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Reliable Prediction of Insulin Resistance by a School-Based Fitness Test in Middle-School Children  [cached]
Varness Todd,Carrel AaronL,Eickhoff JensC,Allen DavidB
International Journal of Pediatric Endocrinology , 2009, DOI: 10.1186/1687-9856-2009-487804
Abstract: Objectives. (1) Determine the predictive value of a school-based test of cardiovascular fitness (CVF) for insulin resistance (IR); (2) compare a "school-based" prediction of IR to a "laboratory-based" prediction, using various measures of fitness and body composition. Methods. Middle school children () performed the Progressive Aerobic Cardiovascular Endurance Run (PACER), a school-based CVF test, and underwent evaluation of maximal oxygen consumption treadmill testing ( max), body composition (percent body fat and BMI z score), and IR (derived homeostasis model assessment index []). Results. PACER showed a strong correlation with max/kg ( = 0.83, ) and with ( = , ). Multivariate regression analysis revealed that a school-based model (using PACER and BMI z score) predicted IR similar to a laboratory-based model (using max/kg of lean body mass and percent body fat). Conclusions. The PACER is a valid school-based test of CVF, is predictive of IR, and has a similar relationship to IR when compared to complex laboratory-based testing. Simple school-based measures of childhood fitness (PACER) and fatness (BMI z score) could be used to identify childhood risk for IR and evaluate interventions.
On school choice and test-based accountability.
Damian W. Betebenner,Kenneth R. Howe,Samara S. Foster
Education Policy Analysis Archives , 2005,
Abstract: Among the two most prominent school reform measures currently being implemented in The United States are school choice and test-based accountability. Until recently, the two policy initiatives remained relatively distinct from one another. With the passage of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB), a mutualism between choice and accountability emerged whereby school choice complements test-based accountability. In the first portion of this study we present a conceptual overview of school choice and test-based accountability and explicate connections between the two that are explicit in reform implementations like NCLB or implicit within the market-based reform literature in which school choice and test-based accountability reside. In the second portion we scrutinize the connections, in particular, between school choice and test-based accountability using a large western school district with a popular choice system in place. Data from three sources are combined to explore the ways in which school choice and test-based accountability draw on each other: state assessment data of children in the district, school choice data for every participating student in the district choice program, and a parental survey of both participants and non-participants of choice asking their attitudes concerning the use of school report cards in the district. Results suggest that choice is of benefit academically to only the lowest achieving students, choice participation is not uniform across different ethnic groups in the district, and parents' primary motivations as reported on a survey for participation in choice are not due to test scores, though this is not consistent with choice preferences among parents in the district. As such, our results generally confirm the hypotheses of choice critics more so than advocates. Keywords: school choice; accountability; student testing.
A test complex for Gorensteinness  [PDF]
Lars Winther Christensen,Oana Veliche
Mathematics , 2006,
Abstract: Let $R$ be a commutative noetherian ring with a dualizing complex. By recent work of Iyengar and Krause, the difference between the category of acyclic complexes and its subcategory of totally acyclic complexes measures how far $R$ is from being Gorenstein. In particular, $R$ is Gorenstein if and only if every acyclic complex is totally acyclic. In this note we exhibit a specific acyclic complex with the property that it is totally acyclic if and only if $R$ is Gorenstein.
High School Staff Characteristics and Mathematics Test Results  [cached]
Mark Fetler
Education Policy Analysis Archives , 1999,
Abstract: This study investigates the relationship between measures of mathematics teacher skill and student achievement in California high schools. Test scores are analyzed in relation to teacher experience and education and student demographics. The results are consistent with the hypotheses that there is a shortage of qualified mathematics teachers in California and that this shortage is associated with low student scores in mathematics. After controlling for poverty, teacher experience and preparation significantly predict test scores. Short-term strategies to increase the supply of qualified mathematics teachers could include staff development, and recruitment incentives. A long-term strategy addressing root causes of the shortage requires more emphasis on mathematics in high school and undergraduate programs.
The Journal Voice of the Publisher  [PDF]
Ilia Brondz
Voice of the Publisher (VP) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/vp.2015.11001
Abstract: This journal is a multitarget publication that allows authors a free choice of subject for discussion and presentation. It was created in response to a need for expression of all authors from the fields of natural and humanistic sciences, culture, and history, theology and occultism. The spectrum of authors includes prominent scientists, students as well as the employees of Scientific Research Publishing Inc., and every other publisher. There is no subject that cannot be presented or discussed in the journal. The only requirements for publication in the journal are the professionalism of the author(s) and a good knowledge of the relevant subject. Of course, the primary concern of the publisher is to improve the quality of published papers, to curb plagiarism and avoid fabrications in published information in all aspects of life. The main issue discussed in this paper is the fall in quality of published papers, which has resulted from the appearance of educational centers that lack a tradition of teaching. Moreover, the employment of scientists by politicians and industry to promote their political agendas and industrial needs using pseudo-scientific data has contributed significantly to this fall. One of the greatest politicians in human history, Otto von Bismarck, said: “People never lie so much as after a hunt, during a war, or before an election”. Today the pseudo-scientific publication can take an honorable place among the events named by Otto von Bismarck in his immortal aphorism.
Publisher's Note - Pagination Error  [PDF]
Shu-Kun Lin
International Journal of Molecular Sciences , 2008, DOI: 10.3390/ijms9050905
Abstract: Publisher's Note added on 29 September 2008: There is a pagination error in the Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2008, 9(5) with page 905 missing. Thus, page 905 is taken as a blank page.
Publisher's Note - Pagination Error  [PDF]
Shu-Kun Lin
Sensors , 2009, DOI: 10.3390/s90604271
Abstract: Publisher's Note added on 4 June 2009: There is a pagination error in Sensors 2009, 9(6) with page 4271 missing. Thus, page 4271 is taken as a blank page.
Publisher's Note - Pagination Error
Shu-Kun Lin
International Journal of Molecular Sciences , 2008,
Abstract: Publisher's Note added on 29 September 2008: There is a pagination error in the Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2008, 9(5) with page 905 missing. Thus, page 905 is taken as a blank page.
Learning complex historical knowledge at high school: The role of working memory
García-Madruga,Juan A.; Fernández-Corte,Teresa;
Análise Psicológica , 1999,
Abstract: learning history implies the acquisition of historical and social concepts, analyzing its mutual relationships in the explanation of historical change. the comprehension of industrial revolution in england requires the use of at least four main concepts: agrarian revolution, demographic increase, technological innovations and the need of accumulated capital. the understanding of these concepts and the establishment of its relationships is a quite demanding cognitive task. therefore, the crucial role of working memory in these cognitive processes is hypothesized. this paper presents a study on the teaching and learning of this subject matter by first-grade of high school subjects. the main objective of this study was to analyze the process of understanding and acquisition of this complex subject, testing the influence of three variables: working memory capacity, prior knowledge and attitude for meaningful learning. pretest examined subject's knowledge of some basic concepts and their ability to describe and explain the phenomenon, as well as to summarize and comment a text and to represent their knowledge by means of a concept map. differences in working memory capacity were controlled by means of the reading span test. finally, subject's attitude for meaningful learning was tested on line using an observation record. teaching was developed during 6 classes following the usual scheme and methodology focused on reaching a gradual and overall understanding of the phenomenon. learning results were checked in a post-test where we used the same test than before. there was a highly significant increase in all the post-test measures. students with higher reading span learnt more and better than students with lower reading span. therefore, working memory seems to play a crucial role when our subjects are building up historical knowledge as to industrial revolution. the significant correlation between knowledge in pretest and post-test showed that pretest scores are a quite g
Publisher's Note added on 9 October 2006  [PDF]
Shu-Kun Lin
Marine Drugs , 2005, DOI: 10.3390/md3020074
Abstract: Publisher's Note added on 9 October 2006 : Pages 74-77 are taken as blank pages.
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