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Estudio hematológico y detección de hemoparásitos en caballos criollos venezolanos de dos hatos del Estado Apure, Venezuela
Castellanos,Raymi; Canelón,José L; Calzolaio,Vita; Aguinaco,Federico; López,ángel; Montesinos,Roselys;
Revista Científica , 2010,
Abstract: venezuelan creole horses are local species destined to typical farming works which hematological studies and control of certain pathologies are not commonly performed. these horses represent an essential element of work for tasks such as spurring, fetching and capturing bovines destined to beef production in the country. hematological alterations are one of the main adverse factors to the physical performance of equines and it could be also impacting those horses located in venezuelan farming areas (venezuelan valleys). the purpose of this research was to establish the haematological state and the presence of haemoparasites in creole venezuelan horses of two cattle ranches located in apure state, specifically in mu?oz and achaguas municipalities. a total of 137 horses were sampled and 3.5 ml of blood from the jugular vein were taken in tubes with edta. field sampling was performed in march and june 2008. determinations of hemoglobin concentration (hb), percentage of hematocrit (hto), corpuscular hemoglobin average concentration (chcm), white blood cells count (gb) and the leukocyte differential formulas were carried out, as well as the determination of haemoparasites by the technique of woo and buffy coat. the results were as followed: hb: 10.74 ± 4.56 g/dl, hto: 31.17 ± 9.91%; chcm 34.21 ± 1.34%; gb: 16245 ± 6000/mm3. values obtained from analyzed horses? blood showed decreased hb and hto, normal chcm, and noticeable leucocytosis. significant statistical differences were found in the variables hb and hto as a function of sex (p<0.05). t. evansi (7.3%), b. equi (1.4%) and a. phagocytophilum (32.9%) parasite forms were observed in the diagnosis of hemoparasites.
Estudio morfológico del cerdo criollo del estado Apure, Venezuela
Hurtado1,Ernesto; González,Carlos; Vecchionacce,Hiram;
Zootecnia Tropical , 2005,
Abstract: with the purpose of studying morphologically the creole pig in apure state, venezuela, there were considered 139 post weaning and growing animals located at three municipalities (achaguas, pedro camejo, and biruaca) under agriculture conditions in a tropical savannah environment. the measured zoometric variables were: head length (hl), face length (fl), head width (hw), cross height (crs), croup height (cr), longitudinal diameter (dl), croup width (cw), croup length (cl), thorax perimeter (pt), and head perimeter (hp). the calculated zoometric indices were: cephalic (cfi), proportionality (pdi), corporal (cpi), and pelvic (pvi). descriptive statistic and multivariate analysis were conducted for the zoometric variables and indices, with locality and sex as factors. the zoometric means (cm) were: hl=32.05, fl=10.95, hw=23.99, crs=59.51, cr=63.26, dl=74.69, cw=17.07, cl=20.51, pt=84.85 and hp=19.92. the values of the indices (%) were: cfi=34.21, pdi=79.47, cpi=88.30 and pvi= 83.04. the locality and interaction locality x sex effects were significantly (p<0.05) on the variability of the zoometrics characteristics and indices. the creole pig in apure is a rustic, resistant animal adapted to the environment, with medium body, lengthened, thin, and little voluminous, semi-curved ribs, convex profile following a line to back lumbar slightly bowed.
Caracterización molecular de Trypanosoma Vivax en ovinos naturalmente infectados en dos hatos de los municipios San Fernando y Biruaca, estado Apure, Venezuela
García,Herakles; Rangel-Rivas,Ariadna; Contreras,Ignacio; García,María-E; García,Francisco; Perrone,Trina;
Revista Científica , 2009,
Abstract: this study was made to achieve a molecular characterization of trypanosoma vivax in two venezuelan farms where both small ruminants (mainly ovines) and bovines (cattle and water buffaloes) share the same agroecological area. in addition, it was made to assess the role of sheep as source of t. vivax infection for cattle and buffalo herds. the microhematocrit centrifugation technique (mhc) was used to establish the percentage of current trypanosome infection. a pcr-based assay was used to confirm the species identification while a pcr-rflp assay was used for studying intra-specific variation among t. vivax from sheep vs. those from other livestock from the same area. from 320 sheep blood samples, mhc detected 11 (4,35%) which is of remarkable epidemiological significance due to the low sensitivity of this method. based on pcr results, t. vivax was characterized as the only species responsible for all sheep infections. all infected animals showed a lower packed cell volume value (p<0,05) when compared with the non-infected (22,435 vs. 31,450). the pcr-rflp technique revealed similar profiles among t. vivax isolates suggesting a non intra-specific variation within the molecular marker amplified regardless the host (sheep water buffaloes or cattle). thus, it was suggested that t. vivax infecting sheep, cattle, and buffaloes in the study area could be genetically closely related. these findings show that sheep may play an important role in the epidemiology of livestock trypanosomiasis in this area and they might be incorporated into therapeutic and preventive programs against livestock trypanosomiasis.
The Centenary Of Saratov Anatomical School (1909-2009)  [PDF]
P.V. Glybochko,V.N. Nikolenko
Saratov Journal of Medical Scientific Research , 2009,
Abstract: The article presents the history of department of human anatomy at Saratov State Medical University. The department was opened in September, 1909. The stages of its development and the history of scientific school formation are highlighted in this work.
Morfometría de órganos vitales de cerdos Criollos en el? estado Apure, Venezuela
Hurtado,Ernesto; González,Carlos; Vecchionacce,Hiram;
Zootecnia Tropical , 2006,
Abstract: in order to evaluate the morfometry of the vital organs in creole pigs in natural conditions in the apure state, venezuela,? 32 creole? adult? pigs (15 females and 17 males) located in achaguas, pedro camejo and biruaca municipalities were used. the organs measured and weighed were: stomach, liver, small intestine, large intestine and lungs. it was accomplished descriptive statistic analysis and variance for the morfometric variables, having sex. as sole effect.? females did? not present inferior averages to? males (p>0.05), with exception? of the weight of the large intestine, the one which was greater in a 11 %, and the length of the small intestine, longer in a 9% (p<0.05). the weight and the length of the liver is greater in the females; however, these differences are not statistics. the weight and length of the lungs did not present differences (p>0.05). it is concluded that, under natural conditions of rearing, the effect of sex is not cause of variation in the creole pig for a great majority of its vital organs.
Las campa as de Marruecos (1909-1927)
Daniel Macías Fernández
Revista Universitaria de Historia Militar On-line , 2013,
Abstract: Resumen.En este artículo se pretende analizar la situación en la cual se vieron envueltas las tropas espa olas destinadas a “pacificar” el Protectorado Espa ol en Marruecos entre 1909 y 1927, a saber, la dureza del escenario de operaciones y las resistencias de los nativos frente al colonizador europeo, que fueron las principales características de las guerras coloniales norteafricanas. Palabras clave: Espa a; Marruecos; Protectorado; Guerra del Rif; Ejército.Abstract.We are going to analyze the situation which involved those militias who went to the Spanish Protectorate between 1909 and 1927. That is, the hardship of the scene of operations and the persistent and multiple resistances put up by the natives against the colonial penetration, which were the principal characteristics of the Moroccan Wars.
El cruzamiento como estrategia para mejorar la rentabilidad de hatos lecheros  [cached]
Julián Echeverry Zuluaga,Victoria Eugenia Salazar Restrepo,Diego Múnera
Revista Lasallista de Investigación , 2006,
Abstract: En este artículo, los autores analizan algunas estrategias de mejoramiento genético para aumentar la productividad de los hatos lecheros, llegando a la conclusión de que es difícil determinar cual es el más favorable, pero que hay que tener en cuenta que los mejores resultados en cruzamientos se obtienen cuando los individuos puros parentales son producto de un riguroso programa de selección.
Aid Works After 1909 Adana Events
Necla Günay
Journal of Gazi Academic View , 2009,
Abstract: After the declaration of the Constitutional Monarchy in Ottoman Empire a great freedom atmosphere has been lived at the same time together with independently arming the Armenian committee members who had chance to turn back to home even they were guilty. With the influence of these events at the middle of April 1909 Muslim and Armenian were in conflict at Adana. These growing events separated from Adana to other Aleppo province. Many people murdered most of them lost their home and business places. Many people in Adana and Aleppo become in need of assistance.
Determinación de anticuerpos anti-PPD en hatos lecheros con distintas prevalencias de tuberculosis bovina en México  [cached]
Ciro Estrada Chávez,Raúl Mancilla,Camila Arriaga Díaz,Rafael Pérez González
Veterinaria México , 2001,
Abstract: Se evaluó mediante ELISA la respuesta de anticuerpos contra el derivado proteínico purificado de M. bovis (PPD) en hatos con distintas prevalencias de tuberculosis. En el ganado libre de tuberculosis, los valores de densidad óptica fueron significativamente menores a los obtenidos en hatos controlados, infectados y en bovinos con tuberculosis confirmada. Los niveles más altos de anticuerpos se encontraron principalmente en sueros obtenidos del ganado tuberculoso y en los hatos infectados. Sin embargo, algunos bovinos dentro del grupo testigo, sin individuos reactores a la tuberculina por espacio de un a o, mostraron valores altos en el ELISA, lo que sugiere la presencia de una infección residual en esos hatos. Dos de los títulos más altos de anticuerpos se encontraron en dos animales con tuberculosis, sin reacción a la tuberculina, confirmando la utilidad del ELISA con PPD como antígeno para identificar animales anérgicos. Los anticuerpos anti-PPD podrían ayudar a verificar la situación epidemiológica de la tuberculosis en hatos bajo control de la campa a de erradicación.
The First Report of Amblyomma lepidum (Donitz, 1909) in IRAN
N Piazak
Iranian Journal of Public Health , 2005,
Abstract: Amblyomma lepidum (Donitz, 1909), collected on sheep from Gilan gharb, is reported for the first time from Iran. The species has been reported from Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Egypt and Zanzibar as well. Male diagnosis: A small to medium – sized tick; scutum with characteristic ornamentations; postero- median stripe broad at the base, slightly knobbed at the anterior extremity, not reaching the falci- form stripe; postero- accessory stripes short, fairly close to the 3rd lateral spots, almost vertical; eyes small, dark coloured, hemispherical, orbited; festoons parti- coloured.
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