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Identifique-se!o caso Henry Gates versus James Crowley como exercício antropológico
Peirano, Mariza;
Revista Brasileira de Ciências Sociais , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-69092011000300008
Abstract: in the modern world, id papers are those indispensable objects without which we cannot prove we are whom we say we are. we need material proof that attests our identification since we cannot demonstrate, by ourselves, that we are this or that particular person. in this essay, the arrest of professor henry louis gates, jr. by the policy of the city of cambridge, massachusetts, usa, in 2009, is examined so as to detect the mechanisms by which the processes of classification and singularization are accomplished in the modern world which include, besides identification, recognition and profiling.
Your ID, please? the Henry Gates vs. James Crowley event from an anthropological perspective
Peirano, Mariza;
Vibrant: Virtual Brazilian Anthropology , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1809-43412011000200003
Abstract: in the modern world, id papers are those indispensable objects without which we cannot prove we are who we say we are. we need material proof to attest to our identification. the central ethnographic event of this paper took place in july 2009 with the arrest of professor henry louis gates, jr. by the police of the city of cambridge, massachusetts, after a passer-by reported that someone was breaking of the entrance door of a house which, it soon transpired, was the professor's own house. from the analysis of this episode three mechanisms of classification and singularization are revealed, namely "recognition," "identification," and "profiling."
The James versions
H. Hoetink
New West Indian Guide , 1999,
Abstract: [First paragraph] C.L.R. James: His Intellectual Legacies. SELWYN R. CUDJOE & WILLIAM E. CAIN (eds.). Amherst: University of Massachusetts Press, 1995. x + 476 pp. (Cloth USS 55.00, Paper US$ 19.95) C.L.R. James on the "Negro Question." SCOTT MCLEMEE (ed.). Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, 1996. xxxvii + 154 pp. (Paper US$ 16.95) C.L.R. James: A Political Biography. KENT WORCESTER. Albany: State University of New York, 1996. xvi + 311 pp. (Paper US$ 19.95) "Why is there no socialism in the United States?," asked the German sociologist Werner Sombart (1906:43) in a famous essay at the beginning of the present century. Immigrants, it is true, had brought socialist notions with them in the middle of the past century, and had caused some anarchistic wavelets in the 1880s; there had been radical protest movements such as the Grangers, and a fledgling third party like the Populists; there were famous social critics and Utopians like Henry George and Edward Bellamy, but - in striking contrast to other parts of the Hemisphere - a socialist movement of any political weight never came off the ground.
The James Function  [PDF]
Christopher N. B. Hammond,Warren P. Johnson,Steven J. Miller
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: We investigate the properties of the James function, associated with Bill James's so-called "log5 method," which assigns a probability to the result of a game between two teams based on their respective winning percentages. We also introduce and study a class of functions, which we call Jamesian, that satisfy the same a priori conditions that were originally used to describe the James function.
Editing Cavendish: Maxwell and The Electrical Researches of Henry Cavendish  [PDF]
Isobel Falconer
Physics , 2015,
Abstract: During the last five years of his life, 1874-79, James Clerk Maxwell was absorbed in editing the electrical researches of Henry Cavendish, performed 100 years earlier. This endeavour is often assumed to be a work of duty to the Cavendish family, and an unfortunate waste of Maxwell's time. By looking at the history of Cavendish's papers, and the editorial choices that Maxwell made, this paper questions this assumption, considering the importance of Cavendish's experiments in Maxwell's electrical programme, and the implications that he may have derived for developing a doctrine of experimental method.
Henry Laycock: "Words without Objects" (book review)
Paul Needham
Hyle : International Journal for Philosophy of Chemistry , 2007,
Abstract: book review of Henry Laycock: "Words without Objects"
James bundles  [PDF]
Roger Fenn,Colin Rourke,Brian Sanderson
Mathematics , 2003,
Abstract: We study cubical sets without degeneracies, which we call square sets. These sets arise naturally in a number of settings and they have a beautiful intrinsic geometry; in particular a square set C has an infinite family of associated square sets J^i(C), i=1,2,..., which we call James complexes. There are mock bundle projections p_i:|J^i(C)|-->|C| (which we call James bundles) defining classes in unstable cohomotopy which generalise the classical James--Hopf invariants of Omega(S^2). The algebra of these classes mimics the algebra of the cohomotopy of Omega(S^2) and the reduction to cohomology defines a sequence of natural characteristic classes for a square set. An associated map to BO leads to a generalised cohomology theory with geometric interpretation similar to that for Mahowald orientation [M Mahowald, Ring Spectra which are Thom complexes, Duke Math. J. 46 (1979) 549--559] and [B Sanderson, The geometry of Mahowald orientations, SLN 763 (1978) 152--174].
The Return of Henry Grimes: A Memoir  [cached]
Steven L. Isoardi
Current Research in Jazz , 2010,
Abstract: The author provides his recollections of the California activities of Henry Grimes following the bassist's 2003 rediscovery.
James Warren, Presocratics (Book Review)
Paul John Ennis
Perspectives : International Postgraduate Journal of Philosophy , 2009,
Abstract: A book review of Presocratics by James Warren.
Organocatalytic Enantioselective Henry Reactions  [PDF]
Yolanda Alvarez-Casao,Eugenia Marques-Lopez,Raquel P. Herrera
Symmetry , 2011, DOI: 10.3390/sym3020220
Abstract: A large number of interesting organocatalytic enantioselective protocols have been explored and successfully applied in the last decade. Among them, the Henry (nitroaldol) reaction represents a powerful carbon-carbon bond-forming procedure for the preparation of valuable synthetic intermediates, such as enantioenriched nitro alcohols, which can be further transformed in a number of important nitrogen and oxygen-containing compounds. This area of research is still in expansion and a more complex version of this useful process has recently emerged, the domino Michael/Henry protocol, affording highly functionalized cycles with multiple stereogenic centers.

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