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Disseminando a igualdade: um balan o da biblioteca de referência sobre diversidade cultural - BRDC/NEAB/UDESC (2009/2010)
Paulino de Jesus Francisco Cardoso,Graziela dos Santos Lima
Revista ACB , 2012,
Abstract: [PORTUGUESE] Neste trabalho pretendemos apresentar alguns resultados das atividades do Núcleo de Estudos Afro Brasileiros – NEAB, da Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina, por meio do projeto de extens o Biblioteca de Referência sobre Diversidade Cultural, entre os anos 2009-2010, enquanto unidade de informa o, nos seus esfor os para produzir e disseminar conteúdos sobre a temática da Diversidade Cultural, em especial dos Estudos Africanos e Afro-Brasileiros em Santa Catarina. [ENGLISH] In this work we intend to present some results of the activities of the Brazilian Center of African Studies – NEAB, that belongs to the University of the Santa Catarina State, through of the extension project: Reference Library about Cultural Diversity, between the years 2009-2010, as an unit of information, in their efforts to produce and disseminate material about the theme of Cultural Diversity, especially in the African Studies and afro-Brazilians in Santa Catarina.
Biblioteca de referência do NEAB: preservando a história e memória dos afro-descendentes em Santa Catarina e no Brasil
Miriam de C.do C. M. Mattos
Revista ACB , 2008,
Abstract: [English]Entre os diversos projetos de pesquisa e extens o do Núcleo de Estudos Afro–Brasileiros - NEAB -da Universidade para o Desenvolvimento do Estado de Santa Catarina, está a Biblioteca de Referência do NEAB, que reúne livros, disserta es, vídeos e documentos relacionados aos aspectos históricos, culturais, sócio-econ micos e educacionais dos afro-descendentes e indígenas - especialmente Guaranis - em seu acervo. O objetivo é ser instrumento para estudos, pesquisas e dissemina o da informa o, com o intuito de facilitar o acesso a tal temática, para incrementar as suas atividades científicas e estimular, assim, a produ o do conhecimento através do fornecimento das informa es relevantes sobre a quest o. [Portuguese]Among the number of research projects and extension of the Nucleus of Afro-Brazilian Studies - NEAB - of the University for Development of the State of Santa Catarina, is the Reference Library of NEAB, which gathers books, dissertations, videos and historical documents aspects related to historical, cultural, socio-economic and educational of african-descendants and indigenous peoples - especially Guaranis-in its collection. Our goal is to be tool for study, research and dissemination in order to facilitate access to on this issue, to increase its scientific activities and stimulate thus the production of knowledge by providing relevant information on the issue
Challenges of the Knowledge Society , 2012,
Abstract: This study wants to present the period of probation in the labour contract as an optional way to verify the sills of the employee, because of the Labour Code changes and from the view of the legal practice in this field. In fact, in actual labour relations, often, the work performed during the period of probation is consider performed outside of labour contract legal frame. Even more, period of probation appears, sometimes, as a unilateral manifestation of the employer’s will and it manifest itself as a resolutory condition of the contract and not as a forfeiture clause of this contract. All these led us to achieve a clear and thorough research of the probation period and of the specific employment relationship during the course of it.
Indian Streams Research Journal , 2013,
Abstract: Concept and History of Probation:- The age old custodial measure and institutional incarceration presents two crucial problems, namely, it increases the dependence of offender and at the same time decreases his capacity to readjust to normal society after release. Conformity with the strict prison discipline is no guarantee that the prisoner has 1really transformed into a law abiding citizen.
Problems Surrounding Probation In The South African Public Service  [cached]
Z. Baloyi,A. Crafford
South African Journal of Human Resource Management , 2006, DOI: 10.4102/sajhrm.v4i1.80
Abstract: The aim of the study was to investigate problems surrounding probation periods in the South African Public Service. A qualitative study was conducted to determine the views of both probationers and supervisors managing the probation process. Data was gathered by means of focus groups and individual interviews. Nine key areas were identified as being problematic, viz. clarity regarding the purpose of probation, lack of proper guidelines, the duration of probation, rotation during probation, lack of training, poor management of probation, performance management, anxiety and stress, power and authority. Recommendations are made concerning possible interventions.
Challenges of the Knowledge Society , 2013,
Abstract: Probation represents a measure of trust as far as the convict is concerned and it is ruled by the court for the continuation of the execution of the rest of the punishment without being detained. Exactly for this reason it is considered that when a person on probation has committed a crime while on probation, the applied punishment should be oriented according to the manner of calculation of the punishment in the case of the post-release recidivism.In this article, certain aspects of the probation institution have been analyzed, the opportunity of revocation or the maintaining of probation in case a new crime is committed between the period of probation and that of the punishment’s fulfillment, and also the manner the punishment is established for this case being further examined.
How to Evaluate Probation? HEALTH - A FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT
Revista Roman? de Sociologie , 2008,
Abstract: This paper was presented at a conference organized by Conférence Permanente Européenne de la Probation (CEP) together with the Ministry of Justice of Estonia which took place in Tallinn, on September 27th-29th this year. The title of this conference was 'Unity and Diversity in probation.' This was the reason and the angle of this article: to propose a matrix for the assessment of probation which is relevant to most of the EU countries. The model starts with an assessment focusing on the mission statement. According to these criteria, EU countries could be divided into four main categories: probation services based on promoting alternatives to incarceration model, probation services based on the model of assisting the courts in giving the best sentences, probation services based on the rehabilitation model, probation services based on the public protection model. Evaluating probation services according to these criteria has its strengths and weaknesses. Some of these are presented in this paper.
Difficulties in enforcing the new probation period  [PDF]
Juridical Tribune , 2011,
Abstract: During probation period, the employee is in a fragile position: he/she cannot be sure about the continuation of his/her labour relation. Law no 40/2011 modified the Labour Code in the sense of extending the probation periods in the case of contracts with non-fixed term and temporary contracts. Besides, according to the new provision, the period of time during which the employer may hire successively for probation periods several individuals for the same position is 12 months, the most. The paper aims to put into light the way in which the new regulations are to be applied, and several difficulties that this may bring in practice.
Romanian probation system and the effect of semantics in social work  [PDF]
Mihaela Tomita,Cosmin Goian
Revista de Cercetare ?i Interven?ie Social? , 2009,
Abstract: Institution of probation occurrence was determined, on the one hand, the need to develop systems tailored to the dynamics of judicial crime, and on the other hand, the emergence of new current accounts in criminology, which advocates crime outside the criminal justice system and reflects the essential mutations to the traditional philosophy of punishment and its functions. Probation as an alternative measure, promote social rehabilitation of offenders for which reason, the correct assessment, complete training conducted by the probation counselor, support activity of the court in the individualization of punishment in accordance with the risk posed by criminal and real prospects for social reintegration. Social worker and the probation counselor must have communication skills and understanding appropriate to each case, the language used by him to facilitate communication both with other specialists, judges, prosecutors, lawyers, service providers and beneficiaries of probation, meaning offenders. Constituent particle of the relationship between professional social worker / counselor and the probation client is interpersonal communication and effective communication between them, in the process of solving the problem, is determined by professional jargon which creates barriers that affect communication and the implicit lack of effectiveness of intervention recuperative. Probation and other community sanctions are under the legal nature of a criminal sanction. Through the goals and objectives followed it detaches from the traditional system focused on repression and isolation.
Forma o e Competências do Bacharel em Biblioteconomia da UDESC: Análise Seguindo a Classifica o Brasileira de Ocupa es Formación y Competencias del Bachiller en Bibliotecología del UDESC: analice según la Clasificación Brasile a de Ocupaciones  [cached]
Elaine de Oliveira Lucas,Aline Andrade Ouriques
Informa??o & Informa??o , 2012, DOI: 10.5433/1981-8920.2011v16n3p166-190
Abstract: Introdu o: A domina o tecnológica, de certa forma, atingiu todas as áreas do conhecimento, sendo que a área da Biblioteconomia, que trata primariamente com a informa o, foi afetada de tal modo que surgiram altera es nos paradigmas da profiss o. Objetivo: Verificar se o curso de Biblioteconomia da Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina (UDESC) atende às exigências do mercado de trabalho quanto à forma o e às competências do bacharel em Biblioteconomia, seguindo a Classifica o Brasileira de Ocupa es (CBO). Metodologia: Trata-se de uma pesquisa documental, que abrange fontes bibliográficas e documentais, sendo que foi analisado o currículo vigente implantado em 2008 do curso de Biblioteconomia da UDESC. Resultados: As oito fases do curso de Biblioteconomia da UDESC atendem às atividades que a CBO classifica para o bibliotecário. O único critério presente em todas as fases é a competência pessoal. Além disso, as atividades que mais predominam no curso de Biblioteconomia da UDESC s o: disponibilizar informa es a qualquer suporte; gerenciar unidades, redes e sistemas de informa o; e desenvolver estudos e pesquisas. Conclus es: As conclus es finais revelam que o curso analisado atende às exigências do mercado de trabalho quanto à forma o e às competências do bacharel em Biblioteconomia.
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