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Participation in sports and sociometric status of adolescents
Aleksandar Gad i , Ph.D. , Igor Vu kovi
Biomedical Human Kinetics , 2009, DOI: 10.2478/v10101-009-0021-y
Abstract: Study aim: To examine the relationships between sport participation and sociometric status of adolescent youths. Material and methods: A group of 359 secondary school students from central Serbia (143 male and 216 female) aged 16 - 19 years participated in the study. The subjects were given questionnaires pertaining to their participation in sports and sociometric relations, especially "work with" and "interact with". Results: In total, about 23% of subjects were actively engaged in sports at various levels: local (11%), regional (8%), national (3%) and international (2 subjects), the others were classified as sedentary. The sport-active subjects scored significantly (p<0.001) higher sociometric acceptance and sociometric status and lower sociometric rejection (p<0.05) than the sedentary ones. However, no significant correlations were found between sport-engagement variables and the sociometric ones. Conclusions: The presented results can be regarded as preliminary only and call for conducting the study on a larger cohort and to include more psychosocial variables.
Congenital adrenal hyperplasia in an Elite female soccer player; what sports medicine clinicians should know about this?  [cached]
Hooman Angoorani,Zohreh Haratian,Farzin Halabchi
Asian journal of Sports Medicine , 2012,
Abstract: Background: Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH) refers to a group of congenital conditions characterized by disordered cortisol synthesis. The correlation between CAH and sports performance has been less studied before and there is very limited information regarding the impacts of this congenital disease on sports performance. Probably, there are some limitations for patients who suffer from CAH in sports, but at the same time, they may enjoy some advantage due to the probable effect of endogenous hyperandrogenism on their exercise performance.Case Presentation: The case is a 14 - year old girl with male phenotype who is a known case of congenital adrenal hyperplasia. She plays in the women’s national soccer team of under 16. She has been in the first division league of indoor soccer for 4 years and was also selected in the preparation training camp of women’s football team for Singapore’s youth Olympic Games. Her illness and dependence on corticosteroid have caused some concerns for her participation in the international competitions of women. However, following consultations with the Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) Committee of games organization, she received TUE to use corticosteroid only within the games period. Despite all her problems, she is now playing in the Second Division League of indoor soccer.Conclusions: A female adolescent with CAH may compete at the high level of outdoor and indoor soccer. However, there are many questions regarding the advantages and disadvantages of this congenital disorder and its treatment on sports related issues.
Proximity to Sports Facilities and Sports Participation for Adolescents in Germany  [PDF]
Anne K. Reimers, Matthias Wagner, Seraphim Alvanides, Andreas Steinmayr, Miriam Reiner, Steffen Schmidt, Alexander Woll
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0093059
Abstract: Objectives To assess the relationship between proximity to specific sports facilities and participation in the corresponding sports activities for adolescents in Germany. Methods A sample of 1,768 adolescents aged 11–17 years old and living in 161 German communities was examined. Distances to the nearest sports facilities were calculated as an indicator of proximity to sports facilities using Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Participation in specific leisure-time sports activities in sports clubs was assessed using a self-report questionnaire and individual-level socio-demographic variables were derived from a parent questionnaire. Community-level socio-demographics as covariates were selected from the INKAR database, in particular from indicators and maps on land development. Logistic regression analyses were conducted to examine associations between proximity to the nearest sports facilities and participation in the corresponding sports activities. Results The logisitic regression analyses showed that girls residing longer distances from the nearest gym were less likely to engage in indoor sports activities; a significant interaction between distances to gyms and level of urbanization was identified. Decomposition of the interaction term showed that for adolescent girls living in rural areas participation in indoor sports activities was positively associated with gym proximity. Proximity to tennis courts and indoor pools was not associated with participation in tennis or water sports, respectively. Conclusions Improved proximity to gyms is likely to be more important for female adolescents living in rural areas.
Multiple groups confirmatory factor analysis of the motivational influencing individuals’ decisions about participating in intramural sports
K. Rickel,S. Roger Park,Joseph Morales
Choregia , 2012,
Abstract: Intramural programs provide competition and recreation during the academic year for the diverse college populations of faculty, staff, and currently enrolled students and their spouses/partners who do not participate in other organized sports on campus. Sport psychologists, physical activity leaders, and others have shown an increased interest in the psychological factors that motivate college students to consume sport and physical activity (Rickel, Stoll, &Beller, 2005, 2006; Harkema, Dieser, Lankford, & Scholl, 2006; Yue-de, Wen-hao, & Ying-chun, 2009). Little research has been done with regard to the motivational factors affecting individuals’ decisions about participating specifically in intramural sports such as flag football, basketball, and soccer, etc. The purpose of this study was to independently test the measurement model of the Participant Motivations Questionnaire (PMQ) assumed to underlie the motivational factors of the intramural sport participation by male and female college students. In addition, this study also examined whether or not PMQ was valid for the intramural sport participants in a northwestern university of the USA. Based on the results of the CFA, the one-factor model does fit both male and female college students. However, the factor loadings are not equivalent across the two groups. In summary, it is noted that the regenerated 24-item PMQ for the intramural sport participants is unequally valid for the current subjects of male and female college students.
T. Tammy Orunaboka,C.B. Ogulu
Academic Research International , 2011,
Abstract: The primary focus of this paper is to present participation in sports and exercise as a prerequisite for enhancing the physiological and socio-psychological fitness of female students. In other to achieve this aim, this study examined and analyzed the physical fitness of two hundred and twenty three (223) female undergraduate students in the department of education management, University of Port Harcourt. Fait (1978) physical fitness testing battery was used to text the subjects physical fitness level. Data collected were subjected to descriptive statistics. The results showed a significant difference between older female students of 20-21 years old to that of younger female students of 18-19 years old. Conclusion was drawn that people can become involved in purposeful physical activity every early in life and can continue to pursue these interests throughout their lives. Based on this, it was recommended that participation in all forms of sports and exercise should be regular. Students should be exposed to the benefits of physical fitness exercises.
Agressivity levels of the high school students and relation with their participation to sport activities (Sample of Istanbul)
Fatih Dervent,Erkal Arslano?lu,?mer ?enel
International Journal of Human Sciences , 2010,
Abstract: The purpose of this study was to determine the agressivity levels of the high school students and relation with their participation to sport activities. The sample of the study consists of totally 354 students (167 female, 187 male) which were randomly chosen from Kadri Y rüko lu, Plevne and Cumhuriyet High school in stanbul. In this research, inclueding 30 question “Aggressiveness Inventory” was used to collect data which was devoloped by Ipek Ilter Kiper. The data was anaysed in SPSS for Windows 14.0 package program, by using descriptive statistic and “t” test statistical analysis methods.Accoarding to results: from all the students (female,male), who do sports have more assertiveness levels than who do not do sports.(p<0,05) Although there is no difference accoarding to sexuality, the girls who participate in sport activities have more assertiveness characteristic than boys. (p<0,05) Accoarding to sexuality among the students who do not participate in sport activities,no significant difference was found.As conclusion; participation in to sport has no effects on reducing of agresivity in high school students however it increases assertiveness. In addition students participated in to sport and female students are more asssertive than non partcipated and male students.
A Research about Public Participation in the Process of Master-Urban-Planning in China—An Introduction of Practice of Gathering Public Opinion via Questionnaire Survey  [PDF]
Yang Fan
Advances in Applied Sociology (AASoci) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/aasoci.2015.51002
Abstract: This paper summarizes the practice of public participation via questionnaire survey in the process of working out Master Plan in China. Based on the analysis, the key issue to be desperately solved is the strategic content about urban long-term development, especially highlighted in conducting public participation by ways of questionnaire survey. In this regard, designing the questionnaire’s content and subsequent distribution must provide convenience for townspeople to comprehend and to express themselves, and meanwhile questionnaire retrieving and analysis/conclusion shall be oriented by optimized scheme of spatial distribution. The importance of public participation cannot be overemphasized under the transformation of urban development in China. It will influence the decision-making of local government; it will have the communication between planners/ designers and government officials further strengthened.
The perception and constraints towards recreational activity among female students  [cached]
Azlan Ahmad Kamal,Mohd. Syukran Abdul Khadir,Farhana Wan Yunus
International Journal of Sport Management, Recreation & Tourism , 2010,
Abstract: More often than not, male students are seen to be more active in recreation activity than female students. To investigate this matter, a study was done on the female recreational activity participation. This study investigated the perception and constraints towards recreation activity among female students in a university in Malaysia. This study used a questionnaire regarding the recreation activity to collect the findings. Sixty respondents have been selected randomly as the subject for this study. All the information that is obtained from the questionnaire has been collected and analyzed using SPSS. It was found recreation is most often perceived as ‘extreme sports’ by female students. Moreover, most of the female students perceived themselves as participating regularly in recreational activity. The reasons for not participating in recreational activity are of lack of time, low energy level, lack of participants, lack of facilities and money. It was also found female students prefer outdoor activities such as camping, abseiling and wall climbing. Future studies should compare the perception of male and female students’ on recreational activity.
La percepción de la evolución en las competencias en el alumnado de Máster en Educación Físico-Deportiva [The opinion about the evolution in the student skills in the Physical Education and Sports Master]  [cached]
Pedro Sáenz-López Bu?uel,José Carmona Márquez,José Manuel Coronel Llamas,Javier Giménez Fuentes-Guerra
E-balonmano.com : Revista de Ciencias del Deporte , 2010,
Abstract: Resumen La Convergencia Europea en la Educación Superior está provocando una serie de cambios en la ense anza universitaria. Uno de los aspectos más destacables son las competencias que el alumnado debe poseer al finalizar la titulación por lo que consideramos necesario indagar en la percepción de estudiantes y docentes, en este caso del Master en Educación Físico-Deportiva. Los instrumentos utilizados han sido un cuestionario aplicado al principio y al final del Master al alumnado y profesorado y cuatro entrevistas al final del Master para que el alumnado analice en profundidad las competencias que el Master ha les ha aportado a su formación. En general, se mejoran todas las competencias, aunque las más destacables son la formación científica, capacidad de síntesis o desarrollar proyectos de innovación. Palabras clave: Competencias alumnado, Máster Oficial. Abstract The European Convergence in Higher Education is leading a number of changes in University Education. One of the highlights is the skills that students must possess at the end of the degree, therefore we considered necessary to investigate the opinion of the students and the teachers, in this case the Physical Education-Sports Master. The instruments which were used were a questionnaire which was handed out to all students and the teachers at the beginning and again at the end of the Master, and also four interviews at the end of the Master, were students were asked to analyse in depth the skills that the Master has given them to their training. In general, all the skills were improved, although most notably improved were the scientific training, ability to synthesise and develop innovation projects. Key words: Students Skills, Master.
The Strategies for Character Building through Sports Participation  [PDF]
M.S. Omar-Fauzee,Mohd Nizam Nazarudin,Yudha M. Saputra,Nina Sutresna
International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: The sport participation has been a major part of our life in the societies. Studies on sports participation have found that sports have both positive and negative influence on character buildings. It has been on-going debate on whether ‘sports build character’ but through literature analysis, author had found that ‘with the intention, sports do build character.’ Therefore, strategies of building character through sports are suggested in this paper.
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