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Sebastian Schwab,Daniel Memmert
Journal of Sports Science and Medicine , 2012,
Abstract: The aim of this study was to investigate whether a sports vision training program improves the visual performance of youth male field hockey players, ages 12 to 16 years, after an intervention of six weeks compared to a control group with no specific sports vision training. The choice reaction time task at the D2 board (Learning Task I), the functional field of view task (Learning Task II) and the multiple object tracking (MOT) task (Transfer Task) were assessed before and after the intervention and again six weeks after the second test. Analyzes showed significant differences between the two groups for the choice reaction time task at the D2 board and the functional field of view task, with significant improvements for the intervention group and none for the control group. For the transfer task, we could not find statistically significant improvements for either group. The results of this study are discussed in terms of theoretical and practical implications
Hayrettin GüMü?DA?,Ye?im KARA?,Emrah CER?T
Pamukkale Journal of Sport Sciences , 2011,
Abstract: This paper aims to T.C. Education department of the Prime Ministry General Directorate of Youth Sports coach education courses within the drop-down assessment of what has happened levels, coaches and faculty candidates to indicate their views and put forward these views in light of the shortcomings of coach training courses and to offer solutions to eliminate these deficiencies. Research on various dates in 2002 and held 10 training courses in different branches of the coach 237 coaches who participated in these courses and officer candidate trainees attended the 80 teaching staff. To collect data about the coaching courses, physical structure, assessment, such as time and resources used for the properties of a questionnaire consisting of 29 items. SPSS program was applied to the analysis of the data analysis. Kai-square statistical technique in this program, faculty members and coaches made a comparison of candidates' opinions on courses at. According to the results of the survey data obtained from the Republic of Turkey Education department of the Prime Ministry General Directorate of Youth Sports coach education courses within the drop-down assessment of instructors, course, course applicants between the age limit for participating candidates for coach [x2 (4) = 19,485, p
Subjective Perception of Sports Performance, Training, Sleep and Dietary Patterns of Malaysian Junior Muslim Athletes during Ramadan Intermittent Fasting  [cached]
Rabindarjeet Singh,Ooi Cheong Hwa,Jolly Roy,Chai Wen Jin
Asian journal of Sports Medicine , 2011,
Abstract: Purpose:To examine the subjective perception of daily acute fasting on sports performance, training, sleep and dietary patterns of Muslim athletes during the Ramadan month.Methods:Seven hundred and thirty-four (411 male and 323 female) Malaysian Junior-level Muslim athletes (mean age 16.3 2.6 y) participated in the survey which was designed to establish the personal perception of their sport performance, sleep pattern, food and fluid intake during Ramadan fasting. The survey was conducted during and immediately after the month of Ramadan in 2009.Results:Twenty-four percent of the athletes perceived that there was an adverse effect of the Ramadan fast on their sporting performance and 29.3% reported that quality of training during Ramadan was also negatively influenced. Majority (48.2%) of the athletes stated that Ramadan fasting did not affect their normal sleep pattern but 66.6% of them complained of sleepiness during the daytime. Half of the athletes (41.4%) maintained the caloric intake during Ramadan as they normally would with the majority of them (76.2%) reporting that they consumed more fluids during Ramadan.Conclusions:Overall, Malaysian Junior-level Muslim athletes showed diverse views in their perception of changes in their training, sleep and dietary patterns during Ramadan fast. These individual differences probably indicate differences in the athletes' adaptability and coping strategies during fasting and training in Ramadan.
Ali Serdar YüCEL,Yunus Emre KARAKAYA,Bilal ?OBAN,Cemal GüNDO?DU
Beden Egitimi ve Spor Bilimleri Dergisi , 2012,
Abstract: In this study the views of the academic personnel working in institutions giving sports training at higher education level in Turkey about electronic trade has been researched. Sample of the study is constituted by 214 academic personnel working in institutions giving sports training at higher education level in Turkey. Validity and reliability study improved by Sevindik (16) was made to determine the views of the participants and “e-Trade User View Form” was used. SPSS 11.5 package program was used in assessment of the questionnaires and t-test, Variance Analysis (ANOVA), Kruskal Wallis Test and LSD test analyses were made. As a result it was observed that, 86% of the academic personnel working in institutions giving sports training at higher education level in Turkey expressed the importance of electronic trade, 81,3% of them expressed that they used electronic banking system and 59,9% of them emphasized that electronic trade eliminates the traditional trade. Furthermore it was determined that there was a significant difference between the views of the participants towards electronic trade according to the variants of sex and education.
Cholewa, Jaroslaw,Czuba, Milosz,Zajac, Adam,Miko?ajec, Kazimierz
Journal of Human Sport and Exercise , 2009,
Abstract: The main objective of the work was to present the practical application of a mathematical model to optimize sports training. From empirical data, collected during an experiment a mathematical model of sports training for young swimmers was created. The effectiveness of particular training means on sport results was evaluated. The research was conducted on a group of 20 youth swimmers aged 14±0,5 years, with an average body mass of 50,73±7,39 kg and body height of 164,2±8,12 cm respectively. The swimmers presented a high, national level of sports performance. The research allowed to draw theoretical and practical conclusions regarding the application of the mathematical model in sports training.
How can we use Somatic Growth Dynamic of Children and Youth in Sports?  [PDF]
Klaus-Peter Herm
Human Biology Review , 2012,
Abstract: To recognize the relevance of right type of growth dynamic of sports children during childhood by observing the following aspects: - fundamentals to reach the later high performance, - health and insurance - risk of injury - conception of training. One way to recognize growth dynamic of sports children is: - 1. Sensible analysis of longitudinal investigations like short term measurements (daily, weekly, monthly) with calculation of growth velocity and growth acceleration with careful attention. - 2. The talent identification and selection for high sports performance and other areas of all talented children with different steps in the age range of 7 to 20 years. - 3. To support the selection for sports schools through reliable sift methods and suitable judgment or manner. - 4. To see specific norm systems in the development of sports and to assess the changes in the children and youth during the training with different profiles, e.g., different biological age, growth and development rates of the individuals. Anthropometric methods were used to estimate Somatotype and body composition (muscle mass, skeleton mass and fat mass). The biological age and growth types in different kind of sports can be used in different countries of the world. The various methods of the investigations are used to describe Body Composition, Somatotype and Growth Type during childhood. It is possible for young sportsmen in different types of sports, using the models for the first time meant that the results were applicable for a longer period, is valid for the whole year in the age groups from 11 to 20 years. Talent identification and selection is connected with "Models of special norms" in the field of Sports Anthropology. The objects are: 1. To secure data on body measurements which reliably describe the characteristics of group, race or stock being studied, and 2. Publish the data in a form which may be readily and safely used for anthropological comparisons and deductions. 3. Growth dynamics and growth types will give more and directly the biological characteristics of the growing child.
Training of coordinators of Sports for Everyone
José Antonio Rebollo González,Pedro Sáenz-López Bu?uel
Retos : Nuevas Perspectivas de Educación Física, Deporte y Recreación , 2010,
Abstract: With the data obtained in the diagnosis of the current situation of training Sport for All , regarding the base of the structure of the courses that were conducted in our Province and after the literature review that was conducted, we have created a new course of coordinators of Sports for Everyone. There have been modifications in all curricular elements, always trying to adapt the training of animators to the current situation and trying to align the structure to the training of any sport’s professional. In this regard, we have increased the content being taught in the present, dividing them into a common and a specific block. The objectives have been formulated under the new design. It has been put in place a methodology agreed with the teachers, with a schedule for meetings as for the theoretical and as well as for the practical subjects. We have tried to unify the evaluation strategies to fit consistency with the proposed methodology. The planning was done according to the Order 3310/2002, which regulates the training of sports.
The Markey Survey and Analysis About the Metropolis Feminine Who Expends Sports Commodity  [PDF]
HE Xiao-yu
Journal of Chongqing Normal University , 2010,
Abstract: This paper through in investigating sports' expense situation of the metropolis feminine, as a goal researching expense idea and business's sales strategy, utilized the literature material, the questionnaire survey, the interview and the data method of average. The result indicates that it is takes up leadership for sports commodity consumption level of the feminine, influenced by the fit and unfit of sales strategy of the sports commodity. Moreover, it also accounts for certain proportion for influence of the age structure, the income level and the expese custom of the feminine. It is the biggest for value proportion of the sports expense of the youth feminine's community. It cannot separate with the high income level, the survival idea that spending is buy to the health and that the life lies in the movement. The conclusion is the sports' expense of the female still exists not reasonably in the sports expense channel. The expense crowds and the shopping location choice and so on. It shows certainly that the firm also has the pending enhancment in the formulation sale strategy. It is suggested that the business should optimize reasonable the sale strategy of the commodity, formulate the corresponding sales strategy, thus guiding correctly the feminine's sports expens to raise the sports consumption level.
Strategies Formulation for Sports and Youth Ministry`s Public Relations Department in Iran: A Case Study
Saeid Ali Abadi,S. N. Sajjadi,Mehrzad Hamidi
International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: The aim of the present study was to design sports and youth ministry`s public relations department strategic plan .This research was survey research done in analytical method and the method of collecting data was field study. In terms of objective, it is an applied - developmental research in which the required information was obtained through library research and the researcher-made questionnaire. Also, this research was of strategic studies in which the qualitative and quantitative methods were used for data analysis. Statistical population included sports media managers and journalists, public relations directors of the sports federations, sport management professionals, staff specialists of the Ministry of Sport and National Olympic Committee and public relations staff consisting of 144 persons as the study sample. In this study, a questionnaire in two parts was used that included demographic data and determination of the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities of Department of public relations in Youth and Sports ministry. To determine its validity, professors and experts were consulted and after applying all revised recommendations and changes necessary to comply with the conditions and characteristics of the study population, it was used, accordingly. Cronbach's alpha coefficient was used to measure the reliability. Therefore, Cronbach's alpha reliability was obtained 0.99. Coefficient obtained from the questionnaire indicated high reliability of the questionnaire. In data analysis, descriptive statistics was used to describe demographic variables in the research community. Friedman rank test was used for ranking the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Finally, SWOT analysis was used for developing the Ministry of Youth and Sports ministry`s public relations department`s strategy. The results indicated that the scores sum in this matrix was less than 2.5 (2.42).This suggested that it was weak in terms of internal factors. In other words, the weaknesses of Youth and Sports Department public relations were superior to its strengths. In addition, the scores sum in this matrix was more than 2.5 (2.66).This suggested that in terms of external factors, it had an opportunity. In other words, the Ministry of Youth and Sport` department of public relations opportunities overcame the threats . Overall, based on internal and external evaluation matrix calculated according to comparison of internal and external factors, public relations department of Youth and Sport ministry was located in WO.
Gender Perception on the Impact of School Sports on Sports Development in Borno State of Nigeria
Shehu Raheem Adaramaja,Shettima Mustapha,N. Tanglang
The Social Sciences , 2013, DOI: 10.3923/sscience.2010.149.151
Abstract: The purpose of this study was to examine the impact of school sports on sports development in Borno State of Nigeria as perceived by gender. Sports development in this respect was examined using the following variables: facility, personnel, funding, training programme, competitions, sports policy and encouragement of talents for sports. To achieve the purpose of this study a standardized questionnaire was administered by the researchers to the respondents which included; students, athletes, games-masters, game mistresses, physical education teachers, principals of secondary schools, coaches in the sports council, zonal sports coordinators and directors of sports in Borno State. The reliability coefficient of the instrument was established using Guffman split half technique, a result of 0.82 r was obtained. Data collected was analysed using two tailed t-test inferential statistics. The findings of this study revealed no significant differences between male and female respondents in all the aspects of sports development with the exception of encouragement of talents for sports. In other words, encouragement of talents was promoted at the expense of other aspects of sports development. It is therefore, recommended that the Nigeria School Sports Federation (NSSF) at the state level should devise a means for the development of other aspects of sports development such as the provision of standard facilities, qualified personnel, adequate funding, training programme, competitions as well as an effective school sports policy that can accommodate the needs, interests and aspirations of the participants.
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