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Sensorial thought: cinema, perspective and Anthropology
Gon?alves, Marco Antonio;
Vibrant: Virtual Brazilian Anthropology , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1809-43412012000200006
Abstract: the concept of 'sensorial thought' formulated by eisenstein to explain the logic of film discourse prompted him to engage in a rich dialogue with the anthropology of his time, in particular with lévy-bruhl's formulation of how 'primitive mentality' operates. eisenstein attempted to draw a parallel between cinematic language and the way in which primitive thought is manifested, arguing that both based on the principle of non-contradiction, on the idea of a simultaneity between 'self' and 'other,' and on metonymization as a way of intensifying sensorial experience. this sensorial thought produces a particular 'perspective,' an engagement between spectator and screen character. by drawing together cinema and anthropology, eisenstein produces a powerful reflection on the concepts of image, alterity, perspective and the senses.
Remaking Marxist Anthropology  [cached]
Gerald M Sider
New Proposals : Journal of Marxism and Interdisciplinary Inquiry , 2007,
Abstract: This comment is a call for a renewed marxist anthropology.
Amor Sacrificial
Mario Orozco Guzmán
Revista Mal-estar e Subjetividade , 2011,
Abstract: El sacrificio corresponde al amor argumentado. Su ejercicio muchas veces inscrito en el orden sagrado de la cultura no deja de comprometer la participación de la Bem chtigungstrieb", pulsión de apoderamiento. En tanto el sacrificio se rinde al otro para su apaciguamiento o complacencia, por supuesto amor a él, se descubre un desprendimiento de goce, al elevar el mal, la destrucción, al estatuto de soberano bien. La demanda sacrificial atribuida a los dioses introduce la dimensión de falta en estos seres supuestamente omnipotentes. Amor y dioses requieren de su provisión persistente de sacrificios. El cuerpo sometido a la tiranía de la imagen idealizada y exaltada es expuesto a distintos y renovados sacrificios. Y parece que ningún sacrificio fuera satisfactorio. La proclama de guerra puede inscribir de forma preponderante la retórica del sacrificio en su pretensión heroica o de sujeción abominable.
Poetics and anthropology  [PDF]
Sekuli? Nada
Filozofija i Dru?tvo , 2004, DOI: 10.2298/fid0424095s
Abstract: The entering of poetics into the field of anthropology, intimated by Nietzsche (through his critique of anthropocentrism), introduced by Bachelard and Bataille and continued in the framework of poststructuralism has influenced the scope and the models of knowledge traditionally related to anthropology, by reexamining and changing them. This influence is researched through the analysis of several authors, discussing the political aspects of their writings at the same time. Their notions of polarity, discontinuity, suspension, transgression and dissemination make visible possible directions of transformation of anthropology.
Reflections on the Death Scene  [cached]
Bruce Buchan,Margaret Gibson,David Ellison
Cultural Studies Review , 2011,
Abstract: An introduction to the Death Scene issue of Cultural Studies Review, with reflections on the nature of the death scene in general and on the specific issues covered by contributors.
Reflections on the death scene  [cached]
Buchan, Bruce,Gibson, Margaret,Ellison, David
Cultural Studies Review , 2011,
Abstract: An introduction to the Death Scene issue of Cultural Studies Review, with reflections on the nature of the death scene in general and on the specific issues covered by contributors.
Denawit – Hartenberg Convention Applied to Cinematic Analyze for Sesarm Lynxmotion SSC-32 Industrial Robot
Zoltan Kovendi,Liliana Marilena Matica,Pierre Duysinx
Journal of Computer Science and Control Systems , 2009,
Abstract: In this paper we made the cinematic analyze of the Lynxmotion RIOS SSC-32 indutrial robot, and we show how to calculate the trasnformation matrix according to the Denawit – Hartenberg. The Denawit – Hartenberg convention has the effect of codification of the influence of the presence of the cinematic couple in the structure of the industrial robot.
P vs NP Problem in the field anthropology  [PDF]
Michael A. Popov
Computer Science , 2009,
Abstract: An attempt of a new kind of complexity anthropology is considered.
A novel method for sacrificial layer release in MEMS devices fabrication

Shi Sha-Li,Chen Da-Peng,Jing Yu-Peng,Ou Yi,Ye Tian-Chun,Xu Qiu-Xia,

中国物理 B , 2010,
Abstract: During the forming process of the free-standing structure or the functional cavity when releasing the high aspect ratio sacrificial layer, such structures tend to stick to the substrate due to capillary force. This paper describes the application of pull-in length conception as design rules to a novel `dimpled' method in releasing sacrificial layer. Based on the conception of pull-in length in adhering phenomenon, the fabrication and releasing sacrificial layer methods using micro bumps based on the silicon substrate were presented. According to the thermal isolation performances of one kind of micro electromechanical system device thermal shear stress sensor, the sacrificial layers were validated to be successfully released.
Archaic Chinese Sacrificial Practices in the Light of Generative Anthropology
Herbert Plutschow
Anthropoetics : the Journal of Generative Anthropology , 1996,

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