order to survive, marketing strategy for continuous innovation will be continued, and the development of self- brand is innovation strategies.
Research on Communication Products Diffusion in China Using Cellular Automata  [cached]
Fang Ma,Gangling Chao
International Business Research , 2011, DOI: 10.5539/ibr.v4n2p147
Abstract: Based on cellular automata (CA), the diffusion of communication products, namely the mobile phone (MP) and the landline telephone (LT), were modeled and simulated. The ordinary least squares (OLS) procedure and nonlinear regression method were carried out to estimate the diffusion parameters. The predicted results were compared with the actual data. It is found that: (1) the diffusion processes of mobile phone and landline telephone were successfully examined using cellular automata method, (2) the predicted results of mobile phone and landline telephone show four stages of the product life cycle, (3) the present situation of mobile phones in China is at the fast growth stage and the present situation of landline telephone is at the maturity stage, (4) the market of mobile communication is growing fast and has a brighter future and the landline communication market is meeting great challenges. The future competition will be more serious between the mobile communication and the landline communication. Both of them can benefit from introduction of advanced technology and new services because such a strategy has the potential to convert some consumers of one of communications into another communications. As for the whole communications, the innovation of technology and services will be generated and introduced into the industry of communications to drive the market.
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